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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Night in Busan [8e]
Title: One Night in Busan
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Important: This is AU but HoMin are TVXQ and JYJ never existed. Basically the only non-AU thing about it. EVERYTHING about this fic is super freaking AU… I just can’t get BLOND BLOND BLOND out of my fucking head. Also, characters may be a little (or a lot) OOC but it’s fiction and AU and just roll with it, ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It was meant to be a one time thing, and it takes Yunho a while to realize that a one time thing for him means exactly that.

AN1: I promise this is the last part in ch8!!!!!!! OMFG I said ch8 would beat a record somewhere in the ANs of 8c I think but I honestly thought it would end at d… For those wondering why ch8 is forever…please note IT’S ALL STILL THE SAME DAMN DAY… I feel like Sleeping Beauty all over again omg… MULTIPLE chapters for one day… Actually, I think that might have been Tattooist. But I told myself I wanted to finish this in 10 chapters… Ch10 might go to Z hahahahaha! Oh god… remind me never EVER EVER EVER to say anything is SHORT ever again. I think my Jaejoong muse takes a wicked delight in making goddamn sure that I’m always wrong. I honestly never fucking learn. Didn’t I say Tattooist was going to be short too? It’s the same length as Sleeping Beauty… and written in 5 weeks. I still can’t get over that fact. RANDOM AN IS RANDOM.

AN2: Also, wrote all this on the plane and I kept laughing randomly that two flight attendants actually stopped to ask me what was so amusing. I’m just glad I was sitting alone lmaooo! I was laughing at myself btw, not really at the fic so if you don’t find anything to laugh at, that’s why. I’m hopeless. HOPELESS.

Jaejoong doesn’t pay any heed to the whispers around him. So far, no one has dared approach. Not even the three men in the corner whom he recognizes as being the individual managers of Yunho and Changmin, as well as the TVXQ manager in general. Why two people need three managers is beyond him. And now, with the addition of himself, the TVXQ entourage is getting ridiculous indeed.

He hasn’t really seen his husband apart from the back of him as he disappeared around the corner where some “room” has been partitioned off to shoot the last of the calendar sequence. He can hear the laughter, and he can hear both Yunho and Changmin’s voices, but he can’t see a thing.

His curiosity is definitely piqued though, but he doesn’t allow it to show on his face. Instead, he spends his time doing what Changmin had instructed him to do earlier. He is booking all their flights for the coming fortnight in advance.

And there are a ton of flights to be booked. Four flights alone for the next three days which he booked while still in the TVXQ relaxation room.

Seoul to Tokyo today? Check.

Tokyo back to Seoul on the first flight the day after tomorrow? Check.

Seoul to Busan the same day? Check.

Busan to Seoul on the first flight the following day? Check.

And a fuck load more after that.

Jaejoong had balked at the unnecessary stopover in Seoul, arguing with Changmin that he can book a flight from Tokyo straight to Busan, but apparently they are required to stop in at the company for something before going off to Busan. Changmin had been vague about that something, and Jaejoong isn’t convinced in the slightest that it is important. The temptation to go ahead and book the flight from Tokyo to Busan had been strong and he’d actually spent about ten minutes thinking it through.

And then he finally decides that Changmin should know best.

Should being the operative word.

He’ll withhold judgment till he finds out what this something is.

Jaejoong hears laughter once again, feminine giggling this time that borders on annoying, and he is unable to stop himself from looking up. He knows that pitch of laughter and his brow furrows. His eyes meet Changmin’s who is coming round the corner with a vaguely annoyed expression on his face. The teenager hops up instantly, grabbing a bottle of water and hurrying towards the idol’s side as a tiny thundercloud forms over the young man’s head.

“What’s the matter?”

“We’re running late, that’s what’s the matter. Everyone can’t fucking stop staring and no one seems too inclined to do their job,” Changmin growls under his breath as he takes the proffered bottle of water, taking a large gulp of it before wiping irritatedly at his mouth. “What time do we need to be at the airport?”

Jaejoong digs into his pocket to pull out Yunho’s phone to check the time.

Three eyebrows go up from the corner of the room, as three men start whispering amongst themselves again. Yunho’s phone case is distinctive, a gift from Changmin, and all three will recognize it anywhere.

“We have to leave in an hour to be comfortable, maybe two at the very latest if we want to get to the airport in time. With peak hour traffic, it’s going to be tight, but an hour is the best without you two needing to run through the airport.”

Changmin snorts at the mental image of TVXQ running through the airport. That’s not going to happen.

“We never run through the airport unless one of us is injured. You’ve taken traffic conditions into account?” he snaps as he takes another sip of his drink.

Jaejoong doesn’t take offense, nodding immediately. “Of course.” He wants to ask about the injured comment but refrains for he has plenty of time with the younger half of TVXQ to grill him to his heart’s delight. He truly does like Changmin and he’s slowly trying to come to grips with his position in their odd pseudo ménage-à-trois. A couple of hours left alone with his own thoughts can do wonders to either calm the mind or hype it up beyond all reason.

Thankfully, he’s in a calm mood so far. The work Changmin had given him preoccupying most of his attention as he battles with online booking systems and disinterested phone operators.

“Good.” Changmin smiles tightly as he hands the bottle of water back to the blond. “I might just keep you, yet.” He resists the urge to chuck the teen under the chin as the boy stares up at him. To anyone watching, it looks like Jaejoong is gazing at Changmin in awe. But to the idol, the flashing doe eyes are holding anything but awe. Banked irritation is more like it, and he has the insane urge to grin at the whole thing. The deception is proving to be rather invigorating for the blood and it’s only been what? A few hours?

“Is there anything else you need, hyung?” Jaejoong asks with a sweet, fake smile as he asks his question between gritted teeth. Yes, he likes Changmin but the man makes far more unnecessary comments than necessary designed to irk him. Admittedly, he might be easily irked but that’s beside the point. He knows how to play though as he quirks an eyebrow at the taller, older man.

“Don’t get your panties in a twist.” Changmin steps back, eyeing the teenager up and down before he finally gives in to the grin, much to the surprise of those watching. “Though I’m fairly certain you’re not wearing any. Tell me I’m wrong.”

“I can’t.” Jaejoong returns the grin. “I’m wearing Yunho’s boxers.”

“Of course you are,” Changmin resists the urge to roll his eyes. “Of fucking course. Do I have to label my underwear again?”

“I don’t really want any part of your underwear, hyung,” Jaejoong replies seriously. “Though you’re welcome to mine.”

Changmin shakes his head quickly, shuddering dramatically, causing the teenager to grin again. “No thanks. Yunho can keep your underwear and I’ll keep my own, thank you very much. Though I have to warn you, your husband—” his voice drops to a whisper as he looks around, eyes cold as if daring anyone to approach. “Your husband has a rather bad habit of stealing my underwear.”

“Because yours are washed and his aren’t?” Jaejoong shoots back quickly, seeing through the older man’s game.

Changmin bursts out laughing then. A real Changmin laugh, that draws everyone’s attention including Yunho’s who tries to peek around the wall to see what’s going on.

“I can’t mess with you, can I?”

Jaejoong shrugs delicately, buffing his nails on his sweater as he examines them nonchalantly. “You can try, hyung. But like I said before, do you really want to play with me?”

“I’m not giving up.”

“I’d never expect anything less.”

“Do you even know what we’re fighting about?”

This time it is Jaejoong’s turn to laugh as he shakes his head. “Not really, but that’s not the point, is it?”

“This is really odd coming from me because anyone who knows me can tell you that I hate surprises, and I hate not knowing shit, but in this instance, I’ll concur with you. I don’t need to know what we’re fighting about.”

“Should I send a missive to the tabloids? I’m sure this must be newsworthy.”

“Put a lid on it, pup.”


Changmin steps back further as he eyes the teenager up and down again. A slow grin is tugging at his lips as he completes his slow perusal. “Yes, pup. As in puppy. You remind me of one.”

“Excuse me?”

Changmin reaches out and pats the teenager placatingly on the head. He can see the flash of ire once again in the boy’s eyes and it’s really too hilarious. “Down boy. There are people around. You can nip at my heels later.”

Jaejoong’s fists curl tightly around the phone and bottle he is holding as he glares up at the smirking taller man. He knows full well he cannot do anything, for to retaliate to wipe that irritating smirk from Changmin’s mouth would raise even more questions about them than there already are.

Instead, he turns to leave, only to be stopped by Changmin’s hand in the crook of his elbow. He twists around, unable to hide the flash irritation in his eyes. “What is it?”

“What seats did you book for yourself?”

“Economy of course.”

“Why in the ever loving hell would you do that?” Changmin hisses as he drops Jaejoong’s arm before running his hand through his own hair and tugging at a fistful in frustration. “Which part of you don’t travel without hyung didn’t you understand?”

“How the fuck do you plan on explaining my presence in business class?”

Changmin’s eyes narrow. “Nobody questions me.”

“They’re probably going to start.”

“I’d love to see them try, especially since the expenses are coming from the TVXQ allowance that we can do whatever the fuck we want with.” The tall young man straightens, mouth pressed in a thin line. “Change your seats and then come round and tell us how much time we have left. Hopefully it’ll light a fire under these people to get moving and stop staring.”

“What are they staring at?” Jaejoong steps back to take a good look at Changmin. He’s wearing a black jacket over the sweater he was wearing earlier, and while he’s sure he’s being objective, he’s also sure that the man is good looking enough for everyone to be unable to stop staring.

He takes a step forward, brushing away at some lint on the older man’s shoulder and straightening his collar.

“Not what Jaejoong-ah, but who.” Changmin is really hard-pressed to hide his amusement at the teenager’s ministrations, but he keeps the urge inside as he answers. “They’re staring and giggling at your husband.”

Jaejoong’s hand freezes mid-pat. “Shouldn’t you be doing something about it?”

“And what do you expect me to do exactly?” Changmin grins as he stares into the doe eyes sparking fire. “Why do you think I’m out here talking to you rather than in there? One more stupid giggle and I’m probably going to explode.”

“Then explode.” Jaejoong’s voice is frosty as he glares up at the older man. “Or I can do it.”

Changmin starts laughing again, chuckling as he shakes his head. “My money is on you giggling right along with them. Hyung is at his worst right now. Or his best, depending on how you look at it.”

“What do you mean?”

“When the stylist and coordi noonas get hyung right, they really get him right. This shoot doesn’t even require him to smile and everyone in there is dying. He looks your way, and you lose your train of thought.”

“And you?”

“I’m immune, Jung Jaejoong. I’ve been with him for over a decade. Unless he’s actually trying to make me squirm, I’m more than capable of ignoring the handsome bastard.”

“Why isn’t he trying? I thought you two were supposed to play at being—“ Jaejoong trails off, wrinkling his nose in distaste.

“Married?” Changmin chuckles again. “People have been saying we’re married for years. I don’t have to behave any differently and neither does he.”

“So no one should be surprised if you explode then.”

“Well,” Changmin pauses thoughtfully, “I think people would start staring a little more closely at his crotch if I do.”


All eyes are on the amused singer and the clearly agitated personal assistant. What they’re talking about is anyone’s guess for there was no mistaking Changmin’s earlier glare for everyone to stay away, and that includes the managers. Yunho chances a look as well, and he has to resist the urge to step out to get a clearer view of his husband for Jaejoong’s body is hidden by Changmin’s marginally broader frame. The teenager is so damn slim Yunho makes a mental note to actually make sure the boy eats more than he smokes.

“Nevermind. It’s easier for you to see for yourself than for me to explain. When you finish changing your seats to business, come look for me.”

Changmin downs the last of his water, handing the bottle back to Jaejoong before walking past the silent teenager to where the boy was sitting to grab another bottle of water for his leader. He uncaps the bottle, taking a drink as he walks around the corner back to the photoshoot, predictably walking right into Yunho who is staring at the back of Jaejoong as the teenager returns to his seat.


Yunho takes the proffered bottle without so much as a protest, wrapping his mouth around the opening and taking a long draw of the cool water, before handing it back to Changmin who is trying his very best not to grimace as he takes another, very unwilling drink, in front of everyone.

Whispers start off immediately, for several of those, especially and makeup and coordi noonas know full well Changmin’s constant complaint of Yunho’s bad habit of drinking with his mouth touching the bottle. Yunho enjoys stealing water from Changmin, that isn’t anything new, but once he does, Changmin doesn’t drink from the bottle unless he is dying from thirst and has no other option.

This time however, more than a few eyes widen as the younger half of TVXQ wraps his lips around the bottle to take a long swig from the bottle when they know he just finished his own bottle of water mere minutes earlier.

“Maybe they really are together,” someone whispers.

Changing his seats from economy to business on the myriad of flights he’d already painstakingly booked takes more time than Jaejoong had anticipated. By the time he is done, he is close to shooting off a very long letter of complaint to several airlines and throwing Yunho’s phone at Changmin’s head. He’s repeated his name and information so many times he wouldn’t be surprised if he sleep talks that night.

The photo shoot still isn’t over and they’re almost at the one hour mark he’d told Changmin about.

Jaejoong tries to school his scowl as he packs up his things, a naturally tidy person, he keeps everything as neatly as he can manage in an easy pile for him to grab once they have to leave as he pockets Yunho’s phone again. He turns catching the managers staring at him once again. He knows they’ve been staring practically the entire time, and he figures he should probably introduce himself since no one’s bothered.

He unfolds himself from the chair, stretching his arms above his head and moaning as his back cracks.

The sound is undeniably sensual, though he doesn’t mean it to be, and the blissful look on his face at stretching out the kinks in his body cause a fair few men and women watching, brief difficulty in breathing.

Jung Jaejoong is beautiful.

Much too beautiful to be just a personal assistant out of nowhere. Yunho’s manager in particular is still a little leery of the whole situation. He doesn’t say anything to his peers, but he doesn’t look away like before when the blond catches his eye, trying to regulate his breathing when a slow smile breaks across the boy’s face.

It’s a predatory smile to say the least. The smile of someone who knows exactly how lethal he can be.

He watches as he walks over, movement unhurried and practically feline. The boy’s gorgeous eyes are tinged with amusement, as is his mouth.

Pink and pale.

He’s heard that whispered around for a couple of hours now, and he cannot help but admit that the description fits Changmin’s personal assistant to a T.

The boy stops in front of the three managers, bowing at the waist, a full ninety degrees where he holds his position for a couple of seconds before slowly straightening.

All three men stop breathing, for while the blond had been respectful in his greeting, his eyes show anything but.

Those eyes are still filled with amusement. A very self-assured, very sexually aware type of amusement, as if he knows exactly what his effect is on the population at large and he is not above utilizing it.

That type of amusement is out of place in the current setting to be sure, but it gives the blond a very distinct edge that no one else has. The three men have seen a lot in their time. Their own charges have morphed into different roles throughout the years, and only Yunho has ever come close to the sensual awareness this young blond is practically breathing out. The only difference is that Yunho usually does it on command, for the leader of TVXQ leans more towards playful rather than sexual when not in front of the cameras.

But this blond is all sex.

There’s no other description for it. Those lightly-lined eyes and knowing curve of his lips promise pleasure and the way he carries himself show the three men that he knows how to wield it. There is enough predatory light in his eyes to warn off anyone who thinks he’s up for grabs because though young, this is someone who plays by his own rules.

Changmin’s manager is wondering why the hell his charge had picked someone he is almost guaranteed to come to blows with. He can recognize defiance when he sees it, for he’s wrestled enough with it from Changmin himself. But this defiance is tempered by a boldness that even Changmin doesn’t have.

The TVXQ manager is wondering whether his charges have gone mad. TVXQ have always been above board in everything. While successful beyond the imagination of most other kpop idols, they’re hardly a flash in a pan and for good reason for their legendary work ethic, tireless conviction and seemingly inhuman focus on their goals is something no one in the industry has been able to emulate, and this blond is quite possibly the biggest distraction to ever walk the planet.

Yunho’s manager can only see blond. Yunho prefers blonds.

“I’m tired.”

“That’s not my fault.”

“Did I blame you?”

“No, but you never complained before either.”

Yunho resists the urge to pout as Changmin ignores him and walks away, turning to pose for what feels like the millionth time. He hasn’t had much sleep, much rest, much of anything really.

Though that really isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Mostly, he hasn’t had much of Jaejoong.

And that is something new.

Every single time he tries to think of some excuse to go round the partition to where his husband is, Changmin stops him. And he allows the man to, retreating with a sigh to continue with the calendar shoot. He doesn’t push because he knows his wife has just about had it with everyone from the PD to the photographers and especially all the girls hanging around for no apparent reason. He isn’t exactly sure why, but every single laugh or giggle from anyone has Changmin’s back up, and an almost perpetual scowl on his face.

“Where the hell is Jaejoong?” Changmin mutters to himself as he is asked to step aside so they can take solo shots of Yunho on the couch. His leader is looking much too attractive for his own good and the irritating part of the whole thing is that Yunho is absolutely oblivious to his impact on everyone at that shoot. He is positive at least three crew members have had to wipe spit from their chins. Not that he can blame them of course, but they should at least be more professional about it. There’s a camera crew filming a BTS of this shoot and he is positive that all they’ll hear is rampant giggling in the background.

Jaejoong’s request of him to explode is looking tempting for it definitely looks like everyone has all but forgotten Changmin’s existence in the face of Jung Yunho. When the man is on, he is a runaway forest fire that cannot be extinguished, and the leader of TVXQ is most certainly on fire that day. That fact doesn’t bother the younger man so much for he is more than happy to stay in the background, but for some irrational reason, he is truly bothered by how uncaring everyone seems to be about how he might feel about everyone gawking like fools at a man most think belongs to him.

Him being right there in the same room no less.

What of Jaejoong then? He can almost taste how Jaejoong might feel and he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like it for himself, and he doesn’t like it for the blond either. He is free to touch Yunho whenever he wants, but the blond will likely have to stay in the shadows for awhile.

How can he stand it?

A sharp exclamation is heard, louder than even the annoying tittering going on and Changmin and Yunho look up instantly.

Jaejoong is standing with a hand on the partition that blocks the shoot from the rest of the room, a hand to his chest as if he’s had a fright, eyes wide and a little stricken.

Yunho gets up instantly, his face showing his concern but Changmin steps between him and Jaejoong, a hand against his chest.

“Hyung, don’t.”

Changmin’s words are soft, but it is the imploring note behind it that causes Yunho to stay and not the words themselves. He backs away, sitting back on the sofa, but his face shows his sorrow.

Sorrow at being unable to greet his true spouse the way he should be greeted and forced to ignore him for the sake of his career.

No, it’s not just him at stake but Changmin.

Yunho tries to even out his expression, but his eyes are still stark and it shows.

Line of sight cut off by the tall member of TVXQ, Jaejoong snaps out of his brief reverie, eyes lifting to meet Changmin’s understanding gaze as he watches his employer approach him.

“Is it time to go?” Changmin asks, wanting to distract the teenager before he gives them all away.

Jaejoong shakes his head mutely, staring up at Changmin.

The older man slips an arm around the slight blond, coaxing him to turn as they walk towards some chairs. “Are you ok?”

Jaejoong shakes his head.

Changmin smiles gently. “Now you see?”

Jaejoong nods.

“You’ve never seen him like that?”

The teenager shakes his head, before he nods, and then he shakes his head again, before finally nodding a little more emphatically.

Changmin chuckles, and he feels relief when he gets a short jab in the side from the blond.

“Which is it, Jung Jaejoong?”

Jaejoong settles into a chair, schooling himself before he looks up in Yunho’s direction. His husband isn’t looking his way anymore, focusing on the cameraman giving him instructions. He tilts his head, staring at the gorgeous man with the beanie and oversized shirt looking so casual and painfully handsome.

He groans in distress, dropping his face into his hands, much to the surprise of Changmin.


He groans louder, shaking his head, refusing to look up.

Changmin sits down next to the teen, rubbing his back, truly concerned now. If Jaejoong starts crying, there will be trouble because even he isn’t willing to keep Yunho from Jaejoong if the blond is truly upset about the photoshoot. It’s not even anything bad, but there’s just something about Yunho that day that seems to make everyone lose their minds.

Yunho is really trying hard to ignore Jaejoong and Changmin, determinedly focusing on the photographer. He touches his curled fingers to his temple, countenance serious when an actual howl reaches his ears.

It is definitely impossible to ignore the blond now as he looks up to see Jaejoong shaking his head, eyes on him, hand over his mouth as if trying to keep his sounds to himself. Changmin is seated next to him looking very concerned as Jaejoong lets out another sound that is familiar to Yunho whose body reacts instantly.

“How is this fair?” the teenager laments loudly, purposefully making his voice louder as he shakes his head in distress.


“Hyuuuuuuuuuuuung,” Jaejoong turns to Changmin, winking at him before he grabs the confused man’s arm and clings to it. “Look at him!”


Jaejoong gestures towards Yunho, before he groans again and shakes his head. “Look!”

“I’m looking!”

“Hyuuuuuuuuung, why is he so handsome?”

Understanding laughter starts to break out in pockets around the room as many nod in agreement. Yunho is frozen in his seat, unable to stand, unable to react as he draws on every ounce of training he has to keep a cool facade.

A cool facade with red cheeks for he is practically burning from a fire lit unwittingly by a certain Jung Jaejoong.

Though as he watches the too-wide neck of the boy’s sweater fall off a creamy white shoulder as he struggles to hold onto Changmin, he swallows hard and wonders if perhaps Jaejoong isn’t unwitting after all.

“It’s not fair!”

Apparently Jaejoong isn’t done with his theatrics and Changmin is trying to extricate himself from the blond’s tight grasp. He’s not sure what the teenager is playing at but it’s bordering on dangerous, and the worry he’d felt is slowly turning into anger at the blond’s behavior.

“Stop it, Jae,” Changmin hisses warningly under his breath.

“But hyung,” Jaejoong bats his wide doe eyes innocently up at the agitated older man. “It’s not fair. Won’t you share? All that handsome shouldn’t be kept for one person.”

Changmin finally understands as he manages to shake a smirking Jaejoong off.

His answer is cold, and very Max Changmin, and everyone in the room hears it loud and clear.



Jaejoong is silent, curled up in the back of the van, staring at Yunho’s profile as the man confers with Changmin. The shoot had ended a little awkwardly thanks to him, and after being unable to continue effectively, the PD had reluctantly called a halt, saying they should have enough shots for the calendar.

The rest is a flurry as Yunho, despite the protests from both Changmin and Jaejoong, runs up to their room to change.

Jaejoong had wanted to follow of course, but Changmin sent him on a fool’s errand to the cafeteria to get him a drink, and what kind of personal assistant would he be if he didn’t do the man’s bidding?

And if he thought the photoshoot was bad enough, nothing prepared him for Yunho’s choice of outfit.

Face scrubbed free of makeup, his stubble is evident and Jaejoong’s belly coils pleasantly from memories of that scratchy skin against his own smooth skin. The red marks they leave on the porcelain canvas of his body, the teenager had resolutely tried to keep a hold of himself. He’s working and he shouldn’t behave inappropriately.

Yunho is really making it very hard.

If that isn’t bad enough, he’s still wearing the beanie from the photoshoot.

Changmin underestimated Jaejoong though, and the teenager had certainly managed to corner Yunho by the elevator.

It is that short memory that has Jaejoong hugging himself as he stares at his husband’s strong profile.

”Hello,” the greeting is soft. Almost too soft.

Yunho looks up from his notebook, unsurprised to find his spouse next to him. A quick look around shows that they are alone, though he has to be cautious for this is a very dangerous building.


The blond cocks his head, a wistful smile on his lips as he stares appreciatively at his husband.

“Husband,” he replies in much the same manner, mimicking Yunho’s polite tone, but his voice is much quieter.

A ghost of a smile breaks across Yunho’s mouth, as he too mimics the teen’s expression in return.

“I’ve missed that.”

“I’d say it louder, but then we both know that can’t happen.”

“It’s a little silly, isn’t it?” Yunho tries to inject a little lightheartedness into his voice.

“Just a little.”

“How are you doing?” Yunho’s heart is starting to pound as he watches the teenager move.

Jaejoong takes a step forward, and is heartened when Yunho doesn’t back away despite knowing they can be caught at any moment.

“I’ve been better.”

Yunho pockets his notebook as he leans a shoulder against the wall as the elevator takes its own sweet time to arrive. There’s a reason why they usually take the stairs but he doesn’t want to be anywhere but there. He’ll wait for the elevator for as long as necessary.

“Anything I can do?”

Jaejoong takes another step, and their clothes touch. Yunho’s winter coat is unbuttoned, falling to mid-thigh, it looks just a smidgen too large and he wonders if he can fit within it with the man.

“It depends. What do you want to do?”

Yunho gazes down at the stunning teenager. Jaejoong is being soft, almost affectionate though they’re not even touching. It’s in his eyes, and his voice, and the tiny smile playing about his pink mouth that Yunho is desperately trying to keep himself from tasting.

He likes this Jaejoong. It feels like the teenager is allowing him in without having his sensuality ramped up so high he practically singes anyone who comes close. Yunho is very close but all he feels is a flutter, like butterfly kisses on his skin. It is a touch meant just for him, and Changmin’s words play in his mind as he answers the boy.

“I want a minute with my husband.”

“Just a minute?”

“One minute of me that will only belong to you.”


Yunho pushes away from the wall and opens his arms, and Jaejoong takes that final step, slipping his arms around his husband, he feels a prickle in his eyes as the man envelopes him in his warmth and scent. He buries his nose against Yunho’s throat, tightening his arms around the man’s torso as he feels Yunho closing the jacket against his back and hug him back tightly.

They don’t do anything else, simply standing there and hugging each other.

The prickle in Jaejoong’s eyes gets worse, but he doesn’t allow it to take over. Yunho is risking a lot to give him this one minute, and he’s not going to upset his husband by crying. He feels his age, and while it used to annoy him when people fixate on his youth, in this instance, he relinquishes his hold on his natural defenses and gives back to his husband what the man is trying to give him.


And a silent promise.

No matter what happens during the day, or even night, Yunho is still Jaejoong’s husband.

As if they both have internal timers, they let go of each other simultaneously.

Jaejoong steps back, out of the jacket he now knows will hold his slim frame along with his husband’s.

He cannot help the smile he has at the thought as the elevator finally arrives.

“It’s a circus,” Changmin remarks drolly, staring out the tinted windows of their van.

Jaejoong is broken from his memories by the man as he too looks out the window, only to rear back in surprise at the faces pressed against it.

“What the fuck?” he exclaims loudly, scooting back away from the window, to come up against the opposite side, only to find that window similarly filled with faces. “What the actual fuck?” He scrambles to climb over the console between Yunho and Changmin’s seats in front of him. Surprised and mildly anxious, he doesn’t think about his actions as he clambers into Yunho’s lap.

“Welcome to our world,” Changmin replies grimly as he shakes his head at the teenager staring at him with huge eyes. “I know the windows are mirrored but you should probably get out of hyung’s lap before manager hyung opens the door.”

Jaejoong immediately gets up, and of course, bumps his head on the roof of the van for though shorter than both Yunho and Changmin, he is still pretty tall.

Scowling and feeling thoroughly put upon, the teenager crouches down at the feet of TVXQ, rubbing his head and holding himself steady using his husband, as he watches both Yunho and Changmin shaking their heads at him. Yunho leans forward, but his movement is arrested by the van door suddenly opening and one hell of an explosion of flashbulbs practically blinds Jaejoong.

Yunho pops on a pair of sunglasses, as does Changmin. The latter hands Jaejoong a pair too which the teenager takes gratefully, popping it over his nose as he climbs out of the van with as much dignity as he can muster.

Luckily for everyone concerned, bodyguards had been standing in front of the open door, thus no one saw where Jaejoong had been.

Yunho’s manager though saw Jaejoong’s hand on Yunho’s upper thigh and all the wondering he’d managed to quash earlier come back to haunt him.

However, Yunho’s own hand had been on Changmin’s knee and that fact confuses the hell out of the older man. There’s a very strange current between Yunho and the blond teenager named Jaejoong that he cannot place, but it is fleeting. Blink and you’ll miss it, and if they really are together, then how does Changmin fit into all this? Changmin’s presence is the main thing that bothers him for he witnessed the man’s very possessive “no” when Jaejoong had asked him if he’d share Yunho, and the blond had grinned and nodded in reply.

Very interesting images are playing in his head, but he is a professional, and beyond anything, he trusts that Yunho knows what he is doing, so he keeps silent as he steps aside to allow TVXQ to exit the vehicle after Jaejoong.

Jaejoong can barely hold onto a thought, his focus is basically to get through the throng in one piece. He is trying to confer with Yunho’s burly bodyguard as they take bags out of the vehicle when he feels a presence behind him.

Changmin bends, his mouth against Jaejoong’s ear. “I know it’s a little much. We’ll walk in single file. I wanted you between us, but that would be a little weird so you’ll go first so Yunho can keep an eye on you. He won’t let anything happen to you.”

Jaejoong turns, lips brushing across Changmin’s jaw as he whispers back, “I can’t walk in front. I have no fucking idea where to go.”

Changmin leans back, chuckling as he pulls Yunho’s backpack out of the boot and hands it to the bodyguard to pass to the leader. “Manager hyung will be in front of you. Just follow him.”

“Are they coming with us? I didn’t book tickets for them.”

“I didn’t ask you to. They take care of their own reservations. And none of them are following us because we’re going to Japan and we have Japanese managers.”

“Are you kidding me? More managers? How many people does it take to keep you two in check?”

Changmin eyes the teenager up and down meaningfully which the blond doesn’t miss, before he leans forward. “Not enough because one of us got married.”

Jaejoong clicks his tongue before huffing and grabbing his laptop bag, and stalking off away from a smirking Changmin.

“What did you say to him?”

“Never you mind.”

Yunho watches as Jaejoong marches towards the edge of the crowd, presumably about to dive headlong into it when he’s caught by the arm by someone in the crowd. The teenager pivots, swinging his arm out to shrug the man off him. Yunho starts to move forward, but his bodyguard beats him to it. The man has been with him since the start, and everyone, even his manager defers to the very large man especially when it comes to safety. The man is like a giant, but he is a real teddy bear, something Yunho can identify with. His loyalty to Yunho is absolute, and not even Changmin can shake him. He holds his breath as the big man claps the teenager around the shoulders and bodily lifts Jaejoong, bringing him back towards Yunho.

“I believe this belongs to you, sir.” The man speaks with no expression whatsoever as he deposits the fuming blond right in front of Yunho. He then turns his back, protecting the men behind him as he crosses his arms, legs apart, as he eyes the crowd of fangirls and opportunistic men balefully. He is so large that Yunho, Jaejoong and even Changmin are easily blocked from view from most of the crowd in front of them.

Changmin frowns, tapping the bodyguard on the shoulder to correct him. “This is mine.”

“Whatever you say, sir.”

“This? This? I’m not an object.” Jaejoong growls as he rubs at his upper arms.

“I’m sorry, sir.”

Startled by the apology, Jaejoong pokes the broad bodyguard. “No need to apologize, and you don’t have to call me sir. I’m just Changmin hyung’s PA.”

“Whatever you say, sir.”

Yunho starts to laugh.

Yunho’s amusement is very evident, and Changmin and Jaejoong’s annoyance equally in evidence.

Annoyance from Changmin is nothing out of the ordinary, and Jaejoong has slapped a mask on himself so coupled with his sunglasses, nothing of his face can be seen so he’s no longer an interesting entity.

Yunho on the other hand, is once again trying to singlehandedly bring the airport to their knees or something.

The man is feeling a little carefree, happy for some odd reason that his bodyguard knows that Jaejoong is his. The flare that explodes in his chest when the bodyguard had declared that Jaejoong belongs to him had been unmistakable. Changmin had been standing alongside him, and the man could have easily placed Jaejoong between them or in front of his partner, but no. Jaejoong had been planted firmly and squarely in front of Yunho.

A confident man is very attractive, and Yunho has it in spades as he walks through the airport. There is no one to check him on the satisfied smirk playing about his lips for Changmin is huffing and puffing behind him, while Jaejoong is in step with his bodyguard, ahead of him, trying rather desperately to convince the man that he’s just a PA.

This is despite the fact that his little royal huffiness had exchanged Yunho’s backpack for what can only be called a man-purse. Changmin has the supermodel concept down pat, and his bag matches his outfit, but not so much Yunho. But it speaks volumes how the vaguely feminine bag doesn’t detract from Yunho’s masculinity one single bit.

In fact, the contrast between the man and his bag only serves to enhance the undeniable.

Yunho had taken Changmin’s bag willingly, knowing the younger man is trying to punish him somehow for being so blasé about being discovered, but really, absolutely nothing can shake him this day.

The walk through the airport had been slower than usual, but smooth nonetheless. The camera flashes are never-ending and it is because of this that Changmin decides to check out the various SNS platforms. It doesn’t take long for him to find anything, and he marvels at the speed of not just their fandom but even news agencies for not just blurry shots are up, but even a couple of HD are already posted accompanied by articles about their trip to Japan.

Nonsensical articles to be sure, for it is merely speculation on the part of the news agency he is currently checking out.

Feeling a tad evil, he saves a particular one and sends it to Jaejoong who is still carrying Yunho’s phone.

The teenager is still trying to get through to the impassive and thoroughly unmovable man Yunho calls a bodyguard as they clear the entrance to the departure hall for passengers only when his ass vibrates, giving him a shock.

He pulls out the phone to look at it, and lets out a strangled groan as he stops dead in his tracks.

The rest of their group are still on the other side of the glass, and he can see the camera flashes winking as he turns around to look at his husband’s bent head, waiting for the girl to check his passport and plane ticket.

He looks down at the phone again as he pulls off his sunglasses and tugs the mask over his face down below his chin, exposing his features for the first time in that airport.

“Uh…” the bodyguard is a little taken aback by the change in his temporary charge. The rosy mouth is full as Jaejoong chews his lips. He doesn’t need to check to know that the blond is staring at Yunho. “It might be safer if you put your mask back on.”

“Safer for whom?” Jaejoong asks, voice deceptively quiet as his eyes narrow at Yunho chuckling over something the girl says, watching as his husband lifts his sunglasses briefly. The same girl who hadn’t even bothered to ask him to remove his mask when she checked his passport.

“Everyone, sir.”

“Stop calling me that.” Jaejoong turns to look up at the giant bodyguard.

The man has seen a lot in his time as the bodyguard of the leader of TVXQ, but he truly has never seen the like of this lithe blond spitfire. Jaejoong’s eyes have darkened as he glares up at him, and for the first time, the bodyguard feels a palpable sense of danger.

Not the knife-wielding or gun-toting type of danger.

But danger regardless.

“Jaejoong-ssi…please don’t be hasty.”

The blond smiles.

And the bodyguard resists the urge to cross himself.

He watches as the teenager fiddles with Yunho’s phone and shows it to him.

His eyes widen as he reads the message from Changmin followed by the accompanying photograph.

I can’t do it, but you can. Give him hell for looking like that.

Jaejoong hands the phone to the bemused bodyguard. “Make sure we’re not disturbed.”

The bodyguard swallows his reply at the order from the blond who is backing away from the entrance as Yunho finally walks past the woman. Even he feels the electrical charge that fair fries the hair on his arms as the two men finally lock eyes. He almost wishes he isn’t as observant as he is. He really does. It is much better not knowing.

The blond smirks, before pivoting on his heel and walking off.

Yunho gives chase.

“I want one minute just for me, husband.”

They are in a deserted hallway just outside a handicapped bathroom.

Yunho stalks his husband, backing the smirking blond against the wall and encasing him in his arms, though their bodies aren’t touching.

“I’m going to need more than a minute, Jung Jaejoong.”

Jaejoong licks his lips, smirking as he gazes up at the older man through his lashes. “I’m sure I can do it in a minute.”

“Is that a challenge?”

Jaejoong hums as he straightens and rests his head against the wall, “Are you up for it, husband?” The last word is said almost like a caress as he licks his mouth once again, holding his husband’s intense gaze.

The sheer energy crackling between them is so palpable, that when Changmin arrives at the scene, he cannot take a step into the hallway. He meets the eyes of the hapless bodyguard who shakes his head at him.

“It depends,” Yunho drawls as he steps back to eye his husband up and down, licking at his own lips. “How fast can you strip?”

The hair on Changmin’s arms are standing on end, and he backs away just a little more. It’s one thing hearing words like that from the walking sexpot Jung Jaejoong, and wholly another coming from his leader U-Know Yunho.

“My minute doesn’t start till I’m naked, husband.”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

Both men listening can hear the hum from Jaejoong. They can only imagine what the blond’s expression is, for even his non-verbal response is sensual. More moan than hum, Changmin uncomfortably acknowledges the fact that his body is reacting to the sound.

“Take off your clothes,” a low voice laden with sensual promise snakes over to the two eavesdroppers.

Jung Yunho’s voice is unmistakable.

There is movement in the hallway, before a door slams, and Changmin lets out a breath he doesn’t realize he’s holding as he covers his face as heat and goosebumps contradictorily explode across his body.

It’s not that he’s attracted to Yunho or even Jaejoong, but the whole damn situation is just too much to be able to completely immune to it. Confidence is one hell of an aphrodisiac and his leader has it in spades, as does the man’s very beautiful husband.

That kind of confidence will suck anyone in, willingly or not, and Changmin is feeling extremely overheated and very irritated at being affected thus for it isn’t simple confidence that the couple have, but a confidence of a very intensely sexual nature. Some might say it’s too much, but Jaejoong wears it well and Yunho is too quick a learner.

Changmin has no idea how he managed to get stuck in the middle. Jaejoong joked about being the filling in a HoMin sandwich but really, he reckons he’s probably the filling in the YunJae sandwich.

And that mental image makes him groan all over again and he gives himself a hard physical and mental shake to get a grip. He is not interested.


“I want to swear, but nothing I can think of seems enough for the situation.”

“I know exactly what you mean, sir.”

There is a long pause as both men stare at each other. There is silence beyond the hallway and they’re both thankful for it.

A minute passes, maybe two, before Changmin speaks.

“How did you know?”

Before the bodyguard can answer, the door rattles again.

And again.

And again.

Changmin looks around, his heart practically pounding in tandem with the rattling door as he tries to move further away from the hallway but still remain somewhat out of sight lest someone wanders by and wonders why half of TVXQ is skulking amongst the potted plants in a remote corner of the airport.

He can only go so far, and it’s not far enough to get the rattling door and the sound of Jaejoong moaning from his ears.


“I need a really strong drink.”

Changmin looks up at the poor bodyguard who is slowly turning redder and redder. He shakes his head, laughing ruefully. “Do you know, this isn’t actually the worst I’ve come across?”

“I believe you.”

“So easily?”

The bodyguard nods, squeezing his eyes shut and fighting the urge to stick his fingers in his ears. As far as idols go, his charge is probably one of the easiest to look after. Apart from the fact that the man would put his life in danger to caution stupid sasaengs chasing after him who cross roads without watching out for cars, Yunho has been a relatively easy to look after for the man doesn’t like inconveniencing his staff.

An idol who constantly checks on his staff to see if they’re comfortable or well-fed, even making sure that all their dancers have rides home after a late night practice, Yunho is one of a kind.

He’s had an easy life so far despite TVXQ being probably the most hounded idol group in memory, his job is smooth partly because Yunho listens to what he has to say. His protection of the man is paramount and he is definitely having second or maybe even third thoughts about the blond’s presence because that niggling sense of danger he can feel is something he cannot ignore.

He knows full well that the danger is an unusual one, but it is a danger regardless.

But how is he supposed to save his charge from himself? He has a feeling that telling Yunho that the blond is dangerous would be a first-class trip to unemployment no matter how long he’s served the man. There are loyalties, and then there is a certain blond by the name of Jung Jaejoong. He knows better than to mess with someone Yunho has clearly married if the conversation he overheard is anything to go by.

“Hyung?” Changmin coaxes when the bodyguard takes too long to reply.

The man opens his eyes to look at Changmin. “I saw the look in his eyes, and I almost crossed myself. I can believe he can be worse than this.”

“You don’t even want to know,” Changmin shakes his head as the rattling door intensifies. “Fucking hell, I think we need to hold the door to stop it from making all that noise.”

“Do we have to?” the man’s expression is so pained that Changmin chuckles once again.

“I’m sorry, hyung.”

“One of us should probably stay out here to distract anyone walking by. You’re too recognizable…” the bodyguard sheepishly tapers off as he stares at the floor.

Changmin clicks his tongue, but he doesn’t protest as he takes a deep breath, taking a step towards the hallway when he realizes that it is quiet.

“Huh? They’re finished already?”

The bodyguard checks his watch. “He did say one minute…”

“How long has it been?”

“I don’t know, but it’s definitely longer than a minute.”

Changmin cards his hands through his hair as he paces outside the hallway. It’s not that he doesn’t want to enter, but there is definitely an inexplicable feeling that he shouldn’t.

Irritated as he is, he doesn’t want to intrude.

He hears a door opening, and a familiar laugh. “Serves you right, husband. Toilet paper abounds and you chose to grab my sweater.”

“Jung Jaejoong, get back in here! You’re topless!”

More laughter as the door shuts again.

“Do I even want to know?”

Changmin shrugs as he examines his nails. “I can hazard a guess as to what happened. A thousand won, Jaejoong will come out with Yunho’s coat.”

“I’m more inclined to go with tee-shirt.”

“You’re on.”

Several long minutes later, the door opens once again, and Jaejoong emerges round the corner first, wearing a black teeshirt and very huge grin.

Changmin grumbles as he digs into his wallet to pay the bemused bodyguard.

“What are you doing here?” Jaejoong blinks innocently as he looks at the flushed bodyguard and irritated Changmin. Though really, irritated seems to be Changmin’s default that day so it isn’t anything surprising.

“I said give him hell, not fuck in the fucking bathroom. Are you insane?”

“He’s not insane and that was hell,” Yunho answers seriously as he too emerges round the corner as he buttons his jacket. He is wearing nothing but a singlet underneath it and he’d rather not answer any questions about his lack of clothing. He’ll change when he gets on the plane. “Come on, lets go to the lounge. I need a drink.”

Everyone falls in line alongside or behind the leader of TVXQ who doesn’t wait as he keeps walking, expecting everyone to obey.

And obey of course, they do, though Changmin isn’t quite done yet.

“Bullshit. I don’t even want to ask why. The fucking door was rattling and you’re just damn lucky it was over sooner than I thought it would because your bodyguard was about to die from embarrassment.”

Yunho twists around to look at his bodyguard taking up their rear, whose red-faced countenance speaks volumes as he is unable to meet his eyes. He sighs, knowing he’s going to have to apologize properly.

“One minute,” Jaejoong smirks.

“Have you no shame?” Changmin rounds on the teenager. But really, even as he asks, he knows the question is largely rhetorical.

Jaejoong shrugs as he yawns, stretching his arms over his head as they walk. “Not much. You should know that better than anyone.”

Changmin looks like he wants to say more, but he gives up, huffing loudly as he crosses his arms over his chest as he continues to stalk alongside the other men as they enter the lounge.

“Calm down, Changmin-ah. No one heard, no one saw.”

“For today. What about next time?”

“There won’t be a next time.”

“Don’t make promises you cannot keep,” Jaejoong drawls as he drops heavily into a cushiony arm chair in the VIP lounge, hissing in pain as he reclines the chair with a grimace. “Unless you want hell to follow you home.”

“Don’t you dare comfort him,” Changmin grabs Yunho by the wrist as he glares down at the pouty blond. “Serves you right,” he growls unkindly.

Instead of replying, Jaejoong merely arches his back, moaning throatily as he sinks back into the padded leather, smiling like the cat that just got the cream, his eyes closed as he licks his lips.

“Oh hyung, I’d do it over and over and over and over and—“

“Shut up, Jae.”

AN1: Hahahahahahaha I laughed on the plane writing this because I am so painfully Jung biased. I flew back alone and I miss my husband so yeah… Uh… it’s been months but I’m still dying over that airport outfit… Like, unable to breathe type dying. I HATE JUNG YUNHO OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! //deep breaths//

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