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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Jejuko [1/15]
Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: No beta because I wanted to see what reception would be like before I bothered someone to read this.

AN2: The genre/warnings and ratings will change as the story progresses. Fluff is NOT my strong point and my husband says I am the most unromantic person ever so please forgive me lol!

Jaejoong sighs deeply, staring unseeing at the Word document in front of him filled with rows of words his brain is not processing. He half-heartedly stabs at the keyboard, producing some letters, only to pause mid-sentence to stare out the window once again. This has essentially been the scenario for the last two hours and with a resigned huff, Jaejoong slams the lid down on his MacBook. His eyes are once again drawn to something out the window, to the courtyard below, where a semi-circle of young men and women are cheering on two males standing in the middle, smirking out at the attentive crowd as they start strutting in time to XIA’s Tarantallegra. The music is loud enough to penetrate the double glazed windows, reaching him despite being on the 2nd floor. Jaejoong licks his lower lip as he eyes the taller of the two men, his college’s kingka. He watches as they start dancing, chewing hard on his bottom lip as the powerful choreography is brought to life by the two best dancers in his school; Kim Junsu and Jung Yunho. He smothers a moan as the hip gyrations by the two bring forth raucous cheers from their adoring crowd. The faces of the two men are fierce, concentrating hard on the complicated choreography, bodies moving perfectly in sync with each other as well as the music. Every move is executed with excellence, both men hitting every step as hard as they can, smirking, knowing they own the crowd. By the end of the song, Jaejoong is a gaping, incoherent mess. He wipes at his mouth, embarrassed to find that he is practically drooling but he doesn’t stop staring down into the courtyard, a hand pressed against the glass, wanting to be down there too but knowing he doesn’t really fit in.

He watches as the crowd slowly disperses leaving a handful of groupies around Yunho and Junsu who are both seated on one of the benches, gulping down water rapidly. He is not close enough to see but Jaejoong imagines Yunho’s Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as he swallows, imagining sweat trailing down his neck, into the hollow at the base of his throat. He closes his eyes as the fantasy plays out in his head, his tongue peeking out between his pouty lips.

Jaejoong is snapped from his reverie as an obnoxious beat breaks through the silence of his mind. His eyes turn to focus back down as Sarah’s Connor’s Under My Skin starts to play. He watches enviously as a tall, busty, bottle-blonde stands up and starts moving sinuously to the music, her body moving in ways that will make a straight boy’s jaw drop and his eyes pop, but Jaejoong isn’t straight. He isn’t even bisexual, though he does find her movements quite interesting and mentally catalogues them in his head. He does love to dance, and if Yunho’s expression, as he eyes the girl is anything to go by, it is something worth learning. Jaejoong pouts in consternation as he watches the scene before him, his body moving unconsciously in time to the music, mimicking the girl, though his movements are less pronounced.

I’ve got you…under my skin

Jung Yunho, the boy of his dreams. A boy he loved at first sight, as cliche as that may be, but he isn’t about to acknowledge that fact yet. Unfortunately for Jaejoong, as far as he knows, Yunho is as straight as they get. Girls flock to him, and he is well-known as being one of the biggest players on campus, seen with a different girl most times though Jaejoong has never really heard anything bad about Yunho from anyone. What draws people to him is that despite his status as the kingka of their college and his ridiculously flirty ways, he is actually a pretty good guy, and intelligent to boot, consistently in the top 10% of the classes he shares with Jaejoong.

And when we rock, feels just like the devil’s riding me

Jaejoong sighs once again as he watches the brunette gyrate in front of Yunho and his friends, booty popping then dropping low, grazing her butt against his knees. He can see Junsu next to Yunho, his mouth hanging, and tongue lolling as his eyes never leave the girl’s butt. Yunho appears to be only marginally more dignified than his best friend, his eyes raking up and down the brunette’s body, but he does not make a move to touch her. His other friends are hooting and cheering the girl on as she finishes off the song with a crook of her finger at Yunho who swaggers to his feet with a smirk and makes out with the girl for a good minute. It was a minute. Jaejoong timed it with his eyes narrowed in jealousy, as he watches the couple.

Suddenly, a sound like a pistol shot echoes through the south end of the library. Jaejoong lets out a muffled shriek, more in fright than pain as he is hit deftly across the back of one shoulder with a sharp wrist flick and an open palm. He whirls around to confront his attacker only to find his best friend doubled over on the floor, snorting with laughter.

“What the hell, Micky Yoochun!” Jaejoong growls in disgust as he stares down at his so-called best friend. His heart is still racing and the blood pounding in his ears from the brief fright he had given him. He toes at the mirth-filled man in mild annoyance as he is still collapsed in a heap, shoulders shaking, laughing unrepentantly.

He looks up from the floor, eyes watering as he tries to stand. “I’ve been watching you mooning over Yunho for the last ten minutes. I swear an elephant could come stomping up and trample you to death and you won’t even notice.”

“Oh yeah? And you weren’t mooning over Junsu?” Jaejoong counters back immediately, eyebrow arched in challenge, as Yoochun almost instantly flushes and shuffles into the seat next to him, eyeing Jaejoong reproachfully before laying his forehead on the table and staring at the smooth surface, his eye-glasses kissing the table. Feeling a little sorry for his friend, Jaejoong ruffles his hair affectionately as he lays his own cheek on the table and faces Yoochun who turns his own head to face him, cheek on the table.

From the back, the two best friends are almost mirrors of each other, sharing a similar height and build. Their fingers are laced between them, and anyone walking past would think they were a couple. Most would think they were a lesbian couple though with Yoochun’s longish hair and delicate features, and Jaejoong being as beautiful and fair as he is. Jaejoong confused both genders alike, ever since he was a baby. His large doe eyes, red pouty lips, fair skin and jet black hair lend a person to liken him to Snow White had she been a boy. In fact, that is his nickname on campus. He mostly keeps to himself, and the boy he is currently holding hands with. He socializes enough with the right people to stay off the radar of any determined bullies, and yet he doesn’t really belong anywhere or with anyone apart from Yoochun and their occasional side-kick Changmin.

Breaking eye contact as he sits up, Jaejoong crosses his arms across his chest and slumps down in his seat. “Come on, share in my pain. You were mooning at Junsu too, weren’t you?”

Yoochun sits up and scrunches his nose at his best friend. “So what if I was?”

Jaejoong chuckles humourlessly as he gazes out the window and down into the courtyard once again, watching the blonde who is now sitting in Yunho’s lap, laugh at something Junsu is saying. Junsu has an arm hanging loosely around a skinny, brunette girl, and he feels Yoochun tense up behind him as he leans over to look down at the scene before them. He feels his friend nuzzle into his neck and sigh disconsolately. They share in their pain as they both stare longingly out the window. Yoochun’s breath catching in his throat as Junsu turns to kiss the girl, ignoring the hoots and catcalls of his friends. He takes a deep breath and Jaejoong feels him settle back in his seat. He turns around and finds to his surprise that instead of looking upset at his crush macking on a girl, Yoochun had a determined look on his face.

“I know what we can do, but I’m not sure how far you’d go for Yunho.”

“What do you mean? What are you up to?” Jaejoong questions apprehensively, not liking the glint in Yoochun’s eyes.

“There’s a new drug that just came out. It’s rumoured to be able to change your gender from male to female or vice versa.” Yoochun’s voice is low and hushed as he leans closer to Jaejoong. “It lasts for 12 hours, and then you change back.”

Jaejoong’s large doe eyes stare unblinking at Yoochun as his brain works to absorb that information. It seems too good to be true. Yunho, straight as a freaking ruler, Yunho. Yunho, the object of Jaejoong’s affection since freshman year in college. Yunho, completely unattainable because he would never look at a boy. Yunho, the boy Jaejoong desperately wants to be his first, his last, his whatever he can get he’d be fine. Yunho, the boy Jaejoong is afraid to acknowledge that he has fallen for despite not having said more than ten full sentences to the man. He shakes himself from his thoughts as Yoochun flicks his nose impatiently.

“Well? What do you think?”

Jaejoong squints at him as he rubs his nose. “I don’t know…. Are there any side effects?”

The be-spectacled man shrugs. “We should probably do some research. I don’t know much apart from what I’ve just told you.”

“Are you thinking of taking it?”

Yoochun looks past Jaejoong’s shoulder and down at the courtyard once again and sighs softly. “Yea, I am. He likes brunette girls. I’m the wrong sex.”

Jaejoong frowns slightly as nudges Yoochun’s chin to face him. “Junsu is bisexual. You know that. You don’t have to change.”

“Yeah but the only boys he goes out with are gorgeous, tall, um…basically someone who looks like Yunho or Changmin but not as straight. He likes the handsome model sort, classically manly.” He gestures to himself. “I am neither gorgeous, nor tall, nor handsome and I will most definitely not ever be any kind of manly model. The only feature that works for me is that I’m brunette.” He cards his fingers through his hair, once again leaning to look over Jaejoong’s shoulder and down at Junsu.

Jaejoong huffs in disbelief and shoves his friend back, a little annoyed at Yoochun’s self-deprecation. “There will always be that one boy who's more handsome than you. You just have to find that guy who doesn't care. If Junsu cares then he isn’t worth your time. And besides, who wants to be handsome when you can be pretty? And you, kind sir, are very pretty…for a boy.” Jaejoong laughs and ducks as Yoochun takes a half-hearted swipe at his head.

“You say that because you’re my best friend.” He tugs at her hair and then smiles mournfully at Jaejoong who is still a chuckling. “But let’s not fight about this right now. So this drug… don’t worry, we’ll research this properly before we even consider it, alright?”

Jaejoong nods, slightly mollified. “What is it called?”


Jaejoong lets out a loud bark of laughter which he swallows hastily as they get nasty looks from some other students who had just settled in to study a few tables away.

“What?” Yoochun cocks his head at Jaejoong who is busy gulping air, while trying to control his laughter.

“Switch? Really? How… appropriate.” The man convulses into another fit of suppressed chuckles.

“How are you such a perv when you’re really so innocent?”

“Yaoi mangas of course!” comes the giggling reply.

Yoochun rolls his eyes at his friend, smacking him hard on the shoulder, earning himself a mock frown which he counters with a bright, cheesy smile, knowing Jaejoong won’t stay angry with him. They both grin as DBSK’s Mirotic starts playing.

“Come on, I want to show you some dance moves I picked up from that girl down there. Maybe one day you can dance for Junsu, although I’d recommend you practice because that boy can sure shake his ass.”

“Yah! What are you doing checking out his ass! Shouldn’t you be looking at Jung’s ass?”

“I want him to want my ass, not vice versa. I don’t want his ass. I want his-“

Yoochun cuts him off hurriedly, with a palm over his mouth, shaking his head almost desperately. “I really don’t want details in the library. Not even the tiniest little bit.”

Jaejoong licks Yoochun’s palm, causing the man to yelp and rub his hand furiously on his jeans, and glare at the smirking beauty. “We all know tiny isn’t the right word.”

“Oh god, please spare me. I still can’t believe he freaking danced on stage in loose pants and fucking free-balled.”

“Oh, but it was glorious…” Jaejoong’s eyes glaze over as he recalls the mini-concert the college put up last year.

“Ugh! Whatever…i’m not dancing!”

Jaejoong laughs as he stands, trying to haul up Yoochun, who has gone completely limp in his chair, probably hoping his dead weight would discourage him. Unfortunately for the pretty man, Jaejoong is much stronger than he looks and he manages to prop him up against the table as he starts gyrating slowly to the music with a naughty twinkle in his eyes.

Yoochun eyes his best friend with affection and amusement, and not without a tinge of sadness for him. He knows Jaejoong is in love with Yunho even though he denies it, or perhaps hasn’t accepted it yet. He has known him for many years and is closer to him than anyone yet he’s never seen him so absorbed in a single person before. He dallied with boys throughout high school but nothing really came of it. Jaejoong always said to Yoochun that he doesn’t want to be with just anyone. He wants to love the person he sleeps with for the first time. He watches him thoughtfully as Jaejoong closes his eyes, body undulating to the music, his slim frame moving in perfect time to the beat. Yoochun can’t help but think that it’s a shame Jaejoong is a boy because he would have made a stunning girl. He pushes away from the table to join him in his dancing, reaching out a hand and chucking Jaejoong lightly under his chin, causing him to open his eyes slowly to look into Yoochun’s smiling face.

“If I ever forget to tell you, I love you, everyday.”

“I love you too, Micky baby.”

Yoochun simply grunts in response at his nickname and starts dancing alongside Jaejoong, their profiles to the floor to ceiling windows of the library. Jaejoong whistles low and appreciatively, teasing his friend as they get into the music.

Unbeknownst to them, two pairs of brown eyes are watching from the ground, both liking what they see.

“Those two should have been girls. Such a shame when they are far prettier than most girls I’ve ever seen.”


“Micky Yoochun and that ridiculously beautiful man the girls jealously call Snow White.”

“You mean Jaejoong?”

“Oh, so you know, Snow White.”

“He’s in some of my classes. His mouth is very distracting.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, he says the damnedest things in class sometimes.”

Junsu laughs, “I am sure that’s not what you meant.”

“That’s for me to know and you never to find out.”

AN1: I really struggle at writing AU fan fiction for some reason regardless of the fandom. This one is totally out of my comfort zone, and I wanted to experiment and see what the reception is like to a story like mine. I did some cursory research of the current offerings and I haven’t seen a similar plot so decided to go ahead with posting this first chapter. Please let me know if you want to read more otherwise I’ll just kill the story lol and work on another chaptered AU fic. That fic is even more out of my comfort zone than this one orzzz XD! Oh well!

AN2: Oh and this was adapted from a fic I wrote last July/August. I had to change far more than I thought though so it’s almost a re-write but the general framework is the same so if I sound weird here compared to my other fic, this is also why lol!

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Lol I knowwww! Gotta read something new! XD I'm not bothered by it :D haha your welcome and defiantly want to read more!

Lol! Well I hope you enjoy the rest of the story then ;-)

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