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Too excitable today OTL
So I need to calm my tits!

This is totally random btw, the reason I need to calm my tits is under the cut :P

Who said that second line below? :O

“That girl was rather pretty.”

“Yeah,” he nods. “Pretty average.”

Poll #1963948 I'm sitting down!

Who said this?

Your husband

GUISE GUISE GUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Augh!!!!!!!!!! Ok, nevermind. I was going to go on a long ass tangent and bore y'all to tears but my project manager just walked in looking like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders so I have to go OTL

But for those who have no idea what's going on cos you're even more mono-fandom than I am, that gif up there is like... I can't even express it.

Man on the left - Choi Siwon, member of Super Junior
Man on the right - Han Geng, he filed his own lawsuit after JYJ did and left Super Junior...and I use "left" loosely ok? ELFs please don't kill me cos i'm uber mono-fandom but my SuJu bias is Geng ;;

AND BABY CASSIES (i'm assuming only baby Cassies won't know about them)... HanChul is... AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know I have a tag on tumblr that pretty much sums it up OTL

Ok the dude is standing in my doorway going "Nikki, Nikki, come on I have to show you #something."


I've had too much coffee and spend too much time on Twitter.




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kyaaaaa~~~ I didn't know that Siwon and Hangeng met during Jackie's concert!!!!!

my SiHanChul feels~~

Edited at 2014-04-09 12:35 pm (UTC)

so im not the only one with HanChul


and they met! yes they did! and then some people say that SiHan pic was fake! heeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh >__________________<"

PS: im looking through your tag. omg. Oh The Pain!!!

Edited at 2014-04-09 12:37 pm (UTC)


waaahhh???? where is that sihan pic frommm??
gosh no, ahh i'm so happy they met again TT__TT

Oh gosh, when did it happened? Finally the day has come for a Suju member to meet HG. Now my next wish is to see HG & HC.

It does gives us hope. I'm really looking forward to a day that OT5 gets together...

saw a picture of them this morning (Siwon/Hangeng) and omfg I WAS SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER BECAUSE WHAT THE HELL ;;A;;
I love HanGeng!!!! I used to be an ELF, OTL. and I was never a Hangeng bias fan but GDI, IDK why but he always have a special spot in me.. ;;A;; he's pretty much "my Jung Yunho" because I'm a Min bias. hehehehe :3 I'm sorry I know I'm blabbering but I'm just so happy that you like Geng too ♥♥♥

I am so happy over that gif...pls gimme hanchul next hahahaha

Whose tits could possibly calm after a thing like that?! SiHan are so sweet! Neither is my bias, and I've never shipped them together but.... It has to have been so hard for Geng leaving so many friends behind; I get all choked up whenever one of the members talks about him. Now I'm going to go drown my feels it hot cocoa.

oh I am so happy for ELF friends :) hope we can see hanchul together and then ... then I hope to see yunjae or any of the boys together :'( I don't have twitter acc but I like to check your twitter once in a while <3<3

I saw that gif and instantly thought: OMG TVXQ AND JYJ NOW!!

ohhhhh my goddddd hangeng i miss u
they met right omg omg it's so fucking reallllll

I was so happy to see the picture of Siwon and Han Geng posted by Siwon.
I swear I cried at that moment.

OH MY GOD. Hangeng and Siwon met? Like, really really? Yay.
You made my day ♥
And HanCul is love.

Siwon and Hangeng meeting, HanChul, that about sums up my Super Junior feels.

My feels T.T Hangeng love
SiHan love, but yeah everybody love HanChul
Good luck with work , today I just had a shitty day at work

Han Geng is also my bias. Him and Beech together. And no one can tell me that nothing happened between them because I know something did.

Saw this earlier and it made me so happy! ;; I love that gif! It's so nice to see they are still such good friends. I really hope we can see this with our boys soon. Just imagine all 5 of them in one of their group hugs... ;; and it WILL happen eventually (and most likely has) but I want to see it! OTL

i was searching for this video or gif or picture since yesterday! thank you nikki....


My #1 SuJu bias is Heechul and Geng comes in second ;;;;

That's going to be YunJae one day *prays* meeting publicly and being all buddy buddy *cough*

UwaaaaaAAAAaaaaaaaAAaaaah *cannot keep calm*
Hangeng met a suju member, finally! TT^TT
Somehow my HanChul feels are also screaming *sobs*
I'm too happy right now!!

its conversation from the version of Tattoist that have not actually happened, right? Liked that idea a lot when you first posted the part

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