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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Slept So Long - Consummation: A parallel side-shot (1/1)
Title: Slept So Long: Parallel side-shot
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: One-shot
Genre: Non-AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: Yunho and Jaejoong have been dancing around each other for the better part of a decade. Through the break-up of Dong Bang Shin Ki and beyond, they are still connected. But something has to give, and one dark night, Yunho finds himself at Jaejoong's door in the early hours of the morning, consumed with anger and jealousy. A few deleted tweets starts them on a path they can never return from...

AN1: This is a parallel side-shot to my chaptered fic Slept So Long. A friend of mine showed me a gif of angry Yunho and this came out of it. You can absolutely read this independent of that fic but feel free to check it out too to see how this story goes down with a demon in tow :P

AN2: HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to my eonni Flossa and Catherine who have been my faithful cheerleaders, doubly so since neither of them are really in this fandom :-)

Yunho stabs the elevator button impatiently as he glares at the numbers on the display as they count down from 23. Both elevators were at the top floor for some reason and he grits his teeth in annoyance, his foot tapping impatiently on the marble floor, completely oblivious to the curious looks he is getting from the doorman and the security guard of the building. There were only two apartments on the top floor and one of them is Jaejoong’s. Yunho is not sure what’s come over him but all those tweets and photos his other half had been posting over the last month or so has finally pushed him over the edge, a chill settling on his heart. He is exhausted from being on tour and all he really wants to do is to go back to the apartment he shares with Changmin and sleep for the rest of the week. Instead, he finds himself in the lobby of Jaejoong’s penthouse apartment building, somewhat unsure as to how he got there. He just knows that a strange burn has been building within him, and with each photo of Jaejoong smiling and pulling faces with other men, the flames within him intensifies. Even Jaejoong’s innocent tweet conversation with Yoochun and Junsu fanned those flames. The flames burn even as his heart chills. Yunho clenches his jaw as irrational jealousy consumes him, angry and hurt that those two men were able to talk freely to Jaejoong, and not him. Never him. This whole contract debacle was bullshit from the start. It was his fault. He knows this.

“You two are too close.”

“People are starting to talk.”

“Do you understand the society you live in?”

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Distance yourself from Jaejoong or else….”

He shakes his head from his memories as the elevator bell dings, signaling the arrival of a carriage. He pushes himself away from the wall he doesn’t realise he’d been leaning against on his open palms, and steps into the waiting car. He is slightly mollified at the fact that it is empty. He leans back against the mirrored wall, staring blankly at the display as the numbers slowly creep upwards, his thoughts scattered as he wonders once again about both elevators being on the top floor. Would he find Jaejoong alone or entertaining one of his many male friends? Yunho’s jaw tightens at the thought as the elevator feels like it’s moving inexplicably slowly as he waits, watching the numbers climb higher…19…20…21…22…23 and then a chime as the lift stops with a gentle jolt. Yunho shakes his head, his hands curled into fists as even that innocuous sound annoys him. He probably should have gone home to calm down instead of heading straight for Jaejoong’s but the man deleting those tweets and photos made him see red. Posting them was one thing but then deleting them. Why, Jaejoong, why? What is going on?

He strides to the black mahogany door, raising a fist and banging it heavily on the blameless inanimate object. He waits three seconds and then bangs again, this time hard enough that the door rattles in its frame. His knocks are unrelenting, and Yunho is damned if he even gives a single thought to Jaejoong’s neighbour. The man is almost blind in his seemingly irrational jealousy, and too stubborn to examine why he is angry. He just knows he is and he is sick of it. Jaejoong is going to give him answers tonight even if he has to drag it out of the sleeping man. As he raises his fist for another bout of hammering, the door opens and a disheveled Jaejoong peers sleepily at his late night guest.

Jaejoong’s eyes widen as he sees a rather large fist greeting him. He cringes and ducks, clenching his eyes shut waiting for the blow that never comes. He squints, peering out through the slits his eyelids have made, and heaves a sigh of relief when he sees a familiar figure.


The taller man doesn’t answer, uncharacteristically brusque as he pushes past Jaejoong and stalks to the kitchen in search of a stiff drink. Maybe some alcohol will calm him down. His head is filled with white noise, just a strange buzzing as he fights to temper his jealousy, taking it out on more inanimate objects in Jaejoong’s pristine kitchen. He wants to swallow all that irrational jealousy down and had been desperately trying to the entire flight from Japan. Even Changmin commented on his restlessness. However, Yunho knows only one person can calm him down, and he is immensely screwed because of that since that same person is the cause of his current state.

Jaejoong shakes his head, trying to clear the sleep cobwebs from his mind as he shuts his front door quietly. Yunho is angry about something, that much is clear. He tugs at the hem of his shirt, wondering if he should put some pants on before confronting his friend currently banging around in the kitchen. Wincing at a particularly loud bang, he decides that pants can wait because his kitchen is in need of saving. He shuffles to the kitchen, becoming more alert with each step. The sight that greets him is an interesting one. Yunho is glaring at a bottle of soju, as if the poor bottle had fallen out of a cupboard and hit him over the head. He watches as the younger man pours himself a shot, and downs it. Then he pours a second. A third. A fourth. The beautiful man shivers as unexplained chills run up his spine when Yunho pours his fifth shot, and he cannot watch any longer.


His head snaps up, turning towards the caller. The alcohol has burned a path through his body and now, as he takes in Jaejoong standing in the doorway with his head cocked, arms in an ‘X’ across his upper body, causing the shirt he is wearing to ride up, exposing the bottom of his boxers, another fire starts low in his belly. Yunho tosses the filled shot glass into the sink, uncaring as it shatters, his eyes raking over Jaejoong from the top of his disheveled auburn hair to the tips of his slippered feet.

Jaejoong’s eyes widen, and he takes a hesitant step backwards when angry brown eyes meet his. He takes another step back when Yunho tosses the shot glass into the sink, cringing as he hears it shatter. As Yunho slams the soju bottle on the granite counter, burning eyes never leaving Jaejoong, the older man’s sense of self-preservation kicks in and he turns, and runs. He has no idea why he is running from Yunho of all people but a severely pissed off leadershii is not someone even the reckless Kim Jaejoong cares to encounter. He may be “Hero” to the people of South Korea but the people of South Korea have never had to deal with a fuming Jung Yunho. Jaejoong is really not that brave.

Yunho chuckles darkly as he watches Jaejoong flee. It is a mocking sound though, aimed more at himself than his lead singer. His lead singer. Is Jaejoong still his? Oh he knows Jaejoong’s Twitter profile says “JYJ from TVXQ” but really, is Jaejoong his? He passes a glance over at the broken glass in the sink, reminding himself to clean it up before he leaves later, as he walks out slowly in the direction of Jaejoong’s bedroom.

Jaejoong toes off his slippers and climbs into bed. He waits, wondering what pissed Yunho off and whether he will come to him, or head for the treadmill to burn off any excess energy. He snuggles down into his pillows, pulling the covers up to his chin and lies there wondering what could possibly have made Yunho so angry, feeling a little sorry for whoever it is. He knows his leadershii and the maknae had taken the last flight home, landing at Incheon a scant hour ago. He must have driven straight from the airport. He pouts sadly as he thinks of the tall and extremely skinny, Changmin. Once Yunho gets over his anger at whatever it is, Jaejoong is going to hassle him about not feeding their baby enough.

Yunho detours to the front door to take off his shoes, having not bothered earlier when he stormed into the house. The alcohol is warming him pleasantly from within and his mind is surprisingly clear. He strips off his beanie and thick winter jacket, dropping them carelessly on the couch before making his way to Jaejoong’s bedroom. He is still not calm enough for this but he is here and it is too late. Walking around the apartment has helped somewhat, that is, till he catches sight of Jaejoong’s phone sitting on the dining table, and the hurt and jealousy in his chest explodes into anger once again. He picks it up without a second thought and heads straight for the unwitting man.

Jaejoong is still musing to himself, staring off into space as he tries to figure out how to sneak a truckload of food to Changmin when his door slams open, bouncing off the wall behind it with a sharp crack. Yunho’s silhouette illuminated by the light behind him, his posture intimidating. Yunho is a man whose very presence sends people into automatic differential positions, and when angry, most would flee cowering.

“Yah! What the fuck? I know you’re angry, but take it out on your own house, not mine!” Jaejoong is starting to get annoyed. Who does he think he is? Jaejoong can feel the flickers of annoyance as he starts to get irritated at being the punching bag for Yunho’s clearly misdirected frustration.

“Isn’t what’s yours, mine and what’s mine, mine?” comes the frosty reply as Yunho comes to a halt at the foot of the bed. He starts unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his trousers but doesn’t make a move to take them off.

“What the hell is wrong with you? I don’t even know why you’re in such a snit. You can’t just take your anger out on me like this.” Jaejoong moves to sit on his heels, staring at the tall dancer. The anger radiating from the man is reflecting back on him, and after what he is sure is a doorknob size hole in his wall after Yunho’s dramatics, he is not going to let the man get away which such behaviour. Leadershii or not, Jaejoong is still the hyung.

Instead of answering, Yunho simply tosses the phone at Jaejoong. It bounces off his chest and the older man’s eyes widen in shock as he looks down then back up at Yunho, anger creeping into his beautiful doe eyes as he glares at the supposedly calm and unflappable leader of TVXQ. Well, the man sure as hell isn’t any of that right now. In fact, he looks like he’s itching for a fight. Jaejoong picks up his phone and cocks a questioning eyebrow at the other man.

“What about my phone?”

“Why did you delete your tweets?”

Oh. That. Damn. Jaejoong is silent, the fight suddenly leaving him, not expecting the question at all and unsure of how to reply without saying too much.

“Why, Jaejoong?” Yunho unbuttons his shirt, shrugging it off and leaving his white wife beater on. He hooks a thumb in a belt loop, dragging the top of his pants down slightly, while the other hand slides under his top to scratch an imaginary itch on his chest. He watches, grimly satisfied as Jaejoong’s eyes follow the movement of his hand, eyeing his exposed belly, the singer subconsciously wetting his lips.

Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. Jaejoong can’t think. He hasn’t seen Yunho in weeks and now here he is, still tanned despite it being winter, and still as fucking gorgeous as he remembers. His glowering presence taking over the room, suffusing it in manly indignation, and Jaejoong shivers as tendrils of that overwhelming masculinity licks at his body. His phone. They were talking about his phone. No, wait. His tweets. What about his tweets? Oh, right.

He shrugs delicately, pulling his eyes away from Yunho’s exposed belly, and fixing on a point on his left shoulder. “I just felt like it. You know me, I don’t need a reason for the things I do.” His voice is firm, and Jaejoong is glad. The slightest tremor might set Yunho questioning him further, and he really wants this conversation to die right now.

“Lies. Why are you lying to me, Jaejoong?” His tone is icy, the chill surrounding his heart now complete.

Jaejoong feels his heart beat speed up. He chances a glance at Yunho’s face and is unsurprised to see the hurt lingering in his dark eyes. But he cannot tell him the truth. He may lose Yunho temporarily by lying but the truth would lose him forever, and Jaejoong is not going to risk that happening. He can take Yunho’s anger but he cannot take losing the man.

“I’m not.” His voice wavers. Jaejoong cringes inwardly and stares resolutely down at the black comforter covering his bed. Hands clasped, wishing the man staring daggers at him right now didn’t know him as well as he did. He knows everything about him, except the fact that his best friend has been in love with him for the better part of a decade. That secret, Jaejoong will take to his grave though sometimes he wishes his friend wasn’t so blind. Or maybe he wasn’t and just chose to be blind so as not to let Jaejoong down. He sighs as he takes in the black expanse of his bed, yes, he can never tell Yunho.

“Lies!” His tone is sharp, angry. Yunho dies a little inside when Jaejoong flinches but doesn’t look up to meet his eyes, damning himself even more. Why is he lying? Yunho feels as if his heart is being gripped in a fist of ice. Why is Jaejoong lying to him? He feels like a spectator as his body moves to stand next to the bed, next to Jaejoong. He is a bystander as a hand reaches out, fisting the front of Jaejoong’s sleep shirt as he lifts the startled singer up onto his knees. “Why, Jaejoong? Why?”

Jaejoong simply shakes his head mutely. Staring at the hurt, anger and something else play in the other man’s eyes. Oh, he wants to hold him, to soothe him, but he cannot. He is the cause of Yunho’s pain but he can’t fix it this time, because it will mean his eternal pain.

Yunho is growing angrier by the second. When has Jaejoong ever denied him? When? How did this happen? When did this happen? Why is his friend lying to him? His conscience scoffs at the very word. Friend. Who are you trying to kid, Yunho? And for some reason, this pisses him off even more.

“Are you dating?”

Two pairs of eyes widen. Jaejoong’s in shock, and Yunho’s in consternation. That wasn’t what he meant to say but the damage is done.

“Are you?” Yunho’s fist tightens as he stares down into confused doe eyes.

“N-no…why would you think that?” Jaejoong is genuinely perplexed now. It is way too late for strange questions, and even stranger behaviour. His nose twitches, taking in Yunho’s scent and he would have moaned quietly at the smell he misses so much had he not been so confused.

Yunho reads truth in Jaejoong’s eyes for the first time that night, but his fist doesn’t relax, and he pulls Jaejoong closer till they are practically nose to nose. “Then why are you lying? Why did you delete those tweets?”

The collar of his sleep shirt is digging into the back of his neck and hurting him. Jaejoong looks away as he reaches up a hand to cover Yunho’s fist on his chest. “Let me go, Yunho.”

But the fist somehow tightens even more, Yunho is going to break. He doesn’t understand it. He is smart, he knows what loving another man would do to him, his family and his career in homophobic South Korea. However, he is at breaking point. He cannot continue living this lie. Not when Jaejoong is living it up large with everyone but him. For the first time in his life, he wants to be selfish. But at what cost? Ten years of pretending Jaejoong’s soft smiles don’t affect him. That his touch doesn’t send tingles straight down to his toes. That his laugh makes his heart sing. That when he cries, Yunho wants to lay the world at his feet. That when anyone says a single bad word about him, Yunho has to fight to keep from pounding the stupid fool into the ground, and stomping on him.

“Let me go.” Jaejoong’s clear voice rings round the room as he is in pain, and a little angry. “Let me go, Yunho.” He tugs at Yunho’s wrist this time, hard. He finally looks up, in time to see glittering brown eyes boring holes in his as Yunho viciously pushes him away, sending him flying across the bed.

“I can’t let you go. Fuck you, Jaejoong. Fuck you. I cannot let you go. Don’t you think I’ve tried? Don’t you think we wouldn’t still be Dong Bang Shin Ki if not for the fucking fact that I cannot let you go? Even after you were forced to leave, I could not let you go. Even when I was beyond angry that you took Yoochun and Junsu with you, I could not let you go. You are like a fucking disease that I have that no matter what I do, I JUST CANNOT GET RID OF YOU. Don’t you get it? Don’t you get it? I can’t let you go, Jaejoong. I can’t and I will be damned if I let someone else take you from me.”

Before Jaejoong can recover from the surprise of being practically thrown across the bed or from the pain-filled words echoing around the room, Yunho is on him, pinning him to the bed.

“Tell me, Jaejoong. Tell me which one of those men you’ve fucked because I am going to rip his face off. Tell me!”

Jaejoong head is spinning. He is in a nightmare, he has to be. He barely recognises the angry man panting above him, shaking him by the shoulders, shouting at him. He can’t even focus on the words properly, his head is spinning that badly as Yunho’s words play over and over in his head. I cannot let you go. This is madness. Yunho shakes him hard again, yelling at him about fucking men or something and he reacts without thinking of the consequences, freeing a hand and slapping Yunho hard across the face.

The sharp sound resonates around the room, as the occupants of the bed hold stock still in shock. One. Two. Three.

Yunho’s grip tightens on Jaejoong as bitterness fills his very being, and he can no longer think straight. He yanks Jaejoong up, pulling his sleep shirt over his head and trapping his arms in it. He ignores Jaejoong’s squawks of protest as he stares coldly at the naked torso under him, wondering how many have touched that beautiful body that should have been his.

“What the fuck, Yunho!” Jaejoong wriggles around, trying to dislodge Yunho who is sitting astride his hips and staring down at his body, his hand holding Jaejoong’s arms prisoner as he holds the shirt tight. “Get the fuck off me!” He is really angry now, with a tinge of apprehension as he watches Yunho staring down at his body. His face is shadowed and he can’t see the dancer’s face, and he hates not being able to read his expression. “YUNHO, GET OFF ME!”

Yunho looks up at the face of the furious angel lying beneath him. Instead of letting him go, he stretches out to lie once again on top of him, his cheek on the pillow under Jaejoong’s head, careful to avoid contact with the thrashing man. He simply lies there, waiting. He doesn’t want to hurt Jaejoong, but he acknowledges that he cannot let him go either. They are at an impasse.

Jaejoong struggles hard to free himself, bucking up against the immovable object that is the crazy man on top of him. Yunho’s scent is driving him mad, and Jaejoong struggles even more desperately to free himself as he feels his body reacting to the friction and proximity with the man he has loved for so long. As he strains futilely, he remembers Yunho’s strange words, as well as the anger and pain underlying them. Don’t you get it? I can’t let you go, Jaejoong. I can’t and I will be damned if I let someone else take you from me. What did he mean? No one can take him away from Yunho because he is Yunho’s. He will always be Yunho’s.

“Yunho!” Jaejoong is sweaty and annoyed and angry and confused and in love and horny and everything in between, making his head a jumbled mess. He needs Yunho off him now before….

Yunho’s eyes widen as his mind finally connects with what he is feeling as Jaejoong bucks harder against him.

“Are you hard!?” He leans up, their lower halves still connected as he brings a hand up to turn Jaejoong’s face towards him. “What the hell is wrong with you?” Yunho’s stomach clenches as he can feel his own body starting to stir in response to Jaejoong’s.

Furious eyes, glittering with frustrated unshed tears stare back at him as Jaejoong spits out, “Me!? What the hell is wrong with YOU? You’re the one who barged into my house at fucking 2:30am, destroying my property, shouting that you can’t let me go, then accusing me of fucking other men. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

Yunho reaches up to wipe his face, massaging the bridge of his nose as he looks down at the irate singer. “Stop changing the subject, Joongie.”

“So I’m Joongie again am I? What happened to Jaejoong?” Jaejoong twists and turns once again, trying to dislodge the man, his mouth running away with him. “Are you pregnant? Your mood swings are pissing me off. NOW GET THE FUCK OFF ME!” He growls in frustration, feeling overheated. He wants to shout and cry and rail at the world for the sheer insanity of it all. The night is getting crazier and now Yunho has felt his arousal and Jaejoong just wants to cry. A giant hole in the ground sounds good right about now.

“Yunho scoffs at the words tumbling from Jaejoong’s mouth. “Me? Hah! You’re the one who’s always pregnant with my babies.” He presses down harder, trying not to examine why he is craving the contact with Jaejoong’s hard cock, his own having sprung to life as well, growing to meet its counterpart in greeting.

Jaejoong howls in frustration, wishing he could slap the infuriating man. “You stupid fucker! At the rate we’re going, the only way I’ll get pregnant is by immaculate conception!” He kicks out at Yunho’s legs hoping that might get the man moving, not realising his leadershii is frozen in shock. He continues shouting and kicking. “Do you know my mother is asking me to give her a grandchild? A GRANDCHILD? How the hell am I supposed to do that without you?”

Yunho’s eyes almost bug out of his head, his anger forgotten, as he stares speechless at the flushed and sweaty man beneath him, still struggling to free himself, so incensed that the filter between his brain and mouth appear to have broken. He watches, bemused, as the older man continues ranting about how they’ll never have children let alone the twenty-five Yunho apparently wants, completely caught up in his indignation that he doesn’t realise what he is saying till he notices Yunho staring at him slack-jawed.

“What?” Jaejoong grunts, annoyed at being looked at like he’s crazy when it’s Yunho who is crazy. Stupid, infuriating, beautiful, insanely gorgeous, plain ol’ crazy man.

“Think about what you just said…” In all honesty, Yunho is still stunned, his anger forgotten and his grip on Jaejoong’s shirt slackening, allowing the smaller man to free his arms.

“What? It’s the truth!” Jaejoong is still unable to connect the dots, his famous, dangerous mouth, running away like the bus in Speed, unable to stop without blowing up. “No sex means no babies.” He whoops in victory as he regains his arms, placing them flat against Yunho’s broad chest and shoving hard, pushing the man off him and completely off the bed.

“JAEJOONG, YOU’RE A MAN!” Comes the exasperated and wholly bewildered reply as he sits up on the floor, not even annoyed at being pushed off. Jaejoong has said some strange things in the past, Yunho is used to it. But not living with the man for over two years has obviously caused him to forget just how nutty the older man can be. Yunho can’t even begin to fathom Jaejoong’s thought process.

“So? That doesn’t mean we can’t have sex. I’ve watched enough videos to know it works rather well actually,” comes the matter-of-fact reply. Jaejoong sits up and pulls his shirt off him, wiping at his body and grimacing at the sweat. He doesn’t even look at Yunho, still irate at the whole thing.

“Do you want to have sex with me?” Yunho asks quietly, holding his breath. He’s seen Jaejoong in these moods and the man tends to say far more than he realises, exposing more than he should.

Jaejoong turns to him, giving Yunho a look that seems to ask if the younger man is really that stupid. “Who doesn’t want to have sex with you? When we were together, I felt like I was glaring at everyone who even looked at you. You’re mine and I’m not sharing.” He ends with a pout, arms folded as he glares down at the man sitting on the floor. “What say you to that?”

Yunho’s smile is brilliant, catching Jaejoong off guard. In a graceful movement only a born dancer can execute, he is off the floor and on the bed, once again pinning the beautiful, if not slightly addled man to the bed. “You are crazy. You are so crazy, and I love you. I must be crazy too.”

Jaejoong’s eyes widen as he stares up at the grinning face. In the dim light and the silence, Yunho’s words sink in. “Y-you l-love me?” He stutters, watching the impossibly handsome face he’s loved for so long, hope exploding in his heart, stopping his breathing as he waits for the answer that will change his life.

Yunho sees love and hope in Jaejoong’s eyes and he knows he doesn’t need to ask the question back as he replies, “Yes, Joongie. I love you. I’m in love with you, and have been for so long I can’t even remember when it started.” He watches as Jaejoong lets out all the air in his lungs in a whoosh, seeing the tears pool in luminous brown eyes, returning his words of love through a simple look. And then once again he is shoved off.

“You stupid man!” Jaejoong sits up, fisting the tears away from his eyes. “You stupid, stupid, man!”

“Yah! Joongie, what are you talking about?”

Jaejoong picks up a pillow and slams it down on Yunho in response, clambering off the bed. “You stupid, shit. Do you know how long I’ve waited for you to tell me you love me?” He is crying again, swiping angrily at his eyes as he thinks of all the wasted years.

Yunho eyes the passionate man standing next to the bed, chest heaving, wearing nothing but boxers that are slightly tented. He is silent, letting Jaejoong rage, understanding the man’s frustration. He moves to pull off his wife beater, hoping that it might distract the beautiful (male) virago.

Jaejoong picks up another pillow and hurls it at Yunho as he watches him toss the tank top aside. He leans forward and punches the younger man in the shoulder, wanting to hurt him for some reason. He is so angry yet so relieved and he just doesn’t know how to expend the crazy energy inside him. He jumps on the bed when Yunho doesn’t retaliate and starts pounding at his upper body with his fists, unable to stop his tears.

Yunho lets Jaejoong pummel him for a few seconds before it really starts to hurt. The man may have lost some muscle weight but he still packs a decent punch. He grasps Jaejoong’s wrists, stopping the lead singer from hurting him some more. His heart aches for the tears Jaejoong is shedding, and he wants to fix it. To fix them.

“Joongie… calm down, baby.” He leans forward, pressing his forehead to Jaejoong’s, breathing in the man’s gasping sobs as his breath hitches. He nuzzles a cheek, sharing Jaejoong’s precious tears, kissing the wet trail gently while whispering nonsensical love words to the trembling man who has stopped fighting. He releases the wrists he is holding and wraps hands around the bare waist he loves so much, stroking a warm hand up Jaejoong’s back while kissing the beautiful man’s closed eyes, snagging errant tears with his lips and tasting Jaejoong for the first time.

“I love you too.” A soft whisper against his throat and Yunho moans in response, not realising how much he truly needed to hear those words. He drags his lips away from the precious dew drops that are Jaejoong’s tears and settles his mouth on pliant cherry lips. Lips that part almost immediately in welcome.

Twin moans from the two men as their mouths meet, gently caressing the contours of each other’s lips. Taking their time to tentatively explore each other, their first kiss is something to be treasured. Jaejoong, forever the impatient of the two, slants his mouth over Yunho’s licking at the lush bottom lip, nibbling and seeking entry which the younger man immediately grants, sucking Jaejoong’s tongue into his mouth, causing the man to moan wantonly against his mouth, his body creeping closer, flush against Yunho’s.

Jaejoong’s hands roam over Yunho’s beautiful body, feeling the dips and plains, the softness and the hardness. The body he has always wanted to claim as his and now he can. His hands ghost across the top of Yunho’s unbuttoned pants and he slides both hands under the waistband, cupping Yunho’s ass and squeezing playfully.

Yunho rips his mouth from Jaejoong’s, gasping in surprise as he takes in the giggling man holding him close. He smirks at the happiness reflected in the other, and he allows himself to be groped, dropping his own hands down, sliding them sneakily under the loose waistband of Jaejoong’s boxers and squeezing the singer’s bare ass, eliciting a squeal of laughter from the gorgeous man.

“I want you.” Jaejoong’s voice is coy as he looks at Yunho through his eyelashes, his cock hardening more as Yunho’s hands massage his ass languidly. He moves his hands back out of Yunho’s pants and tugs down at the waistband. “Please, Yunho. I need to feel you.”

Yunho reluctantly removes his hands from the tempting flesh as he pulls away from Jaejoong and climbs off the bed, discarding his pants and boxers in a single fluid move. Bent at the waist, he straightens back up slowly, slightly apprehensive of Jaejoong’s reaction. His love has seen him naked many a time but never aroused.

The teasing words Jaejoong was about to say, die in his throat as he takes in Yunho, full and proud. Oh god, the man is big. Ok, he knew that because he is endowed even in a non-aroused state but this…well…Jaejoong has no idea how this is going to work.

“That’s not going to work.” He blurts out, staring in awed fascination at Yunho’s groin, refusing to look up at the russet-haired lead dancer.

Yunho cocks his head slightly, brow furrowed. “What do you mean? What isn’t going to work?”

Jaejoong worries his bottom lip, adding more colour to the plump flesh as he looks up, all wide doe-eyes full of virginal apprehension. “You. In me. That’s not going to fit.”

Yunho almost chokes on his nervous laughter as he looks down into the beautiful worried brown eyes of his lead singer. “We don’t have to do anything, baby. Don’t worry.”

“But I want you in me. Why couldn’t you be smaller?” Jaejoong pouts, his mouth once again running away from him, this time eliciting a sharp back of laughter from the standing man who moves swiftly to hug him close.

“Oh, Joongie. What am I going to do with you?”

“You’re going to rip me in half, that’s what you’re going to do,” comes the muffled reply and Yunho chuckles, pulling away and tugging Jaejoong off the bed. He turns and slides under the covers, lying there watching the still-standing man wrinkle his nose cutely, his luscious lips forming a moue of discontent. He watches as Jaejoong appears to steady himself, turning to rummage through the top drawer of his bedside cabinet and pulling out a bottle of lube and placing it on the nightstand. Yunho’s mouth twitches as he watches the pale man strip off his boxers and slide into bed, right on top of him. He groans as their hard cocks rub against each other and Jaejoong presses a quick kiss to his mouth.

“I think I know what to do…” his skin is flushed with colour as he looks at Yunho, a hand reaching for the bottle of lube.

“Why the hurry, Joongie? We don’t have to do this now.”

Jaejoong shakes his head. “I’ve wanted to do this for far too long. We can do nice later. Now, I just want you.”

“Mmmmm…I thought I was the masochist and you the sadist not vice-versa? I don’t want to hurt you.” Yunho nuzzles at Jaejoong’s throat, pressing open mouthed kisses to the hot flesh, trailing wet kisses down his throat, trying to distract the man from his quest of apparently, getting hurt.

“Yunho-yah… Are you going to deny me now?”

Yunho is lost as he looks into the pleading brown eyes of the person he loves more than life itself. He wants this too but unlike Jaejoong, he doesn’t have a clear idea of how this is supposed to work. He gets the mechanics of it but the actual how he’s a little fuzzy about. As he stares into the beseeching eyes looking down at him, he really is lost. Jaejoong can make him do things no one else can, and all with a resolute pout or cow eyes, just like the ones he’s making right now.

“No…” he shakes his head. “I won’t but if I think it’s too much, I will stop.”

Jaejoong knows that’s as much of an agreement as he’ll get out of Yunho, and he leans down to press a hot open mouthed kiss on the younger man in thanks.

The temperature in the room rises as the two halves, not quite joined yet as a whole, lie tangled in each other, kissing, nipping, biting and licking every available expanse of flesh they can find. Marking each other, uncaring as to the questions they will be asked the next day. Tonight, it is about Yunho and Jaejoong, not U-Know and Hero.

After what feels like not long enough to Yunho, Jaejoong rolls off him, sucking in air hard as his hands grapple the top of the bedside table looking for the lube. His skin is hot and he is just needing that little bit more. The frotting against each other has left both of them with damp bellies and neither is ashamed. Yunho reaches out to fist Jaejoong’s cock just as the slender man coats two fingers with lube causing his hand to stutter and almost drop the bottle as he moans long and low. His legs move restlessly as Yunho strokes his cock, exerting the perfect amount of pressure, moving slowly, teasingly, flicking at the tip with an errant thumb every now and again causing Jaejoong to squirm in almost pain at every pump.

“Yunho…yah…I don’t want to come. I want to come with you in me, not like this.” His words a plea, his eyes huge, as he implores to his love.

Yunho smirks in response, giving Jaejoong’s cock a few more quick pumps before he lets go. He watches as Jaejoong once again tries to put lube on his fingers, the previous amount having been smeared on the sheets and Yunho thanks to the distraction. As he watches Jaejoong struggle, his hands trembling, Yunho makes a decision.

“Let me, love.” He gently pries the bottle from Jaejoong’s hand, coating a single long finger with lube as he leans up over Jaejoong, kissing the smaller man hotly, coaxing his legs to fall open.

Jaejoong moans into Yunho’s mouth as he feels searching fingers ghost across his balls, tickling them, the sensation both intense and fleeting, sending sparks of need up right through his cock, more liquid leaking out of his already weeping member. The gentle nudge of a blunt fingertip at his most private place shocks Jaejoong and his knees shoot up, clamping Yunho’s hand between his thighs almost automatically as Yunho’s lubed finger finds its target.

Yunho whispers comforting words against Jaejoong’s mouth, sucking and licking at the man’s swollen lips, wanting to distract him and soon, Jaejoong’s legs relax once again and Yunho pushes his finger in slowly, carefully, groaning at the warmth and tightness as Jaejoong’s virgin body opens up reluctantly to the prodding digit. Almost by accident, his finger curls, brushing against his prostate and Jaejoong instinctively bucks his hips in response, sucking Yunho’s finger all the way in without meaning to. Yunho drops his head, pressing his forehead against Jaejoong’s, shutting his eyes as Jaejoong’s walls hug his finger, wondering how he is going to fit more in. Jaejoong is just so damn hot and tight.

Jaejoong on the other hand is almost bursting with pleasure. He feels no pain, just pleasure and he wants more. He licks at Yunho’s mouth, telling him his need in a shy, breathless whisper.

Yunho pulls out, this time coating three fingers with lube. He breaches Jaejoong once again, moaning at the feeling of Jaejoong’s body sucking him in, almost eagerly he feels. He wiggles the solitary finger, trying to make room for more before he slips in a second, pausing as Jaejoong stiffens slightly, waiting, breathing in his lover as he slowly pushes in.

It’s starting to get a little uncomfortable for Jaejoong. Two fingers make him feel stretched and full. It’s a very strange feeling, but with every pass of Yunho’s fingers as he strokes gently, trying to loosen the passage, he unwittingly hits a spot in Jaejoong that makes him crave for more. Electric jolts of pleasure shoot through him and he knows there has to be more.


And Yunho acquiesces, trusting Jaejoong to tell him if he is in pain as he slips in a third digit. Jaejoong is clutching at his shoulder, blunt nails digging into his upper arm but he ignores it. He lifts his head up to gaze down at the man tossing his head restlessly from side to side, his mouth parted and eyes shut.

As if Jaejoong feels the eyes on him, he opens his own. He lifts a hand and makes a scissoring motion with his fingers. “You need to do this…” Jaejoong’s eyes are cloudy with lust, and he moans loudly, calling Yunho’s name when the latter mimics the movements he’s been shown.

“Enough…I need you, please.”

Yunho pauses, thinking it isn’t long enough but again he relents, trusting Jaejoong. He kisses Jaejoong’s nose, staring and drowning in his lover’s dark eyes, glazed with need. He pulls his fingers out, the sound as they leave Jaejoong’s body causing the angelic man to let out a giddy giggle.

“Do you have any condoms?”

“No, condoms. I don’t want anything between me and you.”


“No, buts. When was the last time you had sex? I know I’m clean since I’ve never done it with anyone.”

Yunho flushes. His moment of truth.

“Um…i’ve never done it either.”

Jaejoong’s eyes flutter open at the confession, “Really?” His tone is full of wistful wonder.

“How could I when I love only you? I’m not the type to have sex without love, Joongie. And I only love you.”

The smile he bestows on Yunho is dazzling. So bright, Yunho is convinced it could light up the room.

“I love you, Yunnie.”

“I love you too, Joongie.”

Yunho leans back quickly coating his aching member with a very liberal amount of lube. He’s taking no chances.

“How do you want to do it, baby?” He asks the blissed out singer still smiling happily at him.

“Mmmmm? You on top.”

Yunho moves to settle himself between Jaejoong’s milky white thighs, so soft that he is certain even in this, females would pale in comparison. He holds himself up and looks at Jaejoong as he lines himself up, ready to take that final plunge, tying them irrevocably to each other.

“Last chance, Joongie…” as he slowly presses the head of his cock against the tight ring of muscle, closing his eyes.

Instead of responding, Jaejoong exhales and bears down, enveloping the head of Yunho’s cock in one move. He gasps as the feeling of being stretched and overwhelming fullness is doubled, even tripled compared to the three fingers of prep he had. Yunho’s gasp urging him on. He tries to move again but the larger man has placed a hand on his hip, gripping tightly.

“Jae…no.” Yunho is gritting his teeth against the urge to surge into the impossibly hot body, but he instinctively knows he cannot. The very last thing he ever wants to do is hurt his Jaejoong. He pushes in slowly, swallowing Jaejoong’s pained whimpers into his mouth, till he is fully seated in the smaller man. Only then does he open his eyes.

The two halves are finally one. It has taken a full decade for them to come to this. As they move together, in sync, loving each other, nothing can touch them. Nothing can hurt them. Tears are kissed away, moans are exchanged and pleasure shared as they come together, forever bound to each other as one. Just as they’ve always been.

“Our babies would have been beautiful.” Jaejoong’s tone is wistful as he lies, safely ensconced in Yunho’s arms, his head tucked under the dancer’s chin as he traces circles around a nipple.

“They would be fierce, little, ethereal alien babies. As inhumanly beautiful as their mother,” comes the comforting reply as Yunho squeezes the doe-eyed beauty in his arms.

“Yah!” Jaejoong lifts his head to peer at the contented man smiling at him. “Why am I always the mother?”

Yunho laughs and leans up to peck Jaejoong on the nose, by-passing his beautiful pouty lips because if he starts there, he probably won’t be able to stop. “You are such a little narcissist. Why can’t I be inhumanly beautiful too?”

A sly smirk plays about Jaejoong’s mouth as he replies with a quirked eyebrow, “Does that mean I get to top next?”

AN1: Thank you so much for reading! I know it's rather lengthy and I am super grateful you got this far. Please let me know what you think as this is my second fic and first one-shot for YunJae! Do check out the chaptered fic if you have the time as I really enjoyed incorporating a supernatural element into their relationship. The final chapter for that should be out some time this week too :-)

AN2: The line about fierce alien babies was borrowed by me from my dongsaeng, Catherine. I was telling her how addicted I am to mpreg and she gave that imo perfect description of their babies and I had to use it.

I found someone who has an Mpreg-addiction as well! *___*

Hahaha yes. I don't know it's just that the idea that those two ridiculously beautiful people cannot produce a child together bugs me so I live out my fantasies through reading mpreg cos omg their children? Hot-damn! The world sure as heck lost helluva gene-pool when those two decided to hook up :PPP

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I agree that if Yunjae had babies, they would be gorgeous. I saw on tumblr some composites of Yunjae and they were the most gorgeous non-existent males.

An angry Yunho is super hot *_________________* I think I may have made a mistake writing for this storyline and putting angry Yunho in it lol cos I can't really explore the angry sex thing but mmmm maybe another fic.

I've seen composites too and I actually thing the reality would be better but that's just my bias talking. So yeah, waaaaaaay too in love with mpreg. If you can think of any good ones (if you read them), feel free to rec me :P

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Oooooooh do send some mpreg recs my way if you can think of any ;-)

i have a hard time with the whole mpreg concept, but luckily i have found a couple of [well written] stories that may slowly steer me towards that...

the whole jyj from tvxq... ah, brings back memories.. i'll take them anyhow i can, but 5 was truly truly exceptional..

i keep my love for 5 alive through fanfics, and when i read broken band fics it always makes me so sad.. in real life, they are not even (publicly) talking to each other.. the gap seems irreversable, and it's so sad..

I will even read badly written mpreg (to a point) cos I like it too much. It's a little disturbing how much I love the idea. I don't care about the technical details so much but do care about the interaction between YunJae and ultimately, the kid. Some well-written mpregs have plots I can't handle and I stop reading and others have horrendous grammar but the plot and characters are so lovable I just keep reading.

Sorry that turned into a mini mpreg love thesis oops!

I love them in every form, 5, 2, 3. Of course 5 is best but like you, i'll take them anyway I can as well. This wasn't so much a broken band fic (to me) but i'm sorry if it made you sad somehow. I don't think they *can* publicly talk tbh. SME is way too big and it will probably hurt HoMin and JYJ more than anything if they're seen publicly talking. That's my view of it anyway seeing how the kpop industry works.

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Awww thank you so much! I really appreciate your words and that you love it makes me soooooo happy :P Hehehe the whole baby thing was a little cracky but it just kinda came out lol. Super duper pleased you loved it all! :-)

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Awwwww I really appreciate your vote of confidence in my writing heh. I was actually thinking of picking up another plot prompt of sorts... We'll see ;-) Final chapter is written and done btw, i'll post it in the next couple of day XD!

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Lol... I saw your commenting as you read cos I follow you on Twitter. I knew you were reading my fic :PPP Sorry about the Joongie/Yunnie lmao. It was a sweet moment and I like those names XDDD! I can't imagine calling my husband with his actual name during sex tbh... Dunno about other people ;-)

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Lol! I wondered whether to tag this as fluff lmao! I don't know how I started of being inspired by angry!Yunho and ending up with this XD

Glad you like it! I was kinda wondering how it would have gone down as well. Yunho was plenty pissed hahaha and I enjoyed writing this so much I finished it in a day :P

Oh man I was worried people would find the sudden cracky turn of events in the middle a little weird but I thought it was so Jaejoong you know? No filter hahaha.

I'm super stoked you enjoyed it as much as you did! 5th part is done ;-) I'll probably post it in the next couple of days. Thank you so much for your comment!

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Awwww hehehe thank you so much!!! Funny you were looking at plots cos so was I today to see if there's something else I can pick up.

I'm honored you think I write fantastically well ;-) And the pleasure is all mine, no need to thank me! I enjoyed writing this so much I finished it in a day :P

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Hehehe... If I were Jae i'd be ranting at Yunho a little more lol! Good thing for him, i'm not :P I'm so pleased you love it. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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Awww it's not that angsty bb. I hope you like it ;-) Thank you for giving it a chance despite my "angst" label! I'm contemplating labeling it as fluff too cos really, most people are finding this cute :P

(Deleted comment)
Thank you *_______* So glad you like my take on Jae's personality ;-) He almost wrote himself in this fic lol. His mouth running away with him was just came so naturally. It was a weird experience but very fun!

Looks like either universe they would still have sex. ^^

I find it interesting that Yunho comes barging into Jaejoong home and Jaejoong can be clueless as to why those tweets of his pisses of Yunho.

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Jae and Yunho were forever at cross-purposes. Jae only figured out he was the cause of Yunho's anger when he saw the hurt in his eyes. But he doesn't want to confess. In my head, Jae had posted those photos to make Yunho jealous and then thought better of it and deleted them. Kinda hard to say that to your "friend" without having them question your motives.

But really, that's a moot point ;-) It worked. If I had to explain everything this would be way longer than it already is lol! This was over 7,300 words. It's nice to leave something for the reader's interpretation or assumptions.

Thanks for reading and the comment.