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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Past and Present
AN: This is for all the Sleeping Beauty fans who have been messaging me. I’m still undecided but here’s a piece of the Jungs for you in the meantime. Suspend your disbelief re the baby ;-) Wrote this while I’m supposed to be finishing this report for a client for a meeting in a few hours. Story of my life really. I write whenever and wherever. Done in an hour and all mistakes are mine as always. There’s a poll going on at thejungs too if you’re interested. This was honestly meant to be a drabble drabble but it turned out marginally bigger than a Nicki-drabble, making this a oneshot. At least some things never change OTL

SB help me


“Is that—“

“Yes, it is,” comes the short answer, voice tinged with surprise at the sight before them.

“Are you certain? He’s very far from home.” The man leans forward, taking off his sunglasses to get a better look. His companion harrumphs, shifting uncomfortably in her seat as her eyes do not stray from the tall man dressed very casually in a loose tank top and shorts with a beanie and sunnies as accessories.

“He only just put those sunglasses on. I will recognize his face anywhere for he is the image of his father. That,” her voice is dripping with dire consequence, “is most assuredly Jung Yunho.”

“Wasn’t he in some trouble a few years ago? Murdered his wife?” the man feels a cold finger of apprehension trailing up his back even as he speaks the words. And then just as immediately as he feels the frission of fear, it disappears in a heartbeat as he watches the man from his past smile at something high over his head.

He follows the tilt of the man’s head to find a child beaming down at the man that disconcerts even the most savvy of businessmen with his unflinching gaze and cold eyes. This is a man who has always been held up in the business world as being an enigma.

A ruthless enigma.

Someone who will stop at nothing, not even murder apparently.

“Charges were never laid. Don’t be a fool,” the lady hisses, but her actions bely her words as her clammy hand grabs her companion’s fist in his lap.

“If there’s anyone who can get away with murder in South Korea, it would be him,” the man murmurs, but even as he says it, there is a niggling feeling of doubt that is slowly wrapping itself around him.

And the reason for that doubt is a giggling child and very indulgent Jung Yunho.

“Hey baby,” the voice is quiet, laced with a great deal of amusement, and it reaches the couple watching the Jung CEO closely, causing both of them to exchange surprised glances.

They watch as Jung Yunho reaches out for the baby’s hand.

They watch as the baby’s brow furrows slightly as he realizes he cannot reach.

“Come on. Come forward a little, Yoochun-ah. Don’t be afraid.”

“Yoochun?” the woman whispers, leaning forward even more to try and catch a glimpse of the baby whose face is partially hidden behind the bar of his perch. “That’s a Korean name. Does he know the child? He looks very fair.”

Jung Yunho makes a few more encouraging sounds, coaxing with his hand. The two adults watching know full well the man could have stepped forward to allow the baby to touch his hand, but for some reason he stands his ground, asking the child to come to him instead. The words he uses are soft and gentle, and the two bewildered passengers of the chartered boat currently berthed but about to depart on a tour of the Sounds, continue to stare back and forth between the man and the baby, and each other in utter disbelief.

“A little more baby. Come on, Chunnie. You can do it. Just over that bar. Pull yourself up.”

Slowly, but surely, the top of the head clears the bar. Two tiny hands pulling himself up till his face is finally in full view.

“There you are!” Jung Yunho exclaims in pretend surprise, grinning before he purses his lips at the young child who beams from ear to ear. The toddler smacks his palm against the wooden bar in happiness at his effort, before once again reaching over the bar for the man’s hand.

Neither of them notice the sharply indrawn breaths of the couple watching them.

“I thought you said he murdered his wife?”

“He did! It was all over the papers, but then those Choi bastards threatened us and we had to leave the country. I haven’t been in touch since.”

“That has to be his baby. Look at his mouth.”

“And his eyes.”

The loud and happy gurgles penetrate the confused haze of the couple and their attention is drawn back to the man and child whose little fingers are hooked around the fingertips of one of the most revered and feared men in East Asia.

A man who doesn’t look one iota like the man who rules the boardrooms of Seoul.

Dark brown fringe practically in his eyes, mouth pursed as he makes kissing sounds towards the beautiful baby boy who giggles and gurgles happily back, this is a Jung Yunho neither of them recognize.

“Are you sure that’s him? There’s no way. He was cold. A monster just like his dead wife no doubt. That’s no monster.”

“Yunho-yah,” someone out of sight sings out in a playfully chiding manner that shocks the couple into silence. “If they are like Yoolie and start climbing out of their cots at night, you can deal with them. Stop encouraging it.”

“That’s not Sunye.”

“That’s not even a woman.”

“He married a man?”

“Well, Sunye was pretty indiscriminate with her taste so I’m not surprised.”

“You’re one to talk,” the woman remarks, disgust heavy in her words as she shifts away from the man next to her, her body no longer touching his. “You touched her filth which is why we’re halfway across the world living like fucking fugitives.”

There is a brief commotion as Jung Yunho reaches out, strong hand lifting the chubby toddler easily from behind the rail, much to the child’s delight, and another child’s immediate dismay.

A second head pops up almost immediately, replacing the one taken away, leaving the poor watching couple even more at a loss for both words and thoughts.

This little boy has absolutely no fear unlike the first one, clambering immediately over the rail.

It isn’t just his head, but rather his entire body as he tries to follow what must be his twin brother to their father.

Before he can topple into the luggage compartment, Jung Yunho snags him with an easy laugh, taking the young one into the safety of his arms before he does any damage to his adorably round face.

“Your mama is going to scold me,” he chides the infant, nuzzling the toddler, and laughing when chubby little hands pull off his sunglasses.

“Not gonna scold you, love,” a disembodied voice replies. The same one from before. “I’ll just bring them to your office next week when I have to complete my clinic hours and you can have fun trying to keep them in their playpen.”

‘Did you hear that?” Yunho kisses both his sons on the tops of their heads, causing the twins to turn their faces up to their father. “You’re going to spend the week with me. Aren’t you excited?”

“Daddy, don’t be silly. They can’t talk yet.”

“Yoolie, don’t run!” Yet again with the faceless voice.

Too late, a flash of pink appears seemingly out of nowhere, wrapping herself around the tall man’s knees, holding tight as she leans back without fear, her entire weight held by her grip of her father’s strong thighs.

“Daddy, don’t be silly, silly, daddy is a silly billy,” she sings. “Chunnie Suie cannot really answer you quite yet, yes, really.”

The sharp bark of laughter from her father almost dislodges the child but she holds firm, before straightening up to gnaw on first one brother’s foot, before the other, both boys yelping and kicking out at her as they turn to look forlornly down at their chirpy older sister.

The couple are flat out staring unashamedly now. Not even caring if they will be recognized by the magnate for they are too enraptured by the beautiful girl who is the very image of her father, right down to the mouth so perfectly shaped like his. However it is her eyes that give it away for the fierce intelligence shining in her dark almond eyes are practically identical that there is no mistaking her relation to him.

And yet despite her parentage, the girl has nothing of her father’s height, so very petite with long flowing black hair that if you added a pair of gossamer wings, you would not be hard pressed to believe her a fairy of some sort. Barefoot, and so light on her feet, a picture in pink, her beautiful features with her shining eyes as she playfully licks her brothers’ feet again, each in turn.

This time though, she makes an exaggerated gagging sound, scrunching up her tiny nose and flicking out her tongue as if trying to get the taste off, keeping a squinty eye on her twin brothers who both start giggling at her antics.

“What are you doing, baby girl?”

“I’m hungry,” is the cheeky reply.

“Yah, Jiyoolie!”

The girl, turns, running back down the aisle from wherever she came, the two adults following her movements, only to lose control of their jaws, completely stunned where she stops.

Beautiful almost seems to trite for the glowing man carrying a pale toddler in his arms. A little girl who looks no older than the pair of twins but biologically that can’t be quite right. What makes it even more mind-boggling is the fact that this ethereal being with a hand stroking Yoolie’s cheek is also visibly pregnant.

Dressed in matching shorts with his husband and a flowing light blue shirt that he cannot quite button around his expanding girth, he is the very picture of contented, domestic, bliss.

No, more than that.

He looks like the angel that bestows said bliss upon the mortals of the earth.

There is no apt description for the way luminous air about him, from the shining doe eyes to the impossibly pink full lips. Despite the strength of the New Zealand sun, the man is still as pale as ever, that the rich color of his hair and mouth are like accents to the pastel painting that he is.

“What’s wrong with JJ?” Yunho asks quietly, striding down the passageway, blocking the couple’s view of the unearthly creature for a couple of seconds.

Two seconds too long for both vocalise their dismay at having their view thwarted.

Jiyool shoots a strange look back down at them, noticing the sound, but her father pays no heed, eyes on the pale little girl in her mama’s arms.

“She’s seasick.”

“But we haven’t even left the dock.”

“It’s rocking enough, for her.”

Yunho pauses, looking at first one of his boys, then the other. He thinks for a moment, before he speaks.

“Suie, you go with mama, ok?”

The toddler who’d been chewing industriously on his father’s sunglasses doesn’t even pause before he leans out towards his mama, fully expecting to be caught.

He is taken easily, the exchange of children done so easily and quickly that there is no mistaking that they have done this often.

“Daddy…don’t feel good,” the tiny little girl, barely larger than her brothers but clearly much older considering her articulation nuzzles into her father’s chin.

“We’ll go, ok? We’ll sit on the beach and have lunch there.”

“Mama said…eating on boat,” she slurs slightly, struggling to form the words and keep her breakfast in her tiny little belly.

“The boat makes you sick, love.” Yunho kisses his daughter’s sweaty brow, nudging the little girl to look at him. “We can take the boat next time when you’re old enough to take some medicine ok?”

Her eyes, so like her mama’s, fill with tears as she shakes her head limply. “Sorry…”

He kisses her eyes gently, the act so filled with love that the watching couple both feel their heart clenching in response, both coming to independent conclusions that no matter what rumors about Jung Yunho that were running around when they left Seoul cannot possibly be true.

A man this loving cannot be bad, no matter what anyone says.

“There is nothing to be sorry about sweetheart. See? Your brother loves you.”

And true enough the toddler has been trying to nudge his father out of the way. The twin that frets more also feels more, aware when a sibling is upset and he leans into his older sister, trying to give her a hug.

Little JJ completes the hug, sighing loudly, when she is squished between her parents as they lean in to kiss each other.

Jiyool is giggling, as is her habit when she gets caught between her mama and her daddy, and it is a testament to JJ’s discomfort when she does not. The older girl tugs at her sister’s foot, kissing it sweetly before holding her mama’s hand.

“Come on then. We better get off the boat before it leaves,” she tugs at her mama and pushes at her daddy’s thigh with her other hand. “Come on, come on, let’s go now. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to visit JJ’s breakfast. She ate more than I did.”

“Did not!”

“Did to!”


Both girls fall silent immediately, JJ pouting something fierce, tears still clinging to her long lashes as she burrows against her father’s neck, kicking blindly out at her sister, narrowly missing clocking her in the head.


The errant foot stops moving immediately.

The watching couple cannot decide who to stare at. Jung Yunho’s wife is not just stunning, but clearly, commanding as well, silencing his children easily.

The woman’s eyes keep dropping to his distended belly, a piercing winking teasingly from his belly button that is remarkably still an innie.

Yunho begins the procession back down the aisle, the couple pay him no mind, both still gawking at the raven haired man when too late, they realize that the very person they did not want the attention of is finally paying them heed thanks to the way they are staring at his wife.

“Lee Dongwook-ssi, Park Bom-ssi, I haven’t seen you in awhile.”

“Oh shit,” the lady blurts out immediately, causing the man’s wife to grin, before quickly trying to rearrange his face to hide his reaction.

“You said a bad word!”


The little girl keeps quiet, deciding that with a seasick sister, and her within puking distance, an overlong pause while she pushes the issue will likely be detrimental to her own well-being, and so the four year old lets it go.

“There are a few who miss you in Seoul,” Yunho continues on smoothly after his wife silences their daughter. “You should return for a visit at least.”

“We can’t,” Lee Dongwook replies immediately, without thought. “The Chois…”

Jaejoong’s eyes immediately lift towards his husband’s, noticing the tightening around the man’s eyes, and he steps forward, pushing Jiyool to the side slightly as he leans into his husband, the gentle swell of his belly pressing against the small of Yunho’s back. His hand reaches around under his shirt, caressing his hip as he nuzzles the back of his shoulder, doe eyes gazing at the couple.

Eyes that are no longer soft, but distrustful and baleful.


The angel of domestic bliss has just turned into the harbinger of dark things to come should he dislike what happens next.

Yunho feels his wife, and he allows the comfort the man is giving him. For some reason his tongue is frozen in his mouth. He knows who and what Lee Dongwook was to his dead wife. The fact that he has to talk to the man and pretend civility is merely for his children’s benefit. He had been more than willing to ignore their existence, noticing them earlier and ignored them thus far but the way he and his business partner were gawking at Jaejoong was just too much.

“My name is Jung Jaejoong,” there is a pause as the couple’s eyes are riveted back to the now frightening eyes of the beautiful spouse of Jung Yunho. They’re both getting unwelcome flashbacks of another beautiful yet cold wife of Jung Yunho’s. This one though is even more terrifying for they had seen the warmth in him earlier, and the change is making their hair stand on end. “Formerly Kim. If you knew the Chois then you probably know my father.”


“Yes, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the Chois passed away several years ago.”


The pause this time is long and slightly awkward.

“Were you a friend of theirs?”

The question was asked very politely, but those doe eyes are watching so closely that Park Bom shudders involuntarily, both from the unflinching gaze, and from the very idea of the question.

“Not in a million years.”

And just like that, it’s as if a veil has been lifted, the smile breaking across Jung Jaejoong’s face could rival the ridiculously hot and penetrating New Zealand sun.

The couple blink at the sudden change, but before they can remark upon it or even wrap their heads around it, there is a loud sound of retching, and the unmistakable squelchy liquid sound of regurgitated food.


Jiyool is never going to let her sister forget the day she puked on everyone.

And JJ is going to spend years making up for the fact that most of her greasy Kiwi breakfast landed on her older sister’s head.

AN: IDK how many of you remember Yoolie’s licking habit from one of the first drabbles I wrote back in 2012… So much time has passed and she’s still teasing her mama.

how can I forget Yoolie licked to JJ's chubby foot? thank your for this wonderful gift :))

Edited at 2014-07-21 07:25 pm (UTC)

You're very welcome ;-) And you remembered! :D

i love this family, i never get tired reading about them <3

They're my happy pill and writing them makes me happy. Glad you love them. They're almost part of my own family it feels OTL

Oh my kyaaaaaaafggshsnkskala
Yunho the best dad in the wotld fic
Just look at him, look at them i'm gigling
Dont mess with the jungs !!
Thanks for sharing this love

Thamk you so much nikki... this is such a beautiful present. It's been a while since the last time you're write sb stories. I really miss the jung's kid... :))

Hehehe I think I use SB as a procrastination tool sometimes, but when it comes to muses, almost nothing can beat SB tbh...

Such a great surprise))))))
Thank you so much))))

Hahaha, poor Jiyool as well as JJ because being seasick is awful. Thank you for the new drabble! I love seeing the SB!family from an outsider's POV. <3

I like it too, actually. Someone suggested awhile ago that a drabble should exist about fangirls meeting the Jungs lol. I can't remember whether the conversation happened on my ask.fm or in the SB comm but i'm somewhat tempted hah!

Someone's watching "Roommate." ;) And this is yet another lovely peak into life with The Jungs.

Guilty!!!!! It was totally OOC. I was just using their names cos I couldn't think of anyone else. Should've used Minwoo and Soohyun tbh cos they're relatively unknown compared to the other two OTL

Needed this today. 3 days to find a new home and school for the family...SB is always a welcome distraction! Thanks for this!

That sounds incredibly hectic and stressful :-( I hope all is better now.

These casual moments with the whole brood are so endearing. Yunho playing with his children just gives me such warm, squishy feels! And fierce Mama Jung is always a welcome bonus:) Thanks for this little gem, it brightened my day<3

Yunhoooooooo. Lately i've mostly written him scolding the kids I think so I needed to return to daddy Jung who adores his cutie pie kids so much. Mmmmm yes, do not piss off Jung Jaejoong.

So sweet, loved it!!!
Well, the end was a little messy, poor Jiyool. ***kekeke***

Jiyool...she's such a character lmao. Melodramatic but then again she's sensible lol. She knows it's not JJ's fault.

You warm my cynical heart I swear.

Btw, can I know if you're ever unlocking your journal again? I kinda was in the middle of re-reading ICE *pouts*

I can't answer that sorry, because I really don't know. As of right now, no plans to. I don't know what next month will bring.

What a wonderful surprise!<333 LOVE the Jung family! They are absolutely perfect. I'm sure we'd all love to just sit and observe their interactions^^ so cute! Thanks for sharing!<3

I'm sure your family is just as perfect ;-)

Oh my you are the best. I honestly love your drabbles. More to read^^ This is so sweet. YooSu twins are so so cute.
BTW I was so scared that I will not get to read your stories anymore when all that was on your lj were two posts. So wonderful that you're back:)

I never left. I just took my fics out of circulation so to speak. I wanna try and be a "normal" fan and go incognito. Do you think i'll make it? :O

sb verse~~ omg wae yunho is so cute w children.. poor jj,seasick... n jiyool too..


Adopted or biological, I really don't care. PLEASE GIVE HIM A BABY JUSEYO.

Yeayy new SBdrabble. Baby Chun and Baby Suei.
Thank you for this up date.