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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: Promises
Pairing: YunJae, guest-starring HoMin ;-)
Rating: G
Length: ONEshot
Genre: AU, fluff, crossover, an AU of Sleeping Beauty OTL
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

AN1: No summary. This is AU!Sleeping Beauty. Hard to explain but I guess it’s basically Sleeping Beauty if Yunho had never met Sunye. For those who know the original story and the million drabbles, and have been following me on Twitter or my ask.fm, you’d know that I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile. There are guest stars in this fic ;-) Some of you might recognize them.

Warning: This is purely FAN service. If you’re not a fan, please move along lest I aggravate you lol.


Promises2 Promises3

Changmin is sipping his water, sitting as comfortably as he can manage after the dalliance in the car on their way to this enormous mansion that by his reckoning is even bigger than the Parks’, when his peace and quiet is interrupted by a lot of huffing and puffing.

“He lied, noona! He lied!”

The supermodel’s eyes widen as a beautiful child with a pout that beats the (formerly) unbeatable pout of his best friend hands down, storms into the room tugging angrily at an oversized jacket.

“Ya, Joongie! Come here, baby. That’s his letter jacket and he only has one. You’re going to dirty it. Come back here and I’ll give you something else.”

“He lied!”

Changmin watches with bemused interest as the child grumbles around the room, clearly unaware that there’s already an occupant within it as a pretty lady walks into the room after him.

“Joongie, baby. Don’t be silly. He didn’t lie to you. You’re just not big enough, yet.”

“He lied!” And the fair-skinned child actually pauses to stomp his little foot as he pouts up at the woman who merely chuckles and shakes her head. This seems to infuriate him even more as his pout deepens, and he starts waving his arms agitatedly. “Look! Where are my hands? I can’t see my hands! Noonaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

Changmin is starting to feel a little sorry for whoever it is that has upset the child. He resists the urge to stick his fingers in his ears for the angelic cherub has a very loud voice. He sets his glass down, and the clink against the marble table top draws attention to him immediately.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize there was someone in here.” The woman cocks her head as the young man before her unfolds himself from the seat and stands, bowing in greeting as he shrugs.

“That’s ok. You had other things to think about.”

“I’m not a thing.”

Changmin bends his head to find the source of the indignant voice right by him, and he finds himself hapless in the face of the dark haired beauty waving his handless arms up at him. He crouches down, so he is eye level with the child, allowing a tiny smile to slip out as he looks into the flashing doe eyes of the young boy. If the kid hadn’t called his sister noona, he would never have guessed he’s a boy. He takes hold of a long sleeve, and pushes it up.

“I’ve already tried that. Even the elasticized bit is too big for him.”

Changmin looks up as the little boy’s eyes start to shine, hinting at tears to come and he realizes that all he wants to do is comfort the poor angel in the oversized jacket.

“He said everything that belongs to him belongs to me too,” the boy explains in a suffocated little whisper as he bends his head, staring at his arms. “But if this is also mine, then why won’t it fit me?”

The supermodel has no idea what the child is talking about, though he can make a guess. He doesn’t deal in guesswork though, so he tilts his head up, meeting the eyes of the boy’s sister whose easy smile makes Changmin want to smile too.

Jihyo shakes her head fondly at her sulking baby brother. She knows that Jaejoong understands why it doesn’t fit him, but he’s feeling just a tad abandoned and refuses to listen to reason. Yunho has been away for over a month now, finishing finals before the winter break, and the teenager’s parents are adamant that he spend all his free time at the company learning the ropes. The teen had confessed to her a few months ago that they have no idea that he still visits the Kim mansion. The whole thing about their betrothal and arranged marriage is that Kim Jaejoong is basically meant to be out of sight and out of mind till he turns sixteen and Yunho can finally marry him with his parents’ consent.

But her baby brother is not the forgettable sort. Heck, even she remembers the day Kim Jaejoong met Jung Yunho and peed all over him.

“He misses his Yunnie. He hasn’t seen him in weeks and he just found his jacket and wanted to wear it, and got upset when it didn’t fit.”

“He lied,” Jaejoong sniffs, covering his face with his sleeves for his hands only go down so far. He doesn’t want anyone to see him cry. “He lied to me.”

Jihyo crouches down next to the supermodel. His husband is conferring with her father in his library, and she and Joongie, along with her daughters, are the only ones in the house. Everyone else is out on a major shopping spree for Jaejoong’s fifth birthday, determined to make it an unforgettable one when it finally comes round, to take his mind off his missing betrothed. Preparing for a birthday over a month in advance instead of getting ready for Christmas, her mother and siblings definitely mean business. She feels almost sorry for Yunho should he re-appear at the mansion for he won’t just get hell from his little fiancé but the rest of his family as well.

She understands of course, having met the teen’s parents. These are people who consider the Jung currently in the Kim mansion as a “poor relation”. The Jungs are an old family who take inheritance very seriously. Everything is always left to the oldest son, no matter what, and the Jung Yunho in her home right now, the wrong Jung Yunho, is the only child of the other son. A son who married young and ran away from home and who was subsequently disinherited and disowned. Jung Yunho build his fortune from ground up, his name meaning nothing till the true heir to the Jung empire was named after him.

Well, perhaps named after him is a bit of an overstatement. By the time they realized their mistake, the younger Jung Yunho was already pretty much a carbon copy of his namesake, both the cousins taking after their fathers in looks. Anyone may think they are father and son should they see them for Yunnie’s father had him at a respectable age and the wrong Yunho was born when his father was barely eighteen.

She reaches a hand out to touch him, but to both hers and their guest’s surprise, Jaejoong shrugs away from her hand and slams his body into the supermodel’s chest. He is still hiding his face, and she knows her baby brother is still upset.

“You’re not upset about the jacket, are you?” Changmin asks quietly, as he gingerly wraps his arms around the boy’s body. He is almost deathly afraid of the child crying, but he is Jung Yunho’s wife, and he’s not going to give in to the urge to shove the child away and tell his sister to deal with it. He will not give in to his natural instinct to flee. Not here. Not right now. And to help matters, he can actually understand to a certain extent how the little boy feels.


While his husband has never left him, even working schedules around his overseas shoots so they can be together, though Changmin is sure his reasoning is more about possession rather than altruism, he can still understand.

The letter jacket belongs to a teenager, and it is gnawing at Changmin to ask why a child who doesn’t look like he’s left his toddler years very far behind him, is so attached to a teen.

“I want my Yunnie,” Jaejoong whispers sadly as he buries his face against the man’s throat and sinks into the comfortable sweater he is wearing. The pretty man smells so nice, and he likes the color of his sweater.


It makes him feel a little happy even though he is feeling so very sad.

Changmin can feel the child’s breath against his throat and it warms him from the roots of his hair to the tips of his toes. He tightens his arms, dropping his chin to nuzzle the boy’s soft hair as he stands with a quiet grunt, precious cargo in his arms as he looks around to find his seat.

Jihyo watches in silence as the ice cold supermodel she’d greeted earlier, visibly melt. She’d pegged Jung Changmin as a typical trophy wife, vapid and empty. She’d half expected him to look at Jaejoong like the dirt on his boot, for she’s rubbed shoulders with a fair few supermodels since her husband works in the entertainment industry, and not a single one of them would have gazed kindly on a child on the path to a tantrum.

But Changmin had reacted kindly, and Jaejoong had responded.

A naturally affectionate child, since the betrothal, Jaejoong seemed to know he shouldn’t be so free with strangers anymore. His reticence had amused his family at first, till they realized that whatever affection he had, he was channelling straight to Yunho and only Yunho. Concerned at first, and then helpless to stop it, her parents had asked Yunho if he was serious about waiting for their only son. A contract between parents can only go so far. The Kims would never marry Jaejoong against his will, though they know the Jungs wouldn’t give a damn about Yunho if it brought them what they want.

The teenager had been unequivocal.

A boy who isn’t even eighteen yet, and more powerful and richer than almost every adult twice his age, he’d promised to honor the contract irrespective of his parents’ future wishes for he had given Jaejoong his word.

This so called promise is being sorely tested already with his lengthy absence, though the Kim parents have constantly reminded their angry daughters that it is actually customary for the husband not to claim his wife till he or she is of age, and that feelings have absolutely nothing to do with why they got married. Only one thing has stopped the girls from blaming their parents for what they consider a fiasco, and that is the well-known and unassailable fact that their little brother actually asked Yunho to marry him and not vice versa.

Not even Jihyo is willing to pull the but he’s just a child card for she knows her brother. He might be a child, but he knows what he wants.

And he always gets what he wants no matter how much anyone else wants to prevent him from getting it.

He always ends up getting it.


She’s still watching as Changmin and her brother whisper to each other when her brother suddenly freezes. The supermodel clearly doesn’t notice, and the surprise is evident on his face as the boy starts to struggle in his arms, pushing away.

Confused and unsure as to what is going on, the teenaged trophy wife holds on tighter, voice coaxing Jaejoong to calm down and that everything will be ok, for he mistakes the child’s distress.

Jaejoong shakes his head, pushing at the soft material of the man’s sweater. He doesn’t want to speak, for he’s afraid if he does, what he believes might just disappear. That’s what his youngest noona tells him and he has no reason to disbelieve.


That’s what she said. If you say it out loud, you’ll jinx it.

And Jaejoong doesn’t want to jinx this at all.

“Get your hands off him.”

This time it is Changmin’s turn to freeze as he looks up, past the boy’s sister to a scowling young man standing in the doorway.

The voice was bad enough, but this is too much.

His mouth opens and shuts, and opens and shuts, and he can’t regain motor control of it for he is just stunned beyond words.

Familiar almond eyes are glaring at him.

He’s seen his own husband angry with him, for he pokes at the sleeping bear often enough, but not like this.

This young man’s anger has a touch of fear.

It is a mask hiding something more.

“Let him go before I make you.”

Jaejoong struggles even more, for he can hear the anger in his Yunnie’s voice, and he doesn’t want him to be angry. He wants him to be happy and he knows how to make him smile. He wants to see him smile.

“Let. Him. Go.”

Jihyo is pretty sure the room just froze, the coldness in those three words has her rubbing her arms from the goosebumps. She’s never seen this side of Yunho, the teenager, while serious, is usually relatively easygoing when with them. He is distant when his parents are around but never this cold.

In that instant, she feels as if she finally understands. This is the Yunho that he has the potential to grow to become and it is her brother that will stop it from happening. If one month away has turned him into this, she shudders to imagine what a lengthier amount of time away from her brother and in the company of his parents will bring.

The oldest Kim child fervently hopes they never find out.

She bites her lip as Jaejoong is set loose, her brother running like the wind as Yunho crouches down to meet him.

“Yunnie!” his voice is bright in the cold room just before he slams into the arms of the black-clad teen.

The ice cracks.

“Hey, baby.”

“I’m not a baby.” No matter that his face is buried in Yunho’s throat. Everyone can still hear the pout in his voice.

“Yes, you are.” Yunho’s heart is pounding madly. He knows he’s been away for too long and every day he feels even worse for it, so much so he’d started building a wall around himself to keep out everyone for he is afraid to lose the part of him that adores the very breath out of his little fiancé. His environment is toxic as hell and he can barely trust his own parents let alone anyone else around him.

Everyone always wants something.

They want to be his friend because he’s the Jung heir.

They want to seek his advice because he should know it all being who he is.

They go out of their way to do menial things for him because they think it will gain them greater favors.

In the days that led up to that fortuitous visit to the Kim mansion, his parents had been attentive and obliging, so much so he had almost believed they were body snatched. When the visit happened and their true reason for treating him like they would a son rather than an employee emerged, Yunho had written them off as being beyond hope.

That is till a pouty little angel peed on him and asked him to marry him.

Jaejoong’s giggles warm his heart, and it makes him believe that he is worth more than what he can do with a company or some numbers.

Worth more than a pawn in the massive game of chess he was born into.

That he is worthy to be loved.

The stone cold fear he’d felt when he thought for a brief instance that he’d lost the only person in his life he knows that doesn’t want a damn thing from him except his smiles is something he doesn’t ever want to feel again.

He knows the second Jaejoong had realized he was there.

It had taken a count to seven.

Seven seconds for his barely five year old betrothed to sense his presence and want to come to him.

It was the longest seven seconds of Yunho’s life.

The teenager stands, and Changmin notes the difference between them, for not a sound is made by the other boy as he gains his feet, as if the child weighs nothing.

Their eyes meet, and Changmin’s mouth tightens as this Yunnie gives him one last look, and then dismisses him as if he amounts to absolutely zero on his scale of who to bother with.

The supermodel has done it often enough to know when it’s being done to him, and it rankles just a tad.

But really, did he expect any different? Judging from his looks, this teenager is either his husband’s son or a very close blood relation.

Jung Yunho has a fuckload of explaining to do.

“So this is where the party’s at?”

Changmin heaves an inward sigh of relief as he stands to greet his husband.

Jihyo laughs as she greets their guest. “There’s no party without refreshments. I’ll go check on my girls and then I’ll rustle something up. As the oldest one here, can I trust you to keep the peace?”

Yunho kisses his wife, trying not to wince when he gets bitten instead of being kissed in return as he waves Jihyo off.

“You match!”

He looks up to find himself the object of scrutiny of a child whose eyes are so large and so shiny and happy that he cannot help but smile at the gorgeous kid.

“What did I tell you? You don’t have to be able to fit into his jacket. You just need a matching one that’s your size.” Changmin’s voice is just a tiny bit smug as he feels like he’s gotten one up on the dismissive teenager he can feel glaring holes into him. He won’t deign to look his way. He can glare all he fucking wants.

Jaejoong’s eyes dart back and forth between the tall couple. His cheek is pressed against Yunho’s jaw as he stares at the two men, taking in their clothes, before he straightens, leaning away from Yunho to gaze seriously at his betrothed.

“You said everything that belongs to you, belongs to me so why doesn’t your jacket fit me? Did you lie to me?”

Yunho wraps his arms around his wife, tugging the supermodel into his arms so they’re flush, touching from shoulder to toe as he turns to whisper in his ear.

“That’s my cousin in case you’re wondering. We’re both the image of our fathers who were brothers.”

“Were they twins?” Changmin asks half seriously.

“Identical. His father is older by ten minutes. You’ll never guess what his name is.”

“That child calls him Yunnie so I think I can hazard a guess,” Changmin resists the urge to roll his eyes. Twins and now their children bear the same name. How’s that for crazy? “I’m not calling you that.”

The older Jung chokes off his laughter as he palms his wife’s ass and squeezes, getting a baleful glare from his younger counterpart for it, before the teenager answers little Jaejoong’s question.

“I didn’t lie to you. Come on, I’ll show you.”

Yunho bends over to let Jaejoong go, but the four year old has other ideas, shaking his head vehemently as he clings like a koala.

Kim Jaejoong is very good at being a koala.

The teenager cannot help but laugh as he straightens, tightening his arms around the boy and squeezing him affectionately. The fear is slowly dissipating and he is more than willing to indulge in Jaejoong’s clinging. While he used to get a little embarrassed over the boy’s attachment to him especially with eight sisters who love to tease, he appreciates the willful child’s exercise of possession.

“I have to let you go to show you that it fits. Count to seven.”



Jaejoong kisses Yunho’s ear before agreeing to be set down. A loud smacking sound that brings a reluctant smile to Changmin’s face and a low chuckle in his ear from his husband.


Yunho bends over once again and this time, is able to divest himself of the boy. He straightens quickly, shrugging off his leather jacket, dropping it to the floor.


He tugs at his letter jacket and Jaejoong complies willingly, letting him take it as he smiles up at him though his lips are still counting.


Yunho puts the jacket on.


He bends over, scooping up the surprised child in his arms who giggles the next number as he wraps his arms and legs around the handsome young man.


The teenager, having lost weight over the past month from being apart, though he probably didn’t notice it, pulls the jacket around the back of the little boy, blindly fitting the zip in.

The sound of the zip traveling up is loud in the silent room.


“See? It fits you just fine.”

The child’s laughter are even brighter than the sunroom he is in.

AN: I clearly have no idea how to write fluff anymore… IDK why but I was very misty-eyed writing this… I needed a shot of fluff after seeing Jaejoong at that presscon thing so here's the cure to my ailment. Hopefully it helps with yours though IDK if it will since I got misty-eyed ._______.

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Aww..so cute.. I like how you include the whole carrying-baby-inside-the-jacket thing, makes me want to read SB all over again (for the nth time). I really love the SB drabbles, and I hope you'll post more of that in this account ^^

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