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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[13a] Aftermath
Title: Aftermath
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin, JaeChun, JaeMin (BFFery)
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: Do I even need to write a summary? You have to read the oneshot before this one "Once Upon A Time..." for this to make sense and you'll know exactly why I don't need a summary.

AN1: Written in a real bloody hurry so i'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!

AN2: Unbeta-ed as usual and all mistakes are mine :O

Yunho stares at the dozing teenager next to him. In sleep, the planes of the supermodel’s face soften so considerably that it’s almost as if the sleeping boy and the hellcat demanding to be fucked to within an inch of his tolerance are two completely different people. He should be disturbed by how easily Changmin had fooled him, and to a certain extent, he still is. However, even he is willing to admit he definitely had a part in it for several times, he’d noticed how young Changmin looked and yet, he chose not to look deeper into it.

For fear of learning the truth no doubt.

He reaches out to push a wisp of curl dangling over the sleeping teen’s forehead when the formerly smooth forehead crinkles instantly at his light touch, and his hand freezes.

“This isn’t how this is supposed to work.”

Yunho doesn’t even bother trying to guess what the boy is referring to as the furrow in his brow deepens. Instead, he pulls his hand back, dropping it in the small space between them.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re supposed to be gone when my eyes open.”

“You’re going to make me leave in a torn shirt and no underwear?”

“That’s your problem, not mine.”

“Such a prize, aren’t you, little one?”

Changmin bristles instantly, annoyed at how his body reacts to the endearment. It is the thread of amusement that he can hear that bugs him. He might be mature, but he’s also a teenager, and like most, still self-conscious and displeased when laughed at. And he most certainly isn’t little.

“You’re not exactly a great catch either, old man.”

“Oh? Pray tell me what my faults are.”

“You just have one dark mark and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.”

“What is it?” Yunho asks, unable to stop his smile at seeing the teenager’s mouth quirk in a semblance of what the boy probably believes is a smile.

“You’re just too fucking old.”

Jaejoong corners Changmin the second he enters the ante chamber off the Grand Ballroom. He grabs the taller man by the arm, dragging him to the corner of the room, as he barks at everyone to get the fuck out.

One by one, his retinue leave, though the blond doesn’t wait before he lets loose.

“Please tell me that was a nightmare and I dreamt the whole thing up.”

“Is your imagination that wild, hyung?” Changmin questions with a sardonic grin at his friend.

“My imagination is that wild, but not when it comes to you. What the fuck? Are you insane?”

Changmin shrugs as he examines his nails, running the edge of it on his teeth, not answering his friend who is practically bouncing on his feet in agitation.

“Shim Changmin, this isn’t a joke.”

“I’m not laughing.”

“You’re not listening either. You don’t just fuck Jung Yunho and think it’s over.”

“Pretty sure he fucked me.”

Jaejoong throws his hands up in exasperation, before slamming both hands back down hard on Changmin’s shoulders, and the younger teen is unable to hide his wince as the pain travels down his body and makes all the aching places ache even more.

“Hurts, does it?” The blond spitfire glares up at the stubborn brunette. “Fucked you, did he? My finger is one button away from calling the police and I don’t even care if it ruins my marriage. What you’re feeling now is nothing compared to how you’re going to feel when he drops you like a hot potato. Jung Yunho isn’t the marrying sort.”

“Don’t you think I know that?” Changmin pushes his friend away. Hard. He doesn’t even flinch as Jaejoong crashes into the wall, and he is ready when the blond comes back fighting, grabbing Jaejoong’s wrists before they can land on him. “I’m not stupid.”

“Really? You’re not? Are you sure? I’ve made sure no one fucks with you for years and I let you out of my sight for two hours and you go and do this. I have to question your sanity then if you claim not to be stupid.”

Changmin once again shoves his friend away as he turns, storming away towards the dressing table. “What the fuck is your problem? Why is this any different from you, huh? You were seventeen when that old fucker fucked you too.”

“Careful, Minnie. That’s my husband you’re talking about.”

“Whatever. Are you suddenly going to pretend you love him or something? Give me a break.” Changmin spits out, extremely aggravated now.

“Of course not, but we didn’t fuck till I got the damn engagement notice sent to the fucking papers. Insurance. I have nothing but my face and body to trade on and you know it. I’m not about to sell myself short.”

The laugh Changmin lets out is filled with so much pain, Jaejoong stops short, closing his mouth on the tirade he is about to continue on.

“Do you really think I fucking care? I don’t want to be married. I don’t want to be with anyone. I’m self-sufficient and I’m more than happy where I am right now. I don’t need anyone. I don’t even fucking need you, hyung.”

“Changmin…” Jaejoong sighs as he watches his friend sit heavily down on the bench, and the resultant cry of pain and wince that practically has him curling forward. Jaejoong lets out his own distressed cry as he runs forward to the hunched over teenager. “Bloody fuck, what the hell did he do to you?”

“Nothing.” Changmin shakes his head as he exhales carefully through his mouth. It’s not so much his ass hurts, but his back, and the pain had flared across so quickly, he’d been unable to keep his sounds to himself.

“The fuck he did nothing. I don’t remember being in this much pain my first time.”

“You also only fucked once, remember? You were too uncomfortable to go again.”

Jaejoong’s jaw drops as he steps back, tilting Changmin’s face up to his. He can see the amusement in the teen’s eyes, and the cloud of pain is there but dissipating quickly as his young friend smirks back at him.

“How many times?” he asks, licking his suddenly dry lips and swallowing hard.


“Twice?” Jaejoong’s tone is incredulous, his own first time was, while great, the aftermath was way more uncomfortable than he’d imagined possible. The pain threshold of the blond is much lower than the younger man, the older teenager getting much more precious about a little pain compared to Changmin.

Changmin’s smirk widens as he coughs and shakes his head.

“Oh my god you’re crazy. Are you serious?” Jaejoong is pretty much all eyes at this point, his already large, expressive doe eyes as big as saucers as he stares in utter disbelief at the brunette.

“I did have a lot of time…”

“You were supposed to be sleeping, not fucking!” Jaejoong pinches Changmin’s arm, satisfied at the baleful glare he gets for his trouble, though the brunette doesn’t even flinch.

Changmin shrugs nonchalantly as he examines his nails yet again. “Well, if it was going to be a onetime thing, I figured it better be something worth remembering.”

“And was it?”

“What do you think?”

Jaejoong drops onto the bench next to his best friend with a loud huff. “I’m almost afraid to ask for details because I have to admit, Jung Yunho has invaded my dreams once or twice.”

“He has?”

“A very long ago,” Jaejoong pats Changmin’s knee, trying to hide his smile at the teen’s immediate belligerence. “But I’m more than happy and satisfied with my husband.” The blond suddenly squirms in his seat, all sparkling doe eyes and a huge shit-eating grin on his face. “It feels funny saying it. My husband. I have a husband!”


The smile turns into a pout instantly. “You know, we could manipulate Yunho into marrying you. He did tell me he’d be responsible for you.”

Changmin gets up and starts to pace, his hand carding over and over and over through his hair that it turns into a bird’s nest within a minute. “How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t want to be married.”

Jaejoong looks at his friend closely, head cocked as he watches the agitated teenager who’d gone from pained, to self-satisfied, to worried in mere minutes. “You know, your mouth says no but your expression says you’re thinking about it.”

“No, I’m not,” Changmin retorts quickly, turning away and changing his path so that he doesn’t have to face his perceptive best friend.

The blond watches for a couple more minutes before he asks quietly.

“Did you use protection?”

The answer is awhile in coming, but the falter in Changmin’s step is enough for the blond who shakes his head and sighs loudly, the exhalation practically echoing in the room. It is that long-suffering. For someone purportedly smart, Changmin has acted so uncharacteristically that Jaejoong has no idea who this man before him is. The logical, methodical, no-nonsense young man whose prickly exterior hides many insecurities actually looks to be at a genuine loss.

His voice is soft, as he calls out to his friend, “Changminnie…”


“Do you—“

“I don’t want to think about it.”



“Fine!” Jaejoong stands up, huffing as he slams into the taller teen, wrapping his arms around his waist and holding him tight. “You’re not in this alone, ok? No matter what you think, and I know how that mind of yours works, you’re not doing this alone. I’m going to be here every step of the way ok? I promise. I’m not going anywhere Minnie-ah.”

Changmin stares at his disheveled reflection in the mirror, as he murmurs his agreement and acceptance of his best friend’s words.

His eyes tell him otherwise.

“Will you take Changmin home?”

“I don’t need anyone to take me home.”

“Yes,” Yunho answers, ignoring the fulminating glare sent his way as he smiles at the gorgeous Park Jaejoong whose eyes are sparking with amusement and a bit of something else. The blond had promised Micky to sheathe his claws as long as Yunho keeps his hands off Changmin. While he’d been a little doubtful about agreeing to such a thing, he doesn’t want to ruin his best friend’s wedding either so he’s been on his best behavior.

It’s rather fortunate that they’re seated with the married couple between them though, because Yunho found himself sneaking glances down the table on more than one occasion much to his disgust. To add insult to injury, he never ever, not even once, catches Changmin looking his way. Whenever he sneaks a peek, the teen is looking away, whispering with Jaejoong, or completely and wholly concentrating on the delicious food before him. Considering his size, the boy can definitely pack away way more food than his body ought to be capable of holding.

His conscience steps in at this point, extremely vocal and somewhat gleeful as it points out that Changmin is still technically, a growing boy and it’s normal for a teenager his age to eat a lot.

Well, that pretty much quashes Yunho’s interest in how much food Changmin can consume.

“You promised,” Jaejoong pouts up at his best friend, and Yunho has to look away. Jaejoong isn’t known for being an ullzzang for no good reason. His pout is lethal.

Changmin doesn’t budge, arms crossed defiantly, he stares his best friend down. “Your pout doesn’t work on me.”

Jaejoong pouts harder, batting his eyes even and making cute little whiny sounds in the back of his throat as he crowds his best friend.

Micky is trying not to laugh at his wife, while Yunho’s eyes are solely on Changmin. He sees exactly when the brunette gives in, his shoulders slumping ever so slightly as he sighs, reaching out to play with the wisps of hair by the blond’s cheek.

“You owe me.”

Jaejoong chances a look over his shoulder at Yunho, catching his eye before he returns his gaze to his best friend. “We’ll see who owes whom when the night is over, alright?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s my wedding day and it means whatever I want it to mean.”

Changmin makes a disgusted sound as he shoves his friend playfully away. “Marriage has made you even stupider. Come on, I wanna talk to the girls.” And with that, the tall young supermodel doesn’t even wait for the most important person in the ballroom as he spins on his heel and strides off, fully expecting his hyung to come along.

“That wretch,” Jaejoong growls, though the affection in his voice is unmistakeable as he follows after Changmin.

“So you decided to finally listen to me for once and take a trophy wife?”

Yunho doesn’t reply, eyes following Changmin across the ballroom as he mingles with a bunch of what looks to be fellow models along with Jaejoong. The teenager’s stubbornness is practically admirable, the brunette resolutely refusing to treat Yunho any differently whatsoever despite the near four hours they spent in the teen’s suite. True to form, Changmin had actually tricked Yunho into leaving the suite to pick up room service, only to shut the door behind him and feign deafness to the subsequent knocking.

He’d be angrier had he not been expecting it, but Yunho knew he’d been sent on a fool’s errand the second Changmin’s request left his lips. The teen might be very good at trickery, but only when the person he’s tricking isn’t looking for it. His eyes showed a combination of guilt and regret as he’d made his request, and so Yunho was well prepared to be left in the hallway wearing nothing but his unbuttoned pants and a wife beater.

Thankfully, he bumped into no one on his way back to his own suite on a higher floor, though really, other hotel guests might actually question his sanity rather than attire for he’d spent the whole time chuckling to himself at the audacity of the young man. Here he is, one of the most revered, respected, and even feared man in South Korea, and he can’t even intimidate a seventeen year old.

Oddly enough, instead of getting annoyed at the boy’s rudeness, he’d found it interesting. Refreshing isn’t the correct word, for he doesn’t actually enjoy the teen’s impudence being directed at him, but he has to give him credit where it’s due. As long as the boy knows when to behave, Yunho has no problem with the brat.

They’re interrupted by several business acquaintances who want to talk shop as well as congratulate Micky, and Yunho’s attention finally wanders away from the porcupine by the name of Shim Changmin for the first time that night.

A good hour later, the five men and two women finally leave the best friends alone.

Yunho is still preoccupied by the conversation they’d just had, but happy-go-lucky Micky Park Yoochun has no time for weighty matters such as billion won investments to distract him from the fact that this is his wedding day.

His mouth teases Yunho about the gorgeous woman who had flirted so shamelessly with his best friend that even Micky, with all his grease had felt a tad uncomfortable.

His eyes search out his wife whom he finds easily, the rose among the thorns of several pretty females who pale in comparison to the stunning blond. Curious at the fact that the extra large, extra beautiful thorn is missing from his side, he widens his search to look for the brunette.

And find him he does, much to his amusement.

“Looks like your little bird has flown,” Micky laughs as he watches a tall, handsome man literally wrap himself around Changmin, chin on his shoulder as he whispers something in his ear that makes the teenager laugh so hard that he can hear it above the loud chatter in the ballroom. “Though to be honest, I think you could do better than him. If you think Jaejoong is bad, that boy is worse. I wouldn’t put it past him to actually draw blood if he wants to.”

Yunho’s expression darkens in an instant, as he slams his empty wine glass on the table, all good intentions of not making a scene or ruining his best friend’s wedding leaving his brain the moment the foolish man touched what belongs to him.

It of course fails to occur to him that the woman rubbing up against him earlier had been behaving far worse.

There are very few things Yunho feels proprietary over. A collector by nature, of books though more than anything else, no one is allowed to touch his things without his permission. His library is a veritable mecca of rare first edition comics and pulp fiction, a hobby nobody knows about save for Micky.

And not even Micky is allowed to touch his comics.

But after the afternoon he’s just had, he finds that he can add one more possession he will not allow anyone else to touch. Something that belongs only to him, so utterly and completely, that the satisfaction he feels at being the sole person on the face of the earth to touch such beauty makes his fury at the audacity of the foolish man even more unchecked.

He is deaf to Micky calling out to him, as the music starts, signaling an exodus towards the dance floor by mostly Jaejoong’s half of the invitees, his eyes fixated on Changmin. Yunho cuts a swath through the crowded dance floor in the middle of the ballroom to get to the unsuspecting teenager.

Changmin is giggling, having downed a fair few glasses of wine too many, whatever his friend is telling him seems inordinately hilarious. He feels free for the first time that night, away from the unrelenting gaze of Jung Yunho whose eyes have been on him all fucking night, the teenager lets go of the tightly held reins of control he’d been hanging on to. The cold exterior he’d almost sweated rivers maintaining while at the dinner table to keep from giving Yunho the tiniest amount of attention had been a true exercise of his mental acuity. He’d drunk far more than he should, and for some reason, the affect of the alcohol hits him like a ten ton truck the minute he’s outside spitting distance from Jung fucking Yunho.

It’s like his body knows it can relax.

The tightly coiled tendrils of remembered lust unwinds slowly as he and Jaejoong made their way across the ballroom to their friends.

A couple more glasses of wine later, and he’s even allowed poor Zhou Mi to talk to him about his woe at missing his boyfriend. As someone who loathes small talk, Changmin has all but dove into it at this wedding celebration. One more uncharacteristic behavior to tick off.

He is humming along to the music that just started, leaning back against the skinny Chinese man, when his centre of gravity suddenly changes, and he loses his balance as the man he was previously leaning against is unceremoniously yanked from him. The room spins slightly, and he has no idea what the fuck just happened as he tries to regain his focus. He isn’t drunk, just buzzed but anyone would get disoriented after an unprovoked attack from god knows where The music is very loud, and it’s all he can hear before a very firm hand on his bicep brings his focus back to painful clarity.

His legs can barely keep up as his senses are assaulted by a familiar scent as he is literally dragged from his friends.


He starts to struggle, but the grip on his upper arm tightens, a voice a low voice in his ear growling at him, warning him to not to cause a scene and upset Jaejoong.

Too shocked to react, and still too buzzed to get upset (yet), Changmin allows himself to be led out into the gardens towards the entrance of the hotel.

They bump into several other guests along the way, all from Yunho’s circle of acquaintances, and his grip of the supermodel lets up in their company.

Yunho exchanges smiles and empty platitudes, all the while keeping a warning hand in the small of Changmin’s back as they converse.

To the supermodel’s credit, he manages to recover his composure, turning cool and distant in the blink of an eye, aloof and haughty, he doesn’t deign to speak to the guests, leaning into Yunho slightly, he keeps his eyes downcast though really, he wants nothing more than to sock the stupid man in the gut and run for it. However, he knows how to behave even though it irks him to have to act in such a way.

When someone makes a comment about losing not just one of South Korea’s most eligible bachelors that night but two, and the answering chuckle from Yunho, Changmin finally decides enough is enough. He’s done playing the fool for Yunho and perpetuating whatever farcical bullshit the man is trying to insinuate to his friends.

The supermodel steps away from Yunho’s side, his smile is cold as he excuses himself, leaving without waiting for Yunho’s permission as is the norm, jaw tightening as masculine laughter trails after him, knowing that somehow, it has something to do with him.

He reaches the sprawling driveway of the main entrance just as a hideous vehicle pulls up alongside him, stopping right by him. Changmin pauses, staring at the monstrosity, wondering who the fuck it belongs to, thinking whoever it is has got the worst taste ever. He can’t even decide if it’s a car or a van. It seems to be a mixture of both, or a van masquerading as a car. Whatever it is, it’s fucking ugly.

The car or van or whatever the fuck it is, is in his way and he moves to walk around it when a hand snags his wrist and he is yanked backwards.

Changmin is getting really fucking sick of being manhandled for no damn good reason and his hand goes swinging at the fool holding him, but it’s caught mid swing.

“Going so soon, pretty baby?” The endearment is all but, Yunho’s eyes are frosty, as is his voice.

“Call me that one more time and I’ll yank your fucking tongue out.” Changmin shakes off the older man, straightening up. “Who the fuck do you think you are? Get lost.”

Yunho smiles.

Changmin gets mad.

“What the hell are you smiling about? Are you stupid? What language shall I speak in? Japanese? English? Unfortunately, I don’t speak idiot.”

Yunho’s smile doesn’t waver, but it doesn’t reach his eyes either. “Do not mistake my smiles for idiocy, Shim Changmin. I am far from a fool, and you should be fully aware of that. You have two choices right now. You either get in that car, and I’ll take you home, or I throw you over my shoulder and we give these good people something to remember our best friends’ wedding by.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

Yunho’s face softens as he sees the agitation in the teenager’s eyes. “Look, I don’t want to fight, especially not in front of these people. I will take you home whether you want me to or not. It’s the least I can do.”

“You’ve done enough, thanks. I can find my own way home.”

“Do you want me to call Jaejoong? I will call him and tell him that you lied to him when you said you’d let me take you home.”

“Why the fuck won’t you leave me alone?” Changmin growls from under his breath, fighting with himself and everything in between. He really just wants to be left alone. His ass is starting to hurt, his body definitely hurts, his pride has taken a battering he hasn’t seen the likes of, and to compound it all, even his damn head hurts.

And every single bit of pain is Jung fucking Yunho’s fault.

“I’m responsible for you, Changmin.”

“The fuck you are.”

“I am responsible from the moment we had sex without a fucking condom, and then I find out you’re only seventeen. You’re not even legal, and I’m not about to let you go home on your own when your judgment is clearly fucking impaired. Just get in the fucking car and let us get this night over and done with, alright?”

Changmin can add one more hurt to his list of pains.

But he’s not about to acknowledge it.

He straightens his shoulders, squaring them as he takes a deep breath. His eyes lift, his countenance as haughty as he can manage at the small audience watching them curiously from the garden. He sweeps his gaze from right to left, eyes dark and flashing with frustration, though to anyone watching, the gorgeous supermodel simply looks angry. His mouth twists in disgust at the people watching them before he finally turns to get into the monstrosity that Jung Yunho calls a car.

“Atta boy,” Yunho whispers under his breath, oddly proud at the way Changmin had carried himself. Backed into a corner, and yet he still leaves on his own terms.

Head held high, and defiance from every rigid line of his body. The seventeen year old has more pride than he ought to have in someone so young, but Yunho understands that pride.

He almost admires it.

Yunho sweeps everyone with a similar glance, but his, works to cause them all to shy away, eyes cast downwards and anywhere but at him. Satisfied with their reaction, Jung Yunho finally gets into the car after Shim Changmin.

“Where to, Sir?” the driver asks, and Yunho opens his mouth to instruct Changmin to answer the man but the teenager beats him to it.

The address he gives is in a district a good 45 minutes drive away. If Yunho is surprised, he hides it as he presses the button to lift the screen between themselves and the driver, cutting them off completely from view and sound.

He settles into his seat as the vehicle starts to move, clasping his hands in his lap, and gazing out the heavily tinted windows.

Jung Yunho is furious.

With himself.

He lays no blame on Changmin no matter what the young supermodel thinks. It was he who chased the innocent teenager, and it was he who chose to continue after Jaejoong’s furious interruption mid-coitus. It was also he who had forgotten about the condom, not Changmin. It was him who had overreacted at a simple conversation between Changmin and the nameless older man. He has a feeling the man is from the fashion industry because no one touches anyone like that in his circles.

Not unless they’re lovers.

And he sees red once again.

He has no cause to disbelieve Jaejoong or Changmin, and for the man to have taken advantage of Changmin’s slightly inebriated state makes Yunho want to tell his driver to turn around so he can return to the party and punch the man into the ballroom floor.

The cracking of Yunho’s knuckles is loud in the silent car, the tension so oppressive that the menacing sound startles Changmin out of his own reverie.

His own hands are clasped over his belly, the magnitude of his actions finally sinking in with Yunho’s words earlier.

A reminder if you must, for Jaejoong has already pointed it out.

No condom.

He closes his eyes, feeling the burn of unwanted tears behind his eyeballs.

There is a quiet sound of a jaw cracking as Changmin once again fights with himself. Today has been a total disaster when it comes to control. If there’s a scoreboard it’ll probably read Changmin 0 Body 5.

He couldn’t hide his reaction to Yunho.

He couldn’t suffocate his desire for the man.

He couldn’t stop his heart from skipping when the businessman had held him so tenderly after that he honestly had no choice but to kick Yunho out of his suite before he drowns in sentimental bullshit he wants no part of.

And he couldn’t stop the irrational surge of jealousy he’d felt when he saw Yunho speaking to that woman. Or rather, when he saw her rubbing herself all over Yunho and the man doing nothing to stop her.

The bitter taste of reality is hard to swallow, and Changmin had been both angry and hurt at the whole thing. What can he expect anyway? Didn’t he go into it knowing it was a one time thing?

That’s the only reason he’d flirted back with the Chinese model, Zhou Mi. The man is handsy as fuck, but also in a very monogamous relationship with a popular photographer who couldn’t make it to the wedding, something Jung Yunho obviously knows nothing about if his reaction is anything to go by.

As if being hauled bodily through the crowd as if he’d been a delinquent child hadn’t been bad enough, he had to stand among Yunho’s peers and smile as the fuckers teased Yunho while eyeing him up and down, about no longer being eligible.

Changmin refused to acknowledge his body’s reaction to that.

What he does acknowledge is the fact that Jung Yunho is too fucking used to getting his own way, and Changmin has had enough.

The scoreboard reads five because Changmin cannot stop the tear that slips out of the corner of his eye as he cradles his hand over his belly.

What has he done?

He’s seventeen with a burgeoning career, and now, no family.

Jaejoong will declare otherwise of course, but Changmin loves his best friend too much to impose on a newly married couple. Despite the blond’s words, he knows his friend cares about his new husband. He just doesn’t want the world to know yet, and Changmin will keep that secret.

And with that secret, comes the knowledge that he truly is alone in this.

Whatever this is.

Yunho cannot take it anymore.

The silence is killing him.

The tension is suffocating.

And he really doesn’t want to take Changmin home and leave him alone in what is more than likely a small studio apartment of some sort. The fashion industry looks glamourous, but the reality probably isn’t very shiny for someone within it. Micky had described the environment as toxic, marrying Jaejoong almost out of hand to “save” him from it. Being the top of their industry has its perks, but it is still a very cutthroat world where you trade on your looks and the moment you lose it, that’s it. They are at the mercy of directors and photographers who will not hesitate in taking advantage of a situation. He doesn’t know anything about Changmin’s finances, but to keep up the appearance of a top international supermodel is expensive. Celebrities get given products to endorse, supermodels just wear them.

While Yunho is sure both Jaejoong and Changmin are better off than their peers, their environment isn’t healthy.

His mind is working overtime, probably harder than it ever has in recent times. He is trying to justify what he is planning, and every single argument he provides strengthens his resolve to go ahead with it, and yet there is a nagging voice in the background asking him why he’s doing it.

Why does he want Changmin so badly?

Yunho is a man who takes what he wants when he wants it. He’s powerful enough that he doesn’t ever have to ask twice for anything. In fact, what he wants is usually offered without him needing to ask.

But he’s asking now.

And he’ll start with an apology, for the skittish teenager next to him will not deign to reply to anything less. It rankles Yunho a little to have to do this, but they’re alone, and he does believe that whatever goes on between the two of them will not go further.

Not even to the newlywed Park Jaejoong, for he had overheard the blond pestering Changmin for details during dinner, but the brunette had simply smiled and shaken his head, much to the frustration of the marginally older teen.

For some inexplicable reason, he wants to coax out the softness in the cantankerous teenager.

He clears his throat, turning his face away from the window to look down at his clasped hands for a moment before he angles his head towards his silent companion next to him.

“Do you know I almost never swear?”

Changmin doesn’t make a sound. There is absolutely no indication that he heard the industrialist speak.

“I don’t know what it is about you. Perhaps your own potty mouth is making me remember what it’s like to have one.”

“Blame me for everything why don’t you? You can’t turn into more of an asshole already if you tried.”

“I’m truly sorry for being an ass. I set out to prove you wrong today, that I’m not the ass your first impression pegged me to be, but I ended our night by being exactly what you believed me to be.”

Changmin isn’t sure he’s hearing right. He wipes away at his wet cheek as discreetly as he can manage as he straightens in the soft leather seat that is so comfortable it’s practically moulded to his sore ass and back. He doesn’t reply though.

Yunho takes the teenager’s reticence as a cue to continue.

“I know you want to go home, and I will respect that. However, I’m asking that you consider carefully what I’m about to say.”

Changmin straights even more, his body ramrod straight now, ignoring the dull ache in his lower back as he finally turns towards the other man. Yunho isn’t looking at him, his gaze appearing to be taking in his outstretched foot instead. He rearranges his expression into his customary cool, haughty and completely closed off supermodel poker face.

He makes a show of checking his watch, noting the time as he clears his throat as inconspicuously as he can manage.

“What are you waiting for? An invitation?”

Yunho looks up instantly at the cold and calm words spilling from the parched lips of the teenager whom he can see is doing his level best to appear unaffected.

“You’re a real piece of work do you know that??” He’s been asking the same question pretty much since he first met the gangly brunette, and as yet, he hasn’t received a satisfactory answer.

“And you’re really fucking old. Do you have any idea how many times you’ve said that? Do you have a personal assistant? I think you need someone to mind you in your old age lest people get bored to death from your repetitive ways.”

“Are you offering?”

“You couldn’t pay me enough.”

“How about I marry you instead?”

AN: LOL the gif that actually started this whole thing finally makes an appearance :P

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Well that's one way to get a marriage proposal!

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