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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[12a] Once Upon A Time...
Title: Once Upon A Time...
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin, JaeChun, JaeMin (BFFery)
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: Where it all began on that lovely summer’s day… Seventeen year old Shim Changmin, best man to fellow top supermodel Kim Jaejoong, is feeling out of sorts at the prospect of losing the only family he’s ever known since he was fourteen. Unable to take it out on the older groom, he finds his next closest victim. The groom’s best man.

AN1: I don’t know who won this fight… Hahahahahahaha!

AN2: Unbeta-ed as usual and all mistakes are mine :O


“Will you please calm the fuck down before I slap you?”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Try me,” comes the frosty reply. Changmin glares at his best friend while sucking his sore finger. Jaejoong has been a nervous wreck for the last two hours and the teenager has just about had it. He’d flown back from Japan especially for the wedding because his stupid best friend decided he couldn’t wait an extra two weeks to get married when Changmin is finally back is Seoul for good. No, of course not. That would be too much to ask of the raven haired supermodel currently glaring back at him.

“It’s my damn wedding day. The least you could do is be supportive.”

Changmin’s jaw drops at the words, but Jaejoong doesn’t even try to look sheepish at his words. No, of course not. His brow is raised in challenge instead.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now? I turned down two photo shoots. Two! Just to be here for your sorry ass. Do you know how much shit I got into because of you? I had to talk my way out of being fired by being a super bitch that rivals even your infuriating no good ass that I’m sure I just about surpassed you as being the most difficult supermodel to work with. Thank god I’m smart and know how to read my fucking contract because otherwise they would have tried to pull one over me. As it is, I’ve got to pay a fine for missing those photo shoots. A fucking fine. Are you planning on paying it for me Mr Soon-To-Be-A-Trophy-Fucking-Wife?”

“Is this what it’s about? Money? For fuck’s—“

“Shut up, Jae. I’m warning you. Don’t complete that sentence because I swear to god you have annoyed me enough today that I am ready to punch you. And trust me, no amount of bb cream will cover the shiner I’ll give you. Remember Paris?”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Jaejoong’s jaw drops, beautiful doe eyes widening in horror as he takes an involuntary step back from his taller friend.

Changmin simply quirks an eyebrow, before turning to look at his finger. He had been trying to pin the flower to Jaejoong’s lapel when he had pricked himself because the man just could not keep still. He’s been chasing Jaejoong around the room for a good hour, trying to get him dressed and ready and everything. He’s even been relegated to makeup artist because his dear darling bitch of a best friend had screamed at the poor girl who had been personally hired and approved of by himself because she had a zit.

A fucking zit.

But apparently, the zit disease is transferable and Jaejoong hadn’t wanted her anywhere near him. And so Changmin, with his flawless skin that Jaejoong bemoans enviously about constantly, is it.

Makeup noona, coordi noona, hairstylist noona, even his fucking cock shaker because god forbid Jaejoong get his manicured hands dirty on this wonderful day; you name it and Changmin is it.

Changmin hates being it, but this is his best friend. Despite his words, he loves the infuriating barely adult, and woe unto anyone who hurts him. Basically, the way he sees it, he’s the only one in the whole wide world allowed to hurt Jaejoong. Anyone else who tries will meet his fists.

But of course, Jaejoong doesn’t need to know this.

“What if he doesn’t turn up?”

Changmin looks up sharply. “What?”

“I saw his best friend arrive from the window, but Micky wasn’t with him like he’s supposed to be. What if he doesn’t turn up?”

Changmin’s brow furrows as he looks at his friend who has moved to the window and is currently staring out it, down at the busy street, with limos parked round the block. This is the wedding of the year, Micky Park Yoochun, CEO of Park Industries, marrying the young supermodel whom he had met at a chance encounter in LA of all places after a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Despite his age, Kim Jaejoong is well known in East Asia and beyond for his feminine features and diva attitude. The man is a royal pain in the ass and a bitch from hell, and he enjoys being one. He thrives on drama which is strange because Changmin hates drama. The unlikely pair are a force to be reckoned within the modeling world, and most people know it.

But clearly not a certain Micky Park Yoochun.

Changmin has a rather jaded view of love, viewing it as completely disposable, and he knows that Jaejoong shares his outlook. They trade on their looks, and when you do that, the best you can get is infatuation, never love. Love is for fools. Love doesn’t put food on the table. And love certainly didn’t save his parents from that accident.

Alright, so perhaps he’s over-reaching a little but seeing Jaejoong dressed up in his wedding finery strikes an arrow through Changmin’s heart.

His sole remaining family.

The only family he’s had since he was fourteen is starting a new life without him. Will their friendship still remain or has Jaejoong already changed?

“Do you love the man?”

“Are you insane?”

“I had to check, because I’m pretty sure you should know he’s marrying you for your face and body.”

“You are the worst best man ever. What a horrid thing to say to someone getting married!” Jaejoong’s voice is loud, but there is a tinge of amusement rather than heat underlying his words. He is far from angry, for he is definitely entering this marriage with his eyes wide open.

“Have you changed already that you want me to fucking lie to you? Do you really want to go into this on false pretenses?”

Jaejoong shrugs as he checks his nails, buffing them nonchalantly on his lapel before sticking one of them into his mouth, grazing the tip over the edges of his teeth.

“Would it make you feel better if I told you I’m marrying him for his substantial bank account? Seriously, I don’t care who I marry as long as he’s good looking enough. I’d marry his friend to be honest. One rich old man is as good as another. I’m just fucking annoyed that he’s late. If he leaves me at the fucking altar in front of all these people, I will personally cut his goddamn balls off with a spork.”

“A spork?” Changmin stares at his friend, and they both suddenly burst out laughing. They are back to being the seventeen year old teenagers they are as they laugh hard.

“I’m glad to see you’re in high spirits,” a deep voice interrupts, amusement evident.

But Changmin is far from amused.

Far, far, from amused.

The man’s voice has just given him goosebumps of the wrong sort and he doesn’t like his reaction one bit. In fact, he doesn’t like it so much that he barely even wants to turn around to acknowledge that smooth voice with a delicious twist in it, a teasing lilt that has his hackles up.

His nipples are hard.

And the owner of that voice has managed to wake his perpetually slumbering cock.

If Jaejoong’s expression is anything to go by, he really doesn’t want to fucking turn around. That very appreciative half smirk the cool blond wears when he likes what he sees.

“Get the fuck out.”

Yunho’s eyebrow goes up at the snarl from the tall man who has yet to turn around. His gaze slides over to Jaejoong who simply shrugs.


“Whoever you are, sir. Get the fuck out. I know every single one of Jae’s family and you aren’t one of them so by default, you have no fucking business being here. Get out.” Changmin’s voice is controlled as he struggles to fight a losing battle against his body for a similar level of control. The fight or flight instinct is rearing its head and he cannot explain it. The suddenness and inexplicability of his reaction is bothering him on a profound level. Coupled with his best friend’s growing smirk, Changmin knows he’s in trouble.

One sentence and he’s already lost, and he hasn’t even seen the man.


Jaejoong smirks, sliding a knowing glance over at his best friend. Changmin is normally quiet in company. He doesn’t say anything more than necessary, and when they’re together, all the bitchiness comes from Jaejoong not the younger man who is more than content to merely keep a poker face or look disdainfully down off the end of his perfect nose as if whoever is speaking is not worth the dirt on his shoes. The young supermodel is respectful to a point, and he only brings out his more colorful vocabulary around those close to him, so for him to swear not once, but several times in a very short span of time is interesting to the blond.

He turns his gaze to the gorgeous man leaning indolently against the door frame wearing a curious smile, his breadth practically filling up the entire doorway. Jaejoong resists the urge to fan himself, for there is handsome, and then there’s this man. His own husband-to-be is a handsome fucker but there’s just something about Jung Yunho. Micky leans a little towards a more gentlemanly type of handsome. Sophisticated and civilized if you must, though he is so greasy that Jaejoong sometimes wonders how the hell polite company puts up with him.

His own best friend on the other hand reminds Jaejoong of a jungle cat. Predatory yet hiding under a very thinly masked veneer of sophistication. He knows from Micky that the man worked his way up the corporate ladder. Ruthless might be an understatement when it comes to him, for he allowed nothing and no one to get in his way. His only saving grace, Micky had confided in him one night, is the fact that he is very loyal to those he cares about. He could’ve easily subsumed Micky’s company, despite its size, for Park Industries had been floundering. Instead, he’d shored up the company with his own, taking a huge risk in the process, and making sure that Micky learned the ropes and learned it fast, before setting him free.

Jaejoong hadn’t met him then, and had superficially joked about Jung Yunho being like a dog.

A panther might be more accurate, as the supermodel appreciates the perfectly tailed black suit on the man. There is a damn good reason why he chose to marry Micky and not Yunho.

Micky can be controlled.

Yunho? He feels a little sorry for whoever ends up marrying the man.

However, that aside, the man’s character is unquestionable to the young supermodel who trades on his looks. He uses his face to figure out, albeit superficially, what a person is like, and he’d been all dolled up from the roots of his hair to the tips of his toes the day he finally met Jung Yunho. The man had checked him out and then some of course, but it halted the minute he was introduced as Micky’s fiancé. It’s like a polite, congenial shutter drops down, and while the older man keeps a watchful eye, he also keeps his distance. He knows for a fact that the older man finds his motives questionable, but he holds his tongue. As far as he knows, Yunho hasn’t even tried to talk Micky out of the marriage and he scores well on Jaejoong’s card for that alone for he knows countless others have tried.

Jaejoong transfers his gaze back to Changmin, noting his tense body. His best friend is truly behaving oddly, and he has a feeling it has something to do with Yunho but he has no idea how when the two have never met. Isn’t he the one who’s supposed to have cold feet and act weirdly, not his own best man?

“You’re going to be walking down the aisle with him,” Jaejoong finally speaks, only to start laughing as he realizes that the younger man’s weird behavior really is directly related to Yunho when he sees Changmin’s eyes widen in horror. “That’s the other best man.”

“He is unworthy,” comes the clipped reply, making Yunho’s eyebrow rise even further as he wonders what the hell he did to offend this person he’s never seen before in his life.

Before the older man can formulate a response, the man turns, and Yunho’s chokes on his next breath.

Changmin’s voice is cold, his eyes betraying nothing as he stares down the older man who has stepped forward from the doorway, his mouth opening and closing but not really doing much else. Great, he’s attracted to a fucking idiot. A gorgeous fucking god of an idiot.

But an idiot nonetheless.

A demigod too… an insistent voice within him whispers. Changmin is well used to good looking men and women, constantly surrounded by them, they’re practically a dime a dozen.

But this man…

He watches the man mimicking a fish, his own features perfectly frozen in an expression of disdain, as his brain tries his best to convince himself.

An idiot.

Changmin holds onto that last thought firmly as he glares at the man still imitating a guppy. “Unless you’re here to deliver news of Micky’s death, because that’s the only fucking reason I will accept for his tardiness, get out.”

“Changminnie…” Jaejoong has to bite back his laughter as his best friend practically glares holes into the other man. “He has a right to be here.”

“No, he doesn’t. His job as best man is to make fucking sure the groom is here. Do you see your groom, hyung?” Changmin looks pointedly around the room. “I don’t see him. Some best man he is,” the teenager sneers unnecessarily which makes Jaejoong’s smile widen even more.

The blond supermodel had been marginally worried about how Changmin would hold his own against Yunho whose smirks make even Jaejoong forget his name momentarily, but Changmin’s discomfort ensures his survival, for his defenses are up so high, he’s practically encased in Fort Knox.

He’ll talk to his friend alone when he gets a chance, and find out what broomstick got stuck up his ass, but in the meantime, he’s certain the young supermodel will be fine.

Yunho finally manages to stop working his jaw unnecessarily, snapping it shut and clenching it as he fights to school his features. He feels like an unlettered schoolboy, with zero ability to control his reaction to anything. He feels like he just reached puberty last week and anything attractive is wont to undo him.

Micky did warn him that Jaejoong comes with a stunning brunette.

Warn being the operative word, for his friend had waxed on rather unhappily how he feels unworthy as hell whenever his fiancé’s best friend turns his gaze on him. Apparently the man has the ability to say nothing, and yet everything, without needing to vocalise a single word.

It’s all in the eyes he says.

The complete opposite to Kim Jaejoong.


His beauty leans more towards handsome compared to the ethereal blond supermodel.

Handsome and untouchable.

The older man’s perusal of the younger man finally meets his eyes.

And Yunho finds his first smile since recovering from being poleaxed.

His smile turns into a smirk when he sees the flare in the other man’s dark eyes.

He licks his lips, amused now when the younger man squares his jaw, clenching it so tightly that the beautiful lines of his face become more prominent.

More accentuated.

Making him even more stunning.

Yunho has never seen a more perfect face. His features are almost painfully symmetrical, and it’s no fucking wonder he, along with Kim Jaejoong are one of the most sought after supermodels in East Asia and beyond. In fact, as Yunho switches his gaze quickly to the beautifully made up, doll-like, picture perfect Kim-soon-to-be-Park Jaejoong, he realizes he vastly prefers the brunette.

The twitch in his pants make him aware of his little problem with the man.

“How much makeup are you wearing?” he asks the first thing that comes to his mind as he moves his gaze back to the tall supermodel who visibly bristles at his question. The urge to calm the easily agitated young man is strong, but he wants to keep him a little off balance. He knows a mask when he sees one, and this gorgeous man is trying very hard to hold onto his.

Question is, why?

“You’d need a paint scraper to get all this crap off my face,” Jaejoong answers, though he knows the question was not directed at him. This tension between Yunho and Changmin is a welcome distraction from the fact that he is trying not to mentally disembowel his tardy future husband. He needs the distraction, and he mentally reminds himself to apologize to his best friend for taking his amusement at his expense. “My Changminnie hasn’t had time to put on any makeup. Not that the bastard needs it. I don’t think pimples even know they should be plaguing him.”

“He probably glared them away,” Yunho drawls as he steps back to once again lean against the doorway. He sticks a hand into his front pocket, feeling his cock through the material and he uncharacteristically gives in to the urge to stroke a heavy finger over what he can feel.

And oh how he fucking wishes it was the defiant brunette’s tongue and not his finger.

And his little problem, just got a great deal larger.

He’s never been so instantly attracted to anyone in his life, and the feeling is foreign. For most of his hook-ups or relationships, it’s always been a slow burn, or really, no burn at all, just a need to satiate and then be done with it. He’s always too busy for anything serious, and despite his show to the contrary, Jung Yunho has little patience for people in general.

But this is different.

He wants to taste.

He wants to touch.

He wants to possess.

He’d never ever thought of another human being as property. Running in the crowd he does, he knows a lot of his peers treat their spouses like chattel, not as equals. Even Micky, one of the most easygoing businessmen he knows, had referred to Jaejoong as a trophy wife. There to look pretty and to raise his prestige and the envy of their peers, and nothing more.

Yunho is certain the cool blond supermodel is mercenary enough to be absolutely fine with it for he is trading up in life to being the wife of a very wealthy man. All he needs to do is keep the war paint on.

For the first time in his 33 years, Yunho is seriously considering taking a closer look at his friend’s approach to something. A trophy wife doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Especially if that trophy looks like Changminnie.

Changmin wants to slap the smirk right off the other man’s face.

It’s too fucking much.

His only consolation to the whole sorry affair right now is the fact that in his haste in making sure Jaejoong is ready, he hasn’t had time to fix his own outfit, and his shirt is untucked, hanging down rather messily, and covering the painfully obvious evidence of his inability to control his own fucking body.

He is tongue-tied. That much is clear. There are so many comebacks in his head, but his tongue is heavy and refuses to work. All he can do is make an irritated sound at the back of his throat that sounds so fucking lame he closes his eyes…

…And imagines his tongue licking at Micky’s best man’s sinfully full bottom lip.

Fucking no.

“He is rather good at glaring at things,” Jaejoong nods agreeably. “His bite is definitely worse than his bark though, because he doesn’t ever bark, so there’s no warning. Consider this yours, Yunho-ssi.” The blond smirks.

“Oh, he bites does he?” Yunho infuses a wealth of meaning into his words, eyebrow cocked as he hears Jaejoong chuckling wickedly. The eighteen year old soon-to-be wife of Micky Park Yoochun is worldly as fuck. Almost too worldly for Yunho’s tastes, but Micky is more than satisfied and that’s the important thing.

His tastes…run towards tall brunettes with flashing eyes and legs from here to forever.

“I don’t want to get rabies,” Changmin finally speaks, snapping his words out as he moves, turning to glare at his best friend. “I’m going to the bathroom,” he declares as he storms towards the door.

It takes him three seconds to realize he’s going to have to get past the imposing man all but taking up the doorway.

A man who doesn’t look like he’s inclined to move anytime soon, as he crosses his arms over his chest, his smirk widening.

Damn his well-cut suit.

Damn the way it hugs at his shoulders and arms.

Just damn the man to hell in general as Changmin draws himself up to his full height.

And he doesn’t bother hiding his glee when he realizes that the annoying fucking man is shorter than he is.

“Move it, short stuff.”

“It’s not the size that matters, little one, but what you do with it.” Yunho replies easily, not at all bothered by the posturing young man who still looks a little ruffled. The urge to reach out and mess up his thick dark hair is very strong. Yunho really wants to touch him.

To gentle him.

To soothe him.

And he really has no fucking idea why.

“Give over, Jung. You haven’t seen him angry, and he’s pretty close to furious right now. Get out of his way and then come and tell me why your fucking best friend is late for his own damn wedding. If he doesn’t turn up in the next fifteen minutes, I’m going to marry you.”

Yunho stares up into the glittering eyes of the annoyed man, barely hearing a word though the man before him clearly does as he turns, twisting his body towards his friend as he grits out words so stern it surprises Yunho.

“You are not fucking marrying this asshole, Kim Jaejoong.”

And with that, he doesn’t bother waiting for Yunho to get out of the way as he shoves the man aside.

The tall young man is stronger than he looks, and Yunho fights to recover his balance as he stumbles against the wall as the brunette blows past him.

“What did I do?”

Jaejoong shrugs as he turns to look in the mirror, eyes narrowing critically at his reflection.

“Who knows? He’ll come around. I’ll talk to him later if he’s still in a funk. I made him miss two photoshoots and he has to pay a fine, and he doesn’t like spending money unnecessarily so he’s probably still mad at me about that. You’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time.” He tucks a curl of hair behind his ear before he turns around to look at Yunho. “I was serious by the way.”

“About?” Yunho turns to look out the door, down the hallway towards the closed bathroom door.

Jaejoong notices his inattention, and a thoughtful look crosses his face.


“He’s an insufferable ass.”

“He hasn’t even done anything.”

“Exactly! He should be making sure your groom is here, but he isn’t. Instead he’s hanging around here like a fucking dog waiting for a bone. Well, fuck him.”

Jaejoong rolls his eyes as he steps forward to grab the irate supermodel pacing in front of him. “It’s my wedding and I’m the one who should be agitated, so why am I trying to calm you down?”

Changmin stops dead in his tracks, turning towards his shorter best friend, a beautiful, albeit tinged with evil, smile breaks across his face.

“You should throw things.”

Jaejoong pauses in his patting down of his friend’s suit. “What?”

The tall brunette’s smile widens. “Call him back in and then throw…” he trails off, looking around the room. His eyes land on the absolutely laden dresser, covered in all manner of potions and lotions, plus a hair dryer or two. “That!” he points gleefully. “Call him back in and throw all that at him.”

Jaejoong steps back to take a look at his friend, shaking his head, he chuckles quietly. “He really got under your skin, didn’t he? Tell me why you don’t want me to marry him?”

“Because he’s an ass!”

“He has a damn nice ass, yes.” Jaejoong chooses to misunderstand as he smirks. He’s facing the door, and it opens just as Changmin chooses that inopportune moment to tell his friend exactly what he thinks about that man’s ass.

“Hah! There! So what if he has a nice ass? You don’t even like ass! That’s a good reason for you not to marry him, right there. You don’t like ass!

“Yes, I do.”

“No,” Changmin’s tone becomes a tad patronizing as he pats his blond friend on the head, “You don’t. You like people who like your ass, but you don’t want his ass. Though really, he’s probably a bottom.”

Yunho, who’d been silenced by Jaejoong’s bemused expression, opens his mouth to speak, wrongly thinking that they’re talking about his best friend who, as luck might have it, is about ten minutes away.

“Why do you think he’s a bottom?”

“I don’t know!” Changmin throws up his hands in agitation. “He looks like one!”

“Jung Yunho looks like a bottom?” Jaejoong shakes his head, shooting another glance over Changmin’s shoulder at the gaping man staring back at him. “I think you need your eyes checked, honey.” He pats Changmin’s cheek lovingly. “And while I wouldn’t normally make assumptions, I’d say he is exclusively a top.”


“Top.” Jaejoong is trying not to laugh as he watches Yunho stepping fully into the suite and shutting the door behind him.

“Bottom, damn it! I don’t care what he looks like, he’s a bottom to me!”

“Do you want a demonstration?”

Changmin whirls around in shock, his ankles locking, tangling his feet. He flails, eyes widening as he sees his life flashing by as the floor rushes to meet him, unable to stop the distressed sound that escapes his throat.

But he never hits it.

Strong arms catch him, and he finds his face pressed against a very firm chest. His legs are still somewhat entangled, and he is leaning fully against the other man.

A man who smells so fucking masculine, he has to stop from snarling to save himself.

Jaejoong’s broken laughter is echoing around the room as the supermodel pats his best friend on the ass, and steps away from the couple. He is amused to note that Yunho’s expression mirrors Changmin’s.

They’re both in shock.

Yunho clears his throat, hands still holding the other man’s shoulders. His grip is not tight, as he gently pushes the supermodel upright. The man is like a deadweight, as if incapable of holding his own weight and Yunho uses his own body to prop the taller man. Changmin doesn’t seem too inclined to cooperate.

His hand is splayed across Yunho’s chest as he finally pushes himself away.

In actuality, Changmin tries to push Yunho away, but it’s like pushing a brick wall and he ends up stumbling backwards instead from the force he’d used.

A hand catches him around the waist, slipping underneath his jacket to press against the small of his back, the hand very large and firm.

“I’ve got you. Take your time.”

Changmin’s breath is stuck in his throat, and he can hear his best friend laughing at him from somewhere behind him but he just cannot focus. He isn’t sure if his hands are attached to his body.

Or even whether his head is attached to his neck.

His tongue still works just fine though, albeit heavy and thick in his mouth.

He licks at his bottom lip, noting how the man follows his movement.

It sends a strange shiver coursing through his body and he is fully aware of his cock.

Question is, did the man notice it too?

Jaemin bickering! oh God I love it! and so this is were it start I guessed..

Throphy Wife was my first Homin fic that I read (tho it took a lot of courage to do so)and I'm so glad letting my guard down and breaking free on my comfort zone to the one author that I love ..

Agghh i just came reading this
Seriously it makes sence oh ny gawd
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Thanks for this new one ^o^

You don't know how excited I am!!! To read how they met is awesome especially since it's my birthday!!! Can't wait to see how the rest unfolds!

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Edited at 2014-04-01 04:38 pm (UTC)

JaeMin conversation on Yunho is so enlightening.

Poor Changmin!
He is so flustered that he didn't even notice Jaejoong was baiting him. ^^

I cannot wait till they get to the sex part.
Changmin will learn whether Yunho tops or bottoms.

Yay! *shrieks with happiness* I've been waiting forever to read this and it totally made my morning!!! *happy wiggle dance* Thanks for this awesome update, just as great as I was expecting it to be!

I love it. I've always wondered how everything in your TW universe started and this will be very enjoyable to read. BTW.."If he leaves me at the fucking altar in front of all these people, I will personally cut his goddamn balls off with a spork.”
Best line ever. Especially the part about the spork!!

OMG i was just reading your trophy wife series the other day and was wondering when it would be updated. Today coming back from uni after a long tiring day and seeing this, MADE MY DAY SO MUCH BETTER~

I love changmin's sharp tongue, and i love how yunho is forever amused at changmin's actions XD

I really want to know why Micky is late for his own wedding, i dont think Jaejoong would have ever let that down haha~

THANKS FOR THE UPDATE! Although i read your yunjae fics too, it was through trophy wife i got to know about you, so this fic is always special <3

Of course he noticed LOL

OMG..seriosuly.....How many freaking times i wonder Homin's first meeting...their "first" kiss and "first'' time...and damn.....I want more....this is sooooo good....

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