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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Sleeping Beauty AU

I read...

Trophy Wife
Sleeping Beauty

I prefer...


Which do you prefer? I have my own preference but i'm curious to know what y'all think. And for all of you here...

I square you

I think i've done a number on some of you. Judging from some questions and comments, I think there's a bit of confusion.

I don't want to start a new fic. I really don't, so SB!AU is going to be a series of random drabbles based on one arc (either Promises or Secrets). I guess it'll go along the lines of Trophy Wife in that it'll be standalone oneshots/drabbles. Thanks to Baby Joongie, I have waaaaaaay too many scenarios playing in my head lol.

Anyway, for those of you who have no interest in anything SB, know that AINI and (oddly enough), LITI muses are hovering. LITI!Jaejoong is a broody fuck, leaning against a tree and watching Chami and Baby Joongie on the swing, with a thoughtful expression on his face. AINI!Jaejoong is hiding behind that tree and trying to work up the courage to talk to LITI!JJ.

ONIB!JJ is lying in the grass, Yunho's sunglasses on his nose, face tilted to the sky as he whistles Before U Go and smirks to himself.

I honestly wish you guys could see into my head. It's a total Jaejoong paradise for you, but it's one huge nightmare for me lmao. He won't leave me alone.

Now, which Jaejoong is going to win?

And wouldn't it be funny if Changmin does? :P


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You can always make one-shot with all these Jaejoongies where they fight who gets new chapter first^^ That would be interesting to read.

Plot twist: Junsu gets his moment to shine xD

SB drabbles and crossovers are my favorite. I like your idea of continuing this crossovers, it would be interesting how Baby Joongie would melt the ice cold Changmin. I bet the older Yunho would find this interesting too. ooh, and don't forget how the younger Yunho would be all jealous.. Btw are you still updating on thejungs comm? I tried to join the comm, but I still haven't got confirmed T_T I need my daily dose of SB drabbles..

EDIT: OMG Thank you! I can join and post on thejungs now Yaay!! ^^

Edited at 2014-05-03 02:02 pm (UTC)

ONIB!JJ! omygoooooooooooosh XDDD

Well to tell the truth, I love both promise and secret and had a hard time to choose which I prefer the most. Remembering the funny baby joongie in secret was the reason, I choose secret.

I know that is Jaejoong paradise in your head, but if is for Changmin wins than it has to be Trophy Wife or LITI, for me those are the stories where Changmin totally robber the scene

" LITI!Jaejoong is a broody fuck, leaning against a tree and watching Chami and Baby Joongie on the swing, with a thoughtful expression on his face. AINI!Jaejoong is hiding behind that tree and trying to work up the courage to talk to LITI!JJ. ONIB!JJ is lying in the grass" <-- the best sentence. LOL

Your muses are freaking hilarious most of the time, but truthfully I hope LITI Jaejoong wins. I really miss that fic.

I could totally picture that lol and I miss LITI so much that my love for AINI has been overshadowed, I honestly hope LITI!Jaejoong wins.

I SQUARE YOU! I thought you're asking for a fight!lol I'll go for ONIB Jaejoong!!

I am sorry mamabee, but i dont like homin pairing in general, seriously its like uncle-nephew relationship for me, thus i dont read your trophy wife... BUT after i read your SB!AU-xover with trophy wife, i give it a go... And im sorry i (still loathe) the homin. BUT, i super love the ChunJae!! So i skipped the homin part and only read the other pairing such chunjae/hanchul~ im sorry (;__;). I would also love to read your chunjae trophy wife drabbles if you decided to write one^^

But to answer your question; SB!AU Baby Joongie FTW!!

PS: SB!Baby Susu VERY MUCH missed mamabee ^^~

You do realize that I love HoMin right?

OFCOURSE!! I love homin too, but not like yunho topping changmin homin coz, its like seeing van damme topping mel gibson (who are the studdiest stud ever and i love the two of them very much), they are the two "DongBang Super Semes" And JYJ are their uke/bishes. Or something like that~ please dont be offended of what i said, mamabee~ These are your stories, you are the author, write whatever you want, whenever you can. I am your SB!verse forever fan!!

Which ever who win i cant wait to read the result of your muse
But LITI maybe or ONIB please :)

i havent read TW tbh but the staring match between Changmin and SB!YH got me so I voted for Secrets :D

Also, I magination got wild and I had this SB!Changmin meeting Kazu in the ONIB!Verse hahaha :D

Allways on JJ sidr but Changmin makes me go crazy and i love it

Don't really care which JJ wins...as long its JJ its a win win for me....

I would like to take a peek at all those JJ's roaming about in your mind. LITI, AINI, ONIB doesn't matter which one wins-it's all good! Jaejoong hwaiting<3

I would love to be together in the same place with all JJ's XD
And of course ONIB's JJ is the most relaxed at the moment ;), especially compared to LITI's JJ

I love how your muses are hanging out in your head LOL! And seriously "ONIB!JJ is lying in the grass, Yunho's sunglasses on his nose, face tilted to the sky as he whistles Before U Go and smirks to himself" ahahaha! xD

I am sorry I didn't read the two oneshots "promises" and "secrets". That's because they have homin in it. I fell in love with your writing while reading 'sleeping beauty'. So when I came across 'trophy wife', I started reading it. But soon realized I can't digest Homin in any way romantic. I guess I will always see them as brothers,best friends and sometimes chammie as yunho's son (uknow hoe yunho pampers minnie like his a child). I don't know since when I started feeling so strongly this way about them but I realized that when I started reading 'trophy wife'.
I really feel sad that am missing out on the yunjae part in both these one shots since I love SB and all SB oneshots and drabbles

It was ages since the last LITI update so even tho AINI is my No.1 among all your stories it would be awesome to see a new LITI chapter^^

go go joongie win them alll hahaha:) I love sb crossover's drabble/one shots some times more than SB itself ;) so I am prefectly okay with series of one shots / drabble ^^ *secretly pushing AINI jae towards lITI jaejoong * fighting nicki ;-)♥♡

I like this AU. Like A LOT!!!

However, (I hope you are not offended with this) I like to suggest you to please consider to differentiate it with SB.

At least for me, as I have attached to Yunjae!SB, the twisted version make me felt a bit comfortable. But if you said it isn't SB, my mind will easily connect with this new AU. Did I make sense to you author-nim?

Thanks for reading my nonsense. I am really sorry if you feel offended.

Always thank you for sharing your stories :))

I think the connection made between trophy wife and sleeping beauty is a smart move. I love both stories!
Its amazing how younger Yunho and teenage Changmin's temperaments are similar, the way they reacted to each other is so intense, I want more! I liked how that part in secrets was written. But i also like promises because it is pure fluff.

All those Jaejoong muses are nice hahaha. But I wish for more AINI and LITI. I want to see how Yunho comforts JJ in those two stories.

am i the only one herer who wish aini!jaejoong to win the battle? i just love aini beyond anything (after SB of course)

Go for aini!JJ ^^, I swear I would like to be you with all these JJs on your head uhu! hahaha <3

I WANT TO SEE THAT nightmare for you but for me a PARADISE YOU HAVE. *o*

i want AINI!Jae... i miss that ;A;

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