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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Jejuko [1/15]
Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: No beta because I wanted to see what reception would be like before I bothered someone to read this.

AN2: The genre/warnings and ratings will change as the story progresses. Fluff is NOT my strong point and my husband says I am the most unromantic person ever so please forgive me lol!

Chapter 1Collapse )

yippee yay yay! i likee!! ok and to see a story from you not marked ANGST... double thumbs up! looking forward to reading this

Hahahaha but I write angst better than I write fluff! :PPP I have warned everyone though, fluff is not my strong point and I suck at romance but hey, I like a challenge :P

Super glad you like it ;-)

i am looking forward to more on this.
this seems really interesting ^^

I'm happy you like it so far ;-) There will be more in a few days when I get back from this conference i'm at :P Thanks for your comment!

But, but, but... Yoochun is very manly, and handsome, and his voice is so.. so... DEEEEP!!! *w*
I think he should go for Junsu as a man! ;D

Yoochunnie in this is not the Yoochun from Prince Bitchy in Rooftop Prince :P Boy is pretty. I don't know but his features are really delicate to me... http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1ksqrfyfo1qcf9y1o1_500.png

And well, Susu is bi *cough*

I really want to see how far Jae will go to catch his kingka.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Your hubby sounds like a real sweetie ... saw your post on tumblr. Mine can't understand my love for yunjae although he pretty much leaves me alone when I'm in my kpop & yunjae world.

Hehehe glad you like this enough to want to read more ;-)

Lol! How embarrassing that you saw that. Kinda funny cos I wonder how many new readers I get from tumblr or how many followers were originally from LJ cos I went from 77 followers to 86 overnight and I wasn't sure how or why. My husband actually leaves me alone with my YunJae and kpop. We don't actually discuss them at length but he is fully aware of how similar he is to Yunho lmao and enjoys calling me his Jaejoong (also a joke because he once mistook a photo of Jaejoong for me). And he's Changmin's age so still playful haha! I'm only three months older...

normally high school fics are pretty generic, but yours comes with a nice twist. i love the way you integrated dbsk's alter personas (Xia,Mirotic..) into this. plus the mention about yunho's great bouncing thing had me rofling.. it's been,what,5 years since that performance & it's so epic that nobody's forgotten it.

yunho and junsu are coming off as rather superficial here, but maybe it's because they don't know chun & jae so well yet..

it'd be interesting how you pull off the gender bender switch here. if there's going to be smut involved, is it going to be in their switched state or normal state.. and im curious to know how the couple dynamics would work as well. junchun or yoosu? jaeho or yunjae?

i'm so looking forward to reading more of this.. 20 chapters would be a treat!

They're college age :P I thought i'd better clarify that first otherwise the next chapter will give you a heart attack lmao!

It's beyond epic. It cemented Yunho's reputation :PPP My mother watched the T Tour concert with me and I was totally dying when Somebody To Love started cos I totally knew what was coming. I was actually hiding under the covers OTL. And when she saw that she was all "They're together aren't they? I'm feeling a little sorry for Jae." I DIED.

Lol did you read my other fics? You can get all the smut you want there hahaha. As for the rest, wait and see? :P

I'm biting my nails tbh. It seems really long when i've just found out most gender bender type fics are mostly one-shots. Thank you for your comment and wanting to read more of this heh :-)

Yay new fic!!! You had finished it until 20 chapter? That's mean you will updating constantly right? Heheeh loved it!

Well, the original has 20 chapters. Considering how much i'm actually re-writing....... Updates will be somewhat regular but can be delayed if stuff happens. I'm aiming to update about twice a week but we'll see. Glad you're loving the story so far! :P

WHAT?? REALLY?? i mean... did she know about "yunjae" or she just thought that looking at them the first time? aigoo.. this is too much! haha.. //spazzing

She'd watched the "hotdog peeling" video the day before I think. She was all "He won a hotdog peeling contest not the Boston marathon!" or something along those lines at that epic hug hahaha.

Please write more!!! I freaking love your style and the story plots really cool too. Btw there's "macking out" somewhere in your fic which I believe you intended for it to be "making out"? I'd love to be your beta!!

Lol glad you like my writing :P

And nope, I intended it to be "macking on" as written ;-) It's just a figure of speech.

Thanks for the beta offer ;-) I already have betas so it's all good. I just didn't bother sending this to beta cos I wasn't sure what the reception would be and didn't want them to read a story I never intend on finishing lol! But definitely gonna finish it now ;-)

Thanks for the comment!

so this is going to be junchun pairing?
jung already think jae is attractive. <3

Lol, yes, probably :P Haven't decided 100% but most likely. Hehehe who knows what Jung is thinking. Boy is being cryptic lmao! Thanks for the comment ;-)

I love it already, ohmygoodness. Keep up the amazingness! <3

Awww thank you for that! I'll keep writing but can't promise it'll stay amazing lol but I hope you'll read it anyway. Thanks for the comment!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I just saw you posted a new chapter! I literally just tweeted you this: "just so you know i want more of that AU fic you've started, like, immediately."

Then Flossa told me you'd been jailed ;___;

THEN I came here and am about to post all my feels. Which are as follows:

YOU WRITE SO DAMN GOOD. Like, your writing is so flowy and beautiful and I adore it sfm. Nggggg I have so so many feels about this fic already. I was lying awake last night not being able to sleep, partly over the stress of flying tomorrow night but a bigger partly was because I wanted to read more of this!

I have always been a sucker for high school/college type fics and so this is like, double amazing for me. And already, the dancing gives it a sexy, sexy feel. I am so excited for this and YOU HAVE TO KEEP WRITING IT FOREVER. OR at least until it's done.

I'm going to be your personal cheerleader if you need :)

now, I'm going to see if I can watch the rest of those videos you sent me and then I'm going to read chapter 2!

LOL!!! I saw and it cracked me up :PPP You have impeccable timing, love.

I was blathering on about DBSK as usual, as usual and Twitter finally jailed me for being a ridiculous fangirl :P

You know, coming from you, i'm feeling beyond flattered right now lol! You're the awesome writer and I LOVE ALL YOUR FICS so you're dangerously close to making me blush like a freaking schoolgirl lmao! Emily! :PPPPPP Do you want to read the original? LOL! But that might spoil this for you :PPP Let me know.

THE DANCING... You know how I wrote that Jae was an incoherent mess? Well, that was me just IMAGINING Yunho dancing that... Yunho and Junsu side by side dancing that would utterly kill everyone within a mile radius tbh...... LOL! I dunno about writing it forever but it had 20 chapters already hahahaha... The total length of this fic is the same as Slept So Long + oneshot though hahaha so chapters are shorter :P But I can update reasonably quickly, depending on the amount I have to rewrite.

You're more than welcome to be my personal cheerleader baby. We can be each other's tbh. I love you!!!

A fan from NZ? Holla! Aucklander here :D

Well, I'm liking what i'm reading so far! Will be off to chapter 2 as soon as I finish this internal shiz D

Hehehe hello ;-) I'm glad you're liking it so far! Hopefully you'll like the rest too :-)

oh oh, jaejae being a girl? I haven't read much about switch gender fics,but i'm excited about this fic ;D
yoochun is gorgeous in his own way. He's not the beautiful kind of guy like jae though,for me. Anyway,off to the next chapter! xD

Hello ;D starting to read this now and honestly, I'm in love with this fic already ♥
Frustrated YunJae shipper is fcking frustrated cjnrfrjfhjivrfrvnifv
I love how you describe Jae's snow white-y-ness kekeke

hye there~~~*wave happily*

i just read the 1st chapter, n i want to say that...
I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!kyaaaaaaaaaa~~~~

love love love it!!

hehehe, so yoochun want to be a girl huh?
n jaejoong second him?
well, off to the next chapter to check it out ^^

again, i love it!!!*muah*