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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[sticky post]MASTER FICLIST v.3.0

Last time I had a new ficlist I was writing Tattooist. This time, i'm writing Tattooist too over a year later lol so I guess it's a sign which is why i'm greeting y'all with Yunho's adorably shy and sexy as all motherfuck kitten...a little grown up but when he giggles, he becomes the most precious thing in the whole world and hnnnggggggggggghhhhhhh OTL

Once again, thanks to atriums who is forever helping me wrestle with this. It's a monstrous undertaking and between the two of us, I actually think a few fics are still missing lol! So my lovely readers, if you see a fic missing, please comment and link the missing chapters/drabbles/oneshots and i'll fix it.

One of these days when I have some time, i'm gonna try and add a link to the next chapter at the bottom of all my stories like I did with my earlier fics :O

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I know I'm kinda late to ask to be add 😊
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