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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: Angels aka Mini Mins
Title: Trophy Wife Drabble: Angels aka Mini Mins

Summary: A perfect combination of their parents in looks, but their personalities…well, let’s just say it’s pretty obvious which parent they take after.

AN: Could’ve easily made this a Sleeping Beauty drabble but it needed two Minnieball-esque kids lol. Doesn’t matter if you’ve read Trophy Wife or not, this drabble can stand alone. There's a time jump btw as the drabbles are ALWAYS written out of order.

“Mama, guess what we learned today?”

Changmin smiles down at his twin girls as he warms a bottle of milk. Dressed in identical dresses that they picked out, not even their own father can tell them apart sometimes, but he always can.

“It’s too early for guessing, Yoona. Why did Jaejoong drop you off so early? Did something happen?”

The seven year old grins as she nods at being called the right name. It’s a game she likes to play because she truly believes she’ll catch their mama out one day. Minah doesn’t believe this for one second and the more impatient twin doesn’t understand why her sister insists on continuing the game. It was funny when they were five. They’re seven now, in a real school with real subjects and well, shouldn’t they stop?

Her twin huffs as she heads to the fridge to find something to eat. Their parents send them to a myriad of different “enrichment” classes to broaden their horizons beyond what is taught in school and to see what they might be interested in, and she is definitely not interested in this particular class. It’s supposed to be a more secular version of bible study without any direct mention of god but the whole nonsense about heaven and hell today was definitely the last straw.

For both of them.

“We got kicked out of class.”

“Excuse me?” Changmin’s eyes slide over to the twin whose head is in the fridge. “Minah, what do you mean by that?”

The sulky young girl draws back to stare at her mama. “It wasn’t our fault.”

“It never is,” Changmin mumbles under his breath, as he switches his gaze back to the older twin. “Yoona?”

“Heaven has streets paved with gold.” Yoona answers, her voice showing her disbelief loud and clear, as if that answers their mama’s question about why they got kicked out of class.

Changmin arches a perfectly tweezed eyebrow. He is still modeling part time, making his comeback just that week, though he is probably one of the most overqualified supermodels around. However with four children, he cannot quite see himself making a career from his Masters degree, majoring in International Commerce from Seoul National University. A shame perhaps, but he has his priorities and two of them are right in front of him.

While a little voice inside him is clambering to know why his angels got kicked out of class, he knows full well that asking them direct questions lead to nowhere till they’re both good and ready to paint the picture of their mischief for him.

“Gold, huh?”

“Right?” Yoona climbs up onto the barstool, dropping her elbows to the table and framing her face with her hands. Her brow is furrowed as she stares at her mama, knowing that the man understands her perfectly.

“Have you heard of anything more ridiculous?” Minah grumbles as she drops a bowl of stuffed cucumber kimchi she’s found in the fridge onto the counter and climbs up another bar stool to settle next to her sister.

Changmin hides a smile as the bottle warmer dings. He takes it, and holds out a hand to his twins. “Hold that thought. I’ll be right back.”

“Take your time,” Yoona replies airily as she starts to pick at the bowl of cucumber kimchi with her sister who elbows her.

She elbows back good-naturedly, and they both settle to taking turns with the bowl of food.

The supermodel smiles as he turns, heading out the back and to the garden. The house plans were drawn up just after Changmin gave birth to their third child, and after much dawdling and dragging of feet on Changmin’s part thanks to his love of the penthouse, they finally moved into the large home a few months before the arrival of the fourth Jung.

His smile widens, though it’s accompanied by an eye roll as he overhears the conversation his ahjusshi husband is having with their youngest child.

“I do think you’re the tiniest baby I’ve ever seen. Are you fully baked?”

Yunho is cradling the baby gently as he speaks, peering closely as he nuzzles the fretful, mewling infant whose eyes are scrunched shut in the late morning sunlight. It’s slightly overcast, but there’s enough sunlight to come through for the baby to get his prerequisite time in the sun. Having suffered from a prolonged case of jaundice as a premature newborn, the baby’s time in the sun with his father has become a ritual and now at ten weeks old, still continues despite there being no real need for him to sunbathe any more.

“If he wasn’t fully baked, what were you going to do?”

“Stuff him back inside?”

Changmin smacks Yunho up the back of the head sharply, his husband letting out a strangled yelp that startles the baby who finally starts to cry.

The supermodel hands over the warmed bottle of milk to his sheepish husband who coos at the baby before stuffing his mouth with the teat.

Blissful silence.

“You’re such a lame ass.”

“Watch your language,” Yunho cautions, eyes not leaving the apparently starving baby as he drinks his milk like he hasn’t been fed in days when he knows full well the baby gorged himself not too long ago at his wife’s chest.

“Make me,” Changmin smirks as he bends over to drape himself over his husband’s broad back. He nuzzles his ear as he feels the growl vibrating in his husband’s throat. “You know you love it,” he breathes into the older man’s ear. “You love it when I tell you to…” he drops his voice even more, the sensual teasing timbre in his voice is unmistakable “…fuck me harder.”

“God damn it, Changmin! I’m feeding our baby!” Yunho growls helplessly, caught in his wife’s web, and trapped by the contented baby in his arms.

“I’ll feed you, later.”


“I love you.”

“You’re a brat,” Yunho’s tone is resigned as he fights with his body.

And wins, thank goodness.

Changmin grins and kisses his husband lightly on the cheek before straightening. “By the by, our daughters are home.”

“Weren’t they supposed to have lunch with the Parks?”

“Jongin is still with them, but apparently the girls got kicked out of class so I’m guessing Jae dropped them off here as punishment. I might take them over if I like their explanation this time, so we’ll see.”

Three beats of silence before Yunho sighs loudly. “You do realize this is the third time they’ve been kicked out of a class? They’re only seven. Maybe it’s time we accept the fact that our angels are actually hellions.”

“They always make sense!” The supermodel replies defensively.

“Yes, but they’re rather pushy with their viewpoint, rather like someone I know.”

Changmin smacks Yunho again, lightly this time before he presses a kiss to the top of the older man’s head and answers. “I’ll deal with them.”

The CEO twists in his seat to watch his wife retreat into the kitchen. He smiles as his daughters catch him looking and they wave at him from the breakfast counter. He turns his gaze back down to the feeding infant who is now staring up at him with familiar eyes that hold true in all four of his children.

Though really, it isn’t just the eyes but the personality.

And even though the youngest has yet to develop one, there is a marked bias in the way he behaves already that tells Yunho that he has managed to somehow end up with five hellions.

The thought makes him smile, as he gets to his feet to join his family inside the house.

”How can heaven have streets made of gold?”

“It just does.”

“What do you mean it just does? That makes no sense. It sounds like hell.”

“Are you trying to tell me that you think that hell has streets paved with gold? I’m sorry, Jung Yoona but you’re wrong.”

“She’s not wrong. Gold is a metal, and metal gets hot. I can’t imagine the sun not shining in heaven so it must be shining and the gold streets are going to burn everyone’s feet! Isn’t that hell?”

The class is silent, gazing back and forth between the red-faced teacher and the stoic twins staring back up at him as if he’s the silliest thing they’ve ever seen. The young girls have very expressive faces, and it’s pretty clear, to the teacher especially, that they think him an idiot. Rational beyond their years, raised by a mama who expects no less, the girls are never afraid to speak up for they were taught from a young age that if they make sense, they won’t get into trouble.

The teacher gets petty as the embarrassment overtakes him. “The sun is not going to be hot enough to heat up the gold to burn your feet, silly girl.”

Minah continues as if she didn’t hear him, knowing full well she’s anything but silly. She believes her parents over anyone else, and certainly over this strange teacher.

“Have you been to Australia?”


“Have you been to Australia?” Yoona echoes her twin.

“Look here, you entitled brat, some of us are not rich enough—“

“You brought it up,” Yoona interrupts smoothly. The calmer twin, she has a hand on her bristling sister to keep her silent. “You said the sun isn’t hot enough to heat up the gold to burn our feet so we’re trying to show you by example. We got taught that at school.”

The man’s mouth opens and closes, no words coming forth but there seems to be a weird strangled sound coming from the back of his throat.

The class is still silent, most of them not really following the conversation anyway. They’re more interested in the “fight” going on between their classmates and the teacher.

“Yes, in school.” Minah nods, taking that cue because people seem to hold a lot of value to things taught in school. She knows better. Her mama is a far better teacher than anyone she’s ever met. “We’ve been to the beaches in Australia and on a hot day, you cannot walk on the sand because it’s too hot and hurts our feet. Papa has to carry us.”

“You know…that sounds rather heavenly.”

“Papa carrying us?”

The twins turn towards each other and start discussing the merits of potentially believing that there are gold streets in heaven because their papa will be there to carry them.


Two young girls cease speaking, turning in unison towards their teacher, as Minah speaks. “Have we reached a conclusion?”

“A conclusion?”

“Whether hell has gold streets.”

“Hell? I said heaven!” The man is losing his cool once again. What compounds it is the fact that the two girls are completely unruffled, still staring at him with those judging eyes. “Hell doesn’t have gold streets!”

“Why would heaven have streets that can hurt people? It’ll hurt our papa’s feet so while we like being carried by him, we don’t want his feet to hurt so gold streets must be in hell.”

“Hell doesn’t have gold streets,” the teacher echoes insistently.

“Well, I don’t know if it does or not though common tense tells me that between heaven and hell, gold streets are more appropriate in hell.”

Minah smiles sweetly at the end of her sister’s rationalizing. “And I’m sure you can tell us when you get there.”

“And that’s when he told us to get out.”

“He just assumed I meant he’d be going to hell.”

“Admit it, that’s what you meant.”

Minah shrugs at her twin. “Yes, but I didn’t really say it. We shouldn’t be punished for his assumptions.”

“He made no sense,” Yoona nods firmly, before swiftly changing the subject away from any mention of punishments. “Joongie came with us then and called his mama with his phone.”

“Why does he have a phone and we don’t have a phone?”

“We could have called you ourselves.”

The discussion is interrupted by a loud belch from the infant on Yunho’s shoulder, causing both twins to giggle loudly, transforming their indignant faces back to being perfect little bambi-eyed angels.

Changmin hops off the bar stool followed suit by the girls, his indignant expression pretty much identical to the ones his daughters were wearing a few seconds ago.

“I’m going to have words with this…this…this person.” Changmin grits out.

Yunho hands the sleepy infant to his wife, kissing his forehead as he steps back. “No, I’ll go to the centre. You take the kids to the Parks for lunch. I’ll meet you there.”

The twins exchange grins, linking their pinkies as they follow their parents out to the garage.

Angels. Always angels.

AN: I’m sorry…everything Trophy Wife always turns a little bit sexual somehow AND I DON’T KNOW WHY OH GOD. Maybe it’s cos I need to remind myself that just cause they’ve got kids, doesn’t mean they have to change…much :P Also, children like that exist. Age and all. Even younger sometimes. Brats ;-)

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This family is adorable. The girls are just like their mama.
I really enjoyed the moment with Yunho, Changmin and their baby. Thank you! ^__^

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