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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: Secrets
Pairing: YunJae, guest-starring HoMin ;-)
Rating: G
Length: ONEshot
Genre: AU, fluff, crossover, an AU of Sleeping Beauty OTL
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

AN1: This was the original SB/TW crossover. I stopped at 2,222 words exactly lol and switched to writing the other one which flowed a lot better and I actually managed to come to a conclusion to that oneshot while this one wanted a pound of flesh from me. Only one of these arcs will be canon… I just haven’t decided which.

Warning: This is a Sleeping Beauty AU (yes, it’s a little mind-fucking), crossover with Trophy Wife. You don’t need to have read either of those fics because this is a STANDALONE but really, it’s probably best for “fans” of these two fics because it’s a little old-fashioned in terms of the whole betrothal thing.

Changmin is trying really hard to remain indifferent, but the gorgeous kid currently rooting around in his messenger bag is making it really difficult to maintain his aloofness.

He is seated in one of the reception rooms in the Kim mansion, having been left alone there by his husband who’d gone off with the head of the house to the study to talk shop. Yunho had never intended to take him along on this side trip, but Changmin’s photoshoot had wrapped up earlier than usual and his somewhat new but never shiny husband had decided to pick him up along the way to visit the Kim media tycoon in his home.

A man whose influence is considerable enough for his husband to pay the man a personal visit in his home cannot be underestimated, nor can he be slighted. Changmin is supposed to be on his best behavior.

Though his best behavior certain doesn’t include having to deal with a four year old.

“Joongie,” he calls out, having been told the child’s name before the boy’s father, who looks old enough to be his grandfather really, laughingly left with his husband. The fact that this is a boy is still boggling his mind, and he’s been staring at the child for a good fifteen minutes.

The boy is very pale, his skin so fair and mouth so rosy with hair so dark the contrast is startling against his skin, that fleeting thoughts of fairy tales flit across his mind. Never one to be fanciful, Changmin had been more than a little irritated to find himself smiling at thoughts of this fair child finding his Prince Charming.

But really, despite his looks, he’s not so sure the heir of a media empire would be as sweet as his fairytale counterpart.

This child is definitely stubborn.

“Joongie,” he tries again, trying to inject a note of warning in his voice as the boy looks to be well on his way to spreading all of Changmin’s personal belongings around the cheerful yellow room. Having never ever dealt with children before, not even in photo shoots, Changmin is honestly at a loss as to what to do with the child. His only instruction had been to watch him. Granted, it’s only been twenty minutes, but what happens if the boy wants food? What does a child his age eat? Changmin has no bloody idea.

“Baby Joongie.”

Changmin is startled from his thoughts by a bright voice coming from the cherub.


“My name is Baby Joongie,” the angel replies with a huge grin. His doe eyes are shining as he hugs a Minnie plushie to his chubby cheeks.

The supermodel recognizes the gift from his best friend, the small toy having never seen the light of day since he got given it a few weeks ago for his nineteenth birthday. A symbol of his lost childhood or something, but really, to Changmin it symbolizes something so much more.

The soft toy is a great representation of the fact that he really has gone soft.

And even as he stares, he realizes the child is even more doll-like than the actual doll, and he cannot help but shake his head at the thought. He knows the old man of the house has nine children, and if this child has inherited his mother’s looks, he can very well understand why there are nine children.

Whatever it is, Yunho better not be getting any ideas of the sort. Children, while part of the deal, is not something Changmin wants to think about especially in light of this damn softness he’s just discovered. He cannot afford to be soft, because nothing good ever comes from being soft.

He even shudders at the mere thought, but in his brief distraction, he doesn’t realize the child has moved.

“Is this yours?” Joongie shoves the Minnie plushie into the pretty man’s face, squishing the mouse’s nose against the man’s chin, giggling when the tall man lets out a startled exclamation and laughing outright when the man rears back from him. He just chases him, climbing into the large armchair that in his mind, has more than enough room to hold both of them, and settles himself quite comfortable in the man’s lap, back to chest. It’s not as comfortable as his Yunnie’s but he’ll have to do for now. He squishes the Minnie soft toy to his chest as he wiggles happily, trying to get comfortable.

“Yes,” Changmin answers, helpless now as he finds himself very well and truly stuck with a child in yellow pajamas in his lap. His arms are frozen by his sides, and he doesn’t realize he’s holding his breath as he prays very hard for his husband to come rescue him.

Not that he’d ever admit to even having such a thought, but desperate people do desperate things and right now, he’s pretty fucking desperate.

The child twists around, and Changmin is suddenly faced with a pout that would beat his best friend’s any day and that man has one hell of a pout.

“But you’re big.”

“So?” Changmin retorts automatically, not checking his tone as the little boy’s pout becomes even more pronounced if that’s even possible.

“Big boys don’t have dolls.”

“And little boys do?” Changmin counters, brow furrowing as the child leans away from him. Too late, he realizes the kid has absolutely no sense whatsoever as he leans back too far and topples out of his lap.

Frozen arms unfreeze in a blink of an eye and half a second later, and possible twenty years of his life gone, Changmin finds himself with not just a lapful of fragrant child, but an armful as Baby Joongie giggles at his near death experience. His heart is racing madly, and his breathing is labored, though the boy is completely unaffected as he squeals, asking to be dropped again.

Is he nuts?

“I’m not going to do that again!”

“But Yunnie does it all the time! I like it!” Jaejoong wiggles and tries to struggle free of the pretty man’s arms.

“Well, we’ll wait till Yunnie does it, ok? I’m not going to do it. I don’t want to drop you.”

“You won’t drop me.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because you won’t.”

“Yes, you’ve said that but how do you know I won’t drop you?”

Jaejoong shrugs, already tiring of the conversation as he nuzzles against the soft toy. “Because I said so.”

Changmin quirks an eyebrow in amusement as he stares at the pouty child. “And are you always right?”

“Usually, but you’re not cooperating.”

“Do you always get what you want?”

Jaejoong actually seems to give it some serious thought as he leans back in the protective circle of Changmin’s arms, nudging his back against the virtual prison he is now in and feeling no give in the young man’s arms unlike his Yunnie whose arms will give way, only to catch him quickly. That short little free fall always thrills the young boy and he adores the grins he gets from his handsome fiancé.

But his Yunnie is also possibly the only person who doesn’t always give in to him. Take the past three weeks for instance. He hasn’t seen Yunho in person at all and tantrums get him nowhere as the teenager calmly explains to a tearful Joongie that he has exams and cannot be there no matter how much the little boy cries.

”Tears aren’t going to help me write my exam, Joongie. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Soon is not soon enough for an impatient child whose every wish is pretty much fulfilled. The baby of the family is also the sole heir to the great Kim media empire and as such, virtually nobody says no to him.

Except his umma and appa but they’re his parents and they don’t count.

His sisters can all be coaxed eventually, Jihyo noona being the hardest.

But Yunho, the boy who belongs to him, says no much too often.

And Joongie, despite this, adores the teenager even more for it.

Though he won’t quite understand why just yet.

Changmin watches the beautiful child, amazed at the swift play of emotions across his expressive face. The boy definitely appears to have an expression to suit anything.

“Well…” the almost five year old finally starts, wrinkling his cute little nose and pursing his rosy red lips.

Changmin is entranced. He can’t help it. The boy is equal parts adorable, precocious and so very beautiful. He wants to hug the child and steal him away and if he could get away with it, he’d be out of the house and down the driveway in a heartbeat. Children terrify him in general, though he never ever shows it, but this child puts him at ease for some reason.

“Well?” Changmin coaxes with a smile. His husband is in another wing of the very large mansion and he feels more than secure to let his softer side out. In the face of this child, there is no other way to go.

“Yunnie says no to me,” the child finally speaks, ending with a long-suffering sigh. It is the most hilarious thing as his shoulders droop with the most dreadfully woebegone expression on his face. “And he really shouldn’t because he’s mine.”

The supermodel blinks at the serious cherub, gazing expectantly up at him as if waiting for him to sympathize. But Changmin is Changmin, and the little boy’s expression just about kills him.

Little Joongie’s entire being is just one giant pout; from his shimmering doe eyes to his chubby fingers scratching at a flushed cheek as he waits patiently for the supermodel to agree with him.

He covers his mouth, but it’s too late as a sharp bark of laughter escapes. The child gets jostled in his lap as he struggles to contain his mirth but he really loses it as he pulls the child to his chest, holding him close with one arm while his tries desperately to muffle his laughter with the sleeve of his sweater.

Changmin feels tiny arms wrapping around his body, and he can even hear the disapproving clicking of a tongue that can only come from the little boy and he laughs even harder.

“Are you done yet?” A muffled voice asks.

“Done? Oh, Joongie.”

“Didn’t your umma ever teach you that it’s rude to laugh at someone’s misfortune?”

“Mis— Mis—“ Changmin can’t even complete the word before he loses it again. Ok, he takes it back. He doesn’t want to steal the child anymore because he has a feeling whatever defenses he ever had will be stripped within a day by this boy. He’s already laughed more in the last couple of minutes than he has in an entire year of marriage and that’s a little disconcerting to the cool supermodel.

After a couple more minutes, Jung Changmin finally manages to regain control of himself as he leans back against the arm chair and coaxed the child from under his chin.

“What do I do with you?” he asks, not really expecting an answer as his breathing finally evens out after the unnatural bout of laughing. He’d expected tears from the child for not many people can withstand being laughed at but the little boy merely cocks his head and rubs his nose with his fist.

“Appa said you’re supposed to look after me. Can I have Minnie?”

The change of subject is swift, as if their conversation is already forgotten as Changmin looks down to see the soft toy firmly held in one little fist.

“And if I say no?”

His chin quivers, doe eyes blinking in disbelief. “You’re not Yunnie.”

Changmin shakes his head, baffled and enchanted at the same time. “Alright, I’m not Yunnie. You can have it, but on one condition.”

“A gift should never come with conditions,” the child declares somewhat imperiously, though his bratty tone is cancelled out by the sheer joy in his eyes as he squishes the Minnie doll to his chubby cheeks once again, pouty mouth close to the nose of the mouse.

He’s got him there. Changmin lets it go because he doesn’t want to be that man who argues with a child.

Especially a child as adorable as this.

“Will you tell me a story?”

“I can tell you one, but it’s a secret story ok?”

Jaejoong nods with a happy grin and a finger to his lips. “Shhhhhhhhh a secret.”

What Changmin doesn’t realize, as he starts to weave a fairy tale with embellishments out of thin air, is that with a child, one story is never enough.

Three stories later and the little boy is dozing in his lap, the Minnie plushie held tightly to his chest as he snoozes with a smile on his face as Changmin tells him about what happens when children don’t put away their toys. The toys will all get taken and put into a big room and everything that goes in there will never be the same again. He knows it doesn’t apply to him for Jaejoong always keeps his toys.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Who the fuck are you?” Changmin looks up, and the shock he feels is as if someone has just slapped him with no provocation whatsoever. His eyes are telling him one thing, his brain is furiously trying to make sense of it, and his heart suddenly feels heavy at the knowledge that his husband hasn’t been truthful about some things.

If Changmin didn’t have a child in his lap, he’d be marching around the house looking for the older man and demanding to know if he fathered a child when he was sixteen. There’s resemblance and then there’s really fucking uncanny. Goosebumps are crawling across his skin and not in a good way as he stares at glittering almond eyes that are so fucking familiar his belly is churning from the shock. Anger fills him, as he takes in the newcomer’s arrogant stance as he near fills up the doorway, so very much like his husband he has no doubt they’re related.

And he’s going to fucking kill Jung Yunho.

“Watch your mouth, Shim Changmin. There’s a child in the room.”

Yes, definitely related.

“It’s Jung Changmin, asshole. Mind your fucking manners. He’s asleep.”

Yunho drops his gaze from the haughty supermodel to the angel in the man’s arms, and his countenance softens imperceptibly as he sees the child’s mouth quirk into a self-satisfied smile.

“He’s pretending to be asleep.”

Joongie squeezes his eyes tight, muffling his giggles with the doll as he fights the urge to open his eyes. Yunnie is here and he wants a hug but the pretty man had been telling him such a nice story, he wants to hear the rest of it. He doesn’t like the raised voices but his focus is solely on his Yunnie, and everything else has been blocked out.

“You know him?” Changmin isn’t really surprised. Of course he knows him. Rich know their fellow rich brats don’t they?

Yunho shrugs, trying very hard to keep his cool. He recognizes Shim, now Jung Changmin. While he hadn’t been at the wedding, away on an exchange in Switzerland at the time, his parents have shown him enough photographs of the gold-digging whore for him to know exactly who this man is. Just over a year older than him, the entitled way the supermodel is sitting in the sun room, where he met a toddler Kim Jaejoong, and holding his angel is really rubbing him the wrong way. And he has the cheek to take him to task about his manners? That’s really fucking rich.

“He’s my betrothed.”

“Your what?” Changmin leans forward, unable to hide his shock as he hauls the boy in his lap up to his chest. He ignores the muffled protest from the child as he glares at the young man. “What do you mean your betrothed? He’s a child!”

Yunho sneers as he pushes away from the doorway and stalks towards the supermodel who appears to be both shocked and angered. Jung Yunho doesn’t give a damn what the wretched man thinks, his eyes only on his Joongie.

A very much awake little Joongie whose mouth is half opened as he stares back and forth at the teenagers.

He leans forward over the supermodel who leans back instantly.

Yunho pulls Jaejoong into his arms, the four year old dropping the Minnie plushie as he is taken. He doesn’t even notice as he wraps his arms around his scowling fiancé, and kisses his cheek very loudly.

“I see you’ve met my cousin and his future wife.” A voice from the doorway washes over the threesome.

Yunho doesn’t even bother turning around, still glaring down at the supermodel wife of the older man.

“Cousin? This rude child is your cousin?”

“There is no need for that.”

Yunho smirks at the expression on Changmin’s face as he is reprimanded by his husband. He buries his nose against Jaejoong’s soft hair, taking a step back as the haughty supermodel gathers himself and stands.


That imperious tone, as if he belongs, really grates on Yunho as he stands firm, waiting for his cousin to take his insolent wife to task. Jung Changmin or not, no one talks to him like that.

No one.

Yunho can practically feel the animosity in the room as the two teenagers glare each other down. Indeed it is his wife who is being rude, not his cousin, and while a tad disappointed at the behavior of the supermodel who has been above reproach in all public interactions thus far, he cuts the teenager some slack for to be faced with a teenaged version of him is probably disconcerting as hell. Not to mention he knows how his wife thinks, and his younger cousin is too close in likeness to him for someone to jump to conclusions.

Before anyone can respond, it is a child who speaks up.

“Yunnie,” he starts, clapping his hands on the frowning boy’s cheeks. He twists in his fiancé’s arms, turning to look at the equally scowling supermodel. “This is Minnie. He gave me his Minnie so you have to be nice to him.”

Yunho doesn’t look away, though his scowl wavers as his cheeks are squished. He can see an answering quirk in the other teenager’s mouth and he can see the supermodel’s eyes turn affectionate as the precocious child in his arms charms him without meaning to.

“And this is my Yunnie. You have to love him because I love him.”

Both teenagers, bodies so tense, visibly relax, shoulders dropping as they both look away at the exact same time.

Yunho wants to laugh at the sight, for really, the youngest Kim child has managed to avert disaster without meaning to. Who can argue with a child such as this? He steps forward to collect his wife, slipping an arm around the supermodel’s back, he turns to his cousin and his very young betrothed.

“Quite a catch there, Yunho,” he smirks, nodding towards the four year old who is now whispering something or other into the teenager’s ears. He can catch snippets of it, and from what he can tell, Jaejoong is regaling his Yunnie about the last hour he’s had with Changmin. Why he needs to whisper his stories is beyond him, but then he’s never had any cause to interact with a four year old.

He knows full well why his cousin has been betrothed to the Kim heir. It is his parents’ very simple way of expanding the Jung influence without having to do anything whatsoever. The younger Jung Yunho himself can be considered the current most eligible bachelor, and little Kim Jaejoong, the next most marriageable. To marry them both to each other makes absolute sense to him as a businessman, though personally, he wouldn’t choose waiting for over a decade to marry someone.

What he finds truly interesting though, is the fact that his very cold, aloof cousin is the very picture of warmth as he listens attentively to the little boy talking his ear off. In all honesty, he thinks that his wife and his cousin disliked each other on sight mainly because they’re rather similar in temperament, and they both recognized it.

“Yunho?” Changmin echoes, mouth open again, taking a good while to process the name before he speaks. He stares back and forth between the two.

Jaejoong whips his head around at the loud exclamation, nodding and smiling. “Yunho. Like that one,” he points to the older Jung. “But mine is the nicest one.” He cocks his head as the man who looks like his Yunnie grins at him. He sends back a brilliant grin of his own as he wrinkles his nose shyly, hiding his mouth behind his hand as he giggles at the attention of the very handsome ahjusshi. “Ok, you can be the second nicest.”

“Never thought I’d be happy to come in second place for anything,” Yunho chuckles good naturedly as his young cousin nods in acknowledgement. He straightens though, tugging his silent wife flush against his side, eyes growing serious.

“Do your parents know you’re here?”

The teenager visibly freezes, eyes hard and cold as he stares at his cousin. The child in his arms senses his betrothed’s mood change and he pats his cheek, leaning back to gaze at the older boy.

“I’m here. Everything will be ok.”

Yunho looks away from his cousin to look into the serious doe eyes of his not-yet-five year old fiancé.

“It will?” He cannot help but ask, his voice taking on a wistful note. He hasn’t deceived his parents for they are not that interested in his life. All he’d done to find the time to visit his young fiancé is to drop out of being on the football team in school. His parents had been bugging him to do it for a long time so really, he’s actually giving them what they want. He does know though, that the way these betrothals are done is for little Joongie to be raised by his family till he is of age to marry. While Yunho would’ve been more than alright with this arrangement for he himself is still barely out of being a child, not even eighteen yet, the idea of not seeing the angel who’d captured his heart with his giggles full of sunshine is something he doesn’t even consider.

One smile from the little cherub erases any negative feelings he might be holding in his heart about anything.

One simple, very loud and rather embarrassing kiss to the cheek reminds him of all the kisses he’s missed as a child, and that his betrothed is making up for the years of neglect.

Little Kim Jaejoong has shown him more affection in the year he’s known the child, than his parents have ever showed him in his entire existence.

A simple hug from the four year old is worth more to Yunho than a shiny new car he knows he will be getting for his eighteenth birthday.

“Of course it will,” Jaejoong chides, his tone indicating his teenaged fiancé is being a silly billy. “I believe it will so it will.”

“Can’t argue with that logic,” the older Jung finally speaks up, having seen the very rare display of emotion on his cousin’s face. “It’ll be our little secret, right Jaejoong?”

“Joongie! Call me Joongie,” the boy corrects.

“Our secret, Joongie?”

“Our secret,” the four year old nods.

“Our secret,” two teenagers echo.

AN1: Ok, let me explain. THIS was the original SB/TW crossover but I thought it was getting a little too…serious and I really wanted fluff so I stopped writing about halfway through and swapped to the one I posted on Wednesday. However, it wouldn’t leave me along so I finished this.

AN2: Like I said in my AN at the start, I don’t know which is canon yet for both can be. Choices, choices…

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I was lost for a while thinking it was a continuation. haha i have my favorite but i'm sure i'll enjoy the path you decide to take for the story. Thank you.

Edited at 2014-05-02 07:03 am (UTC)

LOL poor Changmin! He has no idea what to do with that kid. Jaejoong is a force to be reckoned with at any age ;D He even got TW Changmin to laugh (the image in my head was hilarious!) and stopped a possible family feud LOL. Cute<3

I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove how you write baby joongie!! And im sobbing now because i can relate to Yunnie as Baby Joongie said "Im here, everything wilk be ok." addhvkljgdsachj MAMABEE I WANNA CRY AND HUG YOU SO MUCH!!!! ✩̣̣̣̣̣ͯ┄•͙✧⃝•͙┄✩ͯ•͙͙✧⃝•͙͙✩ͯ┄•͙✧⃝•͙┄✩̣̣̣̣̣ͯ

like it the up date
full fill my need of SB dribbles hehehe...
even though confused in the chronology of the story with the previous one.
Joongie and his wish that even universe cannot say no.

thank you for the up date.
back to finish the Tattoist now :)

I honestly feel like the world would be a better place if there were a few more Baby Joongies... ;A: I want one too!

Are you taking votes? Because I vote for this one (not that I don't also love the other one). What can I say there's a part of me addicted to angst (even small tiny hints of it) b/c it makes happy endings so much better.

So hard to choose. I love both stories.

Both are good, but I like this one better I think, particularly the softening process for Changmin.

I liked the both just as much tbh. Baby Joongie is just too precious!
And oh dear, I remember loving that free fall thing as a child too! Changmin's reaction was hilarious.

I got pretty confused about which Yunho you meant at times though.

Thank you for the update and I definitely wouldn't mind if this muse didn't die down anytime soon. ;)

sigh...baby Joongie is so precious... He really melt my heart... I felt so light and warm after reading this... “I'm here..Everything will be ok” I don't know why but I can't stop crying..

Love that you gave us both, thanks for sharing!!! :)

This was really nice, but I think I love the other version just a little bit more :) Can I please hold baby Joongie in my arms too?? Such an adorable baby!!

Wow. The power of Joongie, nobody can resist him. Thanks for sharing this fic.

Both are good. Love this version of SB like the original. This is just fluffier. Thanks for writing.

Both versions of baby Joongie are super adorable! I think there are wonderful moments in both stories. I really like the interaction between Joongie and Changmin in the beginning of this one. No one can resist baby Joongie for long.
This particular version seemed more CM-centric with everyone else as supporting players. That's probably why I preferred the original drabble. Despite it being AU, it had a truly SB feel to it, with a more fleshed out young Yunnie, the appearance of noona Jihyo and especially the super cute koala-Joongie moment. Imagining baby Joongie being carried the way he will later carry all his children is just too much.

Aww....this baby Joongie is so adorable, cute and precious..he is really one of a million...or should I say one of a billion or more...since he is so so so so rich.

Another crossover?
I guess this is not linked to Promises but another standalone crossover.

Baby Joongie is so adorable.
It's no wonder Minnieball turn out the way he did with him as a parent.
It's in the genes!!!

Changmin is so adorable here.
It's like Baby Joongie has managed to break the walls around him and give him a moment to be a teenager and not a supermodel.

Another lovely one-shot :)

In my opinion, this one fits more as a canon. Here SB Yunho isn't that much cold as the one from the previous one. He is like the Yunho from SB one-shot when he first met Jae, just lonely and hopeful for some loving. In the previous crossover Yunho was like the SB one after he met his wife, the darkness that was radiating from him was a litte to much (but it was still very very good one-shot).

ahhh so this SB!crossover if Yunho didn't met Sunye.. wah.. really a promising story!

The nicest Yunho lol At the age of almost five, Kim Baby Joongie is very creative.

Comparing the two, like you said, this one is pretty serious, so I like the previous one better. I appreciate Yunho's protectiveness in both though. In the other one, I, however, like how it described his feelings more.

aigoooo jongie is so squishy I just can't jtsacydhfxtshxyxydxtx

thank u so much for writing this ; ;


What Jaejoong wants, Jaejoong gets. :D
Jaejoong logic ftw! :))))

I love Baby Joongie logic. Who can beat that. What Joongie wants he gets.

This is also cute but tbh, I like Promise better cause yes,that's slightly fluffier.

It has been so long since I grace my eyes with this kinda beautiful writing i miss joongie and his yunnie .thanks to you now i feel better😍

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