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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabbles 3 & 4
No titles... these are actual drabbles.

BabyJoongie SBAU

Drabbles 3 & 4Collapse )

C.U.T.E. No, seriously, too cute! Love both drabbles. I'm really liking teen Yunnie and 5 y.o. Joongie drabbles. Thanks for sharing!

Suddenly, I just curious what happen to jaejoongie when yunho married? and how he forget about yunho. Hope you can share with us if you have interest to write this down. and i really appreciate.. XD

adorable adorable adorable!! :D

what can i say...
u make my day :)
love little stubborn joongie n sulking jaejoong...heehehe

yunho, u lucky man~~ :)

I think that is your shortest drabble, no? Haha! Anyways, cute kiddo Jae! I definitely love your longer writing! Great stories as always!

:(( you make me want to read full version of this AU
*crawl back under the cover*

I like the teacher student relationship! Oh my gosh so sexy. Yunho and Jaejoong in the sleeping beauty verse is just heaps adorable and can be written in a myriad of ways. Yunho makes a sexy professor unf. What I would give to be in his classes. Hahaha

Baby Joongie is always welcome, so cute. I wish Changmin would visit him more soon and give him other stuffed toys and tell him more stories.

Love love love these drabbles! Oh my joongie, what a stubborn baby you are!
And the pouty /puking/disgruntled wife jae..sigh. And the Jung ..gosh, no words, I love the man!
Guest lecturer? Hngggggg

So shoort i want more who taught you how to write real drabbles i miss your not so real drabble but one shot fic

Love these drabbles. #3 little Joongie is so cute, trying to keep awake.

gosh. these are so cute. baby joongie~~~ /squishes. and preggy jae is <3 when he is bratty and all.
tho I wonder about that period of time when yun stops coming over, must be heartbreaking for little joongie.

As usual, I'm lured here by your writings. XD So much vomiting, I feel bad for Jaejoong. And aigoooo, drabble 3's too cute. Smitten toddler Jaejoong ^^

This is random but *screams* I want to go new Zealand! *pout* Just saw some beautiful pictures of New Zealand that's why. Hahahaha!

I live for this drabbles ;___; anything you make is beautiful but drabbles from SB verse are just extra special. Thank you <3

These drabbles are good... i really love your work ;)
Just curious, how come Jaejoong didn't remember Yunho and events before?