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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabbles 3 & 4
No titles... these are actual drabbles.

BabyJoongie SBAU

Drabble 3


The little boy covers his face with a fat pillow at the sound of the whisper, banging his heels on the mattress he shakes his head from side to side.


His cries are muffled and he is getting sweaty and yucky under the pillow but he doesn't care. He wants to stay awake.

He feels a finger poking his foot and he kicks out, only to meet thin air.


"Are you sure you want that?"

Jaejoong freezes before tugging the pillow from his head and bolting upright.

Yunho laughs at the sweaty and thoroughly disheveled, not to mention red-eyed little boy who's been fighting sleep for a good four hours. It's almost 2am in the morning and he'd been on his way home from the airport thanks to a delayed flight when Jihyo noona had texted him.

//Joongie refuses to sleep without seeing you. He's been awake since 6am waiting for you to get back and he threw one hell of a tantrum when appa said he can't go to the airport. Visit for a few minutes? He'll be out like a light.//

"Yunnie?" the five year old whispers, peering at the boy. The light in the room is dim and he is struggling to keep his heavy lids open.

"Sleep, angel."

Drabble 4

Yunho watches his wife stride across his office and drop heavily onto the leather couch.

He stands, shrugging off his jacket and loosening his tie as he walks towards the blond.

“Don’t come nearer. I’ll probably throw up on you.”

A smile, that is very uncharacteristic for the standing man in his present surroundings, blooms across his face at the mournful voice.

“I don’t think my proximity has any influence on your need to throw up.”

“Your proximity is exactly the reason why I’m throwing up.”

“How bad is it?” The smile on his face translates to his voice. His wife’s tone is so disgruntled he cannot help it. He feels bad for the teenager’s predicament but he did warn him.

The curled up teenager lifts his head, blinking in the light, he sluggishly pulls himself into a sitting position, wincing loudly every time he does. He props his feet up on the coffee table as he starts to speak, his complaint soft, his mouth petulant as he lists out his grievances.

“I puked in the Investment Banking, and then the Wealth Management class. The tutorials for all my accounting classes were a mess. I was told not to come back after the third time for being disruptive. Disruptive! Can you believe them?”

Yunho shakes his head, but his wife isn’t looking at him, doe eyes cast onto the gleaming glass coffee table under his feet.

“Did you puke in my class?”

“You mean you actually noticed your wife was in that class this morning? Could’ve fooled me.”

This time he gives in to his amusement, chuckling lowly as he takes the last couple of steps to the couch, only to be stopped by a hand pointing at the armchair alongside. He redirects his feet, choosing not to argue with the silent request.

“Second row, third seat, constantly waving madly to answer questions? Yes, I noticed you.”

“Why didn’t you pick me?”

“Jaejoong, everyone knows you’re my wife. You don’t want me to play favorites do you?”

“Who cares? You’re just a guest lecturer. Two weeks from now, everyone will forget my husband bored them to death about real-life acquisitions instead of theoretical scenarios.”

“You wound me,” Yunho grins at his grumbling wife. “And I’m so boring you spent two-thirds of the class trying to volunteer answers or ask questions?”

“Hardly,” Jaejoong sniffs. “I was just trying to be a supportive wife.”

“There weren’t any lack of pertinent questions or comments from your classmates.”

“Fine! I just wanted some attention, ok? Is that so bad?”

Yunho spreads his arms and legs. His hands are out, palms up as he quirks an eyebrow at the pouty teenager. “And this is why you’re sitting way over there and I’m sitting way over here?”

“You make it sound as if there’s the Grand Canyon between us,” Jaejoong grouches as he drags himself to a standing position and shuffles his way to his husband, dropping into the man’s lap with a yelp. “You’re too hard!”

“I never thought I’d ever hear that complaint from you,” Yunho chuckles lowly as he pulls the teen closer.

The teenager smacks the older man perfunctorily on the arm before dropping his head on his shoulder, and curling his body into the much broader man’s.

He only has time to whisper a soft oh no before losing the couple of Oreo biscuits he’d eaten on his way to Jung Tower down the front of his husband’s shirt.

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Aww, #3 is so cute! Stubborn little Joongie<3 And #4 LOL poor Yunho, he really was warned though!

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