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Always Be My Baby

Title: Always Be My Baby
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Non-AU fluff.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.

Summary: Some things will never change, no matter what anyone might think.

AN1: A slight twist to all the YunJae 7th Anniversary celebrations today. After the wedding, comes the baby, right? :P

AN2: Wrote this in 1.5 hours in the business lounge while I was supposed to be doing work. I told myself I’d post it when I actually finished MY work and I did so here you go…a few hours after I actually finished writing it lol. I'm pretty proud of my impulse control cos usually I absolutely *must* post when complete, even if i'm in the car in a traffic jam lol!


“Yunnie-ah, what’s wrong with our Changmin?”

Yunho glances down at the groaning man whose head is in his lap. He cards his fingers through the younger man’s sweaty and crackly hair. He hadn’t even allowed for a break, calling their transport the second they’d gotten off the stage to whisk them back to their hotel, and so neither of them have had a chance to shower and wash out the stuff in their hair.

“I think he’s got an upset tummy.”

“You think?!” Changmin exclaims loudly in disbelief before hunching over again, curling up even tighter into a fetal position as he moans his unhappiness and discomfort, trying to burrow his nose into his hyung’s thigh, feeling comforted by the strength of the man under him. Yunho will take care of him.

However, how he takes care of him requires a second man because he knows his hyung’s limits when it comes to these things, and he marvels in silence at Jaejoong’s sixth sense in calling them the second the van door had shut on the two idols.

“Ok, he most assuredly has an upset tummy because Shim Changmin isn’t just Choikang Changmin or even Max Changmin, he’s Doctor Changmin.” Yunho replies, irritation marring the concern in his voice. “I’m not sure what he has because I’m not a doctor and I’m not letting him take any random pills the coordis and dancers were trying to give him. We’re calling the doctor when we get to the hotel.”

“Oh dear, that bad huh?” Jaejoong is pacing around the set, ignoring the looks being thrown his way as he practically wears a track around the perimeter of the makeup area. “Do you still have that bottle of oil I gave you a few days ago when you were sick?”

“The one with the nice smell that made my headache go away?”

“Yes, that one. You can rub it on his belly, it’ll help.”

“Hold on,” Yunho drops the phone in his lap, leaning forward to get to his bag in the seat in front of him.

Changmin whines at being jostled, his whine getting louder when Yunho’s phone hits him in the head. He reaches over to grab it, bringing it to his ear, grimacing as his belly gurgles in protest.

“Are you back?” Jaejoong asks, hearing the sounds on the other end. He has both hands clutched to his phone, leaving the set completely, striding off without a backward glance much to the curiosity of everyone watching. He’s actually done with filming for the night, only sticking around because he wanted to watch the scenes of his co-actors to return the favor their bestow on him, but he’s definitely found something more important to focus on right now.

“It’s m-me.”

“Changminnie! Yah, what happened? You ate too much yesterday, didn’t you?”

“The food was nice,” the pout is evident in Changmin’s voice.

“You’re not a teenager anymore. You don’t need eight meals a day to grow because I’m pretty sure you’re not growing any taller,” Jaejoong chuckles helplessly, relieved and happy to hear the man’s voice. “You’re growing a little sideways though…”

“I’m not growing sideways and I didn’t have eight meals,” Changmin replies defensively.

Yunho hears as he tries to get s slippery oily cap off the small bottle, speaking loudly as he drops his chin towards the phone. “He didn’t have eight meals. He just tried to have eight servings in one sitting and is most definitely expanding sideways.”




“I hate both of you,” Changmin drops the phone to the floor of the van and curls up again.

Yunho rolls his eyes, as he pours out some oil into his cupped palm. He rubs his hands together as he speaks to Changmin.

“Pick up the phone.”


“Don’t be a baby. Pick it up now and talk to him. My hands are oily, I can’t hold the phone.”

Changmin grumbles and grumbles some more, whining in misery at the movement being uncomfortable and complaining endlessly about how everything hurts his belly when he feels his teeshirt being lifted and a large hand splaying across his distended belly.


Instant comfort, the warmth of the oil and the care and love of the hand.

“Pick up that phone, Changmin. Now.”

Yunho’s tone is one he uses when he will not tolerate anyone disobeying.

Not even Jaejoong would disobey him.

Changmin even less so.

That voice is juxtaposed by the warm comforting hand on Changmin’s belly, rubbing in slow concentric circles, moving outwards.

The maknae reaches down to pick up the phone, sighing into it as the relief he feels is almost instantaneous.


“Hyung…” Changmin closes his eyes blissfully as Yunho’s hand just keeps rubbing.

Jaejoong chuckles into the phone. “Are you talking to me or your Yunho hyung huh?”

“B-both. Your magic oil…his magic hands.” Changmin is moaning as the pressure in his belly subsides very slowly but indeed, very surely under the careful ministrations of his leader.

Jaejoong snorts then, and hearing Yunho’s distant answering laughter makes him chuckle in response.

“I didn’t mean it that way,” Changmin replies automatically, knowing full well what his two hyungs are thinking about, but he can’t be bothered getting irritated at both of them because he is feeling too good.

“How far to your hotel?”

“How far to the hotel?” Changmin asks Yunho, unable to see for himself in his prone position. He’s too out of it to figure out where they are based on the turns their driver is making.

“We just turned into the driveway. You might want to sit up because there are some fans waiting.”

“Call me when you’re in your room.”

“Don’t you have a drama to shoot?”

Jaejoong shuts the door to his car as he makes a decision. “Later, so call me.”


“But hyung said to call him when I got to the hotel room!”

“I’m sure he meant after you shower.”

“But he said call me when you’re in your room not call me after your shower.”

“Common sense, Changdollie. Aish,” Yunho shakes his head as tugs the limp man on the bed. “You’re showering even if I have to wash you while you’re seated on the toilet bowl. You’re still wearing the concert and that can’t be good for you. Come on.”

“That’s so gross!” Changmin’s voice is high in his indignation. “And you’re so naggy.”

“It takes one to know one,” Yunho heads into the bathroom. “Fine, I’ll shower first but when I come out you better be ready to shower.”

“Nag.” Changmin mutters under his breath as he digs out his phone with a grunt, pressing a number on speed dial.

The phone barely even rings before a breathless voice answers the phone.

“Feeling better?”

“Yes, and I want to sleep but hyung won’t let me.”

“No doctor?”

Changmin rolls over on the bed and stretches an arm over his head. “I think he forgot.”

“You’re not going to remind him?”

“Should I?”

“If you’re feeling better already, it’s probably just gas or something. Get him to rub your belly again after your shower.”

Changmin resolutely ignores the mention of the shower as he inches his way up the bed with a few dramatic huffs and puffs, basking in Jaejoong’s cooing concern over him. It’s not that it’s unusual, but it happens so rarely lately because there’s normally nothing to coo over. Their phone calls are usually about the tour and the antics of the dancers that Jaejoong is familiar with, or even Yunho’s behavior backstage when he’s being all cute and whiney. During the early part of the tour, most of the calls were filled with Jaejoong’s repeated admonishment to him about Yunho’s injury and making sure the man doesn’t over do it.

Easier said than done that’s for sure.

Somehow, their phone calls always end up back at Yunho no matter how it starts.

Today is probably the first time in a fair few months that Changmin is the focus rather than Yunho.

He starts telling Jaejoong about the wonderful food, though several times he admits voluntarily that he is sure the man can do the dish even more justice.

Yunho walks back into the room just as Changmin starts to complain about his belly hurting again.

“Changdol-ah…” Yunho tone is reproving as he dries his hair before walking into the adjacent room where their clothes are. They’ve given up even attempting to sleep in separate rooms. Changmin’s room is always where the luggage goes. The bodies go in Yunho’s room.

“The nag is back,” Changmin stage whispers, making Jaejoong laugh as he confers with someone over a counter via writing.

“He nags because he loves you. That was a quick shower though. No singing three songs and dancing the choreo to five?” Jaejoong’s voice is filled with affection as Changmin bursts out laughing.

“Apparently not,” Changmin grins into the phone. “He was terrible this morning though. I’ve never heard a rap version of Before U Go.”

“Nooooo,” Jaejoong exaggerates, laughing as he walks quickly with his head down. “It can’t be as bad as the rap version of Darkness Eyes he attempted while here last week.”

“Are you serious? How does that even work?”

“He’s U-Know Yunho. He made it work.”

“Well, he didn’t really, did he?”

“Don’t tell him.”

“Never,” Changmin grins again.

Jaejoong knows he has to hang up, though he loathes the need for it. He’s run out of time. “I have to go now, Min-ah. You still haven’t told me about the concert. You can tell me about it later, ok? Just do what he says.”

“I can call you later? You won’t have filming?” Changmin’s voice is hopeful. He knows Jaejoong is very busy with his drama and he doesn’t want to ask about his schedule because he remembers Yunho’s Yawang schedule almost killing him and knowing his oldest hyung, it’s probably similar despite the lack other promotions that need to be done since he’s a lead.

“How about I call you? You do whatever that needs to be done. I should be able to talk to you again in the next two hours or so. I’ll call Yunho though because if you’re asleep, I don’t want to wake you.”

“We have nothing tomorrow except the concert. Hyung cancelled rehearsals.”

“Wow,” Jaejoong breathes, eyes wide as he walks hurriedly, always keeping his head down.

“Don’t look too hard into it. Hyung can do these things now relatively easily. It’s nothing compared to the battles he used to fight for you.”

Jaejoong shakes head. “Don’t be a silly baby. I’m not jealous. I wish he’d do things like this for himself though.”

“I know,” Changmin sighs into the phone as he turns to narrow his eyes at his waiting hyung who is tapping his wrist and crooking his finger at him. “You need to work on him.”

We do.”

“So what were you talking about?”

“I’ll tell you if you leave me to shower in peace.”

“I’m just here in case you fall.”

“My legs aren’t injured, hyung,” Changmin replies somewhat exasperatedly as he shampoos his hair.

“Indulge me.”

“Shouldn’t you be indulging me? I’m the sick one here.” Changmin ducks his head under the shower.

“You’re sick because you over-indulged.”

“Blah blah blah,” Changmin replies a little rudely as he rubs out the shampoo in his eyes. He’d managed to stall Yunho from making him get into the shower, but by the time he asks to run through their script for the upcoming variety shows for the second time, Yunho had hauled him out of bed. In truth, he’s cranky because he’s hungry, and his tummy is probably hurting from the lack of food.

An obnoxious ringtone suddenly echoes around the bathroom and Changmin almost slips in his hurry to get out of the shower.


The phone keeps ringing.

“Why aren’t you answering it?! That’s for me! He’s calling me!”

Yunho rolls his eyes as he pushes away from the vanity he is leaning on to pull the phone out of his track pants and answer it.

“Yes, love?”

Changmin cringes instantly, backing back into the shower to finish. Yunho and his cooing. The man keeps him up at night! Both of them do. There better be enough cooing left over for him.

He’s the sick one, damn it!

And just because it’s self-inflicted doesn’t make him any less worthy of being cooed over.

To his surprise, Yunho leaves the bathroom immediately, not saying a single word to Changmin who stares slack jawed after him.

“What the hell?”

He finishes soaping and rinsing himself, muttering about stupid hyungs who only have eyes for each other. He stays in the shower longer than he’d intended, waiting for Yunho to come back, but he never does.

Totally disconcerted and more than a little hurt, Changmin finally decides it’s not worth turning into a prune just to spite his hyung(s) and so he turns the shower off and steps out, grabbing a towel and a dressing gown. His tummy is really starting to irritate him again, and he gets annoyed all over again because his hyung should know that he needs food. It doesn’t matter that he isn’t a teenager and the fact that he’s actually on his way to getting a rather cute pot belly. He rather likes how it doesn’t bother him.

What he doesn’t like is being forgotten.

He is drying his hair when he hears the lock click and the door to the hotel room opening and then closing.

Forgetting his aggravation momentarily, he latches onto the only logical thing he can think of for Yunho leaving the room. “Hyung! Did you buy food?”

Yunho immediately appears in the doorway to the bathroom, face a comical mixture of happiness and concern. “Why are you still in the shower? You were almost done when I left. Are you ok? Did you have to go to the bathroom again? I really think we should call the doctor. How many times have you gone to the toilet?”

“I’m not discussing my bowel movements with you!” Changmin shakes his head as he drops the towel he was using for his hair on the counter, tightening the belt of the dressing gown.

“Will you discuss them with me?”

Changmin gasps, clutching the nearby counter as his heart suddenly feels like it’s just exploded in his chest.

He blinks at the vision that just appeared in front of him.

“Yunnie-ah…I think you better catch him. He looks like he’s about to swoon.”

Yunho is already halfway when the man speaks, putting his arms easily around the suddenly weak-kneed maknae.

“Yah, Changdollie…are you ok?”

“H-hyung…” Changmin lifts a finger towards the doorway where a smirking Kim Jaejoong is leaning casually against, dressed rather oddly in a suit underneath an oversized hoodie with the hood up.

“Yes, it’s him,” Yunho laughs as he squeezes the younger man gently and starts to walk, coaxing the taller man along. “Come on, he brought food.”

“F-food?” Changmin’s eyes get wider. “Hyung, I love you.”

“Me or food?”

“You,” Changmin straightens, giving a resolute nod towards the twinkly-eyed lead singer. “Definitely you.”

Yunho’s hand links with Jaejoong’s under the pillow that Changmin is laying on. They’re both on their sides, angled towards the youngest on his back between them.

“This reminds me of that time after that airport incident.”

“That seems like so long ago.”

“What airport incident?” Changmin slurs sleepily, trying to get comfortable, but he might have eaten a little too quickly and a little too much despite Jaejoong’s attempts to stop him, and his tummy is causing him discomfort again.

“That sasaeng throwing her bag at you.”

Changmin opens his eyes, staring up at the ceiling. He turns his head to his right where Jaejoong is stretched out, fingers trailing patterns over his face. Seeing the love and concern in the man’s eyes, he doesn’t say anything about possibly dirty fingers and pimples. He’ll take one for the team.

“I don’t really remember…”

“And we won’t remind you,” Yunho reaches over Changmin’s body to drop his hand in the curve of Jaejoong’s waist, squeezing the man in warning before he starts to rub at the soft skin of the topless man.

“Don’t remind me of the incident. Just tell me what happened after.”

Yunho sighs, glancing over at Jaejoong whose eyes are on Changmin’s face, staring intently as if trying to memorize the features of the youngest. He’d been more than shocked when Jaejoong had called him earlier, telling him he’s hiding amongst the shrubbery of the hotel and to come and rescue him.

The shrubbery.

He’d needed to pluck leaves out of Jaejoong’s hair.

The man had flown out with nothing but the clothes on his back and an overlarge hoodie belonging to Yunho that he’d left in the car as his only disguise, and he ends up in Fukuoka in the hotel’s garden with freaking leaves in his hair.

Only Jaejoong.

He’d make a damn good spy if only he wasn’t so hopelessly adorable.

And so loving he does a fair few things at his own expense.

“You were shaken, practically catatonic. When we arrived in Japan, Jaejoongie told everyone to get out and he showered you, put you in bed and refused to leave your side as you wept, not understanding why anyone would want to hurt you.”

“And what were you doing?” Changmin asks in a whisper, his mind catching the elusive memories he’d blocked out.

“I was on your other side promising I wouldn’t let it happen again.”

“It didn’t.”

Changmin closes his eyes and sighs, feeling the warmth of Yunho’s forearm over his belly, moving gently up and down as he caresses Jaejoong’s hip.

He relaxes his body, letting it sink into the comfortable king-size bed with his two sentries on either side.

Silence descends on the trio, quiet and contemplative, lost in their separate memories, yet their thoughts are together nonetheless.

A few more minutes of Changmin locking away memories he doesn’t want to think about, he finally speaks again as he finds Yunho’s almost hypnotic movement over his belly soothing.

“Tummy…” He trails off, leaving the word to speak for itself knowing his hyungs will get it.

They always do.

Yunho’s forearm moves away immediately as he makes to get up but Changmin catches him, shaking his head.

“Not you.”

Jaejoong slips out of the bed as Yunho stretches out again on it, looking for the small bottle of oil.

Changmin’s smile is soft, content in the low light as he feels a familiar hand over his belly.

“Such a baby, Changmin-ah,” Jaejoong’s whispers fondly as he rubs his oily palm over the slightly pudgy belly of the twenty-six year old.


AN: I had a flight of fancy and I know this didn’t happen, especially the latter part because the flight times just don’t work but one can always hope for a miracle especially since Jaejoong put the jae in ninjae.
Tags: fic:always be my baby, oneshot, pairing:yunjae, pg

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