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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Tell me why! Ain't nothing but a heartache...
Poll #1962157 Share with me! Don't be shy ;-)

What is your favourite fic of mine? I wanna know why so be prepared to explain in comments juseyo!

Slept So Long
Sleeping Beauty (main fic ONLY!)
Forsaken (this fic feels forsaken oops...)
Love In The Ice
All I Need Is
The Tattooist
Trophy Wife
Hyung Diaries (basically all my non-AU HoMin lol)
Sleeping Beauty Drabbles (yes, you can't choose both)
Other (oh god i'm sorry if I forgot a fic...)

CHOOSE WISELY PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU MUST EXPLAIN WHY! And yes, I forgot One Night In Busan... Please choose Other and then kick me in your comments. I think i'm going to cry OTL

So I haven't been around much and now i'm actually kinda free but not really because somber occasion but we're on a road trip to get to the funeral location which is a freaking five hour drive so I have a lot of time to kill and a bored husband next to me who hasn't slept in almost 48 hours and he's driving me crazy. He's so...weird and it's making me weird. We're both a little wired from too many people and too little sleep and I think if it seems like i'm bouncing off the screen, I probably am.

So...my laptop is about to die and we have some portable charging unit in the boot but we're being driven and I don't wanna trouble the driver so it's poll time! This basically came up because some readers allude that SB is my most popular and loved fic and i'm curious as to whether they're right and if they are, I wanna know why.


AND OMFG I FORGOT ONIB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! It took this blond Jaejoong for me to remember the other blond...

Forgive me? My husband just moaned at that gif :P


LMFAO! My husband just made me choose "Other" and then mention that ONIB is HIS favourite because if that's how Jaejoong looks like in that fic then he's down for it. Now he's whining at me to let him read a chapter... Ugh...

HAHAHA! This cracks me up! :D Is he still asking? LOL

It's so hard to pick just one! I went with your SB Drabbles because those are the stories I turn to when I'm upset or frustrated because I really dote on that precocious little brat Minnie ball. Also, your drabbles have a special place in my heart because I discovered your fics through a recommendation from one of my friends who couldn't stop howling over Changmin in Body Parts xD My personal favorite is Ouchie because the images I get from that story by even thinking about it make me want to squeal over adorable little Minnieball.

I love love love all your stories for different reasons and love every single one of them. :)

Awwwww really? Why was she howling over Body Parts? Bratty Changmin being rude to his mama and the cutie patootie tugging his baby's ears is just... guh! Ok lmao! Now you've given me feels just thinking about this. So BP was your first fic of mine? Were you confused? I always wonder about people who read SB drabbles without any introduction and whether they get confused.

Ouchie, mama. Ouchie! Like it's his mama's fault his mouth hurts. Little brat. You know that bit where he got grumpy at the ground for getting in his way while he was minding his own business? Hahaha i'm sorry but Minnieball is like a separate entity to me and I don't even consider them a part of my own mind cos they've really got a life of their own. His internal monologue is so squishy. Ok great now you made me want to squish him OTL

It's hard to pick one, but honestly, according to how many times I re-read it, Sleeping Beauty is my favourite. The universe you'vecreated for them in that fic is just so full of love and happiness and happy endings despite of troubles they have to go along the way... and precious baby girl is a jewel of its own. The SB drabbles only add to the charm of the fic. I wish all parents were so wise and loving and all children so well behaved.

Lol! Mind you, it's like my own marriage. I write/talk about the good times and not the bad. There's a reason I still haven't written that drabble about the twins running down the driveway ;; SB is my happy pill and while i'm more than aware that life isn't always roses, I can keep it roses for them here as best I can. Real life is too angsty in Cassiopeia and YunJae in particular so i'm going to keep my happy pill.

Jiyool staring solemnly up at Jaejoong will forever be engraved in my mind tbh. I can see it so clearly in my head that I feel like if I reached out, I could probably touch them...

Ok so first I love a bunch of your fics... and this seems so hard. But I think I like "the tattooist" the most because it doesn't talk about too many harsh theme (as SB or ICE) Plus i love the characterization you had in there...(I love the foot in the mouth Jaejoong, the lutting but not too much Yunho, the relations between max and nick and max and Junsu... I could goo on)
I loved it through and through (though I still want to know what happens to Changmin/Junsu at the end)and i reread it so much I pretty much sure it's the most visited page on my computer.

The lutting?

As for MinSu :P I hope you liked the conclusion to that story lol. It took forever but I finally got there thank god.

The Tattooist was so random. It was supposed to be dark-ish but then it turned into a cracky fluff piece that had a mind of its own and completely ran away from me. I mean, it's the same length as Sleeping Beauty and that was written in 3 months and Tattooist took only 5 weeks. INSANITY. I still feel like that fic is a little separate from me though cos I wrote it so fast I didn't really get to know the characters well. I'm glad you love the characters despite this though.

OTL why we can't choose both the SB main fic and drabbles/one-shots!?! T_T That's really hard to choose from like way way way way tooooo hard~~~ All your fics are so well-written and amazing to read~ I think that SB will be the number one 'cause it give so many damn feels that can't be contained... You can't just get enough of the bratty kids jaejoong and the jung have, they're so adorable and everything~~

my imagination reading your fics have gone wild like i can imagine minnie ball being stubborn to everyone just like his mama and the sexyness that the jung exudes is just beyond me... orz


your fics are well-loved~ it became part of my daily life, when i'm feeling stressful at work i just login on lj and read them then my mood just brightens~ it is so precious to me and i know that your other readers too~~ ^^

Is there such a thing as too many feels? :P Actually, the answer is yes. I had way too many feels for Jung yesterday it was borderline embarrassing and I don't embarrass lol.

I'm really happy that people's moods are brightened just by reading my fic. I remember someone telling me that the Minnieball drabble is one of the shortest of all the drabbles but it's the one that never ever fails to make her smile INSTANTLY at the mental image of a little chubby baby with his butt wiggling in the air and his two brothers standing over him hahahaha. She said she's probably read it hundreds of times and she still smiles.

I like that. Any little pleasure I can spread in our fandom is amazing to me. I'm glad you love it too.

cries..y cant i choose both for sb verse.. ok i love both main and drabbles/oneshots..but probably there are minnieball and his mama interactions,i love the drabbles/oneshots more..besides my absolute fav the jungs,healing for the jungs and forgotten all came from sb os/drabbles..so yeah..
but i love every wild/kitten jaejoong stories toooooo

Lol there's a lot of wild/kitten Jaejoong. I seem to have a kink for kitty!Jae but not as an actual cat OTL

Mmmmmm Minnieball and his mama. I actually love his interactions with his daddy more tbh... Random, I know but Minnieball sucking on Yunho's chin in We Can't Take The Jungs Out Anywhere is just forever stuck in my head and even thinking about it makes me smile OTL

Sleeping beauty cause I love Yunho and Jaejoong in this fic~~ Seriously the plot is *thumbs up* Will never get tired reading it again and again <3

I really think SB is the only fic that I started off with one idea, but somehow managed to keep the framework of the fic intact DESPITE the fic turning out almost a total opposite to what I originally had in mind. Go figure hehe.

It's really difficult to pick one favorite. My first thought was to pick the SB drabble, but then I thought "what's the drabble without the larger context?" So then I thought SB. But really, the stories I love most in that universe are the ones that come after the "happily ever after."

Then it hit me. Whenever I see your icon pop up on LJ or Tumblr, what's the first thing that goes through my head? "I know all your favourite spots..." The sensuality with which you wrote the characters in Ice really resonated with me, I guess. So that's the one I chose. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go reread it just because I can!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read that line and MY HAIR STOOD ON END. What have I done? Good god... Seriously I can totally imagine Jaejoong with his lips pressed against that microphone...voice so low he's practically just talking with a hint of melody, mouth twisted into a rueful smirk as he stares down the camera...

My all time fav. story is sleeping beauty. It got me right from the start till the end.I have re-read it so many times>.< But ONIB is starting to get to the top!I love the plot and yunjae's hotness>.

Edited at 2014-03-26 01:53 pm (UTC)

Plot? What, plot? :P Honestly, ONIB was meant to be a ONESHOT pwp... So your guess is as good as mine as to where that's going ;;

Actually, I lie. I know what happens at the end. It's GETTING TO THE END that's the damn problem. Sighhhhhhhh...

Definitely Ice. As far as I know, that's the only fic of yours where Jaejoong actually gets to top. Jaejoong. Irresistible, seductive, tempting top. Need I say more?

Also, I know I'm a minority with this, but the end almost ruined it for me because kids. Ugh.

(Oh wait, that one YunJaeMin drabble you wrote... Insatiable, I think? Where did that go, actually? Second fic with a more aggressive Jae.)

Lol!!!!!! Nah you're not really a minority. I had a fair few people bitching about it but hey, life has curveballs and we don't always get what we want :P Hell, i'm the writer and I don't always get what I want. The muses beat me down and i'm putty in their hands ;;

Hmmm... I think I deleted that fic because I accidentally posted it with a huge gap in the middle of the fic that I actually was planning on filling but forgot and then I posted and was all eh... something doesn't look right OTL

JaeHo fan huh? ;-) Not many of you around I have to say. If it makes you feel better, the amount of howling I got when Ice turned out to be JaeHo was louder than the bitching I got about the kids.


Your fic is really good and its hard for me to choose just one. I love Ice, LITI, ONIB, sleeping beauty. But after a long thinking I choose SB drabble, because I really love the jungs. they're so cute and close with each other. making me jealous of them^^

But please please please update LITI and ONIB too ;)

Pretty hard to update anything when I have no time tbh. This year has just been crazy crazy crazy! I'm glad you love a lot of my fics though! ;-)

SLEEPING BEAUTY (it pains me not to be able to choose both) The universe is so much fun among all its dark parts, and the drabbles do relate back to the main fic so main fic it is!

Oh god I love the SB Universe so much.

(Honestly I only realize there was an option for the drabbles after I submitted the poll the moment I saw Sleeping Beauty)

Lol it's ok. SB!verse feels too real to me sometimes cos a lot of the children are based on real children I know and all the feelings seem so real so I get mildly confused at times tbh. I'm happy you love it so much ;;

as much as i love Sleeping beauty, i have to choose ICE. (i rly have to read onib)
i love ICE since jock!yunho is simply smoking hot. i didn't even know i liked the hockey player type. well now i do. haha
i also like yunjae's developing sweet relationship and love. i liked how they communicated first through chat and sms, and slowly built the trust between them.
gosh i can't stop thinking about yunho in a hockey gear ahaha

Edited at 2014-03-26 02:07 pm (UTC)

IDK if you "really have to read ONIB" tbh lol! Feel free to wait till it's completed OTL

You know I almost wish I prolonged the online and chat communication. I really enjoyed the random text messages and the flirting and the photos and guh! Hahahaha it's hilarious but since I don't read my own fic, I live through them through my reader's comments because you make me remember parts of the fic. It's amazing.

And Yunho in hockey gear............

Ice is definitely my favourite. The plot is really original and refreshing plus the characters and emotions are so well written :) I also love LITI as a spin-off! Because I wish it could happen irl haha. My second favourite is Trophy Wife, and it's really special to me because it's the first fic that made me like the Homin pairing. Before that I kinda avoided reading this pairing, but coz of this story I have newfound appreciation for Homin! :D

Thank you for writing all these amazing stories and I hope you'll keep writing! ^^

Now you bad girl, you are the commenter before you have give me serious Ice feels OTL

And Trophy Wife... i'm trying to wrangle Changmin but he's so stubborn!!!!!!! Ok never mind, ignore my complaining haha! Thank you for reading my stuff! Me continuing writing is not an issue. It's finding the time to write that is ;;

owhhh...i dont know...its really hard, u know...to choose between all ur fics...
even thought jejuko is ur 1st fics that i read, but i enjoy SB so much!!!
wait, not sure jejuko or slept so long...hehee..but i enjoy all of them..hehehe

but hey~~~ SB stay strong in my heart :)

That's perfectly alright ;-) SB seems strong in many people's hearts ;;

Gosh... Jejuko feels like a lifetime ago! And Slept So Long lol. I remember that fic cos so many people couldn't believe that was my very first YunJae fic OTL