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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: Promises
Pairing: YunJae, guest-starring HoMin ;-)
Rating: G
Length: ONEshot
Genre: AU, fluff, crossover, an AU of Sleeping Beauty OTL
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

AN1: No summary. This is AU!Sleeping Beauty. Hard to explain but I guess it’s basically Sleeping Beauty if Yunho had never met Sunye. For those who know the original story and the million drabbles, and have been following me on Twitter or my ask.fm, you’d know that I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile. There are guest stars in this fic ;-) Some of you might recognize them.

Warning: This is purely FAN service. If you’re not a fan, please move along lest I aggravate you lol.


Promises2 Promises3

Promise?Collapse )

yeay, it feels like a dream you wrote pra-sleeping beauty, i always wondered whether they met again after that fateful incident ib the sun room. thanks for writing it. the first time on SB crossover where the other yunho/jaejoong was not poleaxed to met SB Yj .

and heythere homin XD

so so, so cute
got a bit confused for a second but it all cleared up.
wahh changmin's so sweet <3

u know, i think u r crazy, but we r who read this fic, waaaaaayyyyyyyy more crazy.lol.soooooo many yunho 1 changmin, yunnie this n joongie that, but we can define who this yunnie couple and who that jung yunho coupl. lol, this is the power of beeswaxing's ff fans :D
fighting ^^

what a great idea, to have SB without that crazy first wife! Love this part!
And the best part is that Yunho still has the same character's ice basics, thanks to his parents and the thought that its Jae who makes him feel loved is so sweet..

So, in your all stories (Tattooist, SB, Ice) all Yunhos are relatives.... how did you manage to write whitout confused? I really wonder what is your IQ?

I read this last night and I came back just to say, thank you! Thank you for sharing your stories with us! TT

Awww baby Joongie!!!!! XD please don't give me too much baby Joongie because I'll too happy and get killed by Jung Handsome somehow... LOL

OMG!! This left me feel so bitter-sweet (T_T) Maybe coz I read SB and Yunho's suffering was so heart breaking? That cuddling tho was so sweet I CANNOT! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ YunJae cuddling is THE BEST~! Thank You! Baby Jae is so cute & lovely~♡

You actually did it! LOL it's crazy but I love it<3 Baby Joongie is so adorable *squishes* and now Changmin has a link to SB in my mind, wow I need a minute to process this haha! Well, there can never be too many Yunhos right? ;D I also love how the jacket part was included (being zipped up inside) and daaang Jung was possessive over his baby Joongie! But then the fact that baby Joongie is already the most important person in his life is just... *sigh* it makes me sad for Yunho that his life is so cold, but happy that he's found his ray of sunshine.<3 I guess I don't blame him for being possessive after all. Lots of feels from this crossover!

I've read this at least three times already and have fallen in love with this crossover. Lol. I love Minnie and Jae in this. I especially love how Jae totally affects his Yunnie, making him all warm and gooey with his sunshine. Thanks for sharing!


I loved it!! It's just the most perfect little adorable story! Thank you so much!!

/off to re-read and squeal over it again xDD/

This joongie is also so affordable

Cousins eh?
Small world.
I don't read trophy wife so I can't really relate.
And has a tiny problem figuring out who the wrong Yunho was. Rereading caught me up though.

Thanks funor writing

OMG I totally love this, baby joongie is soooooo cute. I really really want to see a development of this. I know this is a what if situation for sleeping beauty, but I think you can actually do a series with this. Cos I think it'll be lovely to see the transitions of how they met all the way till they have married. I feel so fluffy all arounds and please do continue writing ~

This is a good AU to SB, but I felt if YunJae ends up like this, Jaejoong would be thoroughly spoiled. And then there is no Jiyool, which would be sad. But its adorable!

Wow, an SB!Au crossover with TW. What an interesting combi especially with 2 Jung Yunhos but well, that's your specialities ^.~

Baby Joongie is truly sooooooooo adorable and I'm glad that in this Au, Yunho is already betrothed to baby Joongie though looking at baby Joongie's age, he seems to be really too young to be engaged. But well, what joongie wants, Joongie gets and we know Yunho is patient enough to wait until Joongie is of marrying age before officially marrying him. So I'm ok even though Joongie is so young here cause we know Yunho will never do anything sexual towards baby Joongie until he's of age.

It's really sweet how Yunho dotes on Joongie and how possessive Joongie is over Yunho even at this age. It's always a delight to read baby Joongie with his Yunnie espeically in this wolrd where there will be no bitch of a Sunmi.

Of course, no one could resist our angel baby Joongie, not even our normally cool and rather aloof supermodel Jung Changmin. Jaejoong is seriously a very pretty baby boy that even my family think that he's a girl, when I show them his baby/ childhood photos.

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