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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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The Situation
Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: The Situation
Pairing: YunJae + YooSuMin (brotherhood)
Rating: PG
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: Mess with one Jung, and you mess with all.

AN1: You might want to read Dieffenbachia first. Also, I think this might be able to fill the “brotherhood” prompt as well even though it wasn’t explicitly used. The sentiment is definitely there.

AN2: Un-betaed and this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE - PM me if you cannot get access because it's in the comm.

SB Situation

“Did you think I wasn’t serious?” The normally easy-going and cheeky Jung Yoochun is anything but. He resembles his father almost entirely in that moment with his cool gaze, the thinning of his lips that indicate his anger, and the set of his jaw. He leans down, staring intently at the boy lying prone on the ground whose eyes are filled with defiance.

“Fuck you.” The stupid boy spits out. “Your idiot brother doesn’t deserve his title and I stand by that. I was promised that position when I transferred here but guess what? I’m sure your filthy rich parents bought his place on the team. I can run fucking rings around him and everyone knows it. I proved it today.” He ends, in a smug tone, eyes slightly wild at the memory. Soccer is his life, and book-smart to boot, this teenager has everything he needs to succeed in life.

Everything apart from some basic common sense and the ability to look at the world beyond himself.

That is the main reason why this allegedly deserving teenager isn’t the school’s soccer captain. He is unlikable. Period. He isn’t someone the school can get behind to rally the team. He barely gets along with his teammates as it is, so full of self-importance at his abilities that he never ever takes the time to encourage anyone around him.

A complete contrast to Jung Junsu, a natural talent on the field and a sweet boy in every sense. He may not be book-smart but he has something essential to the role of a soccer captain.


He inspires dedication in his fellow players, with his talent, determination and ethics both on and off the field. Personality-wise, the child of the head of Jung Conglomerate and the owner of Kim Media, is the closest thing to an angel that any of the seven children will ever get to. Though not as blessed as his siblings in terms of intellect, Junsu more than makes up for it in kindness and sincerity. The boy is willing to believe the good in everyone, much like his mama, and his willingness to give people the benefit of the doubt causes his brothers no end of grief. Both Yoochun and Changmin get more than a little aggravated with their brother for being too trusting, or too easily fooled. While they both usually do gang up on the middle boy to tease and prank him, they do it out of love not spite. Woe to anyone who tries to do the same to Junsu for Yoochun and Changmin will not tolerate it. Changmin is especially protective over this.

Junsu is a pure soul, and they will both make sure it stays this way.

Yoochun’s eyes narrow as he hauls the boy to his feet. It takes more strength than anticipated, but the oldest Jung boy doesn’t let it show on his face as he throws the taller, broader teen against a tree.

“And so you decided that the best way to get your place was to injure him?”

“That was a legitimate tackle!”

There is a small crowd gathering, watching in silence as the unfortunate boy attempts to throw a clumsy punch at the class president’s face.

Some of the more unkind ones snicker when Yoochun deflects it easily, as if swatting a fly. Most of the student body has been there from the start with the Jung kids, and they all know that to mess with one, means to mess with all. Those that are too young to have met the sisters, know them by reputation nonetheless for Jung Jaeyoung used to be one hell of a troublemaker, and her older sister was constantly getting her out of trouble.

Though even when Jiyool left for college early, JJ had the boys to defend her every breath.

It doesn’t stop at trouble-making. Every single Jung sibling will band together if one of them is upset about something or other.

A handful of those watching Jung Yoochun almost casually parrying with the larger boy as he backs him towards the archery range remember when the youngest boy had decided to stop singing for the choir. Changmin was a key component of the choir, being only one of two tenors. His sister JJ was the star mezzo-soprano, and she had threatened to quit the choir when told that they were thinking of kicking Changmin off. Yoochun and Junsu, both with considerable influence over different parts of the student body had rallied support for the bratty youngest boy.

To this day, no one knows why Changmin went on strike for a month from the choir, but this handful of students now shaking their head ruefully as Yoochun shoves the boy against a large target, remember the ruckus his older siblings kicked up on his behalf to keep his place.

Mess with one Jung, and you mess with all.

Clearly someone forgot to give the new kid the head’s up.

Changmin’s expression is coolly indifferent as he approaches the two boys by the target. He has several coils of rope slung over a shoulder that he’d managed to find in the sports utility room.

The crowd gathering around the impressive field archery grounds are still silent, wondering how far the Jung boys are planning on pushing this. Their parents will get them out of trouble, no problem at all, but surely there are limits.

Whispers start to flow as Yoochun and Changmin start tying the burly boy to the target.

The boy is oddly silent, not shouting or calling for help as anyone else would probably do by now.

What the audience doesn’t realize is that the new kid knows he has an audience and he is too proud to vocalise his fear.

But the fear is definitely there as he watches the silent Jung boys.

“You won’t get away with this no matter who the fuck your parents are,” he sneers, his voice a little thready but it holds.

Changmin looks up from tying the last knot by the boy’s ankle, and smiles.

Yoochun sees it and he chuckles, voice filled with amusement. “Please don’t kill him.”

To the tied boy’s horror, Changmin’s smile only widens as he straightens, giving his older brother a high five as he walks away towards the rack of bows standing a rather alarming distance away from the target.

The class president starts to whistle a familiar song as he reaches into his back pocket to pull out his folded cap, putting it on nonchalantly as he continues to whistle.

He is in the middle of considering whether to put his sunglasses on when a loud thwack is heard, and a loud exclamation from the tied boy, echoed by the now considerable crowd standing at the perimeter of the grounds.

Yoochun looks up to see the teenage athlete staring in horror at the arrow quivering from about three inches from the side of his head.

A second arrow hits just then, two inches from the boy’s nose, and he turns stricken eyes towards Yoochun who is still whistling as he finally decides to put his sunnies on his head rather than wear them.

The third arrow hits just then, whistling so close to Yoochun’s hair that he feels the breeze.

It lands on the other side of the now absolutely ashen boy’s head.

“Yah!” he twists to yell at his baby brother. “You almost hit me.”

“I was never going to hit you,” Changmin yells back, just as he lets loose another arrow.

It lands just above the boy’s head, and the teenager finally starts to shout for help.

The crowd is stunned.

There is no way Changmin would have shot his arrow that close to Yoochun if he wasn’t confident.

And despite his words, his older brother doesn’t look the slightest bit worried as he strolls away from the target, heading towards his brother with his hands in his pockets as if he doesn’t have a care in the world.

He even hops up and does a little skip, tapping his ankles together, which makes some of those watching shake their heads.

“Where are the teachers?” a girl asks her schoolmate, continuing to watch in growing horror as Yoochun too starts pulling on an arm guard and gloves.

“I think no one’s called them.”

“Shouldn’t someone stop them?”

“You saw what he did to Junsu. The tackle was unnecessary and hyung had to be stretchered off the field. He couldn’t even walk.”

“So? They can’t be the judge, jury and executioner! Are they going to scare everyone who tackles their brother?”

“This is the first time actually.”


“The Jungs play fair. That was a dirty tackle and everyone knew it. Why do you think that fool over there got told off by the coach and taken out of the game? He’s crazy if he thinks he can get away with what he did. Someone obviously forgot to tell him that you don’t mess with Jung Junsu. Half the squad got all up in his face after that tackle. Everyone was angry. Only difference is, their anger might be kept verbal but his brothers are the only ones with the balls to see that he pays for it.”

The girl is aghast as she stares at her friend. “You admire them for this behavior? Yoochun is the class president! What kind of example is this?”

“Oh, Park Ha.” The boy shakes his head at the pretty girl. “You don’t know the Jungs very well, do you? I’ve been in the same class as them for seven years. Yoochun couldn’t care less about being class president. However, he does care about his brothers. He may lose his position over this, but I bet you, he’ll say it was worth it.” The boy chuckles, “and he’d probably grin saying it.”

Their conversation is halted just then when Yoochun’s voice is heard loud and clear.

“I would stop moving if I were you. I’m not as good as Changminnie.”

Silence as Yoochun nocks his arrow, his target is already quiet now with about fifteen arrows framing his body. There is a choked whimper, and a rather tell-tale wetness in the front of the target boy’s pants. It speaks volumes that none of the teenagers watching comment on that fact.

The whispers start again as the older twin seems to take his own sweet time, moving his arms up and down as if trying to decide exactly where to shoot.

But the whispers aren’t because of that.

Jung Junsu, hobbling hurriedly on crutches, as fast as he can manage, is approaching and fast, escorted by two of his teammates.

The crowd parts to let him through, and many are witness to the indrawn gasp of shock the soccer captain lets out upon seeing the scene before him.

“Chunnie! Stop!”

Yoochun drops his arms instantly, twisting around to see his brother.

Changmin immediately steps behind his older brother, peering around the president to watch their brother approaching. His eyes tighten upon noting the bound ankle, but he says nothing.

“Are you insane? What the hell are you doing?” Junsu continues to yell as he hobbles along. His face is red from the exertion but there is no mistaking the disappointment in his face.

The crowd closes in, now that it’s probably safe to do so.

Yoochun tosses the bow and arrow away, holding his hands up in surrender. “Would you believe me if I said, nothing?”

“Chunnie!” Junsu finally arrives, dropping his crutches, he topples forward, caught instantly by his twin who hugs him tightly.

Changmin moves instantly behind the soccer star, hugging him from behind and dropping his chin onto his shoulder and whispering his apology.

“Mama is going to kill you,” Junsu whispers against Yoochun’s ear. “I can’t save you this time, hyung. I think I want to kill you too. This is too much.”

“It was my idea,” Changmin whispers, tightening his hold of his brothers.

“Don’t lie for him, Minnie-ah. I know Chunnie. He hurts because I hurt, and he wanted to make him pay. I think you’ve scared him so badly he’ll probably transfer to another school.

“Good riddance,” comes the unrepentant response as Yoochun pulls away from his twin’s embrace to look at him, eyes serious. “I put up with his bullshit for three months. How can you tolerate it? Every time he opens his mouth, I want to punch him.”

“I just ignore it. You should learn that. You act too quickly on emotions.” Junsu replies quietly as he leans back against Changmin who stands firm, allowing his brother to rest against him.

“Are you angry with me?” Yoochun’s voice drops, along with his eyes as he stares at the muddy jersey his twin hasn’t changed out of since going to the infirmary.

“Angry? No. Disappointed? A little.”

“Just a little?”

“It was more, but then I’m standing here thinking if anyone had hurt you or Changmin like this, I think I will probably hurt them too, so I can’t knock you for something I’d probably do myself.”

“How do I fix this?”

“Turn yourself in. I’ll call mama.”

Changmin nods, agreeing. “Yes, not daddy. Definitely mama.”

The crowd parts once again, eyes now torn between the huddled trio and a man striding across the field towards them. They recognize him of course, for unlike most of the parents of the kids who go to that school, he is more visible than most of them, regularly picking up or dropping off his sons and daughters.

“Looks like someone did call a teacher.”

“And the teacher called a parent.”

The girl doesn’t realize she’s holding her breath as the parent sweeps past right in front of her. She’s gotten a good look at his face, and she doesn’t bother suppressing the shiver that runs through her.

“I almost feel sorry for them.”

“Me too.”

The crowd starts to back away once again, moving as one, like a pulsing breath, as if knowing it’s no longer safe to be too close.

The poor sucker used for target practice has already been freed by some good samaritan, and he is nowhere to be seen as the crowd edges back.

The three teenagers are still conversing in a huddle when Changmin feels a frission of awareness, the hair on the back of his neck standing on end as he closes his eyes. Being a melodramatic little brat, he sends up a mental prayer for salvation as he struggles to open his mouth to warn his brothers.

“Hyung,” he whispers urgently, catching the attention of the twins immediately.


“Don’t look up.”

“Why not?”

“I think dad’s here.”

“Not dad,” both twins groan in unison as Junsu pulls Yoochun back into a hug, his other hand reaching behind him to hold Changmin to his back as he feels the resigned sigh of the younger boy against his neck.

Yunho observes his teenaged sons, taking in Junsu’s obvious injury, and the way they are huddled together. He’s always been the first contact at the school, specifically when injuries happen to the children because he doesn’t want Jaejoong to have to face something like that alone. Once the situation is assessed, then he calls his wife.

This time, instead of finding the injured twin waiting for him in the infirmary, he gets double-teamed by the school dean and associate dean and appraised of the situation.

What he finds interesting though is that when he questions why his sons weren’t stopped, both men actually stare back at him in confusion.

Apparently, it never occurred to them since they knew he was on his way anyway.

He knows full well his wife is going to have more than a few choice words for the abysmal lack of anything even remotely resembling discipline in this particular instance. Their boys are at school far more than they are at home during their waking hours and as parents, Yunho and Jaejoong can only do so much.

Leaving the boys to do what they did because their father was on their way anyway is just about the most ridiculous reason he’s ever heard.

Yunho knows he is feared, but he is always fair.

Though he has a feeling his sons need to be taught exactly how far they are allowed to go in making sure things remain “fair”.

Three boys sigh when they hear a familiar ringtone.

Love In The Ice.

Their parents have never changed their ringtone for as long as they remember.

Yoochun winces when he hears a familiar voice, not at all questioning how his youngest brother knew which parent had come for them. Changmin has always been weird that way.


“What happened?” Jaejoong has just shut the door on his chatty twins in the backseat of the car, leaning against the bonnet as he puts his sunglasses on. “I just picked up Nana and Mimi and on our way out, the principal stopped me, telling me in the most dire of tones that there’s been a situation at the high school involving the boys. Since I didn’t get a phone call, I figured they must have called you. What happened?”

Yunho glances over at the target board, with the fifteen arrows unmistakably outlining a human figure.

“Junsu got injured during soccer practice and—“

“Is he ok?!” Jaejoong interrupts, stepping away from the car as he starts to pace. “Yunnie, is my baby ok?”

Yunho glances down at Junsu’s foot once again, taking in the cast away crutches.

“He’s alright. Sprained ankle according to the nurse. He has to stay off it for at least a week.”

Jaejoong heaves a sigh of relief, pressing a hand against his heart to calm himself.

“Easy, love.” Yunho’s voice is soothing, causing Jaejoong to smile.

His sons though, are feeling like they’re sitting on death row or something, the anticipation is killing them as they listen to their father soothe their mama. It’s nothing they haven’t heard before, but they know no matter how loving and sweet their father is being to their mama right now, they will not get any of it if the man doesn’t accept their explanation for the situation.

Not that they can really justify their behavior anyway. Both Yoochun and Changmin know they went too far, but both were far too angry to be cautious at all. Hotheaded, emotional and very stubborn, the two boys are only tempered by Junsu in between them. The true angel in the family, he was stuck in the infirmary being checked over when there was a need for his raging brothers to be calmed.

Always teased and mildly bullied, any Jung will tell you that despite what it appears to be, Junsu is the most powerful Jung boy, for both brothers will fall in line should he ask them to.

That’s the thing though, isn’t it? Junsu rarely needs to ask.

“I’ll be there in two minutes.”

“Why don’t you wait for us at home? We won’t be long anyway and the girls must be hungry by now.”

“Is there a reason why you don’t want me at the school?” Jaejoong asks a little suspiciously.

Yunho turns towards the imposing brick buildings of the exclusive private school. He considers it for a moment, before replying. “They didn’t stop them. The school allowed them to continue tormenting another boy, not stepping it at all because, and I quote, you were on your way.”

“What? What did they do?” Jaejoong’s back is ramrod straight as he frowns.

Yunho outlines what he’s been told and what he can see before him, as succinctly as he can, keeping half an eye on his sons who still haven’t budged from their huddle of sorts.

“Are you serious? What if the child being tormented was our son? Would they have stepped in then? This is unacceptable.”

“I agree.”

“Do you want to talk to them, or shall I?”

Yunho smiles faintly, as his gaze roams back over to the building. “You’re in a better position as a child psychologist. You can give them the hell they deserve for this.”

Jaejoong nods as he heads back to the car where his girls appear to still be chatting nineteen to the dozen and none the wiser.

“I’ll drop the girls off at my noona’s. Give me five minutes or so.”

“I’ll be here.”

Jaejoong opens the car door, stopping short as he gazes into the distance at the high school he can see from where he is parked for the sprawling compound is just next door. “Yunnie-ah, don’t let Junsu take any blame. Minnie is the crack shot, but Yoochun…this whole thing smells like our Chunnie.”

“They won’t let Junsu take the blame anyway,” Yunho agrees as he watches his sons finally break away from their huddle to face him. Junsu in the middle, using both his brothers as his crutch as they stare up at him.

Both boys on the end nod at his words, expressions resigned.

Changmin’s expression is vaguely martyr-like, and Yunho is hard pressed not to smile.

But he cannot, for his sons need to be punished.

“Tell them I love them,” Jaejoong says as he gets into the car.

Yunho does smile then.

His children are good manipulators, but their mama is the best one of all.

He hangs up then, studying his children.

“Your mama says he loves you.”

Fifteen year old Changmin’s eyes water instantly.

Yoochun reaches up to pull his cap low over his face to hide his tears.

Junsu, angel little Junsu sighs.

He may not be as smart as his siblings, but he is smart where it counts.

“Mama is naughty.”

AN: Ok, so you can blame my comm for this. Someone posted that macro and this scenario came to mind instantly. I am not saying what they did is right because so so so wrong, but I can absolutely see them doing such a thing. The kids are not really bullies in general, but damn…they do know how to exact revenge.

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Jung Yunho *__*
This family is amazingly awesome^o^
Naughty mama and someone or more are getting punished ;D

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