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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[sticky post]MASTER FICLIST v.3.0

Last time I had a new ficlist I was writing Tattooist. This time, i'm writing Tattooist too over a year later lol so I guess it's a sign which is why i'm greeting y'all with Yunho's adorably shy and sexy as all motherfuck kitten...a little grown up but when he giggles, he becomes the most precious thing in the whole world and hnnnggggggggggghhhhhhh OTL

Once again, thanks to atriums who is forever helping me wrestle with this. It's a monstrous undertaking and between the two of us, I actually think a few fics are still missing lol! So my lovely readers, if you see a fic missing, please comment and link the missing chapters/drabbles/oneshots and i'll fix it.

One of these days when I have some time, i'm gonna try and add a link to the next chapter at the bottom of all my stories like I did with my earlier fics :O

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Why can't we read the stories.... I was trying to read ICE and it says Access Denied.... The same for the others.... SB and others....

That gif just killed me....
I wanna lick it!! Hheheheh....
But i'm really really happy your back!!!
I wanna cry bc i'm so happy....

I just have a little heart attack and i'm panicking!!!
Why can't I read your fics?
'Access denied' I don't wanna see u...
Waaahhh.. I miss my favorite fics.

Since your fics are really good I would like to continue reading them but suddenly I don't have acces to fics. I was wondering why, please answer..... =(

i am so happy you are back.
my friends and I were so worried my unnie cried.she was in the middle of re-reading the tattooist

well, welcome back ^_^

I was wondering; have you locked most of your journal entries? I do not mean to be rude if you have, but I just suddenly can not read most of your fics anymore :( I'm new to livejournal so I am a bit confused...

actually tha same here...i cant read your amazing fics :CC please tell us what to do !! hope not to bother you :) kiss!!

I read your stories from the beginning. You are one of the best Yunjae author. Why can't i read the stories? You locked them and only friends may read it?
I honestly hope that you will continue writing. Come back when you are ready, i'll be right here waiting.

Hey unni. Can you add me back? I already read all of your stories but did not leave any comment since I am not to fond with LJ. I dunno how to actually. But now I know. Please add me back. I really really love your fics especially Sleeping Beauty and its drabbles. I wanna read the new drabbles of it. So please. Can you? Thank you very much. :) ^_^

Hello, i just added you on my friendlist~ truly, i wanna read your precious fics dear~ but when i clicked those links the results were 'access denied' :( would you like to let me read your precious fics, dear?

와~! 감사합니다! I'm so happy you added me. I love reading your fics and hopefully (once I find someone to help me post) you will love reading my fics too! Until then, I will continue to enjoy reading your amazing stories.

I loved reading you fics but i don't know why i can't now. I was waiting for updates of 'one night in Busan' but now i can't even read it over again TT
I hope you can unlock them *googly eyes* i will be still waiting for your updates. Fighting!!

What a pretty master list... And the gif is really nice... Oh Tattoist!Jae and his runaway mouth :P

It's a nice idea of linking the next chapter to the bottom of the current chapter... Though I think it's quite unnecessary what with your beautiful master list... I mean like, why deny ppl the pleasure of seeing Tattoist!jae to get to the next chapter?

I cannot read tattooist 13b.... I reread again the tattooist... Why I can't read 13b.... Ahhhhh
The story is so good.....

I cannot read tattooist 13.... I reread again the tattooist... Why I can'to read chapter 13 Ahhhhh
The story is so good.....