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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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oh no

Kittens make everything better :O

I'm going to go on (semi?) hiatus till August. My personal life has had a HUGE upheaval and work is just crazy and between the two of them, I just don't think I have time for anything else. I should be more settled in August but till then, I think I should put y'all on notice about being away for a bit.

Main problem is that I write while in meetings or when I have quiet moments and at the moment, meetings require my full attention and every single quiet moment is spent with my family. So let's just say IDK how the hell some of you (or even Jung Jaejoong) do it. I'm pretty much lost and scratching my head and realising i'm really NOT superwoman lol!

I'll be around and I think the main thing i'll be doing is answering asks or being on twitter/tumblr because it's easy to multi-task doing that compared to writing.

So yes, i'm not gone forever! Just for a wee bit. Knowing me though, last time I went on an official hiatus I think Sleeping Beauty happened lmao so who knows?

Keep in mind that I love you... ;-)

And little Jaejoongie just because :P

Take care Nikki.

We will be waiting for you~♡

Take care of yourself Nikki.

We will wait for you ^_~

We'll miss your stories terribly though! Take care, Miss! <3

W, and kittens! ♥
We'll wait for you.. take care!

Take your time and we'll be waiting patiently for you. And kitty hugs~

Enjoy the time off! Have a great summer and those kittens are freaking adorable!

You are a Superwoman! I hope you have lots of quiet moments and that things fall happily into place for you. You're right about kittens, they do make everything better, see you when you come back:)

thanks for the heads up~ take care. :)

Do what you need to. Life > fanfic readers.

Be well!

PS do you have a cat?

I'll miss you for sure, so please take care.. I'll wait.. :) oh august please coming soon.. haha

please back with your Changmin-muse C:
I love you, take care *:

Please take care, rest well and hopefully you'll come back all refreshed and recharged! I'll miss you but the SB verse can supply me with enough for me to re-read till you're back. :)

. Take care of yourself and I will always wait for your fics. Get yourself settled first. I will just reread all your other fics which I do anyways. 😄

hope you'll be able to do whatever you need to accomplish..