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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[13b] Aftermath
Title: Aftermath
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin, JaeChun, JaeMin (BFFery)
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: Changmin trades on illusion, and for the seventeen year old supermodel, keeping up that illusion is the only way he will survive.

AN1: Sigh...

AN2: Unbeta-ed as usual and all mistakes are mine :O

One hour to fuck me stupid so I’ll do anything you say?Collapse )

Feeling decidely spoiled, and loving it. Thanks for all the updates. Your Homin muse is working overtime. They seem so closed off to each other its hard to hang on and wait for love to win out. Unfortunately, the lives they lead make each need to protect their hearts more diligently. I just hope not too much blood will be spilled before then. Thanks again.

I'm new reader inTrophy Wife vers and start to like HoMin here.
Read it on ch 12a first and continue untill 13b.
And now will start to read ch..1 hehehee...
Supermodel Changmin and Industrialist Yunho
The gift amd pict its really interesting and really give the atmosphere of this series.
Thank you for all the muses you have that always give us the good stories :)

I have read TW after such a long time.....im still in shock.
I am going to re-read it again and again just like i hav done with the other oneshots.
This is my favourite series of yours (SB drabbles after this)
U dont know how much i love you for writing this!
Thank you~~

Fastest way getting someone clean their place up, easy threaten to throw away their precious item. Walla like that, snaps fingers. It'd be interesting to imagine Yunho pulling a Yoda tearing his living-room, atrocious looking van/car, even his office apart looking for his missing documents. Heck mentally yell at himself for getting a giant walk in closet. "It's official my closet/washing machine/dry cleaners(rest the store owner mental breakdown) ate my favorite suit!"

Jaejoong. Jaejoong. Jaejoong. You were the one that cornered Yunho. Changmin made it very clear he didn't want anything to do with Yunho after words. But nooo. You agreed an inch Jung took five miles hours with alot of convincing.

Off to Paris we go!


This fic makes me so sad. I agree with your a/n.
I think instead of freedom of relying on someone as in money wise he could be enough for himself if he manages his money good. I mean he is a topmodel and barely 18. I think it is more freedom in an emotional way that he wants. He had to be cold, distant, emotionally protect himself at his age for several years. Marrying Yunho could maybe quench this need little bit, at least make it bareable without risking the possibility finding someone who he thinks might quench this need totally but at the end being dissapointed. With the way Changmin protects himself this option would be so destructive I think. To be honest seeing the way how he is soo difficult with letting people in, let alone fall in love, I don't think that would ever happen.
At least that is roughly the conclusion I understood from it.

P.s. Why is Jae being almost a hypocrit. Changmin did not wanted to be close to Yunho (even if the total of the situation did not happen "all" thanks to Jae), his wishes and action put them in close contact.

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(Deleted comment)
So Changmin finally said yes!
Okay we all knew he gave in but I expected it will take more time and more effort at convincing him to decide... and also for me it was surprising how easily he moved in with Yunho - even before he made the decision just to test they can live together at all!

It's good to remember that despite it started like a business deal on both sides they fell in love.
Changmin's loneliness, every decision he's making to protect himself and to secure his future makes the situation so sad, but it's reassuring to know that these are the same decisions that make him cross Yunho's path, and it turned out Yunho's the type of person Changmin needed to balance him out, someone who is able to deal with his strong personality very well.

So I read it when I was still in bed and I spent a good time if my breakfast thinking about your response to the half chapter. And I guess one of the things about your writings is how you always sound like you're then, and the emotions are always grounded and rationale and that's a hard thing to achieve and yeah. Your voice's really distinct and yeah. So like I was thinking about how you want to set fire to Yunho of which I didn't agree. In a sense Yunho haslaid his deck out for Changmin to see. And self sufficiency freedom crap aside, it was Changmin who made the choice to take it up. Yunho gave a proposition. If he wanted freedom sans ties and conditions by a businessesman no less, then don't take it up. Make it big on your own. If Changmin has the brains like he says he has (of which I'm doubting right now with his decision) then he can make it big on his own. In the american modelling industry, so many models have collaborations with brands, and in the Korean industry, as a star, the barriers are pretty much permeable. Changmin can branch to acting. He can learn to design and start a label with his base and all. He's still seventeen after all. There's still a long way to go. And the shelf life of models aren't that short. The industry needs mature men. Mid thirties would work without question and he can try to aim to enter a more international market. He's the one being intimidated and unsure of his potential, choosing the first easy way out. And only proposition? He hasn't even waited for more and not every guy is as ballsy as Yunho to hit on a kid that's not even legal. And really, he made his choice. And love or not love aside, neither did Yoochun love Jaejoong when they entered their union. And neither did jaejoong love Yoochun. Its the numbers, and figures playing a part and does Changmin really expect love? Love can come after a marriage born out of a businesses proposal and yeah. I don't really see whats wrong with Yunho. If all aside, at least changmin has gotten into a union with a rich dude that can actually get his dick up and hard. How blasphemous of him to sport a hard on as his best friends gets into a for-life union. I guess yeah. And Yunho is fond of Changmin. That's a step already. And if he feels like a cheap whore, or an expensive whore, then don't take it up. How many more monster dicks are there in the world? A lot, dude. A lot. And he has to widen his social circle obviously. He's feeling so lost and destructive because his sole reliant is halfway gone. Firstly, knowing Jaejoong in said story, if he wants Changmin, he will have Changmin.Changmin hasn't lost Jaejoong, and what the heck, open your social circle, hang out with more people, more models. Socialise and network the fuck out of your soul. Yeah he's scarred and yes afraid and hardassed but you can't ever live on a single person. Its not healthy and look at him, dude. Intelligence and brain cells aside he's right now making choices that dangerous and all. And oh yeah. If he's smart and all its a choice that he has weighed and all. I'm not even fazed, man. Your choice, your life. Internal locus of control and all. Meh.

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I'm reading this again just because I really love this universe <3

Had to feed my HoMin feels today, so of course I revisited my favorite fic of about them. Ever consider closing the gap between here and The Trophy Wife? Love angsty Min, so many feeeelssss!!!

Uggh. I promised myself I wouldn't start any more in-progress fics. I'm way too impatient for the next update and I get rather upset if they are abandoned.

But I accidentally read a TW drabble and then thought, Well I could just read like maybe the first chapter and then stop. Or maybe the first two or three. Or I could just read very slowly so that I never actually make it to the most recent post. Or - oh crap I caught up already.

I totally blame that snarky, bambi-eyed brat. He tricked me somehow.

I don't even SHIP Homin. I much prefer Yunjae, because I like Jaejoong way better than Changmin. Stop giving me that look, little brat! I don't like you! I don't! Go away! NOOOOOOOO!


Wow ur story of Homin is truly amazing how u wrote about the characters' evolving by time and how u can described their feelings without losing the footage of Yunho and Changmin behaviour in a real life is truly superb. Even the sex scenes are explicit, playful, and stimulatingly sexy. Way to go. It's never been easy to write a fanfic of the most awkward couple like homin but urs is one that i truly read from the beginning till the end. Thanks for the effort.