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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabbles 1 & 2
No titles... these are actual drabbles.

I give up trying to muzzle Baby Joongie. He can do whatever he wants to me. I'll just keep writing till the brat gets tired and takes a nap or something. I'm sorry to everyone for a sudden influx in...i'm not even sure what.

These two drabbles are based in the SB!AU. I talk about SB!AU like it's an entity. I swear this child is determined to carve his pound of flesh from my skinny frame and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.


Drabble 1

"Why won't he see me?"

"Maybe because you're just a little too big to be trying to sit in his lap at every opportunity. For shame, Joongie. It's not appropriate anymore, baby."

"You stopped when you were eight. What makes you think starting again when you're fifteen would be a good idea?"

Jaejoong pouts before spinning on his heels and clomping out of the kitchen in a huff. What happened to his family? They never side with him anymore.

Jihyo watches her baby brother leave as she turns to her mother and sisters. "How long has he been away?"

"Three weeks," her mother replies with an amused smile. "Jaejoong won't lie to him so whenever Yunho calls and asks if he will behave and sit in his own chair he admits he won't. Then Yunho says he'll see him at the wedding and hangs up."

"I almost feel sorry for the guy..."


"No, Jaejoong."


The toddler perks up instantly at the voice, looking up from rummaging through the stranger’s very nice smelling bag, the little boy waves a bottle at the grinning man taking up most of the doorway.

“Hello!” he beams

Yunho starts laughing when he realizes exactly what the child is holding. “Min-ah. You’re supposed to be watching him not letting him play with lube.” He enters the room and sits on a spare chair, his eyes twinkling in amusement at his very young wife. He’d brought him to the Kim mansion on purpose, eager to see how the aloof beauty handles a child.

He’s also interested to see how the teenager reacts to another certain teenager.

Changmin unfolds himself from the chair slowly, standing as he stares down with disguised consternation at the child waving the familiar black bottle cheerfully at him.

“I am watching him.”

“He’s four. Watching needs a little interacting too,” Yunho instructs gently. He watches as his wife’s back straightens, knowing the supermodel wants to give him a piece of his mind when a squeal distracts them all.


Changmin’s eyes widen as the beautiful child tosses the bottle aside, eyes sparkling as he runs to the door where a boy in a baseball cap and a letter jacket is crouching. His face is hidden by the brim of his cap, but Changmin can see the smile playing about the boy’s mouth as the toddler slams right into his arms with a loud giggle.

The boy straightens with the toddler is his arms, talking his ear off about the “pretty man”. Clearly, the child is smarter than he let on for he practically regurgitates most of Changmin’s conversation with his husband, including the discussion about his very inappropriate bottle of lube.

“Lube?” Yunho questions the toddler incredulously, his little fiancé beaming and nodding as he points at the floor. The teenager crouches down to pick up the bottle and sure enough…



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This was so adorable and hilarious at the same time, I just cannot even. I'm so glad SB!AU and an SB/TW crossover happened at all, I mean look at the kind of dynamic we'd be missing out on? Thank you thank you thank you for sharing.

Lol I don't blame you one tiny bit...LOOK AT THAT FACE. How is one supposed to resist that?! OTL

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