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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Quit Playing Games With My Heart [3/3]
Title: Quit Playing Games With My Heart
Pairing: YunJae, MinSu
Rating: It's a surprise!
Length: Tripleshot
Genre: AU, fluff, crack,
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Everyone seems to be hell bent on getting Changmin to sort his shit out. Of course, it doesn't seem to bother anyone that Changmin himself doesn't believe he has any shit to sort out. Ex-gf Nicole is in cahoots with Yunho's kitten, and when those two join forces, he might as well wave the white flag. The lady doth protest too much they say, but Changmin is sick of the games a certain idol plays. Once bitten, twice shy. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Changmin is done playing games. But there is still one more game to be played... and the winner takes all ;-)

AN1: Tripleshot from The Tattooist universe, but you really don't have to read that first tbh. This one can stand alone by itself.

AN2: Finally!!! I wrote most of this while being IRRITATED TO THE POINT OF NO RETURN by my husband singing fucking LET IT SNOW (his own version of Let It Go) and I seriously considered pushing him out of a moving vehicle. I hate that song and his version is just…he sings made up songs all the time and it kills me ;; Migraine alert!


The spell is broken when someone’s phone starts to ring, and Changmin almost moans in relief as a flash of annoyance crosses Xia’s glittering eyes as he turns to look at the cause of the disturbance.

The obnoxious ringtone of 2NE1’s I Am The Best can only belong to one person, and true enough, Nicole answers with a gruff hello.

Everyone watches as her expression changes from irritation to incredulity and then finally to resignation as she hands the phone to Eryn who looks up at her in surprise.


“It’s mama’s boy.”

“How did he get your number?”

“I’m guessing you gave it to him since you don’t have a phone?”

“Oh,” the pretty brunette mouths as she hurriedly takes the phone from her friend.

The conversation is short and mostly one-sided, but she is already on her feet, Nicole with her, when she ends the call.

She turns apologetically towards Yunho, before turning back to Xia, but she doesn’t look over at Changmin who is trying to inch his way across the couch, away from the idol currently with his back to him.

“I’m sorry. Micky is in hospital for some reason or other and apparently it’s a very long story that he can only tell me in person. I hate to end the party but I have to go.”

“And I’ll take you,” Nicole adds, already holding their purses and jackets in the time her friend has taken to explain herself. She pins Yunho with a level gaze, trying to communicate with waggling eyebrows and a surreptitious thumb in Changmin’s general direction. “And the party doesn’t have to end when we leave. You boys can definitely party on without us,” she pauses, shifting her gaze to Jaejoong whom she accurately guesses as having the most power in the room at that instance. “Right, Jae? I’m sure you want to have some fun before you have to be a good boy and study study study,” she finishes with a sing-song lilt that makes the gorgeous teenager grin adorably.

Jaejoong sits up in Yunho’s lap, nodding as he beams at the blonde girl who winks at him. He holds his arms out and the tall girl laughs, bending at the waist to press a sweet kiss to his forehead before whispering in his ear.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Instead of giggling as she expects him to, he rears back, mild horror in his doe eyes. “But I want to do Yunho!”

Eryn face palms as the room rings with the sound of laughter at the teenager’s expense. She too bends down to kiss a perplexed Jaejoong’s cheek, pinching him gently before patting his cheek in apology.

“And who says I wouldn’t want to do him?” Nicole asks, humor lacing her voice as she smirks at the pouting teenager.


The blonde merely laughs once again as she grabs her friend’s hand, and in less than a minute, the two girls are gone.

“Are they coming back?” Yunho asks, looking over at Changmin who shrugs. He is amused to see that the piercer is still looking a tad wild about the eyes and he can see the man has moved about halfway down the couch away from Junsu who appears to be lost in thought. His Xia persona has fallen away from him despite the clothes, and Yunho is rather taken aback by how naked his cousin seems to appear. How he missed this whole song and dance between Junsu and Changmin is beyond him. Junsu truly looks like he’s lost something, and as the older cousin, Yunho suddenly feels like he should have a hand in helping the idol out because clearly, celebrity or not, Junsu is still the hapless young man from college.

He kisses Jaejoong’s ear absentmindedly, only noticing his action when the teenager lets out an appreciative sigh as he leans back against him. His eyes don’t leave his cousin though as he tries to figure out how he can help. There’s certainly something there if Changmin’s reaction is anything to go by. He remembers how much he protested Jaejoong’s presence at the start and Changmin is certainly mimicking his “the lady doth protest too much” behaviour, if nothing else.

The sound of a ringing phone is heard. Yunho’s phone this time. A very respectable and generic iPhone ring tone as he answers it.

“Yes, Nic?”

“Don’t wait up. I’ll crash with Eryn.”

And with that, she hangs up.

Yunho passes on the message, to which Changmin immediately gets up.

“I’m going to bed.”

“No, you’re not. I want to keep playing,” Jaejoong speaks up, pout in full bloom as he gazes up at the tall piercer.

“You can play with the cousins. I’m tired.”

Jaejoong shakes his head, stubbornly digging in his heels. “Nicole noona is right. I don’t have a lot of time left to play and I want to play with you.” He tugs at Yunho’s arm, silently asking his boyfriend for help, and of course the man obliges.

“Sit down, Changmin. Another half hour or so won’t kill you. And besides, when the fuck did you ever go to bed at eleven? Did you turn into a grandpa when I wasn’t looking? Or maybe it’s grandma?”

Junsu has to hide a grin at the quiet but firm voice of his cousin. Well played, Nicole. He didn’t miss the gestures the blonde was trying to send Yunho, and while he isn’t completely sure if Jaejoong got it, the way the blonde girl had manipulated the situation essentially means that Changmin is stuck. Yunho wouldn’t deny his teenager anything, and definitely nothing that he can easily give him.

“Fuck you. I’m cracking out the strong stuff then if I have to sit here for another hour with that thing.”

And with that, the piercer storms off towards the kitchen, presumably to find real alcohol.

“Did he just call you a thing? Do you want me to carve some respect into him?” Yunho asks his cousin quietly, half-seriously, taking note of the man’s closed off expression at his business partner’s words.

Junsu turns his teardrop eyes towards the older man, shrugging noncommittally. “If the shoe fits I guess. Xia Tod is more thing than person anyway.” He turns towards Jaejoong whose expression is back to being thoughtful, and he smiles at the cute teenager for lost in thought, he looks a right picture with his pursed lips and tiny wrinkle in his forehead. “And you. You’re so used to hyung that his threats don’t bother you?”

“His bark is worse than his bite,” Jaejoong shrugs as he pats Yunho’s hand in his lap as if comforting a pet. “And besides, that wasn’t very nice of hyung,” Jaejoong sniffs, wrinkling his nose as he stands up. “He needs a good spank,” the teenager mutters as he too moves towards the kitchen.

“Are you planning on punishing him?” Yunho calls out after the boy who turns, walking backwards as he shakes his head.

“I won’t cook for Changmin hyung for a month,” the teenager responds loudly with a determined nod.

“Hey!” A loud yell is heard causing Jaejoong’s growing scowl to disappear instantly as he giggles at the extremely distressed sound. How Changmin can convey shock and annoyance along with a healthy amount of dismay in one word is quite remarkable, and it tickles the rather easily amused teenager.

Changmin appears with four bottles of soju and a genuinely distraught expression on his face as the teenager backs right into him. He manages to steady the boy who whirls around and gazes up at him with reproachful expression.

“Why won’t you cook for me?”

“You were mean to Junsu hyung.”

Changmin lifts his eyes to see the cool blond staring expressionless back at him. He hates it. He really hates how Junsu he knows can just disappear in the blink of an eye. The wall around the kpop idol is practically impenetrable and he knows it’s probably partly his fault. He cannot read this superstar at all and he hates it.

However, Changmin is nothing if not pragmatic and he swallows his own personal feelings about the matter. There’s too much at stake here. Not getting to eat Jaejoong’s food for a month is surely considered torture.

“I’m sorry.”

Jaejoong squints up at the taller man, lifting his hands to once again squish the older man’s cheeks together. “Are you just saying that or do you mean it?”

Squish. Squish. Squish.

“I mean it,” Changmin bites out gruffly through fish lips, as the teenager squishes his cheeks, resisting the urge to shove the boy away. Unfortunately for him, his hands are full and short of elbowing or kicking the the teen away which he knows will bring the wrath of Yunho raining down on his head, there is nothing he can do about his cheeks being abused in such a manner.

“Prove it.”


“Come play another couple of rounds of Truth or Dare and enjoy it.”

“I’ll enjoy anything after I finish these bottles.”

Jaejoong steps back, expression appalled as he looks at the bottles and then back up at the man. “I thought you were getting us all a bottle each. You mean to tell me you plan on drinking all that yourself?”

“Yeah,” Changmin shuffles uncomfortably. The whole situation of being taken to task about his drinking by a teenager who isn’t even of the legal age to drink is so laughable he has to see the humor in it.

“Here, let me help you with that.” Jaejoong offers, taking two bottles quickly from the man’s hands and turning, practically skipping back to Yunho, and landing in a breathless heap in the man’s lap, arms akimbo and almost clocking his boyfriend in the temple with a hefty bottle of soju.

Yunho doesn’t flinch as the ice cold bottles hit him. They’d been sitting in the freezer and are really fucking cold, but he’s also in need of some cooling down thanks to the squirming practically half naked kitten in his lap.

The tattooist cracks open a bottle using the lid of the other bottle, laughing when Jaejoong oohs at his party trick. They both share a mouthful of cold soju before turning their attention back to the couch where Changmin has once again ensconced himself. He is still holding two bottles and is currently in the process of trying to break some sort of world record in downing a bottle of soju without coming up for air.

Junsu is quiet.

He merely watches the tall man, as he wars with himself as to whether to push things or to just leave it be. Changmin is clearly rattled, and the question is why. If he doesn’t care at all, why would he be so unsettled? Junsu had been determined to push it earlier as Tod, but now that the spell he’d weaved over Changmin is broken, he’s not so sure anymore.

His eyebrow goes up when the piercer actually empties his bottle without coming up for air, dropping the bottle to his side and releasing one hell of a belch.


Changmin merely grins. His head hurts from the brain freeze but he really doesn’t give a fuck. He needs alcohol and he needs it fast. He wants to forget the last hour, and the first bottle of soju is doing a very good job of helping him along the way.

The second bottle is to help him forget the next hour.

“Ok, so how do we play this?” Jaejoong decides he better get things started otherwise all anyone is going to do is stare at each other. Junsu hyung has a very peculiar expression on his face, and Yunho’s hands are roving again. While the teenager normally wants nothing more than to let the man roam freely, he has a feeling Nicole wanted them to continue the game, and he doesn’t want to disappoint the blonde noona.

Not to mention, he rather enjoyed their last game of truth or dare.

“No rules.” Yunho smirks as he watches Changmin straighten, staring balefully at him. “None except you’re not allowed to pass on or refuse a dare but you can with a truth, but only once.”

“What if we don’t want to do the dare?”

“Then there will be a penalty, kitten,” Yunho nuzzles the teen just behind the boy’s ear, making Jaejoong wriggle and giggle, trying to get away.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, either get a room or get moving with the game. I don’t have all night.”

“Do you have somewhere to be?” Junsu finally speaks, his tone betraying nothing of his thoughts.

The piercer sneers as he cracks open the second bottle of soju, but he holds his tongue as Jaejoong’s threat resounds in his head.

“Who wants to go first?” Jaejoong asks brightly, trying once again to get things going. “If no one wants to, I’ll go first.”

“Go for it.” Junsu finally smiles, nodding encouragingly as he takes to the floor, deciding it’s probably the safest place for now. The couch Changmin is on may be large, but it’s a little hard to stare secretly at the man while sitting alongside him. Being opposite has its uses.

Jaejoong hums as he stands, making his way towards the table to dip his hand in the bowl and make a grand show of swirling everything around.

“Are these all PG-13?”

“I’m sure some are M19 but I’m sure hyung has taken care of that rating for you.”

Jaejoong sticks out his tongue at the mildly belligerent piercer, who mirrors him right back.

He finally pulls out a piece of paper, handing it over to Junsu who is closest to him.

“Is it bad?”

Junsu laughs at the slightly worried furrow in the teen’s brow. The boy really is extremely cute, and still rather innocent despite everything. There is an unmistakable aura of purity about the boy, and he really has no idea how the hell the teenager manages that, especially since he is quite familiar with his cousin’s appetite. He knows full well what kind of man Yunho is, and he is glad that he’s somehow managed to find someone so untouched by the world, and able to bring forth the gentleness in the youngest son of the most feared oyabun in this century. Yunho needs someone like Jaejoong to remind him that he might be his father’s son, but he is also his mother’s child.

He dips his chin to look at the practically unintelligible scrawl on the piece of paper. Whoever it was had started off writing in Japanese, only to give up halfway and scribble the question in English. He has a feeling the question belongs to an American girl.

“Who has the best ass? You have to pick someone other than your mate.”

Junsu laughs as he makes the sign for quotation marks when he says mate for that is exactly how it was written out.

“Is that your question?” Changmin’s snark is very much in evidence as he leans forward to squint at Junsu. “Seriously? Are you really that fucking narcissistic?”

“It’s not mine.” Junsu answers, still smiling, but it no longer reaches his eyes.

“Sounds like Eryn’s to me,” Yunho interrupts, nudging the teenager. “Well, babe?”

“Junsu hyung,” Jaejoong replies instantly. “There’s no contest.”

“Thanks… I think.”

“Your butt is so round. It’s like—“

Jaejoong’s words are cut off as Yunho covers his mouth with his hand, making the other two men laugh.

The teenager doesn’t appreciate his boyfriend’s actions though as he tugs his hand down, scowling about as ferociously as a six week old kitten, as he frowns at Yunho. “I was just going to say it’s like a juicy peach.”

Yunho groans theatrically as he winks at his cousin. “I was afraid you were going to say something like that.”

“What’s wrong with saying his butt is like a fruit?”

The kid has him there.

“Nothing, I guess,” Yunho answers cautiously as his teenager is wearing a rather cheeky smile.

Jaejoong hums, eyes twinkling. “Do you think it tastes like a peach?”

Both Junsu and Changmin cough as Yunho bursts out laughing.

“I don’t know, babe. But I know someone who can answer your question.”


“I’ll take the next round.” Changmin cuts in quickly, standing up swiftly and dipping his hand into the bowl, picking up the first piece of paper he touches and handing it to Jaejoong.

“I’m glad to see you’re so enthusiastic now,” Yunho smirks as Changmin flips him the bird, before he throws himself back onto the couch.

“It’s a dare.” Jaejoong squints at the tiny handwriting. “It’s a very simple one actually.”

“What is it?”

“Get someone to go through your wallet and you have to explain every single item in it.”

“It’s on the counter in my apartment. There’s not much in it though.”

Jaejoong shrugs, taking off to retrieve the wallet.

Changmin takes a sip of his soju, as he waits.

It takes him several seconds before he belatedly realizes how much shit he’s actually in.

The wallet on the counter is his old wallet which is why there’s not much in it. His new wallet is in Nicole’s purse and it holds most of his things.

The wallet on the counter holds only two things.


Changmin’s stricken eyes meet Jaejoong’s soft doe eyes, filled with understanding. It’s really fucking rich that the seventeen year old seems to see more than he does.

Junsu and Yunho are clueless, gazing at each other, before looking back and forth between the frozen Max Changmin and the beautiful teen.

“What’s in his wallet?”

“Where’s your new wallet, hyung? I think this is your old one.”

Changmin sends a grateful look at the teen who acknowledges it. However before he can reply, Yunho interrupts.

“A wallet’s a wallet. Is it empty?”


“Then come tell us what secrets he’s hiding.”

Jaejoong sends a helpless look at Changmin, before turning back to his boyfriend, trying to shake his head, but Yunho isn’t looking at him, the man laughing at something Junsu has said. He takes the opportunity to slip the crumpled note he found into his fist, moving quickly towards Changmin, and dropping into his lap, handing off the note to him as he does so.

Yunho’s attention is immediately on him when he realizes his teenager is in the wrong fucking lap. His voice is gentle though, merely curious, not yet possessive for the boy had done this earlier. He has no reason to question him of course, or even Changmin’s intentions, but if he’s going to help his cousin, it’s going to be really bloody hard with Jaejoong seated where he is.


“I need to protect hyung.”

“From what?”

Jaejoong shrugs. “I don’t know, but I think he needs me.”

Yunho takes one look at Changmin’s pale face and decides to let it slide.

“Alright, so what’s the damage? What does he have in his old wallet?”

Jaejoong makes a grand show of peering into the wallet, keeping it carefully turned away from the other two men. Changmin winces at each flash that he sees of the only thing left in the worn leather. He moves to pocket the crumpled note Jaejoong had palmed off to him, but in his distraction, it doesn’t quite make it, landing on the couch next to him instead.

“There’s nothing in it? I thought you said there’s something.” Junsu’s brow furrows as all the pockets he can see reveal nothing.

“There is something…” Jaejoong starts, before sighing and turning the wallet around so the other two men can see the ID card window compartment.


Silence in the large living room as the two men stare in surprise at the photo.

Well, one is surprised, the other one is stunned.

“Changmin?” Junsu’s voice is a hoarse whisper, unable to take his eyes off the sole item in the brown leather wallet.

“Don’t read too much into it,” comes the quick response. “It was behind all my other cards and I only found it when I emptied my wallet. I left it in the old wallet for a reason.”

Jaejoong, who’d been more than willing to help Changmin especially after seeing the note, gets his back up when he sees the flash of incredible hurt crossing Junsu’s face at the man’s cold words. The blond star’s face literally crumples before his eyes, and the teenager switches sides.

He hops out of Changmin’s lap, moving to settle next to Junsu instead, trying to inject as much brightness into his voice as he can manage for the weird tension in the room is back.

“You really like blond hair, huh, hyung? I think your blond now suits you better than that blond though. Were you an idol yet?”

“Not yet. I debuted a month later.” Junsu forces a smile out. A smile that turns genuine on the edges as the teenager leans into him, the boy rubbing his back soothingly. He is sure Changmin didn’t see the flash of pain his words caused him, but he has a feeling the wide-eyed innocent trying to rub a hole in his back saw more than he should have.

“Did my Yunho take the photo?”

“Yes, he did. It was the day after exams and we decided to go for a bike ride. Changmin’s bike had a busted rim so we ended up riding mine.” Junsu laughs at the memory, his smile fully genuine this time as he sends a fond smile over to his cousin. “It was the most awkward thing because my bike was made for my size and as you can see, Changmin is all legs.”

“He ended up wrapped around Changmin who complained the whole way about how heavy Junsu was.”

“I almost left him not far from where that photo was taken because his complaining was really getting terrible. I didn’t weigh much more than I do today!” the idol’s voice is laughingly indignant, though curiously, he doesn’t look at Changmin even once during the whole retelling of the story.

“Why didn’t he ride with you?” Jaejoong asks his boyfriend curiously. “Your bike was bigger wasn’t it?”

“Now that’s a very good question,” Yunho muses, sending a look towards Changmin who is downing the last of his second bottle of soju, eyes cast at the ceiling and not looking at anyone. The piercer is slouched so low his ass is practically off the couch. “Why didn’t you ride with me?”

Changmin closes his eyes as the memory of that day assails him. Junsu had been more than ecstatic at having exams being over and done with. The blond cutie’s mood had varied wildly from one end of the spectrum to the other as he bemoaned his forsaken finals, and then waxed enthusiastically about his upcoming debut. One could’ve gotten whiplash being around him, much like the way he sees Yunho getting caught up in the maelstrom that is Kim Jaejoong.

That’s the Junsu he remembers.

That’s the Junsu he understands.

That’s the Junsu that doesn’t make his belly clench with need.

That’s the Junsu that doesn’t make him forget himself and lose his mind.

And he answers Yunho’s question in as flat a tone as he can manage, because he is just so tired of the whole fucking thing. He wants that Junsu back, and if it means going back to the past to retrieve him, then he will willingly return.

A small sacrifice to keep himself safe. As long as he keeps that Junsu in mind, he’ll be safe.

Or so he thinks.

“I didn’t ride with you because I would have to ride you. There’s noway in hell I’d be caught dead wrapped around you, or anyone for that matter. Junsu’s like a puppy. I just imagined I was carrying an oversized labrador.”

Though even as he speaks, he realizes how much of a fallacy that is, as his thoughts skip back into the past, and the feelings he remembers pour forth.

He remembers exactly how his cock stirred at the other man’s proximity. His constant complaining was simply a means to remind himself that the man is a burden and nothing more. He’d always written it off as being hormones and at that age, any warm body will do. The kid’s right. Junsu has a great ass and as they sat chest to chest with him trying his best to balance on a bike so small it’s practically a toy, all he could think of was how wonderfully round his hyung’s ass was.

Changmin is a smart man who doesn’t freak out unnecessarily, and he’d observed his own reactions with an objective eye. Most girls that age have skinny, bony asses and they’re uncomfortable to have sit on him.

But Junsu, while heavier than most girls, felt very right in his arms.

He remembers being extra snarky that day. His teasing being borderline cruel. A lesser being would have left in tears, but not Junsu. He’d simply stared at him with those shining tear drop eyes, his smile practically face splitting. Nothing phased him. Every barb he’d sent the older man’s way is deflected easily as if he never even heard it. Changmin might as well have been shooting blanks because Junsu’s happiness at their little outing was an impenetrable suit of armor.

And he finally realizes that each shot he sent, had deflected to hit him instead.

That old schoolyard tactic of bullying the girl you like.

Though in this case, it’s his hyung.

Seven years ago.

He’d been bullying Junsu since that day.

Perhaps his subconscious knew, and out of all the photos they’ve ever taken, he kept this one.

A memento of the time his heart recognized it’d been lost but his mind never ever caught up.

And he’s still fighting it even now.

How can someone say no to that open face with the shiny happy eyes? His zest for life and general joie de vivre is infectious, and despite everything life threw at him, Junsu always came out smiling or laughing and doing his best regardless.

Yunho’s teenager is actually a slightly more precocious version of the Junsu he remembers. Both are equally innocent, and both hold a shadow caused by their family. And yet, their very nature is still untainted.

Then Xia happened.

Or Xia Tod to be exact.

Changmin cannot even describe the feelings that went through him when he watched the musical for the first time and saw his Junsu hyung kissing another man.

In front of thousands no less.

He’d already been trying to deal with the shock of the bolt of lust that had practically floored him. The need to claim had been so strong he’d bend over in half during Junsu’s first scene, prompting Yunho to actual ask if he was sick.

Anger, loathing, and sheer fury at both himself and the man on the stage.

But most of it he ends up directing inwards.

Why did he take so long?

Why didn’t he see it sooner?

He’d kept all that in for a month till Xia Tod materialized in this very apartment.

The anger at seeing the smirking shinigami there instead of his smiling hyung.

Changmin saw red.

And then some.

The explosion had been uncontrollable. He couldn’t have kept his hands off Junsu even if all the gods of every single religion in the world tried to stop him.

That wicked, knowing smirk that tells him that Xia knows.

And he wants the world to know that that fucking smirk belongs only to him.

Seven years.

He’d likened his feelings to a CIA sleeper cell or something. Just waiting for that opportune moment to act, laying dormant for years and years.

Junsu had laughed at the comparison, that strange laugh that he has that Changmin had almost gleefully choked off as he thrust upwards into the man.

A laugh that turns into a moan.

And revealed to Changmin that his refractory period is not as long as he always thought it was.

“Who’s next?”

Jaejoong’s overloud, overly cheerful voice cuts through Changmin’s memories and he drops his chin to gaze across from him, unsurprised to find the teenager back in Yunho’s lap and staring disappointedly at him.

He refuses to drop his eyes any lower, for he can see the black shadow at the edges of his vision.

Xia Junsu is still seated on the floor.


His voice is quiet.


Changmin hates it. He knows that it is he who put it there. His cruel teasing.

How many times has he called Junsu a puppy or a dog?

How many times has he complained about the man being so annoyingly cheerful it gives him a headache?

How many times has he laughingly teased the man about being so hopeless and gullible, stupid even, only to have Junsu shrug and cheerfully declare that he doesn’t mind being the butt of the joke if it makes Changmin smile?


He never ever says Yunho.

He always says you.

Junsu never ever sounds the way he does right now.

And he’s in his full shinigami gear.

Where is the sensual death god hell bent on seduction?

He drops his gaze, and he wishes he hadn’t.

Xia Tod is sitting on the floor hugging his knees and looking up at him like someone just kicked his puppy.

Xia Tod.

Changmin shakes his head, trying to rid himself of the vision, but it doesn’t change.

That shinigami is his Junsu hyung.

A heartbroken Junsu hyung whose only mistake was being honest.

That note that Jaejoong had palmed off to him was a note he found crumpled up one night in his otherwise empty rubbish bin. A rubbish bin that is always empty because Changmin never throws anything into it.

Curious at how it got there and who had thrown it had caused the man to pick up and unfurl the loosely scrunched up ball of paper.


Changmin-ah… I don’t know where to start. I’m a coward and we both know it. I told my company I’m ending the relationship with the actress and they threw a fit, but thinking of you gave me courage. I’m not ready to come out to the world because my image can’t take that blow. Not yet anyway when my management is hell bent on making me toe the line on each side. I know I’m a coward, but I don’t want to be. I know you’re probably still angry, and I thought maybe some time away from you might allow you to cool down because you get mean when you’re mad and I don’t know if I’m strong enough to bear seeing you angry with me. See? Coward. I don’t know how to do this because I’ve never been with anyone. Not that I’m saying we’re together or anything but…you see…you were my first and I don’t know…this is so embarrassing oh my god. I mean…yes. Sorry, I should probably scratch that out cos I’m rambling like a fool. I don’t have a lot of time because I have a plane to catch but I wanted to see you but you aren’t home so I guess this will do for now. I know it’s probably a good way to ensure you’ll tease me for the rest of your life, but you know what? As long as I’m there with you, I don’t care. How do people do this anyway? I’m not sure how it works. Do I ask you to be my boyfriend or have we already bypassed that? I feel like I should talk to hyung about this but I don’t want to ruin your relationship if I screw this up somehow. I’m sorry I’m a coward and a fool but do I get extra points if I’m a fool for you? Oh god that’s so cheesy. Just ignore this. I hope you’re not still mad with me. I’m really new to this so please…Changmin-ah…i’m so sorry…


The rubbish bin that day held not just that crumpled wad of paper, but two condom wrappers from his first coupling with Nicole.

Changmin had gotten angry all over again.

His first reaction was to throw the paper away.

His second was to re-read it again, commit it to memory, and then fold it neatly into a square and slip it into his wallet, never to be seen again.

Till that day.

“Set your iTunes to shuffle and remix the first song that comes on.”

Changmin is once again dragged from his thoughts by a solemn teenager whose fingers hold a piece of paper, but whose doe eyes still hold a glimmer of accusation as he folds the very familiar tiny piece of paper neatly and hands it to Junsu.

“That sounds like a Nicole dare. Pretty tame though.” Yunho observes, fully aware of the tension in the room. He’s now not just concerned about his cousin but also the teenager, because for some reason, the boy appears to be an empath or something, absorbing the quiet hurt from the international idol.

He’s holding onto the teenager to comfort him, for even his kisses won’t distract him from sighing sadly in Junsu’s direction.

He knows who to blame of course, because Changmin is giving off a peculiar vibe and he’s really not equipped to deal with this level of emotion.


His formerly thoroughly masculine apartment has now turned into a haven for the heartbroken.

Not that Jaejoong is heartbroken of course, but the teenager seems to understand the pain the other two men are going through. Yunho knows he’s probably the cause of the teen’s understanding of that pain, and he’ll spend the rest of the night making it up to the boy if he has to.

“Can I cheat?”

“How so?” Jaejoong asks, eyes flashing when Changmin looks up with his mouth twisted downwards in what the teenager interprets as derision. Their eyes meet, and the teenager is all but daring the piercer to open his mouth.

Changmin backs down, but not for the reason Jaejoong believes. That dare is his, not Nicole’s, and it has unerringly found its way to the exact person it was meant for.

“I’ll sing a remix by someone else. I don’t feel like playing an instrument so I’ll just borrow his melody.”

“What song is the original?”

“Britney Spears. Hold It Against Me.”

Changmin’s heart plummets straight to his belly.

Jaejoong’s mouth drops open as he leans forward to try and get the subdued man to turn his way. “For real, hyung? You’re remixing that song? How are you going to do it? That sounds undoable.”

“Someone else did it,” Junsu smiles wanly as he looks up to meet the teenager’s eyes. “I’m just borrowing it.”

“Junsu can sing without music, and you’ll know exactly how the song is supposed to sound,” Yunho interrupts quietly, pride suffusing his voice as he too gazes over at Changmin, daring the man to speak. “He’s amazing.”

“Yes, he is,” Jaejoong nods, tilting his head towards Changmin, his glance expectant.

Silence creeps on the foursome.

The teenager is about to huff and stand and tell Changmin that he’s never ever ever ever ever ever going to cook for him again when Junsu starts to sing.

”Hey, over there, please forgive me, if I’m coming on too strong…”

The melody is beautiful, simple and light, with a wistful note in it.

Nothing like the original.

Yunho and Jaejoong both look down at Junsu, but the man isn’t looking at them.

He isn’t looking at anyone.

Simply hugging his knees in his shinigami outfit as he sings to the floor.

”Hate to stare, but you’re winning, and they’re playing our favorite song.”

Jaejoong sighs as he settles back against his boyfriend’s chest, not noticing the ad-lib by Junsu, but someone else in the room definitely does, for it was he who changed the lyric. The teenager’s whisper is quiet, in between the pause. “He should be a national treasure.”

”So come here, a little closer… Wanna whisper in your ear.”

The couple’s gaze is drawn to the couch where they see Max Changmin straightening. Jaejoong holds his breath as the piercer leans forward, elbows on his knees as he stares at the bend head of the beautiful sad shinigami on the floor.

”Make it clear, little question…Wanna know just how you feel…”

The pause is much lengthier this time, and both Yunho and Jaejoong turn their gaze back to Junsu whose head is now bent, touching his knees as he remains silent.

The silence is so heavy it’s practically suffocating.

Changmin finally moves first, leaning back against the couch he closes his eyes with a loud sigh.

If I said my heart was beating loud…
If we could escape the crowd somehow…
If I said I want your body now…
Would you hold it against me?

Two jaws drop.

One man stays frozen.

Cause you feel like paradise, and I need a vacation tonight…
If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?

“Time to go, kitten.”

Jaejoong doesn’t protest as he turns, wrapping his arms around the older man’s neck, he presses his face against Yunho’s cheek.

“Will they be ok?” he asks quietly, whispering as he nuzzles the tattooist’s scratchy jaw.

Yunho stands without so much as a grunt, the teenager safe in his arms, his cousin doesn’t even move to look up, and Changmin doesn’t stir either.

Apart from the deep rise and fall of the piercer’s chest, nothing else moves.

“If any furniture needs changing, you’re paying for it, Max.”

Changmin cracks open an eyelid, followed by the other as he quirks his pierced eyebrow at the smirking tattooist.

“Why, me? Why not him?”

This time it’s Junsu who moves, lifting his head with a jerk as he stares at Changmin who isn’t looking at him. A brief flare of hope ignites within him because although the man isn’t looking at him, he can see the tension has left the younger man.

“I know what my cousin is capable of, and he is all show while you are the real deal.”

“Hey!” The kpop idol finally protests, tilting his head to glare up at his hyung.

“Shhhhhhhh,” Jaejoong twists to look over Yunho’s shoulder and down at the singer, finger to his lips as he hushes the blond. “Yunho is trying to help you!”

“Xia doesn’t need any help.”

The tone is flat, no inflection whatsoever and three pairs of eyes turn to look at the man on the couch.

Changmin’s eyes are on one man only.

“Ask me again.”

Junsu tries to suppress the shiver running through his body. Changmin’s eyes tell him nothing. His words tell him nothing either. He has no idea what the piercer wants.

They stare at each other, and Yunho backs away slowly, both he and the teenager watching the two, but keeping out of their line of sight.

“Are you talking to me?”

“I’m talking to Xia, yes. Ask me again.”

“Why not Junsu?”

“They’re the same person.”

Junsu’s jaw clenches, as he takes a deep shuddering breath. A breath for him to maintain his composure as Changmin’s gaze doesn’t falter, nor does it betray his thoughts in the slightest.

He straightens his spine, placing his finger tips to the floor, he suddenly feels as if he truly has nothing to lose. His legs are crossed, and he leans forward, heavily kohl-lined eyes suddenly coming alive as they they flash with his decision.

“Are you sure about that?” he practically purrs, his voice like velvet once again as he channels the shinigami he portrays with such conviction.

Changmin smirks as he licks at his piercings.

“They’ll be fine, kitten.” Yunho finally answers the teen as they back up straight into the bedroom, and he shuts the door on the couple practically shooting lightning bolts at each other in the living room.

“Convince me.”

Junsu unfolds himself slowly from the floor, his movements more calculated than they have ever been in his life.

Changmin watches with hooded eyes as the singer gains his feet. The blond is rather petite and his clothes hug every single delicious curve of his body. A body that haunts his memories, and drives him crazy whether he will ever admit it or not. Maybe if the man is good, he’ll let him in on that little secret.

He watches as the superstar takes a step forward, eyes dropping to his tight pants that hide nothing.

Well, well, well.

Junsu takes another step forward.

And another.

And another.

Till he is standing just shy of Changmin’s feet.

The piercer doesn’t say a word as he slouches down lower, spreading his thighs as he looks up into glittering black eyes, heavily lined with kohl. He hooks his toe around the man's calf, and starts to caress slowly as he flicks his tongue out, playing with his piercings, watching with interest as the man mimics him.

But his pouty lower lip is bare.

Bare and begging to be marked.

He cocks his eyebrow again, the metal winking in the light as the idol’s eyes meet his, nothing in the older man betraying that he even feels Changmin's caress.

Xia is acting for his life now, but really, is it truly an act?

He takes a deep breath, pouring everything he has into his final request.

“Are you going to dance with me, Shim Changmin?”


AN1: THIS IS THE END. Please don’t ask for more. This happened because UKNOW the connection I derive from Let It Go… bloody hell. I could probably turn my whole life into a DBSK association and get random muses from breathing.

AN2: The song they sang together is the song I’m listening to right now :P

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and he finally surrenders.

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