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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Slept So Long [4/5]
Title: Slept So Long
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Supernatural, non-AU, Prompt
Warnings: Dub-con, light bondage, rimming
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: Yunho and Jaejoong have been dancing around each other for the better part of a decade. Through the break-up of Dong Bang Shin Ki and beyond, they are still connected. One dark night, a demon decides to come along and complicate things further, irrevocably tying them together forever.

AN1: This is a fic written in response to a plot prompt submitted by ko_bands to jaeho-plot on February 19. This is my first YunJae fic ever so i'm nervous as hell lol.

AN2: Thanks to all my pre-readers especially to my eonni and Catherine who have been my cheerleaders. It's also 6:40am here and I haven't slept so please excuse any mistakes especially when it comes to formatting. I'm so tired! Thank you for being so patient!

Yunho feels Jaejoong’s walls clamp down hard as he comes, and he lets go, giving in, as Jaejoong’s orgasm pushes him completely off the edge. His vision blurs as his release storms through him, leaving him gasping for breath as he calls out Jaejoong’s name.

His harsh pants echo around the room, and as he struggles back upwards off Jaejoong’s sweaty back, dragging his hand lovingly over his prone body, something gives him pause. His harsh pants. Him struggling off Jaejoong. He stares in fascinated wonderment as he lifts his hand up and wiggles his fingers in front of him. His brain is buzzing and he knows something is not quite right, but his mind is still lost somewhere in the haze of his orgasm. He continues to stare at his hand and his wiggling fingers.

Yunho has no idea how long he was there, on his knees, cock-deep in Jaejoong when everything comes rushing back to him. Unfortunately for Yunho, he wasn’t quite pushed into blissful oblivion as Jaejoong was, and he flings himself backwards, wincing at the sound his cock makes as it leaves Jaejoong’s warm body. He stares in mortification at his friend, still bound wrist to ankle, silent and still. His reddened hole was like an accusing eye, staring at Yunho dead on, glaring at him for using and abusing his friend in such a manner.

Yunho shakes his head, trying to clear the fog in his mind, resolutely looking away from Jaejoong in that vulnerable position as shame starts pouring into him. The demon. Where was the demon? Yunho looks around the room, blinking owlishly, trying to regain his bearings. It is still dark outside, but there is that chill in the air that always seems to come with dawn. He drags his eyes back to Jaejoong and as he stares at the still body, he suddenly realises that something is not quite right.

In a flash, Yunho is lined up next to Jaejoong, trying desperately to peer into his face, half-hidden by the voluminous comforter. He nudges at him, expecting a response but receiving none. He nudges Jaejoong harder, grabbing him by the shoulder, calling into his ear. Nothing. Yunho starts to shake, eyes filling with tears as the horror of the night sinks into him. He is too shaken to think clearly, and as he sits back up next to Jaejoong, tears falling, he sees the neckties still binding Jaejoong’s wrists tight to each ankle. He lets out an inhuman sound; a sound an animal in pain would make, as he moves swiftly to untie the bindings. He chokes on his tears as the neckties reveal deep abrasions, especially on Jaejoong’s pale wrists. He moves, still crying, to gather up the silent man in his arms, sobbing into Jaejoong’s hair as he cradles him to his chest struggling to cover the both of them with the thick comforter. The cold, pale man in his arms does not move as Yunho hugs him close, trying to absorb his body into his own, to transfer what heat he can, knowing it is to no avail. Jaejoong’s words of love echo in his mind, resounding and bouncing around, as he chokes on his tears.

Yunho, I love you

Yunho, I will always love you.

He never stops crying. Half of his soul is gone. He will never stop crying.

Yunho must have fallen asleep because the next time he opens his eyes, weak rays of sunlight are streaming in. His body hurts all over and he has to struggle to lift his hand to rub at his gummy eyes. He thinks about the horrific dream he had, and he shudders involuntarily as tears once again prick his eyes, and the dull ache in his heart doesn’t dissipate. The dream felt too real. He clenches his eyes shut, a sole tear spilling out as he wills the images running through his head away. He can’t have lost Jaejoong. He cannot. That is one reality Yunho flatly refuses to face and if it is true, if last night really happened… Yunho can’t even bear to finish the thought. He wants Jaejoong. He needs Jaejoong. His mind is a desperate plea to whatever deity is out there that his Jaejoong is still with him.

Yunho has no idea how long he lay there praying, completely oblivious to his surroundings. He really doesn’t want to open his eyes because as he remembers what happened last night, the mere idea of a world without Jaejoong is not a world he wants to be in. He acknowledges this much. He has always been a strong man. To get through the separation of TVXQ, he had the strength for that because he had Jaejoong, even if he wasn’t by his side every day as it was in the past. Not living and breathing the same air as the man he loves, he admits that now, was hard, so hard but he got through it because Jaejoong was a phone call away. What got him through his days and his never-ending schedules was always Jaejoong. If he can never talk to Jaejoong, hear his unique laugh, watch him pout as he doesn’t get his way… Yunho just cannot imagine it.

His body starts shaking as the overwhelming pain rips through his very being. He is crying so hard he can barely breathe. It is too late. The memory of Jaejoong’s still and cold body in his arms, unresponsive to his pleas to wake; his nightmare. Again, time is of no consequence as Yunho wallows deeper into his pain and misery, allowing it to take over as he eventually sinks once again into the blissful oblivion of sleep, never becoming fully aware of his surroundings.

It is late when Yunho once again rouses. His head is pounding and he feels as if a dead weight is settled on him and he tries to move, wondering why half his body feels pinned down. He rubs his eyes hard, wiping away the grittiness from his sleep and as his vision clears, his eyes widen impossibly large in his small face as he stares down at the vision next to him.

A familiar pale face lays tilted up toward him on his shoulder, brow furrowed in sleep, Jaejoong looks both peaceful yet troubled at the same time. His pouty lips so pale they are barely a shade darker than his skin. The reason for Yunho’s immobility is clear as he lifts his head slightly to see that somehow, Jaejoong has sprawled across half his body, a leg wrapped around one of his own as he slumbers on. Wait? Slumbers? Jaejoong is alive?

Yunho bolts upright, knocking Jaejoong rather unceremoniously off him, which he quickly rectifies as the man moans in his sleep but doesn’t wake. Yunho carefully stretches himself out alongside his reason for being, watching the furrow in his brow deepen as tiny distressed sounds leave his lips. Yunho fights back tears as he watches him sleep. His eyes travel from his hairline, down his beautiful face, to his pale torso, his tattoos an almost painful contrast to the extraordinary paleness of Jaejoong’s skin. As his eyes travel lower, they are stopped by Jaejoong’s arm resting lightly on the comforter that was slung low, barely covering his hips. The marks on his wrist so dark that Yunho had to close his eyes to them as guilt and pain roar through him like a raging inferno. His battle with his tears ends as they spill over, running streaks down his cheeks as he clenches his fists, fighting to stop himself from reaching out to touch the fallen angel lying in front of him. He has no right to touch him. He lost that right hours ago. He almost lost him. He thought he’d lost him.

What was he to do?

He blinks his tired eyelids, tears flowing silently as he stares at the sleeping figure, as if to memorise his face. He lifts a hand, unable to stop himself as he strokes Jaejoong’s cheek tenderly with the back of his index finger. Will this be his last touch? Will Jaejoong let him touch him again? Even if it just as a friend, Yunho is willing to take anything now, but he will not run from his feelings. No more. Thinking he had lost Jaejoong just about killed him, and he is not about to let that happen again. A tiny smile tugs at his lips as Jaejoong sighs, relaxing into his touch, his brow smoothing out as if somehow Yunho’s light finger soothes him. However, Yunho has no delusions about this. He knows there is no redemption for him, as he lay there staring at Jaejoong, he recalled that final act and knew it was all him. He could have stopped the second the demon had left his body. He should have stopped. But he didn’t. In his mind, he was no better than the demon. Jaejoong is the only one who can give him his salvation. The question is, will he?

Yunho, I love you

Yunho, I will always love you.

Yunho feels like a coward. A lily-livered, sorry excuse for a human being as he steals quietly around Jaejoong’s room; cleaning up the bits of wood that used to be Jaejoong’s bedroom door, picking up torn clothes, and raiding his closet to find some clothes he can wear before he leaves. Yunho is strong. He can face anything, even the combined wrath of SME and Avex if it came to that which it probably will since it was already late afternoon, and he was meant to be back the SME building for a briefing of the upcoming month’s schedule that morning followed by a meeting with Avex executives in relation to the extra Dome tour dates. However in this moment, he really doesn’t give a damn. In fact, he can barely bring himself to care about anything as he replays the events of the early morning in his head, despising himself for flying back from Japan and heading straight to Jaejoong’s in a jealous rage, thus catching the attention of the demon. He tortures himself as he picks up the wood chips on the floor, gripping one of the pieces so hard it lives a splinter in his palm. He ignores it as visions of Jaejoong’s terrified face assault his memory. The trust he had for him when the demon left his body temporarily and Jaejoong had thrown himself into the arms of the man whose body was about to defile him.

Yunho, I love you

Yunho, I will always love you.

He knows Jaejoong. He knows he stopped fighting the demon for fear of what might happen to Yunho. Jaejoong was always selfless like that. He made sure Yunho ate before he ate, made sure he slept before he slept, made sure his water was safe before Yunho could drink it. He fussed over his hair, his clothes and even his supplements. The man didn’t even leave him alone when he was on the toilet! And despite being apart, Jaejoong made sure that fans knew that he belonged with TVXQ, with Yunho. His Twitter profile is testament to that, not to mention all the not-so-subtle hints that Jaejoong dropped from time to time. A ring here, a watch there, a jacket or two, even shoes. And they were not even together “officially”. Yunho bites back a derisive laugh. Ten years of denial for it to come to this. Was it really denial though? Or just wilful blindness?

Yunho, I love you

Yunho, I will always love you.

Yunho sits on the floor, hugging his knees as he stares blankly at the wall, recalling what they were like over the years. It’s like his head contains a video reel of their lives. He never forgot a single thing if it had something to do with Jaejoong. He smiles ruefully, thinking that’s probably why Jaejoong had to remind him about schedules. His head was too full of Jaejoong without even he himself realising it. He smiles as he remembers how Jaejoong would hover around his photoshoots, giving him encouraging smiles and thumbs ups. He smiles as he remembers Changmin’s disgruntled face when Jaejoong refused to let anyone eat till he had dished Yunho a full bowl. He smiles as he remembers how Jaejoong would somehow always end up practically plastered to his side in their 3-2 formation, leaving Junsu all alone at the other end of the couch till it prompted fans to call it “the Jaesu-gap”. Was he still in denial back then? How did they explain that? How he had to fight with his hands as they itched to touch his “friend” any chance he got. Why would a friend need to fight the urge to touch another friend? Was he in denial even then? Yunho was starting to think he was just blind.

Yunho, I love you

Yunho, I will always love you.

He rests his forehead on his knees as he closes his eyes. Closes his eyes and lets the memories overwhelm him because they are all he has left, as he is ready and resigned for Jaejoong to reject him; to throw him out. How could he not? Yunho harbours a sliver of hope in his heart as he Jaejoong’s words of love repeat over and over in his head, in that voice that is uniquely Jaejoong’s. But that was over 12 hours ago now. Will it be the same? Yunho is terrified. Terrified enough to make stupid decisions like leaving before Jaejoong wakes just to avoid his “friend”, and the hate and condemnation he believes he will see. A despondent sigh escapes him, unaware that a figure is stirring on the bed.

Yunho, I love you

Yunho, I will always love you.

Jaejoong hurts. Everything hurts. His head, his arms, his legs, his back and especially his ass. He moves uncomfortably under the heavy comforter, feeling suffocated and empty, like something is missing. He keeps his eyes closed, unwilling to open them and face the world. It wasn’t a bad dream. His broken body was testament to every single thing he remembers happening. He clenches his fists, flinching against the dull pain that courses through his wrists and up his arms when he does. He knows Yunho is probably beating himself up over the whole thing. How is he going to fix this? As he lay there, trying to figure out how to proceed, a loud sigh echoes around the room and Jaejoong’s eyes fly open. Yunho is still here. Yunho hasn’t left. A flare of hope lights up within him as he struggles to move, turning towards the sound, wanting to see his love.

I will always love you…

He frowns slightly as the sight that greets him is of Yunho looking as broken as his body feels. Yunho is hunched over, practically curling into himself as he sighs again, this sigh even more heartbroken than the last. He exhales softly, knowing how he reacts to Yunho is crucial. The younger man is stubborn and very good at beating himself up over what he perceives as his mistakes and his responsibilities. An occupational hazard of being the leader of TVXQ, but this time it isn’t his fault even though Jaejoong knows Yunho will deem it as such. He remembers the tenderness in Yunho’s eyes as he kissed his fingers. Jaejoong is going to fight. He knows Yunho fought for him, and now Jaejoong is going to fight for them.

I will always love you…

He tries to sit up, wincing as pain radiates up his back, his arms barely able to hold his body weight. He never takes his eyes off the broad back of the tall man on the floor.

I will always love you…

“Yunho…” Jaejoong rasps, his throat full of frogs. He coughs quietly trying to clear it and tries again. “Yunho…” He scrunches up his nose as Yunho makes no move to indicate that he heard him. Jaejoong looks around the bed, his neck cracking as he moves, contemplating whether he has the strength to hurl a pillow at Yunho’s head. His lips quirk at the thought but he quickly discards it. Yunho is obviously upset and a pillow to the head is not really going to help their situation. He tries calling out to Yunho again and for the third time, he is unsuccessful. It seems the younger man is quite wrapped up in his own thoughts and unable to see or hear anything else. Well, drastic times calls for drastic measures. Jaejoong slides back down under the comforter, wincing as his back and ass protest the movement. At least his arms appear to be a little more cooperative this time, the muscles still sore but at least they are responding reasonably well. He slowly wiggles and shifts, rolling quietly on the bed until he is totally cocooned in the thick comforter. Soon he is on the edge of the bed, safely ensconced in the comforter, looking like a sausage roll. Only the top of his head and eyes are visible as he eyes the hunched figure of the man he swears to fight for even if it kills him, though Jaejoong hopes it doesn’t have to come to that. He takes a deep breath, clenching his eyes shut and braces himself as he rolls himself off the high bed and onto the hard floor.


Yunho’s head flies up at the sound, slighty disoriented as he blinks, his brain trying to register what it is he heard. He looks around, not seeing anything out of the ordinary. He hears a muffled groan and what he sees out of the corner of his eye as he turns towards the sound causes him to do a double-take and he practically flies off the floor towards the prone figure next to the bed.

“Jaejoong! Jaejoongie! Oh my god what happened?!”

Liquid doe eyes stare up at Yunho, and his breath catches in his throat.

Yunho, I love you

Yunho, I will always love you.

They stare at each other for what feels like forever before Yunho looks away, bending over and lifting the wrapped up man bridal style into his arms and laying him carefully on the bed. He ignores his urge to look down at Jaejoong, as he feels the other’s gaze burning into his face. He fiddles with the comforter and slowly unravels Jaejoong from his soft cocoon, careful to maintain his modesty, knowing full well that he is naked under all those voluminous layers.

“Why won’t you look at me?” Jaejoong’s soft voice breaks the silence of the room.

Yunho busies his hands with fixing the covers around Jaejoong, eyes downcast and blindly staring at the a spot on the comforter. It looks like a cum stain, and loathing once again pours through Yunho like liquid hot lava and he is helpless to stem the flow.

“Look at me.” Jaejoong raises his voice slightly as he sees the change in the younger man’s face as he stares in horror at something on the bed.

Yunho doesn’t move, still staring as the memories assault him once again.

Yun…Yun…ah…I need to see you, baby.

“Yun-ah….” Jaejoong’s voice, an echo of the voice in his head, the same pleading note held in it.

Yunho snaps out of his reverie, eyes darting towards Jaejoong who is staring up at him, all luminous brown eyes.

“W-what?” he stutters, feeling cowed and unworthy of Jaejoong’s intense gaze.

Jaejoong is hurting all over but what hurts more is not having Yunho’s arms around him, comforting him. He will be selfish for now because he knows deep down, Yunho needs his touch just as much as he needs his.

I will always love you…

“Please hold me….”

Yunho pauses, hearing the plea but still not wanting to believe it. However one sweep of his eyes down Jaejoong’s covered body and back up to his face changes his mind. He slips the covers off the side, and slides into the bed next to Jaejoong, holding himself stiffly, unsure of what to do. It was unnatural, him feeling uncomfortable in Jaejoong’s bed when they’ve shared a bed countless of times. He wrinkles his nose and purses his lips, wondering if this was yet another aspect of his blindness. How often do grown men share a bed? And cuddle?

Yunho, I love you

Yunho, I will always love you.

Jaejoong sighs, dragging himself up when Yunho doesn’t move from lying on the edge of the bed. He tugs at Yunho’s arm, prying it away from his body and splaying it out and then he laid his head on that familiar shoulder and snuggles into his side. Strangely enough, he doesn’t feel self-conscious about being naked as he tries to find a comfortable spot for his sore body.

Yunho holds his breath as Jaejoong shifts around next to him, fully aware that the man is naked and currently, very well and truly plastered to his side. The older man wiggles around, smalls puffs of breath leaving his mouth as he tries to mold himself to Yunho’s side. Yunho’s breath leaves him in a loud whoosh when in one particular movement, Jaejoong manages to land a knee dangerously close to his crotch, causing him to jolt, his arm tightening reflexively around the smaller man. He looks down as Jaejoong looks up, the latter’s cheeks tinged pink as he mumbles a soft apology. Before he can stop himself, Yunho leans down and presses a comforting kiss to Jaejoong’s forehead as he strokes a bare shoulder.

Yunho, I love you

Yunho, I will always love you.

Heat floods Jaejoong’s body as the innocent kiss opens the floodgate of memories imprinted on his body. His hand, once resting lightly on Yunho’s chest, curls to grip his shirt, fisting it as flashbacks assault him. He closes his eyes, inching upwards, burying his face in Yunho’s shoulder as he trembles, remembering what happened. His body tenses up as he remembers the pain the demon inflicted on him and the fear he felt for himself and especially Yunho, tears prickling his eyes as he tries to move even closer, to get comfort from the body that hurt him.

I will always love you…

Jaejoong manages to move close enough to press his face into Yunho’s neck, needing whatever comfort he can get from his friend…or was it lover now? He sniffles against Yunho’s throat, willing the tears away as he fits his body to Yunho’s. They’d always been like puzzle pieces, fitting perfectly against each other. It didn’t matter what body parts were touching, be it a simple hand on a thigh, linked fingers, an arm slung casually around a shoulder or neck; they always fit together. However, this time it feels different. Jaejoong is desperately trying to fit into Yunho’s body but the man, who normally leans into his touch, is as stiff as a board and not in a good way. Jaejoong can’t deal with this. It’s too much for him, the memories of what was done with him replaying in his mind, taunting him. Taunting him because he wants that. Sick as it may be, he wants it again. He wants them to be lovers. He wants it all; the friendship, the love, the intimacy. But what of Yunho? The body beneath him is unyielding and unwelcoming. What of them? Jaejoong thought he could fix this but despite his words of love, maybe it really was too much for Yunho….

I will always love you…

Tears burn against Yunho’s skin and his hand automatically lifts from Jaejoong’s shoulder, frozen in mid-air. Jaejoong is shaking badly but not a sound comes from him as hot tears scald Yunho, burning a path down his neck. Yunho continues to hold himself as still as possible, not wanting to scare Jaejoong away, unable to bring himself to hold the man properly as guilt holds him prisoner.

Yunho, I love you

Yunho, I will always love you.

Jaejoong is trying to remain quiet, fully aware that Yunho has gone more rigid if that’s even possible. He can’t help his tears though. He can’t tell what he’s crying for. For himself? For Yunho? For his frustration at their situation? If he’s honest with himself, the demon is a distant memory. Yes, he’s been abused. Yes, it hurt. Yes, he felt like dying several times. Yes, yes, yes. But he is also desperately clinging on to a decade of love. Clinging on to the memory of the look of tenderness in Yunho’s eyes as he kissed his fingers. Clinging to the memory of Yunho’s whispered words playing over and over in his head.

I will always love you…

All that, their past, can’t just be erased in a single night of malevolence. Malevolence that could not be fully blamed on either of them, because they were both equally to blame. Oh yes, Jaejoong remembers the demon’s words. It was their feelings for each other that kept the demon there.

I will always love you…

Jaejoong unfurls his hand from the front of Yunho’s shirt and wipes at his eyes. He woke up realising he may have to fight for Yunho, and fight he will.

I will always love you…

This is so awesome! I love it so much. Gah! So sad and heartbreaking >.< My Yunnie and his Joongie in the demon's aftermath... :( It's almost too much to wait until the next part, but LJ's been so inactive lately, it'll be nice to wait for something ^^

Sorry I never commented on the other parts, love. I meant to, but at that time I was kind of always in a hurry for no good reason DX Not a good reason, I know, but it's the truth. But I still love this! So so so much!

Haha it was your prompt so i'm super glad you love it. I had to discard an earlier draft because it was waaaaaaaay too emo and I couldn't feasibly and realistically fit in a smut scene lol! Here's hoping I manage to end this properly. Next part is 3/4 written so it'll be up in due time heh.

And no worries about not commenting on the other parts :-) Though plot aside, hope the porn lived up to whatever it was you were expecting lol! Cos I seem to be running away with the plot when this was meant to be a porn with some plot and not the other way round haha.

FINALLY. JUST...FINALLY. *off to read*

Heh... Was it not to your liking? Cos you didn't come back and review :P

And sorry for the wait! Life epically ran away from me!

Omo~ Yah~ YunJae, comfort each other properly! Ne, Yunho, what are you doing? Yah! Jaejoongie needs you~~ T_T And GDI, why does he have to be so hot and sexy at everything, even crying? Dios mio, I'm horrid to think such a thing! D: LOL

Anyway, I have high hopes for them. ;D And I'm glad Yunho didn't just run outta there after he woke up! Dx That wouldn't have left a good impression. :/

I look forward to the next part! *squeals* xD

Nah not horrid... Jaejoong still looks fucking flawless even crying. IDK how that man does it. I've decided he's not human. He's a beautiful alien sent to conquer the world.

In a previous draft, Yunho did run. He ran and didn't come back for ages the jerk. He only came back like three weeks later so yeah, that draft was full of angst and no smut so I binned it. Though this chapter has no smut either so... lol :P

I can't believe it's finally updated, and I really, really, really want the next part and omg I can't really form any coherent thoughts right now and thank you thank you thank you.

/crossing my fingers for a happy ending because this chapter killed me

Awww *hugs* I'm actually flattered you can't form any coherent thoughts after THIS chapter because most of the incoherent thoughts usually happen in the last two chapters being porn-central and all lol. For you to like this chapter enough that it killed you makes me feel pleased. Am I horrid for thinking that? :3

And sorry for the wait! Life epically ran away from me!

Gahhh!!! You updating at last!!! Wow can't wait the last chapter!!!

Hehehe ;-) I'm really sorry for the wait! Life epically ran away from me!

Yes! An update!

I want to say again that your writing is beautiful. I love this fic sfm. And I'm glad to hear that you're almost done with the next part. I can't wait to see how the relationship between the two idiots develop. And of course, more smut. ;)

Lord, the porn seriously wasn't cooperating because they both (especially Yunho) have been emo and uncooperative! I had to discard an earlier draft that was complete but I couldn't viably insert porn anywhere cos they were just too emo!

And yeah, next chapter will be up soonish cos I have a 15,000 word paper to write due on the 14th and I can't concentrate on it without finishing this first!

And sorry for the wait! Life epically ran away from me!

snap out of it yuuun!JaeJae needs some loviiing~ u were right ;~; I didn't jizz in my pants in this chapter!But I jizzed em earlier cause I re read all 3 previous chaps ahahahahah so I am ok!cannot wait for the next update!omg omg I bet it has smut omg omg \dances crazily

Awwww lol :P Flattered you took the time to re-read the previous chapters! Hahaha everyone seems to be about the smut. I'm getting performance anxiety all over again! :P

Thank you for this sensitively written chapter. These two really need each other. There's also so much love that I can only hope that they will help each other heal.

Look forward to the next chapter and more smut!

Thank you for your comment! I couldn't make it not go angsty... Yunho especially was being extremely emo and well, I think it's fair enough I guess.

Hehe everyone's always looking forward to smut. I find it funny because when I read fic, I actually try and avoid smut (or angst for that matter!). PWP is not a favorite genre for me to read but I seem to like writing it... I'm such a hypocrite lol!

OMG! TT^TT This is so heartbreaking! I hope they will clear all the misunderstandings soon I don't want them to end up separated again TT^TT
Thank U for this update I was waiting! *huggles* Thank U for the hard work~! ^o^

I'm super sorry for the wait. Life really took a nose-dive and it's been a mission clambering back out of the quicksand but hey, i'm here now!

*huggles back happily* It's not work when you enjoy it. Thank you for being so patient!

thank goodness i came across this fic!^^

it's really good and i love how detailed you write down their emotion and i actually cried while reading the 3rd chapter~T_T

can't wait for the last part!:D

Awww *hugs* I don't know if i've ever cried in the 3rd chapter cos that's the smutty one but I cry every single time I read chapter 2... Even thinking about a certain part in chapter makes me tear up lol. I'm so weird.

I'm glad you gave my fic a chance! Thank you so much for your comment :-)

So lovely... After all that sex Yunjae will be together right??? Please please do so :)

Haha awww i'm glad you thought that was lovely. As for YunJae, well... :P

OH MY GOD I DON'T EVEN NORMALLY READ THIS PAIRING AND I LOVE IT! I love the story, the analogies that I will admit at times make me laugh, the rape scene, I just love you. These constant little sexual scenes in almost every chapter really do the trick so I'm expecting at least a 3000 word long smut scene in the final chapter. Perhaps it's time to get kinky in the bedroom? You are just the writing goddess of YunJae!! Did I mention how I liked the rapey scene? :P

On a serious note, you're a very skilled writer. The dialogue does not seem forced and extensive vocabulary really helps with the fluidity of the piece overall. It takes a lot to be able to write a fic and pull readers into another world as you do here. Extremely well written...my keyboard keeps switching to German dang it...Praise for Slept So Long!!

Some of the analogies were actually meant to be humorous (somewhat) so i'm glad you laughed lol! And yes, you've mentioned that a couple of times ;-) I kinda love how my friends from other fandoms are liking this fic. Dunno about writing goddess since you have nothing to compare this to hahaha :P

I'll have to be honest, my vocabulary appears to have deserted me this weekend haha. Anyway, hope I won't disappoint with the final chapter. Thanks so much for the awesome review bb!!! ILU <333

wow this is so hot!!! nicely written too...
finally tenderness after all the sex :)
cannot wait for the update.. and i hope u don't mind that i added you as a friend

Thank you :-) I liked all that sex :P And that's cool!

Update will be up early next week if all goes to plan haha. That is, if Yunho in my head cooperates lol.

Finally an update!!!
I've been waiting for an update for this fic.

I wanted to know what happens the morning after the deed is done.

I can imagine the fear and guilt that is gripping Yunho.
He loves Jaejoong so much and what he did to him scares him because he still wants Jaejoong.

As for Jaejoong, he knows exactly what Yunho is thinking and going through. I hope that you know exactly how to fight for Yunho because his guilt will drive him away from you.

Awww i'm sorry about that. Life went super crazy but i'm almost done so you won't be waiting long for the next chapter.

Yunho is waaaaaaaaay too emo but I can understand where he's coming from. It's hard though cos I really just want to write emo Jung and there's not much room for sex if he continues being so emo :-/ And Jae well... He'll fix him if it's the last thing he does!

Thank you for your comment btw. Really appreciate it!

I stumbled upon your fic in jaeho detox and then I just read from Part 1-4 in one go! God...I love your story so much...the smex/rape scenes between yunjae were so intense. I like the emotional struggles between both of them. The desire and lust. Reading your fic is like watching a movie...well...a mind-blowing yunjae porn movie and I totally love it! XDDD

Please update soon, yeah? Can't wait to read the last part! <333

Oh yeah, I've added you as friend too ^^

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LOL!!! OMG no one has ever said that before. A mind-blowing YunJae porn movie...hoshit thanks so much for that. You made my day hahahaha! I'm glad you liked the sex... though i'm super apprehensive about the last chapter lmao. There's certain kinds of sex I can write and the sex scene in the last chapter is sooooooo hard to write. IDEK man. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it lol! I'll be updating early next week. And cool! :P