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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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SB YunJae vs Baby Joongie AU
face palm

Ok so thanks to me and my big mouth, my ask went nuts today. Some of you may have followed, most of you probably didn't.

Basically, it's about

1) Yunho NOT being a virgin in the Baby Joongie AU and

2) the fact that Yunho slept with other people post marriage in SB.

Someone asked me if I meant post marriage to Sunye or post marriage to Jaejoong in Sleeping Beauty and well, I just wanted to make it very clear for everyone because to even entertain the thought is pretty crazy tbh. Though to be fair, this was on the back of people finding out that Yunho wasn't a virgin AFTER he met Baby Joongie and that he was one before he met that angel. That's a whole other can of worms though. We'll stick to the original Sleeping Beauty for now and this my reply to that girl.


The sun rises and sets out of SB!Jaejoong's ass as far as SB!Jung is concerned. He doesn't even twitch at ICE!Jaejoong or bat an eyelid at Tattooist!Jaejoong. He sees his children because they look like their mama. Ok, that's a little harsh, but you know what I mean. Yunho's dependency on Jaejoong is terrifying. I know I didn't really illustrate much of it, but that man would die for Jaejoong no questions asked. It would be unhealthy if not for the fact that Jaejoong doesn't let him lose himself so thoroughly. He knows and he understands, and he allows Yunho the little fits of insanity where he spoils him like crazy, but he keeps him grounded. Yunho went from a bleak existence to finding a light so blinding he simply transplanted from one extreme to the other. However, the other extreme has a sensible blond teenager who knows he is the only thing Yunho sees but he is stretching out that bubble Jung has put around him to include their children and his extended family. The bubble is big, but Jaejoong remains the centre. I think i've tried to highlight this with their kids. Yunho loves his children and he would do anything for them but don't you dare get lippy with Jaejoong in front of him. Don't you dare. Sass your mama at your peril basically. If the Chois hadn't died, Yunho would have ruined them beyond anything short of outright killing them for daring to touch Jaejoong. Original end had them committing suicide because of his mechanisations but I didn't want anymore taint on the Jungs but Yunho is more than capable, trust me. I'm not kidding. That darkness is well and truly within him, but he has control of it. The length of time he was with Sunye cannot be underestimated and it has left an indelible mark. Jaejoong will always be his light, but shadows exist where there is light.

Deep breaths...

I forgot how soul-sucking this was.

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I know that Yunho can be pretty harsh sometimes due to his excessive love for Jaejoong but I never really given so much thoughts about how deep Yunho's "darkness" is... maybe because in all the drabbles you have wrote, Yunho would show so much affection to his family and now that I think about it... it's mostly for Jaejoong... always for Jaejoong. and tbh, If I were a part of Jaejoong's family... it wouldn't really matter if Yunho loses his virginity since we all know how long Yunho has to wait for his brethren, hehehe. thanks for the SB AU info Nicki, I think I might re-read the original fic again, LOL :))))

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