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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Last Night
Title: Last Night
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Length: Oneshot
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fluff, non-AU and errr...stuff.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.

Summary: South Korean passport holders are allowed 90 days in Japan without a visa so really, what are these pASSport problems?

AN: So so so so so late. So freaking late that you can just take this as my offering for the YunJae Wedding Anniversary next week cos I won’t be around //cries// This is for Yue in an attempt to bribe her to resurrect YunJae Everlasting :P Also, what better way to celebrate the President’s birthday, huh?


Changmin wanders out of the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the king-size bed as he watches Yunho packing. Though not wholly accurate, packing is really the closest word to whatever it is Yunho is doing. The man is humming to himself, a mysterious smile on his face as he eyes his belongings strewn all over the floor as he picks up one article of clothing after the other, before discarding them.

It happens about five times before Changmin finally speaks, just as Yunho finds whatever it is he’s searching for, and packs it into his backpack with a pleased grin.

“Is that all you’re taking to Osaka?”

“I’m not going to Osaka.”

“Oh?” The word is heavy with question, though Changmin has already guessed as much, for it was he who drew Yunho’s attention to an acquaintance’s SNS update.

“Well, I am going to Osaka of course, but not from here.” Yunho turns to look at the maknae, eyes huge and pleading as he drops to his knees in front of the younger man. “You’ll be ok by yourself, right?”

“Where are you going, hyung?”

Yunho’s eyes get wider and his face becomes even younger if that’s possible. His bottom lip juts out just a little bit more to make him look like a young boy wanting a massive favor but pre-empting it with the most puppy dog expression he can manage because he knows it’s a huge ask.

“We’ve been here two months. I need to sort out my passport.”

Changmin arches an eyebrow as he leans back on his palms, staring down at his leader who has perched his chin on his knee and looking too fucking adorable as he stares up innocently at him.

Innocent, his ass.

“Passport problems? Wouldn’t I have the same problems then?”

Yunho wrinkles his nose as he shakes his head, the movement tickling Changmin for his scratchy chin is still on his bare knee. While normally he’d flinch and shove the man away, he leaves him be, curious to see what the leader is up to.

“Nope,” he makes a popping sound with his lips, rubbing his chin on Changmin’s bony knee. “Just me. I’m older.”

“Last I checked, I’m over 24 too, hyung. We can stay in Japan for three months and it’s only been two.” Changmin replies drily as he lies back on the large bed and stares up at the ceiling. “Everyone else might buy your passport problems but facts are facts, and I know you have an identical piece of paper from the embassy in your passport allowing our stay so why are you lying to me?”

“I’m not lying! That’s what manager-hyung said he’d tell everyone.” Yunho protests as he crawls up Changmin’s leg, and stretching out next to the singer. “It’s called plausible deniability. The less you know, the better for you.”

“You just made that up.”

“America made that up.”

“You’re not American.”

“Changdollie,” Yunho’s voice has a trace of a whine, which grabs the maknae’s attention.

Changmin turns his head to stare at his leader who is still wearing a perfectly innocent expression.

His tousled blond hair is dry from his very early shower, and free from styling products, the fringe is slipping over his forehead, obscuring Changmin’s view of the man’s eyes.

Yunho pouts.

Changmin frowns.

Yunho pouts harder.

Changmin grumbles under his breath. “I’ve seen this before.”

Yunho doesn’t stop pouting.

Changmin digs into the pocket of his shorts, pulling out his phone and clicking through it before he finds what he’s looking for and shoves it into Yunho’s face.

“Does this have anything to do with your passport problems, hyung?”

Yunho rears back slightly as the phone smashes into his nose. He rubs it, glaring mournfully at the unrepentant Shim Changmin who nods towards the phone.

He drops his gaze to look, and his eyes soften instantly.


Changmin rolls his eyes at the immediate change in his leader’s expression, and he watches as Yunho lifts a hand to trace a finger over the phone screen.

“Good grief,” Changmin grumbles, rolling his eyes once again, just in time to miss the sly smile on Yunho’s face.

“I miss him,” Yunho whispers, and to Changmin’s horror, his hyung plants a huge, giant, very wet sounding kiss straight onto his phone, before shoving the phone, complete with saliva onto Changmin’s cheek before leaping off the bed and running into the adjoining room, his loud laughter trailing behind him.

Changmin’s indignant howl stops Yunho’s manager in his tracks just outside the door to Yunho’s room, and he shakes his head, pivoting on his heel and mumbling to himself about giving them another ten minutes.

Managing Yunho used to be so easy.

Jaejoong is staring out at the sodden landscape when his phone startles him.

Forever attached to his phone, he’d only just pocketed it after a seemingly endless game of something or other on LINE. He can’t even remember what he’d been playing.

Already bored out of his mind from waiting for the rain to stop as shooting is halted for the third time already, he welcomes the interruption, not even checking who is calling.

“Hello,” he answers in a sing-song manner, slightly high from lack of sleep, overall tiredness and just missing a very large piece of his heart.

Brief silence, before a warm chuckle in his ear.

The idol star’s back straightens, eyes widening as he looks around to find a quieter spot.

“Shhhhhh,” he shushes melodiously into the phone mouthpiece.

The breathy sound makes the caller smile as he replies, “Watch out,” which brings a reluctant smile to the listener’s face as he tries to school his features to prevent unwanted attention drawn to himself.

Jaejoong grabs an umbrella and slips out into the cool rain, out of sight of most of the crew who are all in clusters, huddled together as they discuss the script or the shooting itself. Several pairs of eyes note his disappearance, but they leave him be, knowing how tirelessly he’s been working the past month. It’s not like he needs to be anywhere anyway since they can’t film in the driving rain.


“Still here, but I can’t stay long.”

“You can never stay long,” Jaejoong replies, his tone tinged with a habitual bitterness that he tries to suppress most days but today isn’t just any other day. He’s really exhausted, and unguarded.

“Don’t be like this, Jaejoongie,” comes the quiet but firm reply.

Jaejoong sighs, cradling the phone as he stares out at the rain. He wonders why he brought the umbrella because he has the urge to just step into the rain and get soaked.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. I know it’s hard.”

“No, it isn’t. I can’t even remember the last time it was hard,” Jaejoong tries to joke, but the silence in his ear is deafening.

When the reply finally comes, it is not the chastisement that the lead singer was expecting.

“I remember,” Yunho’s voice is low and full of meaning, causing Jaejoong to shiver, despite the thick jacket he is wearing.

“Fond memory?” Jaejoong manages to whisper, the words practically strangled in his throat as his body responds slowly, but surely to the husky timbre in his lover’s voice.

“It gets me through the long cold nights.”

“You must be giving Changmin nightmares then.”

Yunho laughs, the sound bringing a genuine smile to Jaejoong’s face as he holds out a palm to catch the rain drops.

His sleeve soaks instantly.

“As long as he isn’t sleeping alone, he sleeps like a baby koala, so I’m afraid he’s going to have problems tonight.”

“What’s wrong? Why won’t you be with him? Do you have to return to the hospital?” Jaejoong’s voice is gruff in his worry as he presses the phone tight against his ear.

“Well, where I’ll be depends on you.”

Jaejoong’s frown fades, morphing into confusion. His heart has started a wild pounding beat caused by the gut-wrenching hope that flares in his soul from the laden, teasing words. “M-me?” he stutters, barely daring to breathe. The umbrella lies forgotten now, caught by a gust of wind that pries it loose easily from Jaejoong’s limp fingers and swan-diving gracefully to the muddy ground.

One of the younger crew members watching gets up, picking an umbrella to run after the idol to shelter him but he is stopped by an older cast member who shakes his head.

“Leave him be.”

“But hyung—“

“Our Jaejoongie doesn’t like getting wet. Does he look like he cares about the rain right now? That phone call is far more important, and he wants his privacy. Leave him be.”

The crew member takes a long look at the star, reluctantly agreeing with the actor’s assessment for Kim Jaejoong does look to be thoroughly preoccupied, utterly oblivious to the rain.

The stunning and now sodden star doesn’t hear anything except the pounding of the blood in his ears, not even feeling the cold touch of the rain on his pale cheeks as he clutches his phone to his ear with both hands.

“Will I be in your apartment, alone, because you have filming, or will it be like it was when you were filming all your other dramas?”

“Y-You have the Osaka concerts…” Jaejoong whispers, still unable to believe his ears.

Yunho hums, his smile wide as he fiddles with his other phone, staring at it. “I can only deny you so many times, Jaejoongie.”

“I didn’t ask for anything.”

“So you weren’t pouting for me? You weren’t looking sad for me? You weren’t inviting your Japanese friend with your parted mouth in that random video that only served to remind me how weird you are, and how much I love you?”

Jaejoong licks at his wet mouth, not realizing that he hasn’t drawn a breath since Yunho started his questions, and he exhales in a loud whoosh, the hope in his heart has exploded, and every single word he utters is heavy with it.

“Are you really coming home?”

Yunho can hear the breathlessness in the older man’s voice and his heart aches, knowing that if he misses Jaejoong, the man probably misses him more. It’s not arrogance on his part. More like a fact of life, for Jaejoong is alone most of the time these days while Yunho always has Changmin. Jaejoong surrounds himself with people, but as his late night phone calls evidence, it’s never enough.

Two hours just the other night, and Yunho had gone to sleep with a smile, despite being kicked by Changmin halfway through to get off the phone because he can’t sleep with all the hair-raising cooing going on.

Really though, if he was really that serious about sleeping, he could’ve slept in his own bed so neither Jaejoong nor Yunho were particularly inclined to stop.

“I only have twenty-four hours. I’m going from the airport straight to your apartment. The key code is still the same?”

“Bora Bora.”


“Changed it to the date of that day after that interesting night…”

“I know it.”

Jaejoong finally laughs, a watery chuckle that warms Yunho from the roots of his hair to the tips of his toes. “How do you remember that when you regularly forget your car keys?”

“I remember the important things.”

Jaejoong’s breath is shattered, as he tilts his face up towards the grey skies. He ignores the sting in his eyes from the rain and the near-constant threat of tears, his mind working to find a solution to his problem. “I’ll be waiting.”

“Your filming?” Yunho asks, half seriously. He knows that if Jaejoong says he’ll be waiting, nothing on earth is going to keep him away, but work is work. It’s really terrible, but it’s been two months and even Yunho can barely care if Jaejoong lies to get out of filming.

A small smile brightens the star’s face.

A knowing smile.

“Yunho-yah, a small pout has you crossing oceans for me. I know what to do. There won’t be any filming today. It’s raining too hard and I’ll get so wet and it’s really too bad…”

Yunho’s groan is like music to his ears.

He’s really trying not to smile.

It’s practically impossible.

Even his manager cautioned him on looking too happy to be back when he’s supposedly in South Korea to fix his passport problems.

Jaejoong is waiting for him.

How can he not smile?

They changed cars three times. His manager having to go into disguise just like him because he is just as recognizable as his charge.

“I’m going underground.”

“Won’t you get into trouble?”

He shakes his head. “I’m already in trouble. Trust me when I say that almost every Cassiopeia who still has hope knows practically for a fact that this is an international booty call.”

Yunho colors, protesting instantly, but he quietens when his manager lifts his hand for silence.

“Come on, Yunho. Jaejoong’s shoot got cancelled because of the rain. The rain that was heavier not too long ago when they continued with the shoot. Kim Jaejoong is free for the rest of the day till at least noon tomorrow. Coincidence? Your fans are not stupid, and neither are the executives. I’m going underground so if they can’t find me, they will assume you’re with me. They all know that you sneak around, they just don’t realize the extent of it. Flying cross country for one day when you should be using this time to rest? They know you’re smart, so they will find it very hard to believe you’d be stupid enough to pull a stunt like this. As long as they can’t find me and ask me questions, you’re safe.”

“Hyung, I’m sorry.”

The man shakes his head fondly at the now subdued idol. “Don’t be. Now get out. I’ll pick you up at noon.”

“Noon? The flight’s not till three.”

“I’ll make it one if you promise to bring me some food.”


“Ok, ok, fine. One o’clock. Don’t be late. He has to work too, you know?”

All he gets is a wide smile as his charge exits the van.

Yunho is humming once again, sans very obvious jacket from the airport which he left with his manager, his outerwear is merely a distraction to others who will be looking for it. He keys in the correct code instantly, smiling when the light goes green with the telltale click as he pushes the door open.

Only to be greeted by darkness and silence.

He pops his head back out and studies the window in the hall.

It’s a little overcast, but the rain has stopped and it’s not that dark, but it might as well be midnight in the apartment with the black-out curtains drawn fully.

Shrugging, he steps back into the dark entrance foyer, a little hesitant to shut the door and lose the light completely because he knows Jaejoong’s penchant for rearranging the furnishings in the apartment is just an accident waiting to happen for the already injured Jung Yunho.

He takes a long look at the area in front of him, holding the door wide open as he takes in all the possible places he might trip over and is more than surprised to find that there’s practically a path from the door to the bedrooms.

Really though, should he be surprised? Jaejoong’s had a few hours notice, but he’d been expecting a warm meal at least, not a dark, cold, apartment.

Yunho shrugs to himself and starts to hum, trusting the man knows what he’s doing as he finally shuts the door.

Jaejoong stays in the shadows, shifting his weight from foot to foot. He’d gotten the filming cancelled easily enough, knowing full well they’d already been considering it and all they needed was a very gentle nudge in the right direction. People don’t like to take responsibility for things, and if they can pass the buck, they’ll do it eagerly and thus it starts and ends with Kim Jaejoong.

He can hear Yunho humming as he takes his own sweet time taking off his shoes. He’s finally shut the door, the lock clicking into place softly, and in the almost complete darkness, what Yunho is humming finally registers, and Jaejoong suppresses his urge to laugh.

Last night, indeed.

“Where’s the light?” Yunho questions the darkness as he starts to walk. “Jaejoongie hyungie, where are you?” he sings the question, occupational hazard no doubt. He tugs at the skinny scarf around his neck, unwinding it, and walking through the apartment. Darkness this thick should be oppressive, but Yunho is feeling anything but oppressed. He feels light.

Lighter than he’s felt in a good two months.

It’s like he’s left all his worries and responsibilities at the door, and the moment the lock clicked into place, he’s no longer the leader of TVXQ.

He shed his jacket in the car.

He sheds everything else at the door.

He isn’t U-Know Yunho in here. He is simply Jung Yunho, dongsaeng to Kim Jaejoong, and beloved of the man.

And that person he will remain for the next twenty-four hours if he can help it. People always think Jaejoong the weaker one.

The more fragile one.

The one that needs to be protected.

But they don’t know that Yunho needs it too.

Yunho protects everyone on a daily basis, Changmin especially is so well-protected that he might as well be living on a fluffy cloud, completely separate from the unworthy beings on earth. He knows he spoils the maknae overmuch, but from having four men to protect to only having one, Yunho gives the one that stayed everything he has.

But he cannot give from what he no longer has.

And Jaejoong holds that part.

He’s always held it.

It only belonged to Yunho for a fleeting moment.

The moment lost utterly when Jaejoong had brushed away a speck of lint from his clothes that first day they were properly introduced back in SM. That bit of thread had been over his heart, and it took Yunho over three years to realize exactly what the hell the tightness in his chest and shortness of breath had meant when the boy had turned his overlarge eyes up at him, the smile in his eyes brighter than that of his mouth.

Jaejoong moves when he hears his name, more than amused that he’s pegged Yunho’s arrival correctly. He flicks on the light behind him, stopping Yunho in his tracks, and watching as the man squints in the sudden light.

“Oh,” Yunho exhales the word, staring at Jaejoong when his eyes finally adjust to the light. “Going somewhere?” he asks as he takes in the two helmets the singer is carrying.

“Hungry?” Jaejoong counters as he clanks the helmets together when he shifts both to one hand. Yunho’s eyes take on a sheen that Jaejoong recognizes, causing the idol to laugh throatily as he shakes his head. “I meant for food.”

“You’re all the food I need.”

“And I need actual sustenance to keep up with you.”

Yunho steps back then, his interest diverted instantly, quirking an eyebrow at the singer, glancing closer now at the older man and taking in his appearance carefully.

Dressed in a bulky black sweater and black jeans, the man’s slim silhouette is completely masked, and Yunho’s brow furrows slightly.

“Lift up your top.”

Jaejoong’s mouth turns down into a rueful smile, “If I do, we might not leave the apartment.”

“I know we will,” Yunho’s voice is serious as his eyes roam up and down his lover’s clothed body. “Come on, Jaejoongie, give me a look.”

“What happened to hyungie?” Jaejoong teases, stalling, because he knows it will drive Yunho mad, and he’s curious about what the leader will do.

Yunho shrugs off his backpack, fiddling with the scarf around his neck as he un-loops it from around his neck, tossing it onto a nearby statue.

Jaejoong follows the movement, shaking his head. “No wonder Changmin complains endlessly about you. You’ve been in here for all of a few minutes and already my hallway is a disaster zone.”

Yunho merely hums as he reaches over his head, hand gripping the scruff of his teeshirt just as Jaejoong gasps out a belated “no!” when he realizes Yunho’s intent.

Smirking now, he doesn’t hesitate as he pulls off his teeshirt, continuing his approach, as he drops the piece of clothing negligently onto the floor, kicking it aside as he stalks his prey.

The older man’s eyes widen at the leader’s frame.

Always broad, yet slimmer than when he’d last seen him, Jaejoong’s mouth waters instantly as he takes in the outline of abdominals on the man. He backs away, holding up the two helmets in front of him as if they will be a sufficient barrier, his ass twinging and clenching at the hot eyes on him.

“Ok…ok…s-stop, Yunho.” His shaky voice irritates him for he’d been sure he’d held the upper hand, but his own lack of foresight at Yunho’s confidence over his own body just flipped the tables rather alarmingly on him.

And what a fucking body that is.

Throat dry, mouth filled with saliva, Jaejoong is torn.

The man complies, stopping just shy of a foot from the nervous idol who is tugging at the hem of his sweater.

“Hot enough yet to pull up your top?”

“Damn it, Yunho. I really wanted dinner.” Jaejoong’s tone borders on helpless as his eyes never stray from Yunho’s torso. He doesn’t notice the flicker of amusement in the leader’s eyes as he lifts his arms over his head, arching back, his back popping at the movement. “I’m starving…” he whispers, eyes following the straining muscles as Yunho’s already long torso elongates further and his cock, ass and belly start a three-way battle of need.

Yunho grins as he drops his arms, his expression turning boyish in a heartbeat, no longer the predator.

“You know what you need to do to eat,” he sings again, and Jaejoong’s eyes snap up to his face.

The beautiful singer scowls, realizing he’s been played.

He grabs roughly at the hem of his top, yanking it up to his chest, expression challenging. “There! Happy?”

Yunho licks his lips. Jaejoong is still so fucking pale, his milky-white skin such an intense contrast to the black of his clothes.

However, he’s seen all he needs.

“Meat. We’re having meat for dinner, right?” He rocks on his heels, oddly cheerful despite the beautiful scowl twisting his boyfriend’s face.

Jaejoong growls loudly as he drops his top, stepping forward to butt Yunho in the chest with the helmets he is still holding.

“You know, I was going to let you ride your bike, but I think I’ll ride it instead.”

The leader reaches out a hand, wrapping it around Jaejoong’s slim neck, he pulls the man forward, feeling no resistance whatsoever as the singer complies with the movement.

He rubs his mouth against Jaejoong’s, squeezing the man’s neck warningly when he parts his pouty lips and exhales against him.

“You can ride whatever you want…hyung.” Yunho caresses the man’s mouth with his lips, but he doesn’t kiss him.

“You are five seconds way from not leaving this apartment, Jung Yunho.”

“Are you sure you don’t want sustenance? Because I’m sure I can ride enough for both of us if you want to stay in…” Yunho trails off, nuzzling Jaejoong’s nose and smirking when he catches the sharp intake of breath from the older man at his words.

Jaejoong’s ass wins the fight as he shoves Yunho away, thrusting a helmet grumpily into his hands as he shoulders the man aside and stalks to the front door.

Well, as best he can anyway with the problems in his pants.

“Jaejoongie hyungie,” Yunho calls out in a singsong manner. He can’t seem to stop, chuckling at the sulky man sitting across from him. “Why won’t you talk to me, baby?”

Jaejoong keeps his head down, spearing his steak with his fork as he starts to cut.

A familiar clicking sound draws his attention instantly though.

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?” Yunho asks in return, taking another photograph of his beautiful dinner companion.

“It looks like you’re letting your food get cold,” Jaejoong grumbles as he drops his head again, sawing half-heartedly at the hunk of meat on his plate. Oh he wants meat alright, just not this type. His appetite long-since replaced by another kind of hunger the second Yunho had pulled off his top, the miserable wretch.

He is distracted by his phone beeping, and he grabs at it, ignoring Yunho’s chuckles as the man finally picks up his utensils to start his dinner.

Why so serious?


Jaejoong’s expression is blank, staring at the photograph, not even bothering to look at himself, his attention wholly on the bit of skin he can see as he licks his lips.

“Those jeans need to go.”

Yunho quirks an eyebrow as he sticks his index finger into one of the holes and strokes his skin idly as he chews on his food. “Hmmm?”

Jaejoong looks up.

“So much skin, Yunho-yah…” he chides quietly, eyes unflinching as he stares across the table at the younger man.

“Speak for yourself. You’re practically half naked every time I look away for a second,” Yunho replies cheerfully, no heat at all behind his words. He chews on another forkful of food, his mind on infinitely more pleasurable things to be sure.

“That’s the problem, isn’t it?”

“What is?”

“You looked away.”

“Do you think anyone caught us?”

Jaejoong waits for Yunho to dismount before he does, taking off the helmet immediately to ruffle his hair as he eyes the red-cheeked younger man. Yunho’s capacity for alcohol is much lower than his, and the tell-tale flush in his cheeks makes the younger man look even younger than he already does with the blond hair.

“No one would ever imagine that you’d be riding pillion to me, Yunnie-ah.”

“Why not?” Yunho asks, rubbing his warm cheeks as he waits for the older man to put a sheet over his bike.

“A serious lack of imagination?” Jaejoong retorts, grabbing Yunho’s helmet as he leads the way to the bank of elevators. He is really rather good at acting, he reckons. Most of dinner had been spent with Yunho being an increasingly goofy cutie with each sip of wine, and Jaejoong being largely, terrible company.

But he knows that Yunho knows he’s not upset.

Frustrated might be the better word.

Each mouthful of food is like a reminder of what he could be doing rather than being at dinner.

A dinner he’d insisted on.

And each movement he makes in his seat sends white-hot sparks of sheer need as he struggles to school his expression and breathing, which results in, for the lack of a better description, a constipated idol for most of the meal.

Yet Yunho never ever takes it to heart, spending most of dinner talking about Changmin.

Jaejoong drinks in every word, making a mental note to wake early to cook a meal fit for the incredible spoiled maknae. He misses the younger man, and texting or quick phone calls don’t really cut it when he wants to see the man in person.

Though he knows it’s easier said than done. Yunho sneaking around is bad enough. If Changmin starts to sneak around too, there’ll be more trouble than its worth.

The ride up the elevator is silent, Yunho far more sober than anyone probably suspects as he watches Jaejoong carefully.

He’s been suspecting something since the initial bike ride to Tony hyung’s restaurant, and just the thought of it had kept his tongue loose for most of dinner in order to distract himself and waylay the blood flow to his groin.

They enter the dark apartment once again, Jaejoong dropping the expensive helmets with a loud clatter by the door just as the lock clicks into place.

“I thought I—“ Yunho doesn’t manage to complete his sentence when he finds himself shoved against the back of the door and a now mewling idol trying very hard to kiss, climb, and strip him all at the same time.

Yunho helps the smaller man with two of his problems, lifting Jaejoong easily into his arms, smiling against the urgent mouth pressed to his, as legs wrap tightly around his waist.

Jaejoong peppers Yunho’s face with kisses, never staying anywhere long enough for Yunho to be satisfied with the touch as he whispers his need, telling the younger man how much he misses him with each nip, each teasing pull of his full mouth against hot skin, each fleeting kiss to the lips before he moves on to the man’s nose, eyes, forehead, even the top of his head.

He can’t help the chuckles as he holds the slighter man to him, leaning against the front door still as Jaejoong tries to drink him from neck up.

The chuckles turn to a groan though, as the older man latches onto his neck, and Yunho squeezes Jaejoong’s ass tightly in warning.


“Why not?”

“I came home because of passport problems. Imagine what everyone will say when I return to Japan tomorrow with a blood red hickey on my throat?”

Jaejoong pulls back, eyes clouded, mouth petulant at being thwarted. “Do you really think people believe you’re home because of your passport?”

“Plausible deniability.” Yunho intones sagely, pushing away from the door with a grunt as he heads to the bedroom.


“Nevermind,” Yunho kicks open the door to the master bedroom, striding quickly towards the bed, squeezing Jaejoong’s ass again, making the lead singer moan, as he clutches at the hair at the back of the younger man’s head. He runs his fingers along the underside of Jaejoong’s legs, reaching behind him to find the man’s locked ankles.

He tugs.

Jaejoong whines, shaking his head.

Yunho ignores him, tugging harder, pulling Jaejoong’s legs away from his waist as he bends over to lay the clinging man onto the high bed.

Before those legs can snap back around him, Yunho hand is between their bodies, palm pressed flat against the raging erection Jaejoong’s been sporting for most of dinner.

The leader notices everything.


But the indomitable lead singer writhing below him has yet to notice that his lover knows.

Two months isn’t long enough for Yunho to forget the way Jaejoong walks.

The way his breath hitches with each step despite his attempts at hiding it.

He’s gotten good. Very, very, very good.

But not good enough.

Yunho knows.

Jaejoong lets out a choked whimper, his body coiling at the possessive touch, ass clenching tight as he moans long and low as Yunho doesn’t let off the relentless pressure, pressing his palm down almost brutally, his mouth descending just as roughly, followed by his long body atop his lover’s.

And yet, despite the harshness of the kiss, there is a strange sort of unhurriedness to it as Yunho kisses Jaejoong thoroughly, sweeping his tongue languidly, tasting, and yet not allowing Jaejoong any sort of purchase on him as he pulls back slightly every single time his whimpering lover tries to join him. There is no dueling of tongues here as Jaejoong finally relents, sinking back into the bed, he closes his eyes and gives over to the pleasure of simply feeling and no longer thinking.

His hands slip up, wrapping around Yunho’s neck, his fingers doing what his mouth couldn’t as he gentles the leader with sweet caresses to his nape, playing with the shorn hair with his fingertips, mimicking the way Yunho is tracing his lips with his tongue.

Jaejoong arches upwards, the tickling sensation on his mouth driving him crazy as his body steadily climbs closer towards a release he’s been seeking for almost two hours.

“Do you want to tell me anything?” Yunho asks, eyes so dark they’re practically pitch black, watching when Jaejoong opens his own eyes to gaze back at him.

Pupils blown to fuck, Jaejoong’s answering smile is sinful.

“Ask my body,” voice hoarse with desire, Yunho’s answering groan is a perfect accompaniment to the lead singer’s unnaturally gravelly voice.

He sits back, pushing Jaejoong’s top up, exposing all that milky-white skin, the memory of the glimpse he had before dinner tormenting him for most of the meal.

Jaejoong’s belly is clenching reflexively, the muscles are jumping under Yunho’s smoldering eyes.

His own view of the man almost obscured by the bunched material of his top, Jaejoong wriggles, asking without speaking for Yunho to complete what he’s started.

Instead of adhering though, Yunho slides slowly off the end of the bed, kissing his way down that expanse of skin, slipping his arm underneath the small of Jaejoong’s back, arching the man’s body as he kisses around the tops of his jeans, before moving down, mouth closing over the straining bulge.

Arms free, Jaejoong hurriedly tugs off his constricting top.

Lifting himself to gaze down at Yunho worshipping his cock through his clothes, the coiling low in Jaejoong’s belly starts becoming dangerous, and he both tugs and holds Yunho to him, unable to figure out what he wants to do.

Glancing up through his eyelashes, Yunho looks positively decadent as he rubs his chin against the steel length he can feel, pressing down hard to provide more pressure as Jaejoong’s hand cards his hair before fisting tightly, both pushing and pulling as his mouth parts, breath choppy.

And just like that, he pulls back, ripping himself from Jaejoong’s grasp, standing quickly.

Too quickly, he feels a little light headed, swaying slightly on his heels as his eyes cast down to look at the smorgasbord laid out for him.


Jaejoong blinks and Yunho is gone.

“Wait?” Jaejoong sits up on his elbows, questioning the room, empty of the overwhelmingly masculine presence of a certain Jung Yunho, staring in consternation at the shadowy doorway.

Barely five beats and Yunho is back.

Topless now with his length of scarf from earlier draped around his neck, the two ends dangling down past his hips.

Jaejoong moves, leopard crawling backwards up the bed, eyes dark with lust, a sentiment mirrored in the other man’s almond eyes as Yunho approaches him.

“Planning on doing something with that?” Jaejoong asks, eyes on the scarf.

Yunho doesn’t reply reaching out to cup Jaejoong’s jaw firmly, squeezing it, making the man’s mouth part as he kisses him hard, tongue delving again and again.

He moves as he kisses, straddling the slim man who doesn’t protest at all when his arms are tugged upwards.

Freeing his mouth to watch what he’s doing, Yunho concentrates on looping the length of cashmere over the headboard, binding Jaejoong’s wrists together.

Once done, Yunho sits back, keeping his weight off Jaejoong’s thighs, he looks over his handiwork.

Jaejoong lifts his arms up, finding that Yunho has left him a reasonable leash to move, able to bring his arms forward quite a surprising distance though his wrists are bound tightly together.

But that is short-lived as Yunho leans forward, looping the excess length around his hand and tugs his arms back upwards toward the headboard as he stretches out next to Jaejoong’s prone body.

His torment begins then as Yunho starts a painfully slow exploration of his body, skimming the fingertips of his free hand up and down Jaejoong’s over-sensitive torso.

His fingers are followed by his mouth on his chest, making his nipples ache so intensely it feels as if he just got both pierced just that morning.


“Hush…” Yunho whispers as he kisses his way back down over the hint of Jaejoong’s ribcage. “I’m asking your body.”

Yunho’s hand skim down again, smiling as Jaejoong’s belly draws back from his questing hand, even as he moves lower.

“Yunho…” Jaejoong’s words are a little more urgent now, eyes practically crossed in need as Yunho’s touches are driving him absolutely insane. He feels like all the blood is centered around his cock, and his erection is so painful he wonders how he is going to survive the next minute.

One minute.

He cannot even think past that length of time.

“Hush…” Yunho’s breath caresses the planes of Jaejoong’s belly and the singer moans in response, starting to writhe and tug as his restraints, arching his body this way and that.

But the movement serves to highlight his straining cock as the material of his jeans presses harder against the bulge.

Yunho slips a hand into the waistband by Jaejoong’s hips, and the lead singer starts to wriggle in earnest.

“Please…please get it out. Please, please, please…”

Yunho merely hums, canting his hips into the soft covers, digging his own neglected erection into the bed, trying to find some relief as he continues to kiss up and down the the soft skin of the side of Jaejoong’s abdomen as he flicks Jaejoong’s fly open.

“Please…please, please, please.” Jaejoong’s writhing is continuing in earnest now, digging his heels into the bed he cants his hips upwards, asking for relief, pushing his belly against Yunho’s mouth.

“Shhhhhh,” Yunho chides, nipping at that soft pale skin before he pulls away, unravelling the length of cashmere he is holding.

Jaejoong’s arms immediately move forward, trying to get at his own pants but they’re stopped short, unable to move his restraints past his chest.

“Yunhoooooooo,” Jaejoong mewls, tossing his head from side to side as he tries to wriggle his own pants off.

He got himself into this mess, that much he knows, but he never actually imagined Yunho would take this long to give them both gratification.

The man finally responds to the desperate plea in Jaejoong’s voice, shifting to the end of the bed, he leans forward to pull off Jaejoong’s jeans and underwear one quick move, tossing the clothes to the floor.

Jaejoong’s lower half is damp with a slight sheen of sweat, but Yunho doesn’t notice it.

Not at all.

He sees something else, made even more clear to his eyes as Jaejoong once again digs his heels into the bed, lifting his hips upwards as if offering himself to Yunho.

“I think your body is trying to tell me something.”

“F-fuck, Yunho, hurry up.”

The younger man makes a tsking sound wrapping his hands around Jaejoong’s ankles, he yanks the singer back flat onto the bed, making the older man scream at the jolt he gets.

Yunho isn’t done though, dragging his blunt nails heavily up the long slim legs of his older lover, eyes on his prize as Jaejoong starts to whine in earnest, incoherent, almost blind with need, but unable to move for Yunho’s hands are firm on his thighs.

Hands push those milky white thighs up and apart, Yunho bending over between them as Jaejoong’s body is bent almost in half.

His teeth score the tightly drawn up balls of his lover, and Jaejoong chokes back a scream at the sensation, helpless under Yunho’s hands holding him wide and apart, he can only glance down his body as the sinful eyes gazing back at him.

Jaejoong’s cock is leaking so badly, the stream of clear liquid is a connected line from pink flushed, swollen head to his heaving belly.

Yunho kisses a tight ball sac, licking heavily as he does even as he brings his other hand to jerk roughly at the toy embedded in Jaejoong’s ass.

Long embedded, for it’s been there since before they left the apartment.

Jaejoong’s scream is choked, ripped from his throat as Yunho yanks out the toy roughly, and replacing the gaping entrance with three slender fingers, barely any resistance whatsoever, the passage is so well-lubed, he finds that spongey bit within Jaejoong easily as he punishes his lover.

This time his lover’s scream is ear-piercing as Jaejoong comes hard, body arched clear off the bed, clear fluid turning milky as it flows from his untouched cock in a seemingly never-ending spurt with each jerk of Yunho’s fingers scratching his prostate.

“Fuck, stop, s-stop.”

“Stop?” Yunho arches an eyebrow as he releases Jaejoong’s thigh to tug at the fly of his jeans, his fingers still buried within the older man’s clenching body. “You really want me to stop?”

Jaejoong shakes his head, eyes watering from the intensity as his cock still weeps fluid. “No…yes, I don’t know. Do what you will.”

Yunho doesn’t need to be invited twice, pulling his fingers out, as his other hand frees his heavy cock, he lines their bodies up.

“I’m sorry, Jaejoongie, I can’t wait.”

Before Jaejoong can draw a breath, Yunho surges into him with a force that draws a low cry from his throat, choked off by the lack of breath, he struggles to suck in much needed air as his body burns at the invasion.

But Jaejoong’s body was always made for Yunho and two hours of prep with one of his larger butt plugs is sufficient to take the edge off the pain, and add pleasure to the discomfort as Yunho apologizes against his mouth, kissing him gently, holding himself firm.

“L-let m-me go.”

Yunho gazes down and he sees the wet doe eyes and he mistakes them, moving to pull out but Jaejoong’s ankles lock around his back.

“I mean my hands.”

“Oh,” Yunho reaches up immediately, tugging at the restraints, till Jaejoong’s hands are free and there’s a hole in Changmin’s scarf.

He kisses the reddened wrists, apologizing with his mouth as Jaejoong shifts below him.



Jaejoong doesn’t reply, hands roaming around Yunho’s taut shoulders and appreciating the corded muscles of his back as he moans at finally feeling his lover’s body beneath his hands.

He doesn’t need any further encouragement, the melodic moan spurs Yunho to move, withdrawing almost all the way before he plunges back in deeply, the measured strokes serving to drive both him and the already sated man beneath him crazy.

Control can only go so far though, and the strokes steadily increase in tempo, as he chases his release that wasn’t too far off when Jaejoong came earlier.

His fingernails are biting into Yunho’s side as his thighs are pushed wider and higher by the larger man, hips pumping hard and fast now, making Jaejoong’s spent cock slowly bounce back to life as he clutches Yunho to him, opening himself up for the man he loves more than himself.

Movements growing more and more urgent, Yunho shoves his hands into Jaejoong’s hair, pulling the man’s mouth tight against his as he kisses him fiercely, wanting to connect every bit of themselves that he can connect as he cradles the older man close even as he pounds harder into him.

Yunho’s orgasm was a tidal wave he saw coming, and as he expends himself within the tightly pulsating walls of Jaejoong’s body, the man’s mouth takes his words of love and returns it in kind. The hunger of Yunho’s kisses as he comes serves to ignite the flames within Jaejoong’s own belly even more, but he staves it off as he offers himself as a vessel for Yunho’s passion.

Heart racing, breath irregular, Yunho breathes in Jaejoong as he presses his weight onto the smaller man, resting in his rightful place between his thighs, feeling the hardness against his belly.

“You know, I can’t even remember the last time we didn’t come within seconds of each other.”

“I think we’re out of practice.”

“I think so too.”

Jaejoong’s laughter is a bright light in the dim room as he pushes Yunho, coaxing the man to roll of him. The leader complies with an exaggerated moan, even as Jaejoong continues to laugh at the fact that he is still wearing jeans. Tumbling all over the bed like a drunken giggling angel, Jaejoong ignores his aches and pains as he helps to divest his lover of his clothes before he crawls atop his spent boyfriend, kissing a chocolate nipple and licking at it as Yunho’s own chuckles turn into a heartfelt groan as Jaejoong licks a slow path back up to his jaw.

“Yunho-yah…” Jaejoong breathes against the corner of the man’s mouth, kissing his mole fondly as he straddles the man properly.


“I need to be filled up. I need several helpings of dessert.”

Yunho palms Jaejoong’s ass, squeezing appreciatively, fingers stroking downwards at the man’s entrance, fingertips finding what he’s looking for, catching the moisture which he brings to his mouth, licking indolently as he watches Jaejoong with hooded eyes.

“So do I.”

“He misses you.”

“How do you know that?”

“He broke out the shoyu koto gag out of nowhere yesterday.”

Jaejoong shifts to snuggle against Yunho’s side properly, fitting himself against the man as he drops his chin on his chest. “Do iu koto?”

“Shoyu koto.”

Jaejoong pouts against Yunho’s nipple. “That’s my gag.”

“Don’t you think he knows that?”

“Did you ask him why he did it?”

“He said he was trolling the audience.”

“Stinky troll.”

“He was reminding them about you.”

“I know.”

The bells ringing in Jaejoong’s head is overwhelmed by the pounding of the blood in his ears as he buries himself to the hilt in Yunho’s pliant body, driving over and over and over again into that demanding warmth. More than willing to bottom for the man, these occasions are few and far between, but when Yunho asks, there is no way in any universe that Jaejoong will deny him.

The adorable sleepy whispers from the leader of TVXQ were like an aphrodisiac like no other as he described in explicit detail exactly what he wanted Jaejoong to do to him.

Not one to mince words, adorable turns quickly to scorching hot as Yunho licks the curve of Jaejoong’s ear, asking to be filled because he wants a physical memory of the man as he boards his plane later that afternoon.

He is so close to the edge, he can almost taste it.

But that fucking ringing.

Jaejoong glances over at the bedside table, hips not ceasing his movements as he leans over to kiss Yunho’s parted mouth.

“It’s the house line. Answer it.”

“C-crazy?” Yunho manages to bite out before turning his mouth against the pillow and biting whatever he can get. He’d forgotten how intense this was and he can definitely see why Jaejoong prefers receiving. His body is like one giant nerve ending, all spiraling towards that almost painful tug so deep and low in his belly.

“Five people know that number, two are here, and we’ve already spoken to two of them. There can only be one left.” Jaejoong bites his lip, canting his hips forward harder, annoyed by the interruption. “Fucking answer it, Yunho!”

Changmin listens for ten seconds before he hangs up in disgust.

“Seriously?” he asks the empty hotel room, wondering why he even stayed for the extra nine seconds because one second is already one second too long.

He checks his watch and scowls, calling Yunho’s manager who’d been unable to get hold of him for the last half hour, Yunho meant to have been picked up over twenty minutes ago.

Judging from the sounds, he knows for a fact there is no fucking way Yunho is going to be making his flight.

“Changmin? Did you get him?”

“Well,” the furrow in Changmin’s brow deepens. “I guess you could say that.”

“Well, did he say when he’s coming? I’m still waiting! We’re going to cut it close but we might make it if he comes right this second.”

He has to laugh.

Seriously, he has to.

If he doesn’t laugh, he might strangle someone.

Or two someones.

The manager listens to the maknae howling with laughter, there is a slightly manic quality to it that he doesn’t question, merely sighing as he waits for the man to get over his mirth.


“Changmin…” the manager replies.

“He’s co-co-coming alr-r-right.”

“Oh? Then we can make it.”

Changmin chokes off his laughter, swallowing the balance of it as he struggles to regain control of himself. He likes Yunho’s manager, the man is loyal to a fault, but he’s clearly forgotten what it was like trying to keep both Yunho and Jaejoong in check.

“Hyung, I think you should book the next flight out. He’s not going to make it.”

“But you just said he was com— oh!”


“Goddamn it!”

“It? I think you mean Kim Jaejoong.”

“Your flight departs at three which means you have to arrive at the airport before three not at three!”

“Would you believe me if I said I slept in?”

The manager stares at the very rumpled Jung Yunho and sighs. “You need to change. You’re still wearing the same clothes from yesterday and while I can probably explain away why you look rumpled, I cannot explain why you have an apartment in Seoul and yet didn’t see fit to change out of your clothes!”

Yunho merely grins, not at all perturbed in the slightest as he pulls off his teeshirt in the front seat of the van. Despite the tinted windows, he can still be seen and his manager can only gape at his charge.

“Have you gone mad?”

The leader of TVXQ doesn’t respond, digging his hand into his backpack to pull out the shirt Jaejoong had packed for him to wear in Japan since it’s almost summer.

His eyes narrow at the familiar print, but he’s too happy to give it too much thought as he pulls it on quickly, buttoning himself up as his manager merely shakes his head in resignation, exiting the vehicle to ensure they are not mauled when Yunho finally emerges from the van after his impromptu strip tease.

The poor man cannot quite decide if Jaejoong is a good or bad influence for he is torn between loyalty and proper conduct on one hand, and the happiness of his charge.

Yunho is practically glowing, almost bouncing, despite missing his flight and knowing they’ll get into trouble because of it.

Absolutely nothing can shake the grin from the tall twenty-eight year old’s face, and his manager finally begrudgingly decides on good.

Jaejoong is a good influence.

Entry into the airport is a flurry of flashes and screaming as usual, though once inside, it isn’t the fangirls who are yelling but the beleaguered manager.

“Yunho! Yunho, you’re not flying JAL!”

“Huh?” Yunho stops short, confused as he stares at the flushed girl behind the counter, smiling apologetically at her before he turns to his manager. “Why am I not flying JAL?”

“Because JAL only flies once a day and you already missed the flight! We’re flying Korean Air.”

“Oh,” Yunho’s expression is sheepish as he shuffles his feet and drops his shoulders, sticking his hands in his pockets.

“You’re hopeless,” his manager declares as he guides the wayward idol back to correct counter.

Yunho’s pocket vibrates just then and he answers it without looking, smiling when he’s greeted by familiar broken laughter.

“You didn’t just go to the wrong counter.”

“It just happened! How did you know?”

“Can you even count the number of people photographing you right now?”

Yunho looks up, smiling for the cameras, sending the crowd into a tizzy. “Not really.”

“I just called to say I love you, and thank you for coming home. The shirt looks cute on you.”

“Don’t you have something similar? Was this a YunJae ploy? Am I a pawn in your game?” Yunho teases good-naturedly, overheard by his manager who just rolls his eyes and cautions him to keep his voice down.

“Everybody plays this game, Yunho-yah,” Jaejoong replies affectionately.

“I know.” Yunho nods, before smiling once again. “Send me some selcas for Changmin. I’m sure he misses your cute face.”

“You do realize I can send them straight to him?”

“Fine, I miss your cute face.”

“Just cute?”


“I hear a question mark.”


“Getting better.”

Yunho bursts out laughing again, catching the attention of more people and getting a meaningfully trodden toe from his manager. “You’re so vain.”

“And you love me anyway.”

“Very much.”

Jaejoong grins, surprising his co-stars as he exits his car with a brilliant smile on his face that they haven’t seen the likes of since filming started. The idol still looks a little wan, and slightly frayed about the edges, his eye bags still there and testimony that he still hasn’t gotten much sleep, but the happy glow the tired star emits has brightened his aura so considerably that everyone takes note.

“I really have to go before you get cheesier. You best prepare yourself for Changmin’s wrath though because I do think you forgot to grab the box of food I left in the fridge for him.”

Yunho’s eyes widen. “No…”



“Buy him something from the airport. As long as he doesn’t think you’ve forgotten him, it’ll be alright.”

“How do you know him so well?”

“I helped to raise him, and you’re so proud of him it’s impossible to get you to stop talking about him.”

“He misses you too.”

“He’s a stinky troll.”

“I’ll tell him you love him.”

“A stinky troll!” Jaejoong shouts, laughing as Yunho hangs up the phone.

“Who’s a stinky troll?” Shorry asks curiously as he steps up to the older man and greets him.

The smile he gets in return is so blinding, he actually stops short, forgetting what his question was about which is a good thing anyway for the idol had absolutely no intention of answering him.

Jaejoong’s happiness is infectious and spreads like wildfire through the set.

There are more than a few raised eyebrows for Seoul really isn’t that big. Most are now wondering about the cancellation of the shoot the previous day, for the news of Yunho’s arrival in the country had hit them after the cancellation.

Yunho’s delayed departure too is news, and many are entertaining similar thoughts.

Yet no one voices their largely collective thoughts.

Some things are better left unsaid.

AN1: Lol, timeline might be off cos any info I get is in bits and pieces on my ask.fm. No time to check out those details. It’s fiction so as usual I’m just assuming stuff. You have no idea how much harder it is to assume things these days ._____. Occupational hazard. I’m sure there’s a million fics already about this but if I didn’t write it, YUNHO will probably be dancing around in my head for a week all pouty. Jaejoong’s pout is one thing, Yunho’s is FUCKING LETHAL to me. I have no idea what time his flights were too lol sorry.

AN2: Also, hilarious but every time you see “Kim Jaejoong” written in the fic, know that I actually wrote Jung Jaejoong first and had to go back and correct it OTL And thank you to the numerous people who’ve told me (since SB in 2012) that Koreans don’t take married names. I know this lol.

AN3: I’m seriously out of practice writing this…ugh. IMAGES are so clear in my mind but trying to get them into words was killing me. I’m so sorry for the fail and for the shock some of you probably got lmao! I had SO MANY SCENARIOS in my head it was too much. I actually wrote all of them down and I’m trying to figure out what scenes will fit in which fic. Oh well, when it rains YunJae, it fucking pours.

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