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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Last Night
Title: Last Night
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Length: Oneshot
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fluff, non-AU and errr...stuff.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.

Summary: South Korean passport holders are allowed 90 days in Japan without a visa so really, what are these pASSport problems?

AN: So so so so so late. So freaking late that you can just take this as my offering for the YunJae Wedding Anniversary next week cos I won’t be around //cries// This is for Yue in an attempt to bribe her to resurrect YunJae Everlasting :P Also, what better way to celebrate the President’s birthday, huh?


Passport problems? Wouldn't I have the same problems then?Collapse )

Oh mind what a one shot!
Till now I can't get the goofy smile and the flowery summery shirt out of my mine.
Everything was just too much fitting and makes sense!Indeed YunJae is raining nonstop.

aigoo~ uri umma appa are so happy at that time! especially umma! hahahah

Okay, im not yet even on the close to 1/4 of reading this but, idk, i've been spazzing about this incident with other cassies in the fan page and i'm not gonna lie. This is the first time i scrolled up while wishing it was nc-17 and yes i scream 'yosh' and did a fist pump. I love you, unnie for making this fic. I was about to write one but, i got busy with roleplays and all, had none wrote one. Unf. Jae's tweet about missing someone in(not from) japan just made my heat do countless somersaults. *^* Okay im done. /goes to read/

Hot blowminded yunjae
And Changmin is awesome
Thank u for this perfection
pASSpASSport problem indeed

love love love love love love love this
YunJae is LOVE

beautiful :) like always .thank u for writing and sharing this fic although you are busy =] *drowning in yj feels like really* again thanks.

lol it sounds legit actually tho xD, if i have no clue at all i might assume this one is real, secret sassaeng fanaccount or something xD

AHHHHHH!!!! THANK YOU! So much fluff!! egads, I am so so so happy right now!! Happy boys! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for writing that great story~~* it fit those pix perfectly! Your Yunjae muse is the best!

ohhh!nikki...you're the best...this is the best..still got shiver & goosebumps all over..gosh!love..fluff..and smut...oh!my..thank you dear for writing this..all hugs n kissesss*muahhhh*
p/s..didn't I told you before that I love it when you'll always lost to yunho...^^)

I love it! Who cares about reality? Jaejoong is happy, Yunho is happy, Changmin is hungry(that's what you get for being a stinky troll) it's all good! You sure are prolific for a person who is supposed to be taking a well deserved rest:) Lucky us!!!

I visualized Jae's recent “manly” image while reading this and I need to insert in my brain that He's the “Jae”in Yunjae lol! good thing I haven't watch Triangle..and the switched caught me unprepared!

I don't know the details of the events either but, heck! when you write them like this I don't care about what really happened. It's all about the YJ world ^^ <3

Hello Nikkin! Thank you for this amazing fanfic! This is great ! Made me happy while reading ))) it is as all fans imagination came true in this story )))

Jae 's selcas and Yunho's trip to Korea are really so intriuguing )))

When you write YunJae based on events no other pairing seems even possible. This was so good. I think I liked the phone call the best. I could just picture Jae standing there in the rain, straining to hear and afraid to hope that he might actually see the man. It was wonderful. Thanks so much for all your writing.