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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabbles 3 & 4
No titles... these are actual drabbles.

BabyJoongie SBAU

Drabbles 3 & 4Collapse )

I think I have cavities :P Re. #4 Jung was warned though so it's not really Joongie's fault xD And baby Joongie is still an angel to Yunho even in the AU isn't he :)

I love this drabble.. I want more from drabble 4

aigooo drabble #3 was shooo cute little stubborn joongie is ♥ reallly and unnnnffff I just imagined yun giving a lecture and yeahhhh I am jaejoong biased but I need a shower ; ; thanks for writing this lovely drabbles :)♡♥

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A sweet dose for my morning
Lovely drabbles
Little JJ is 5 lovesick baby seriously i fraking love it

so much love! <3
teenager Yunho making sure his baby Jae is ok and visiting without his parents knowing..aww, just so nice and sweet!

This is now truly a dabble...thou I didn't complain for the other lengthy ones....I do not mind it one bit at all...no.no.no...I truly enjoyed every one of it....thanks!...^-^

oh NO. i really miss this fic.

sigh...I still can't get over with...sigh...:(

awwwwwww. drabble 3. ,asfhlkfhlakfld cuuuuuuuuuuuute~ ♥

drabble 4. ohhhhhhhh. preggy Jaejae. hahaha. poor Yunho. AND his suit. XD

oh oh ohhhh so adorable!!!!! in this verse.. how did Yunho resists his Joongie for years before they actually got married? LOL

my cheeks are hurting from grinning
#3 is so damn adorable I can't. I just.. no. akjsdakdjhdakjwhd
#4 all I can see is an overly enthusiastic blonde in a crowded class of preening students. Poor Jung but he had it coming :))))

Aaaaaawwwww....drabble 3 is sooo darn cute. I wanna squish baby Joongie so badly but I know if I treasure my life, I'll not go near Joongie caue Yunho is a very protective and possessive fiance.

Joongie is suffering from morning sickness in drabble 4 right? Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww, so happy for the Yunjae.

ughhhh~ i think i'm having cavities with all of this sweetness. yun would never say no to jae2's request nae and he would never deny himself from jae2 even when jae2 is a puking mess.