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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Slept So Long [5/5] - Completed
Title: Slept So Long
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Supernatural, non-AU, Prompt
Warnings: Dub-con, light bondage, rimming
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: Yunho and Jaejoong have been dancing around each other for the better part of a decade. Through the break-up of Dong Bang Shin Ki and beyond, they are still connected. One dark night, a demon decides to come along and complicate things further, irrevocably tying them together forever.

AN1: This is a fic written in response to a plot prompt submitted by ko_bands to jaeho-plot on February 19. This is my first YunJae fic ever so i'm nervous as hell lol.

AN2: Thanks to my eonni and Catherine who have been my cheerleaders throughout this fic despite the fact that they're not really in this fandom.

AN3: And thank you to everyone who has read and commented on all the previous chapters and the side-shot. I cannot thank you enough for liking my fic enough to tell me so. It makes me want to write more ;-)

Yunho watches as Jaejoong props himself up, leaning against Yunho’s upper arm and shoulder, and turns toward him, tiny drops of tears clinging to his lashes. His eyes hold something he can’t readily identify, and this worries him. Jaejoong has always been an open book to Yunho apart from his own blindness towards the true nature of the love they shared. However, as he gazes into the deep caramel pools that make up Jaejoong’s teary eyes, for the first time that he remembers, he has no idea what Jaejoong is thinking.

Jaejoong is the first to look away, seeing and sensing the apprehension and nervousness practically radiating off the other man. He turns his attention to the shirt that Yunho is wearing. It is a blue checked shirt, one that Yunho had left in his apartment one day a lifetime ago. He shifts closer, riding his leg high up and across Yunho’s bare thighs. Jaejoong is cheering inwardly, knowing Yunho must have gone through his closet while he was asleep and been unable to find a pair of pants that fit. He would have found some eventually because Jaejoong still has at least two pairs of Yunho’s pants neatly pressed in the back of his closet.

I will always love you…

Jaejoong closes his eyes as he hears Yunho’s aching voice whisper those words to him in his mind. He wants to hear them again, now, but he knows he has to wait. Not yet. He has to fix him, fix them. He slides his palm down, slipping it under Yunho’s shirt, pleased the man had left the top three buttons undone. He can feel Yunho’s heart speed up under his palm as he just leaves it there, eyes still shut, just feeling.

Yunho can barely breathe. He feels as if his heart is about to jump out of his chest and he knows Jaejoong can feel his racing heartbeat. He doesn’t want to to spook the beautiful man whose eyes are shut, appearing to be quietly contemplative. However, he is feeling a sense of impending doom as his body starts to react to Jaejoong’s innocent touch. He knows he should’ve put on the pants he’d found at the back of the closet after much searching but as usual, old habits die hard, and the need to be free from constricting clothes while indoors had won out. He grits his teeth, willing his body to calm down, all the time not taking his eyes off the sharp profile of the man half sprawled on top of him. Naked. He is not even going to think about Jaejoong’s cock pressing up against the side of his thigh. Nuh-uh, he isn’t going to think about that at all. Yunho is determined to win this war with his body. He is certain any sign of arousal on his part will send Jaejoong fleeing for the nearest lockable room, and that is the very last thing he wants. That Jaejoong hasn’t kicked him out yet is fanning the tiny flame of hope he harbours deep in his heart, and he is not willing to risk anything blowing that flame out.

Jaejoong can feel Yunho’s racing heart slowing down after several minutes, his warm breath blowing across his face as the younger man exhales in measured breaths. He opens his eyes and looks up to find Yunho gazing intently back at him, the apprehension still clear in his eyes. Jaejoong stares, eyes darting about and taking in the planes of Yunho’s face, noting the shadows, and the almost haunted look in his eyes. He looks back down at his hand, half-hidden under the shirt. He slides it out and deftly unbuttons the next button, pushing the material aside as far as it will go, leaving the remaining buttons for now. He ignores Yunho’s gasp as he takes in the angry red scratches decorating Yunho’s upper body.

It is sheer willpower that keeps Yunho unmoving, grimly determined to stay still. What is Jaejoong doing? Does he know what his touch is doing to him? Whatever the smaller man is doing, Yunho vows to walk on hot coals first before he allows his body to react. Little does he know, hot coals will come in the form of a man’s fingertips.

Jaejoong starts humming softly under his breath as he skims his fingers over the marks he’d made on Yunho’s chest. His eyes never leaving the movement of his hand as he lightly drags it soothingly over the marks, apologising with his touch if not his voice. He traces each mark with the soft pads of his fingertips, willing the redness to go away as he continues his careful ministrations.

Yunho is dying. Why is Jaejoong torturing him like this? Is this payback for what happened? No! He discards that ridiculous thought immediately, hating himself for even thinking that way. This was Jaejoong, his Joongie, whose only mistake was loving him. Every touch, every contact that Jaejoong’s fingertips make with his overheated skin sends shooting flames down low in his belly. Yunho is close to crying at the effort that he’s exerting to control his body, thanking SME for training him to the point of exhaustion and beyond. That training is coming in handy now when he finally loses sight of Jaejoong, as he clenches his eyes shut, commanding his body through sheer willpower to stay calm.

If Jaejoong is aware of the war raging within Yunho, he gives no indication of it. He glides his hand lower, still humming softly as he moves to unbutton the remaining three buttons.

Yunho finally moves, opening his eyes and catching Jaejoong’s hand as he pushes the final button free of its hole.

“What are you doing?” His voice comes out harsher than he intended. He winces as Jaejoong visibly flinches, looking back up at him, all huge eyes and trembling lips.

“I want to touch you.”


“I don’t know.” Jaejoong trails off, lost as he stares into Yunho’s terrified brown eyes. The man is scared of something and Jaejoong wants to soothe him, knowing he is probably the cause of that fear.

Time seems to freeze as they stare at each other. Jaejoong is hyper-aware of Yunho’s hand holding his and the touch is familiar, and reassuring despite Yunho’s harsh tone and frightened eyes. Jaejoong sticks out his tongue, sweeping his bottom lip in a nervous habit he’s always had. Yunho’s eyes dart down to track the movement, sub-consciously mimicking the singer. Jaejoong almost smiles when he sees that. Yunho is still his after all.

“Please don’t push me away….” Jaejoong breathes out, and in as quick a motion as he can manage with his still aching body, he moves to sprawl fully on top of Yunho, his face tucked into the taller man’s neck, legs falling naturally on either side of Yunho’s hips.

Yunho’s grip on Jaejoong’s hand tightens as he stiffens in surprise. Jaejoong’s quiet words resound in his jumbled mess of a head. Why? Why is Jaejoong doing this? Yunho can only hold out for so long. He feels Jaejoong’s soft cock against his belly and he almost moans in despair as his body starts to stir. He won’t, he can’t push the fragile man off him no matter how much he wants to. But he fears how Jaejoong will react to his increasingly uncontrollable body. He is burning with a desperate yearning and hope. He lies there, unmoving, willing his arousal not to make itself known, deciding that even if it kills him, he will wait and see what Jaejoong does.

Jaejoong can practically hear Yunho’s heart thundering in his chest. His love is like a racehorse, in every sense of the word. Jaejoong has to smother his urge to chuckle inappropriately at that. His body is still sore but for the first time since he awakened, he is feeling like himself again. Yunho’s hand is still warm around his and Jaejoong wiggles his hand slightly, happy when Yunho loosens his grip and allowing them to link fingers. Their damp palms clasped, Jaejoong finally smiles, his lips pressed against Yunho’s throat.

“Jae…” Yunho tries, his voice cracking at the strain of trying to hold himself together.

He receives nothing but a soft grunt in response, Jaejoong not moving, his hot breath ghosting over Yunho’s throat fanning the flames that Yunho is trying his very best to keep under control.

“Joongie…” Yunho’s voice holds a tinge of desperation, but in all honesty, Yunho has no idea what he will say if Jaejoong actually responds. He just wants something to happen but he doesn’t know what that something is. Or maybe he does, and he is not prepared to face what he wants because it means that he is a bad man. Hasn’t his body done enough to Jaejoong already? How can he ask for more from the man? Why is this so fucking hard? Can they ever be fixed? Questions scream through Yunho’s head as his control slowly slips from him with every puff of hot breath against his throat.

Jaejoong hears the cracks in Yunho’s voice. He waits though, summoning up the courage to do what he wants, what he needs to do. The man underneath him is broken too, just like him. In fact, he may even be more broken, because Jaejoong got through the encounter with the demon knowing that it is actually Yunho responding to him. He went through most of it blindfolded so to him, it is as if it really was Yunho. All those instances of demonic malevolence? He has erased from his mind as a bad dream, acknowledging that it happened and moving on. He has to, for Yunho’s sake. What he focuses on is the fact that Yunho wants him just as much as he wants the dancer, but he has to show Yunho that he still loves him regardless of what’s happened. He gathers strength from Yunho’s confession as he moves to sit back up.

I will always love you…

Yunho can’t help the relieved groan that escapes his throat as he feels Jaejoong moving off him. No, wait. What is Jaejoong doing? Yunho sends an alarmed look up and down Jaejoong’s body, studiously avoiding looking below his navel. He catches sight of his belly piercing for a long enough moment though, and his cock reacts to the view along with the memory associated with it. He unlinks his hand from Jaejoong’s and moves them to his face, pressing the heels of his hands against his eyes. He breaks as he finally loses his fight with his body. He tries not to suffocate on his despair, because he is just waiting for the revulsion and horror to come from Jaejoong, who is sitting quietly astride him, his butt scant millimeters away from Yunho’s burgeoning arousal. His breath comes out in a harsh pants as the feeling of being in jail, of being on trial, of being sentenced rush through him. And through that jumble of feelings of fear and hope, pain and arousal, he hears a sweet voice.

“Doushite… kimi wo suki no natte shimattan darou?”

Two hands land on Yunho’s chest, gently caressing, as Jaejoong’s voice carries the melody of the sad love song. Yunho is unable to stop the tears that fill his eyes, comforted that Jaejoong cannot see him crying as his heart soars at the incomparable creature that is his Jaejoong.

Jaejoong’s heart hurts as he looks down, still singing as he watches Yunho hiding from him. But he keeps going. He keeps at it. When Yunho opens his eyes and looks up, he will know that Jaejoong is his, and will always be his. Jaejoong sings like he has never sung before, infusing all the love he feels for the strong man beneath him. A man that has finally broken. He sings, not taking his eyes off Yunho’s face, unaware that a sole tear has leaked out of his own. As he finishes Changmin’s part in the song and ready to head into the chorus once again, his hands reach up, wrapping around Yunho’s wrists and gently tugging them away from his face as he leans down.

Yunho, I love you

Yunho, I will always love you.

Jaejoong’s words play over and over in his head as he struggles, listening to both the voice singing to him so lovingly as well as the confession from last night. They overlap and meld, until Yunho cannot tell one from in the other even when they are in different languages because it is all Jaejoong. Just Jaejoong. And Jaejoong is all he really needs. He feels familiar hands tugging at his wrist and he allows them to pull his hands away, unmasking his face. He blinks up in the dim light, the day having grown long with sunset approaching. What he sees takes his breath away.

Jaejoong leans down, lightly pressing his pout against Yunho’s cupid bow, singing the chorus, whispering it, breathing it into Yunho’s slightly parted mouth. His eyes are closed and he nuzzles against Yunho’s nose, singing to the end of the chorus and then switching melodies to another familiar song.

“Keep in mind that I love you….”

Yunho lets out a groan, freeing his hands from Jaejoong’s grasp, giving in and wrapping an arm around the man on top of him. His other hand reaching up, cupping the back of Jaejoong’s head, positioning it so Jaejoong’s mouth slants over his as he tentatively licks at the soft mouth on his.

Jaejoong sighs in relief when Yunho finally reacts and he presses down fully, opening his mouth over Yunho’s and accepting his intrusion. The kiss is gentle, loving, healing.

They stay there, exploring each other’s mouths, tasting and feeling as if they’ve never done it before. Both get flashbacks of the kisses they shared last night but both, unknown to each other, are determined to replace those memories with new ones. They exchange soft nibbles, nipping lightly at each other, their eyes tightly shut as if worried that something might change if they open them.

Jaejoong is the first to break for air, moving his head slightly to the side, as far as Yunho’s hand allows him to go, nuzzling the side of his face and languidly pressing tiny kisses along his jawline.



“We need to talk.”

Jaejoong abruptly stops kissing Yunho’s scratchy jaw and lifts his head up, blinking at his leadershii.

“That sounds rather ominous.” He tries to infuse some amusement in his voice but in reality, he is a little worried.

“Are you okay?” Yunho asks quietly, looking up at the beautiful man. He moves his hand to cup Jaejoong’s cheek, his thumb rubbing gently across his cheekbone.

Jaejoong relaxes, leaning into Yunho’s warm hand, closing his eyes to the memory of Yunho doing this last night. He needs to stop thinking about last night. He needs to make new memories. He needs his love. He takes a deep breath, ready to take the plunge, hoping he has read Yunho right because if the proud man gives the wrong response to his next statement, Jaejoong is afraid that all might truly be lost.

“I’ll always be okay as long as you love me.”

Yunho’s lips quirk at the tremble in Jaejoong’s voice, but he doesn’t relent. He will shower Jaejoong with all the love he wants but first, he needs to know.

“I never stopped loving you. I’m sorry I was so blind all these years, but you’ve always been it for me and I promise to make it up to you for the rest of our lives. But Jaejoongie, I’m serious. Are you okay?”

Jaejoong lets out a breath that he doesn’t realise he is holding, relieved beyond description that Yunho answered correctly. He doesn’t question the man’s love for him, not now, not anymore. But he did have that niggling feeling of doubt in his heart, remembering what Korean society is like and the reason why they were even separated in the first place. However, those thoughts are for another day. Tonight, he needs to fix them. To heal them. He smiles and resumes his position, nosing at Yunho’s rough jawline as he answers in the affirmative. He falls back asleep not a few minutes later, soothed by Yunho’s strong and steady heartbeat, content with the heavy, possessive arm holding him tightly around the waist.

Yunho closes his eyes when he hears Jaejoong’s breath even out, knowing his lead singer is sound asleep.

Yunho, I will always love you.

Jaejoong dreams. He dreams of Yunho making love to him. He dreams of Yunho fucking him. He dreams of Yunho possessing him. When he jolts awake, he is painfully hard, his dreams so vivid he moans aloud at finding that they were just that; dreams. He is a deviant. He must be. That’s the only explanation for his need to be filled with Yunho despite everything. He didn’t want to examine his enjoyment at being fucked so thoroughly last night, but now, with Yunho’s warm body under him, it is all he can think about.

The taller man grunts and shifts under him, asleep, as Jaejoong deliberates on what to do. Would Yunho be willing? He doesn’t want to force him, but at the same time, he needs Yunho so much. He wants to erase last night once and for all. Jaejoong finally admits that he also found so much pleasure from Yunho’s body that despite the pain, he wants it again. He wants it very badly. He shudders as he recalls Yunho’s cock entering his body that second time. It didn’t hurt like the first time, just a strange fullness and a slow burn that never really went away, but became pleasurable over time. He stifles a moan as his cock hardens even more as he recalls more, thinking of his body and Yunho’s joined as one. He thinks about Yunho’s cock in his mouth, and the musky smell and tangy taste that is uniquely Yunho’s. He thinks about Yunho’s mouth on his ass, his tongue breaching that tight ring of muscle, his shame. Or is it? Jaejoong blushes as he remembers Yunho kissing his fingers, fingers that were knuckle deep in him just seconds prior.

As he is distracted and taken by those memories, he is unconsciously rubbing against Yunho’s belly, eyes clenched shut, little mewls of longing escaping his throat, a hand finding purchase on Yunho’s muscled upper arm and squeezing. And this is what Yunho awakens to, slightly disoriented as it is now night and the room is dark. He can feel Jaejoong’s comforting weight still on him, and as he regains his bearings, suppresses a moan as he realises what the smaller man is doing. He blinks, trying to get his eyes adjusted to the dim room, a hint of moonlight filtering in. However, he doesn’t need his eyes to hear and feel Jaejoong. The man is rock-hard and apparently trying to burrow his way into Yunho’s belly. The sounds Jaejoong is currently making reminds him of the sexy whimpers he made last night, and Yunho’s cock which had till then been at half mast, grows to fullness.

Harder! Just fuck me harder!

Yunho uses both hands to grip Jaejoong around the hips, stilling his movements.

Jaejoong whips his head up, peering into the darkness and trying to make out Yunho’s face in the shadowed room.



Jaejoong tries to move, shifting slightly and his eyes widen as his butt nudges something hard and familiar. Despite wanting Yunho cock-deep in him, Jaejoong is still shy and he flushes, dropping his burning face back into the crook of Yunho’s neck and wondering how the heck he was going to get Yunho to make love to him if he can’t even look the man in the eyes right now. He is thankful for the lack of light at least but what now? Last night was all that confounded demon. Now, it’s just them. What now?

“Yunnie….” Jaejoong’s voice is pleading. He hopes Yunho will know what to do because he sure as heck doesn’t know how to get what he desperately craves.

Yunho wishes he can read minds so he’ll know what is going through Jaejoong’s. He hears that pleading note in his voice, but can’t even begin to guess what his love wanted. Or can he? That was Jaejoong’s plaintive note when he wants something and assumes Yunho knows what it is. Expects it even, most times. He has a reasonably good idea, but discards it almost immediately because despite how he feels and what his body obviously craves, he is not going to hurt Jaejoong. Sure, they will probably make love at some stage, hopefully the not too distant future, but not tonight. Yunho is still slightly traumatised from the memory of their first coupling and the vision of Jaejoong’s tears and pained moans echoing in his head are not something he will likely forget very quickly. But…

Harder! Just fuck me harder!

Jaejoong wrinkles his nose as Yunho takes far too long to respond for his liking. Maybe he’s going to have to figure this out on his own after all. He starts kissing Yunho’s throat, wet open mouthed kisses but not leaving any marks as he slides downwards a little more, Yunho’s still-hard cock nudging at his entrance. If it weren’t for his boxers, Jaejoong wonders if he can be breached just like that.

Yunho’s grip tightens on Jaejoong’s hips as the horny singer slides down right onto the head of his cock. Yunho bites his bottom lip hard, stifling the urge to push Jaejoong off before his own good intentions go flying out the window at every shimmy the sexy star makes.

“Jaejoong… Jaejoong stop.” Now it’s Yunho’s turn to plead as the man sprawled completely naked and very very hard on him, shifts further down yet again, his hot kisses now at the base of Yunho’s throat and he can feel his own pulse racing, and the blood pounding in his ears.

Jaejoong hears Yunho’s words and sighs as he is not quite lost in a lusty haze just yet. He needs Yunho’s cooperation for that. He sits up, directly on Yunho’s clothed cock, inordinately pleased to feel that he is still like velvet steel despite his words. He smirks slightly at Yunho’s yelp as he stares down at Yunho’s face, the light from the newly risen full moon making the other’s features readily discernible.

“Do you really want me to stop?” He asks, rocking his hips, pleasantly surprised at not feeling much soreness and immensely turned on at the friction against his balls.

“Y-yes.” Yunho manages to get out as he looks up at the beautiful man astride him, teasing him, always teasing.

“Why?” Jaejoong cocks his head to the side as he maintains eye contact with Yunho. He can see the worry in Yunho’s eyes, underlying the obvious arousal he is feeling. It helps to have been with someone for over a decade. Reading every facial tick and change in expression can come in quite handy.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

And there it is. Jaejoong purses his lips, forming a natural pout as he sits back further on Yunho’s body. He tugs at Yunho’s upper arms, an unspoken request for the man to sit up.

Yunho acquiesces and struggles to sit up, keeping his hands on Jaejoong, steadying him as the pouting man lands naturally between his legs, his legs wrapped comfortably around Yunho’s waist.

Jaejoong reaches back around Yunho, grasping the hem of the unbuttoned shirt and tugging it up with all his strength, forcing Yunho’s arms away from his body and up over his head as he is swiftly undressed. The shirt is tossed quickly in the general vicinity of the dresser.

“Jaejoongie…” Yunho’s voice holds a warning.

The gorgeous man looks up at his love, the pale moonlight making him even more beautiful than usual. He is oblivious to his own beauty though as he gazes at Yunho, trying to convey his feelings through his eyes. His eyes have always spoken volumes. Always saying what he never means to say. However this time, he means every unspoken word.

Yunho groans, knowing he is lost. Always lost. He was lost the second Jaejoong turned those imploring liquid doe eyes at him, luminous and glowing in the moonlight, silently begging. Eyes full of love and trust. His hands grasp at Jaejoong’s slim waist, rubbing and squeezing as Yunho struggles with himself. But as he continues to stare, mesmerized, into those brown pools, seeing his own image reflected in them, he drowns willingly.

“I love you, Joongie… I love you so fucking much.” Yunho whispers hoarsely as he drags a hand up, skimming over Jaejoong’s side, cupping his face and pulling him in for a needy kiss. This kiss different from the previous ones they shared, heated and desperate, as if they wanted to absorb each other into their own bodies. He lets out a moan deep in his throat as he feels their cocks rubbing together when Jaejoong tries to get closer.

Jaejoong’s arms are wrapped tightly around Yunho’s neck, his legs tightly around his waist. Their cocks are pressed together, one naked and one clothed as he bucks his hips into the larger man’s. His hand is fisted in Yunho’s hair, fiercely kissing the man he loves back like it is the last time they will ever kiss. Jaejoong is never taking anything for granted anymore.

Teeth clash and lips get nipped harder than intended, but it is beautiful to the two men completely wrapped up in each other, their skin seemingly lighting up the closer they get to each other. Their mouths slant over and over, tasting, licking and sucking, wanting more. Gentle kisses are easy to navigate, needy kisses on the other hand are like testing out a whirlpool in the middle of the ocean as you are caught up in the sensations. But the two glowing figures on the bed are attuned to each other more than most, and they find their rhythm easily, almost immediately. They give and take, and fight for dominance, in a dance as old as time.

Yunho’s breaks away first with a gasp, eyes taking in Jaejoong’s heavy-lidded eyes and moist parted lips, a trace of saliva running down the corner of his reddened mouth. He is a vision of perfection and Yunho shudders to contain himself as he tilts Jaejoong back, running his mouth down the slim column of his neck to latch onto a collarbone. He sucks hard, wanting to mark that pale skin, branding Jaejoong forever as his. Only his. Always his. He is fueled by the gasping mewls coming from the beautiful man in his arms as he continues to lave further down his pale torso. Jaejoong’s body jerks in surprise then explodes into pure want as Yunho’s hot mouth closes over a nipple. His keening moan driving Yunho insane, as he worships Jaejoong’s body as it is meant to be worshipped.

They are tangled in each other, Jaejoong’s slim legs riding high up around Yunho’s upper torso as he is laid reverently on the bed, Yunho’s mouth never once leaving his overheated body, his hands roaming over every available expanse of the pale beauty he can touch. Jaejoong’s skin is crawling, prickling with heat and so much desire that he is genuinely afraid he will explode, or worse, wake up and realise it had all been a dream. His hands are both messing up Yunho’s full head of silky locks as he squirms and moans and pleads, not really aware of what he is doing but just wanting. He almost jumps clear off the bed as Yunho’s hot mouth finally reaches his belly and licks at the piercing nestled in it. He lifts his upper body up, propping himself on his elbows as he looks down at the gorgeous man between his legs.

“Did you know your piercing drove me absolutely insane for so many years?” Yunho looks up, catching Jaejoong’s heated gaze on him as he licks and nips around the piece of jewelry.

Jaejoong shakes his head mutely, watching intently as sparks of pleasure shoot through him. His stomach muscles contract at every lap of Yunho’s tongue and he moans appreciatively when his piercing is tugged by cheeky lips.

“It’s my turn to drive you crazy.” Yunho’s voice is a husky promise as he darts his tongue into Jaejoong’s belly button, teasing and licking heavily at the piercing before he moves away, further down, kissing a hot, wet, trail down to Jaejoong’s straining cock.

Jaejoong holds his breath. His stomach is churning with anticipation and the inexorable heat of his body is making him almost dizzy. This is nothing compared to last night. This is Yunho. His Yunnie. Just the two of them. He watches as Yunho’s mouth twists into a confident smirk as he eyes his cock, the glorious dancer and proud leadershii coming out to play and Jaejoong is unable to stop the low moan of desire just from looking at Yunho’s face. The man is stunning. And forever his.

Yunho smirks up at Jaejoong’s flushed face. The older man is already covered in a light sheen of sweat. Yunho loves the taste of Jaejoong, every part of his body even more delicious than he remembers. A sudden vivid memory of his tongue penetrating the squirming man’s most private place flashes across his mind and his hips involuntarily jerk, rutting against the bed as he can practically taste him once again. He nuzzles at the hard cock by his cheek, his tongue taking playful licks at the moisture smeared across the swollen tip, moaning at the taste. He is not ashamed to admit to himself that he could live happily having Jaejoong for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not to mention during tea breaks and supper as well…. His eyes stay on his lover’s, not breaking eye contact once, needing that connection with Jaejoong that he missed during their earlier couplings. Being able to see him, to look into his eyes, is far more arousing that anything that he’d felt last night.

Jaejoong’s eyes practically roll back into his skull as Yunho starts taking tiny licks at his dripping cock. He can feel a wave of heat course through his entire body as the gorgeous smirking man does that, feeling so hot that he wonders how he is naked. He feels like his skin is another layer that needs to be taken off. He is feeling that hot and they haven’t even done anything truly sexual. But looking into Yunho’s familiar brown eyes, flaming with desire for him, Jaejoong is lost.

Yunho takes languid licks up and down Jaejoong’s painfully hard erection, avoiding the sensitive glands at the head, knowing if the man is as close as he himself is, that not much will tip him over. However, Yunho wants to watch Jaejoong as he takes his first taste while in command of his own body, of the gasping, mewling man currently whimpering needily and staring deep into his eyes. Yunho moves lower, his hands securing Jaejoong to the bed, knowing he will likely try and buck him off soon. He moves lower, never taking his eyes off Jaejoong as his fingers stroke soothing circles on his flat, toned belly, lightly skimming over defined abdominal muscles, worshipping him.

Jaejoong’s hands scrabble for purchase on Yunho’s forearms, desperately clawing as he watches wide-eyed as the tall man moves past his cock and uses his broad shoulders to nudge Jaejoong’s legs further apart. He watches as Yunho stares up at him, eyes full of love and desire with a hint of cheekiness that he loves so dearly about the younger man. A man with so much strain laid upon him daily but around Jaejoong in the privacy of their dorm, always playful and naughty. His leadershii lets his guard down around him and Jaejoong falls in love again as Yunho’s eyes take on a glint of mischief. He watches as the man stares him down as he opens his mouth to take a soft sac into his mouth, his talented tongue rolling gently around the delicate body part. Jaejoong finally calls out Yunho’s name then, a long drawn out moan of his name as the man nuzzles, licks and sucks gently. His mind is an incoherent mess, but he keeps enough willpower to maintain eye contact with Yunho. Watching those beautiful almond shaped eyes he knows so well, looking at him as if he is the most beautiful, most delicious meal on earth.

His name coming from that sweet mouth is almost his undoing. Yunho swallows hard, giving a last lick as he moves one arm down, settling a palm on the back of one thigh, pushing at Jaejoong’s leg, spreading his thighs as he breaks eye contact long enough for him to see the pink clenching hole that is his end goal.

Jaejoong’s breath catches and he almost chokes as worry suddenly washes through him.

“Wh-what are you doing, Yunnie?”

Quick eyes flash up, looking at Jaejoong and the latter looks on, seeing no change in his lover. This is Yunho.

“Do you trust me?” Yunho pauses, lifting him up slightly, resting his cheek against the top of Jaejoong’s thigh, watching the trembling man quietly. “Do you?”

Their eyes lock and Jaejoong sees what he needs to see. He reminds himself again, this is Yunho. He trusts Yunho with his life, why not this?

Yunho is pleased to see a familiar shy smile on Jaejoong’s face as the singer nods, lifting a hand up to cover his smiling mouth and hiding his suddenly blushing face.

“No, Joongie…” Yunho reaches up and gently pulls Jaejoong’s hand from his mouth. “I want to see you.”

Jaejoong giggles nervously, his body suddenly both cold and heated at the same time as he moves to wrap his arms around his exposed upper body, rubbing at his upper arms. The cold feeling dissipates as quickly as it comes though and he watches as the lower half of Yunho’s face disappears between his legs. He can still see his eyes, and if he wasn’t already lying splayed and naked, he would feel completely exposed from the way Yunho is raking his eyes over his body, up and down and back up his eyes, and sweeping down again. The look is both loving yet possessive and Jaejoong involuntarily shivers, immensely turned on by the way Yunho is devouring him with his eyes.

Yunho flashes a possessive smile, and nuzzles the crease underneath his balls, licking gently. Jaejoong squeezes his eyes shut at the fluttery sensation as his belly flips around.

“Look at me.” Yunho’s voice is soft, gentle, yet commanding all the same and Jaejoong’s eyes open, seeking that connection with the man between his legs. He takes a deep breath and opens his legs further as Yunho nuzzles his way down to his puckered hole. The dancer blindly reaching for a discarded pillow, lifting Jaejoong’s hips and placing the pillow underneath it so that he has both access to his prize as well as eye-contact with his love.

Yunho takes a heavy lick that almost sends Jaejoong flying off the bed, his body stretched taut with nervousness, able to feel the shivery pleasure of Yunho’s tongue but unable to let go of the fear that the man will find him disgusting.

“Jae…love, look at me.”

Jaejoong watches, unable to stop the whimpers as Yunho pushes his thighs further apart, nuzzling his balls as he takes another long, sensuous lick, taking his time, licking in and around the clenching orifice. Yunho reaches up a hand and fists Jaejoong’s leaking cock gently as he pokes at the contracting entrance with his tongue, stiffening it and breaching his body, alternating with kisses and sucking, doing the same thing the demon did when he had control of his body, yet so different because it is infused with a profound tenderness and love. So much love that it brings tears to Jaejoong’s eyes. He can feel the difference and he loves Yunho even more for it, for showing him that difference.

Yunho loves the taste of Jaejoong because it is his Joongie and nothing about him is bad. The beautiful man is moving restlessly on the bed, making soft gasping moans that sends a lightning rod straight to Yunho’s cock and he ruts against the bed, so hard that he wonders if he can actually come from eating the whimpering man out. He moves lower, but still, always making sure Jaejoong can see him, and closes his eyes, licking and sucking around the pink opening as thoroughly as he can because he doesn’t want their first time to hurt. He remembers how relaxed Jaejoong was that second time and he wants that for him.

“Pass me the lube, love.”

Jaejoong reaches over, grabbing the bottle and handing it to Yunho, loving the way the man never stops kissing him. His lips not once leaving his body, whether licking at him, and Jaejoong blushes yet again. Or kissing him, gently nipping and sucking, leaving his marks all over his milky-white thighs. He just never stops worshipping his body and Jaejoong has never felt more beautiful in his life lying there splayed on his bed, naked.

“Jae…” Yunho breathes against his inner thigh, his cheek scratching lightly as he inserts a careful, lubed digit into his glistening pink hole.

Jaejoong reflexively clenches around the long finger, and trembles, biting his lower lip at the slightly odd feeling. The probing length slips in easily as Yunho has prepared him well with his tongue.

“You’re so beautiful, baby…” Yunho nibbles at Jaejoong’s inner thigh, rubbing his fuzzy cheek against it, and sending a pleasant tickling sensation up Jaejoong’s body, his cock flexing appreciatively. He never takes his eyes off Jaejoong’s as he inserts a second lubed finger.

The slender man’s jaw gapes slightly as he is stretched a little more. Yunho is being as patient and careful as he can manage, not wanting to hurt the man if he can help it, knowing they cannot avoid pain completely but he will make it as easy as he can. Jaejoong feels a tear slip out as he is overwhelmed by the care his lover is taking. He gasps softly as he feels Yunho nudging another finger gently in.

“Are you okay?” Yunho questions, watching Jaejoong with lust-heavy eyes overlaid with concern as he notices the tear. He pauses his movements, “We can stop if you don’t feel comfortable.”

“No, no!” Jaejoong shakes his head frantically, a wan smile for his lover as he tries to communicate reassurance to the man cherishing him. His whole body is suffused with longing that is far more important than the pleasure. The tender lovemaking more than he envisioned. His heart feels like it is about to burst and although he may never admit it, being in such a vulnerable position like that, at the mercy of his leadershii makes him feel even more loved than he could ever imagine. "I need you now, Yunnie-yah. I love you."

Yunho pulls his fingers out with a slick pop and proceeds to kiss his way up Jaejoong’s body, starting with the arch of his foot, making his way slowly upwards, revelling in the tiny, needy whimpers of the man he loves.

“I don’t think I will ever get enough of you.” Yunho breathes against Jaejoong’s ear. He licks at the delicate curve of his lover’s almost elfin ears, chuckling lowly at the shivers that run through Jaejoong’s body. In a surprising move though, he then lies back and smirks at the ceiling.

“Y-yunho?” comes the breathless query.

Yunho turns to gaze at Jaejoong who is a picture of delectable, aroused, confusion. “I don’t want to hurt you. I want to give you control, Jae. I want to give that back to you.”

Tears prick at Jaejoong’s eyes as he understands the motivation behind Yunho’s move. Last night, he was a vessel, a plaything, a slave to the demon’s twisted game. Not once did he have any say in what was happening to his body, to him. Control was harshly taken from him, replaced with pain and mind-boggling pleasure. And now for their first coupling as Yunho and Jaejoong, Yunho is giving him back that all-important control.

Jaejoong moves to sit astride Yunho, however he makes no move to impale himself as he looks fondly down at the smiling man whose slick cock is sitting proud and heavy against his crack and lower back. “You didn’t have control either, remember?” He whispers as he teasingly tweaks a nipple, eliciting a groan from the dancer.

“I did…” Yunho’s voice shakes slightly as Jae turns his wide-eyes on him. “At the end, I had control because the demon left for whatever reason. But I didn’t realise it, Jae and kept going. I’m so sorry…” He reaches up a hand to cup Jaejoong’s cheek in apology, hating himself once again.

Jaejoong closes his eyes as hazy memories surface once again. He remembers that second joining, recalling that there was hardly any pain, only pleasure. He can feel the heat rise in his cheeks as he remembers his words, the memory assailing him now of him begging the demon to fuck him harder. But was it the demon? He feels as if his body is on fire as he remembers that desperate need to come, and the hands on his body, and Yunho’s voice calling his name… Yunho’s voice.

Yunho is holding his breath in trepidation when Jaejoong’s eyes slide shut. He watches as flickers of emotion flutter across that pale, beautiful face, wondering what is going through the man’s mind. His hands resting on creamy thighs squeeze reflexively as he watches Jaejoong’s cheeks turn pink in the bright moonlight. And as he watches, taking in the delicate features his love, Jaejoong’s eyes snap open, staring down at him with eyes so heated, Yunho gasps aloud.

“It was you.” Jaejoong’s voice is an aching whisper. “You and me at the end.”

Yunho nods mutely.

“I remember you calling my name…I remember…I remember how much I wanted you to fuck me.”

Yunho is burning up from Jaejoong’s gaze, his cock hardening almost painfully at Jaejoong’s husky words.

“I remember it all…I want it all.” And with that Jaejoong slides backwards, dragging his body down the length of Yunho’s till he is once again nose to cock. But this time it’s different. This time he is in control. Jaejoong sends a seductive smirk up Yunho’s body as his plump lips envelope the dripping head of Yunho’s cock, swallowing him down as far as he can take him. There are no niceties, no pleasantries. Jaejoong is a cockwhore. Yunho’s cockwhore.

Yunho’s eyes roll up into the back of his head as his hips stutter, jerking into Jaejoong’s mouth. He is unable to control it as he spends himself in Jaejoong’s hot mouth.

Jaejoong swallows it all down, sucking and licking, and loving how Yunho loses it. He pops off with a last, teasing suck to the sensitive head causing Yunho to growl his name, loving that too. He nuzzles down, inhaling the heady musky scent of the gorgeous dancer, licking and kissing the way he wanted to yesterday, marveling at how tight Yunho’s balls are this time compared to last night. He gives one last loving lick as he licks his way up his lover’s relaxing body, sitting astride his hips once again. His cock is jutting out, red and hard and he moans as Yunho reaches out a hand to fist it.

Yunho pulls Jaejoong down for a kiss as he fists the other’s cock languidly. Not wanting the man to come just yet. He moans into his mouth as he tastes himself on Jaejoong’s tongue, the taste familiar yet different. They battle for dominance, Jaejoong’s mewls going straight to Yunho’s cock whose recovery time appears to have halved since last night.

Jaejoong feels Yunho’s cock hardening against his ass crack and he moans happily, sucking greedily on Yunho’s tongue as he did his cock, then pulling off and sitting up. He grabs the bottle of lube and hops off, once again focusing his attention of the impressive member of his leadershii. He spreads a liberal amount of lube on the velvety hardness, skimming curious fingers over the veins, and pressing a teasing fingertip into the slit causing another growl of his name from the taller man. Jaejoong smirks as he climbs back on, staring down at Yunho’s lust-clouded almond eyes as he guides the man’s cock to his entrance and slowly lowers himself.

He can feel the burn as the blunt head breaches the tight ring of muscle, as he presses inexorably down, not once taking his eyes off Yunho’s face as the younger man’s mouth drops open in a silent gasp. His thighs are shaking as he impales himself, filling himself up, enjoying the slow burn that is spreading through him as his ass kisses Yunho’s hips. Looking into Yunho’s face makes him forget the pain as he starts moving slowly, rocking up and down, feeling absolutely beautiful as Yunho stares up at him in dazed wonder. Strong hands grip his waist, fingers digging in as his pace quickens, trying to get the right angle, which he does and lets Yunho know of it with a hoarse shout.

Yunho watches as Jaejoong’s finally breaks eye contact and throws his head back, skin glistening in the moonlight, watching his neck arch, wanting to taste the man. Yunho leans up and wraps a hand around the back of his neck, pulling him down in a frantic kiss as Jaejoong’s moves speed up, rocking harder, taking him deeper, moaning loudly into his mouth. They kiss in a clash of teeth and tongue, Jaejoong almost incoherent as the friction on his cock against Yunho’s belly drives him crazy when every other jerk of his hips hits that spot within him that makes him see stars.

“Yun-ah… Yunho… Fuck me, please fuck me, oh my god fuck me.” Jaejoong’s voice, a breathless demanding whisper against Yunho’s mouth and the man is only too happy to comply, smiling through his lust as his Jaejoong is back. There are no more demons between them.

His hands move down to wrap around the bouncing cheeks of Jaejoong’s ass as he kneads and massages, spreading them apart as he snaps his dancer hips upwards almost painfully, causing the man above him to scream in pleasure as their bodies slap against each other. Jaejoong moves off Yunho’s mouth, burying his face in the side of his head, his mouth open against a sweaty collarbone as Yunho drives into him, harder, faster, and Jaejoong is an incoherent mess. They are a tangle of limbs as their movements become jerkier and more frantic as they each chase their release, singing their own tune and making their own music together.

Jaejoong lets out a strangled yell that echoes around the room as he comes, mouth sucking hard at Yunho’s throat as he rides out his orgasm, mindless and uncaring of everything but the strong body beneath him, holding him close and cherishing him. Yunho lets out a choked shout of his own as Jaejoong’s tight hole becomes even tighter during his orgasm and it wrings his own release out of him. He buries his face in his shoulder, groaning desperately as Jaejoong’s contracting walls milk his cock dry.

The men are sweaty and sated as they lie there slightly stunned from the force of their orgasms. The last thing Yunho remembers before peaceful darkness takes hold of him, is the soft whispers of I love yous in his ear, knowing that their nightmare is truly over. In their union is their ultimate redemption, as always, just Yunho and Jaejoong.

They make love twice more upon waking up, one of which made for an extra long shower. Jaejoong is certain he could have gotten one more go out of Yunho if not for his leadershii’s sense of duty.

“Joongie-yah, I really need to go. I’m over a day late for this meeting and I don’t even know what they will say. I’ll come back tonight once I sort stuff out. Changmin and I have the next day free and then we fly back to Japan the day after and I promise, you will have all my free time even if it means I have to put on some sort of heinous disguise to escape all my minders and the sasaengs.” Yunho tries his best child-soothing voice on his sulking lover who has crawled back into bed, as he hurriedly dries his hair and body, tossing the towel aside once he is done and reaching for his clothes.

Jaejoong wrinkles his nose, still sulking as he watches those long beautiful legs disappear into a pair of khaki pants. He sniffs annoyedly as his marks disappear from view as Yunho pulls on the discarded blue checked shirt, buttoning it up much too swiftly for Jaejoong’s liking.

“You better be back here for dinner.”

Jaejoong pouts as Yunho ruffles his hair affectionately, pressing a kiss to his temple, then his nose and finally a lingering kiss to his mouth, all the while unable to keep a smile from tugging at his lips.

“What time is dinner, love?”

“Six” is the curt and sulky reply.

“And what will you do if I don’t come back soon enough for your liking, Joongie?” Yunho smirks down at his pouty other half. The man could win the Olympic gold medal if pouting was a registered sport.

“I’m going to go blond!”

AN: Well, we all know what happened after that… Yunho definitely came back but I’m sure Jae timed it so that at 6:01pm, he was going blond :P He’s a rascal like that. He was an absolutely gorgeous living blow-up doll with that blond hair though. I wonder if the Jung agrees :P Thank you for being patient and staying with me. This fic was meant to be a simple one-shot in response to a fic prompt but it turned into a 28,500+ word monster with a 7,300+ word side-shot omg. I blame emo-Jung… He is one stubborn muse. I hope you enjoyed my very first YunJae fic (and the side-shot)! Please do leave a comment as it’s nice to see your opinion on how I’m doing as a first-timer writing for this fandom.

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This is your first fic?
But the way you wrote it was like a pro.

I like the way you wrote how Yunho was batting his feeling of guilt and his need to posses Jaejoong again.
The way Jaejoong tease Yunho to allow him to realise in his own way that Jaejoong does love and forgive him was written really well.

I think choosing the two songs was simply brilliant as one cannot miss out what Jaejoong is trying to tell Yunho.

I cannot wait to read other future fics of yours.

Well, it's my first YunJae fic but my 5th fanfic overall (the other four are for another fandom). Thank you so much for your compliment! <3

Yunho was really being emo this whole fic. It was a true mission reigning him in so he doesn't let all his guilt run away with him. Jaejoong is the only one who can fix him. Thank you so much for saying I wrote that well. I was a little worried about it.

Even thinking of those two songs kinda brings a tear to my eye so imagining Jae singing that to Yunho is just... my poor heart. I'm glad you approve of my song choices. I hope it wasn't too cliche!

Heh.. I think i'll definitely keep writing. I forgot how fun it is to write especially when inspired ;-)

thank you. i read it from start to end.

Lol! Not a problem. I hope you liked it. I think you liked it judging from the random numbers and letters :P

O///O i dont even know what to say..... gosh,that was hot! i cant believe is your first time writing yunjae (smut), it was... wow ;)

Lol for whatever strange reason your comment was flagged as "suspicious". LJ is weird...

I'm glad you enjoyed that :P And yes it's my first time writing YunJae but not my first time writing smut hahahaha. Thank you for your comments! I'm smiling a lot right now heh.

Just wow, it's finally finished. ;; I love everything about this fic. The plot, the characters, your writing, everything. It has been one heck of a journey reading this. You are truly an amazing writer. <3 I hope to see more of your works in the future. ^^

And muchos gracias for the bonus smut in this chapt. ;)

Oh god yes it's finally finished. This was a monster of a chapter... over 8,500 words. I was going to cry if it didn't fit in with LJ's word limit thing lol!

Thank you so much for giving my fic such unconditional love. I'm feeling teary that it's finished but onwards I guess! Thank you for thinking i'm amazing. I think i'm blushing...

Heh, this chapter always needed smut if I were to fill the original prompt properly ;-) I actually added to the smut hahaha! The original draft was a thousand words shorter. The additions were all smut :P I think I suck at "making love" type scenes so I hope you enjoyed it anyway ;-)

Love it. So so good and the ending :))))

Lol! Happy you love it ;-) And the ending is so Jae don't you think? :P Pouty brat, forever spoiled by Yunho and i'll have it no other way tbh! :P

This was amazing! I love the way you write and you did a really good job in conveying YUNJAE's feelings to the readers ! Thanks so much for this wonderful fic! Hope you'll continue to write more of these! :))


Thank youuuuuuuuu! I'm feeling ecstatic lol. I thought their feelings and emotions were kinda important in the fic thanks to the pesky demon :3 I was trying to make everyone feel what they felt. I hope it worked somehow lol ;-)

I'll definitely be writing more YunJae! My only problem is that I suck at plots hehehe but watch this space cos writing is quite addicting and i'm really enjoying it!

Appreciate the love and you hanging in there for this whole (super long) fic that started off as a one-shot! <3

Slept So Long has been an amazing read. From pure lust to unadulterated tenderness .... I've enjoyed every single moment.

Congrats on a wonderful first fic. I'm looking forward to more stories from you.

Yay!!! Happy you enjoyed every single moment even though it was super long lol. I really appreciate it!

I've got two one-shots open on my laptop right now hahaha... Plus an outline for a chaptered fic... So we'll see ;-)

:Q_______________________________ i think i love you.

Awwwwwww! And since you're also pocket size, i'll just tuck you in my pouch and take you places :P You're so sweet hehehe.

wow ... fantastic baby

I love this story, it's like ... I can't even ...

just ... yeah



I'm doing a strange wiggle on my bed right now hehe... So happy you love this story! Thank you sooooooo much for letting me know ;-) Your fic rec list is like my YunJae fic bible jsyk lol! And your fics are like my go-to when I don't know what to read and have some time. So your praise here is very very very flattering!

If my browser was working properly, I would post a gif but instead I'll just......................OH DEAR HEAVENLY YUNJAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My poor heart just going up and down, up and down, then finally pouty!JJ in the end and lovable Yunnie. gah! ♥

Lol! You made me giggle so hard at the whole heart going up and down up and down :P Don't you just adore pouty Jae though? Yunho is a man of strong will to be able to resist that epic pouting Jae was doing hahaha :P Thank you for taking the time to let me know you liked my fic! Hehehe... Heavenly YunJae... Me gusta ;-)

For a first-timer at this fandom, you're a winner! I enjoyed this one very much together with the one-shot parallel. Your smut is very beautifully written. Almost poetic. And the feelings are so real.

Like I said on my other comment, I would love to read your future works. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! First time i've ever seen smut described as poetic lol and I thank you for that ;-) Pretty sure i'll keep writing if I am able to. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

oh i love blonde-joongie-doll too!<3

what a great ending for yunjae~~^^

Lol... He is gorgeous no matter what tbh :P I'm happy you like the ending! Thank you for commenting ;-)

Going blond huh.. Anyway, I think the Jung always loves all JaeJoong did and have.. ^^

I loved your fic.. I hope you will writing another YunJae again.. ^^

Totally true but I do think he has a soft spot for brunette Jae but that's just my interpretation hehe. This is fiction after all :P I'm so glad you liked it and I will keep writing as long as i'm able! Thanks for the comment ;-)

Is this your first time really??
That was really great, their feeling well described as well as their same fear of being reject, not love! </p>

Something I didn't understand : Yunho was in denial all this year, what about JJ? I didn't understand if he was well aware of his feeling or not? Sorry it could be my fault for reading too fast and maybe missing one part! But blame it in your story!!! It was a real turn on and it was messing too much with my mind XD
Anyway I saw that you'll maybe take the other plot of Ko_band about them being in a farm... Is it sure? If it is then i'll be glad to read it!!

So you've made a really great job and I really hope to read from you once again!!
Thank for sharing!!

Yup, first YunJae fic :3

Well, Yunho was in denial, Jae was aware of his own feelings for Yunho but was blind to the fact that it was reciprocated. Lol is it weird that i'm giggling at the fact that my smut was messing with you mind? I'm so bad but i'm glad you enjoyed it!

And yes... I am going to attempt that AU fic so watch this space though omg I have no idea how i'm going to write such a young YunJae hmmm...

Thanks for commenting ;-)