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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabbles 1 & 2
No titles... these are actual drabbles.

I give up trying to muzzle Baby Joongie. He can do whatever he wants to me. I'll just keep writing till the brat gets tired and takes a nap or something. I'm sorry to everyone for a sudden influx in...i'm not even sure what.

These two drabbles are based in the SB!AU. I talk about SB!AU like it's an entity. I swear this child is determined to carve his pound of flesh from my skinny frame and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.


Drabbles 1 & 2Collapse )

Seems baby Joongie won't let you go just yet!

I love baby Joongie so much <3

Drabble 1: yea I also almost feel sorry for Jaejoong but...lol I just have no idea what to say except lol

Drabble 2: oh Changmin, lube? Seriously? I really wanna know what face and reaction the younger Yunho is going to do ><

And Baby Joongie-ahhhh don't yet go napping come play with unnies here.

can not get enough of baby joongie :) I am wondering how the jung would react about bottle of lube? is he going to glare at changmin or just scold him or neither :) please don't stop this is beautiful^^ SB AU fighting~♡♥

Good morning to me!!! I keep rolling in my bed OTL

Joongie! You are an adorable, spoiled brat. < lol-ing at the lube drabble right now. Hahaha!

Resistance is furtile.....who can resist Jae...baby or not....LOL.

Poor Joongie.... he's just a little too tempting although I'm sure it's completely innocent in his mind.

I love Baby Joongie :-) I hope he's not done with you yet, so I will whisper prayers for your sanity to offset my wish. Thank you for providing a pick me up to brighten what was an otherwise dismal day.

Edited at 2014-05-03 01:28 am (UTC)

Jaejoong brat XDD

what whaaaaaaaaaaat. that lube. omg. hahahahahaha

wait... i dont get the SB!AU part... SB is already an AU but you make it AU again? oh right .. maybe the paralel universe for yunjae in real SB to this SB ... okay....
well yeah it kinda change the story line if the two of them connected tho

*aww baby joongie i want to bite you. and yunho's muscular thigh is the legit place for jaejoong in any opportunity*

I love love love baby Joongie!! :D

I love how you spoiling us with constant spam of SB drabbles these past few days! Yaay for baby Joongie and his Yunnie!! The scene where Joongie tells Yunho about older Yunho and Changmin's conversation reminds me of how Jiyool tells her Mama about the discussion her Daddy had with the board member in the meeting she attended on Daddy's Girl.. Yoolie is definitely her Mama's daughter! Cute ^^

I will name my first born Baby Joongie. And he will forever be Baby Joongie even when he's a grampapa!!

Jaejoong clearing needs a filter, Yunho, and less sticky fingers. But won't want him any other way.

Drabble 1: I dunno if I wanna pity Yunho or Joongie more. I'm suspecting that Yunho doesn't want Jaejoong to sit on his lap cause ahem, certain part of him is starting to react positively to his beautiful fiance whenever he tried to sie in his lap, heh

Drabble 2: LMAO. Changmin ah, I agree with your hubby. watching over a 4 year old child needs to more interaction with the said child, heh. But we know that eventually, baby Joongie is going to melt Changmin's cold wall.