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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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oh no

I think there's been some confusion about my journal. I'm posting this cos i've gotten way too many messages about it and my inbox gave me a shock today.

It is NOT friend-locked.

It is on private, which means only I can see what you cannot see. Whatever you see right now, is whatever everyone else can see whether friend or foe.

I think right now you can see some Sleeping Beauty drabbles right? And a Tattooist chapter? So whether you're atriums who is a mutual friend, or someone who has friended me but I haven't friended you back, or if you're just some random passing through, all of you can see the same thing.

Friending me for now only means that you'll get an alert if I update anything and I appear on your Friends' page/feed thingamajig. I know nothing about LJ apart from the fact that their word/character limits drive me insane so yeah.

Trophy Wife and HoMin readers, you can find some of my stuff on AO3. Just follow this link ---> beeswaxing

Wishing On A Star and Slept So Long can also be found on my AO3 account.

As for everything else, I still haven't quite decided what to do. Sleeping Beauty might be published PURELY for fundraising purposes for the conflict in Gaza, but depending on how much time I actually need to devote to getting that done, i'll have to see because time is a luxury I don't have much of. For more info about that, you'll have to head over to thejungs cos i'm more comfortable updating about something so wholly for Sleeping Beauty readers/fans over in that comm. Leave a comment here if you can't get access to it and i'll sort you out.

As for my incomplete fics, if I do end up updating any of them, i'll unlock the rest of the fic. So for example when I post the Tattooist Epilogue in its entirety, you'll get chapters 1-15 back as well as Mirotic, Babies and Kittens, and Quit Playing Games With My Heart.

And as for the million dollar question, nothing happened. Doing this to my journal was a personal decision and I just ask that you respect that.

I hope that answers all the burning questions so many of you have been sending me.

I'm just gonna leave you with this sexual being that is driving me crazy...I really don't like the lyrics of Back Seat but I love Jaejoong in it :O And no, i'm still not Jae-bias. I just bias the man who thoroughly biases him :P

Glad to see you back Nikki. We've missed you! :)
Yes, Jaejoong in that MV absolutely killed me. ;A;

Thank you for the note.
I am so happy that nothing happened to you.

Well it just means that I have to be more hardworking to go to different places when I want to re-read your fics.

Honestly, backset MV didn't blow me away.
Jaejoong most definitely had my attention.
Somehow my thoughts kept bouncing between ICE and Sleeping Beauty.

Hey Nikki..thnks for reconsidering ur decision...glad u r back...jj in the backseat mv is just asgfhgkkjhk...LOL at the last line...:D:D

Thanks for clarifying. As long as you are well and nothing bad has happened. End of the day they are your fics and you can do whatever the heck you like with them.

Hey there..i rly want to join ur comm thejungs...but my request is not getting submitted..i dont even know why..*sobs*...i cant even comment there...☹☹

Thank you for this post. It really clears up everything. ^^)v

P.S. agree with you about Back Seat lyrics.

heyyyyy girl ^o^
thanks for this clarifing :D
Good Luck with work dear !!!

damn u JJ , he's sexy and he knows it

Thank you for this announcement :)

BTW I don't like BS lyrics as well but when I don't think about them the song is rather pleasant.

Thanks for the heads up Nikki
I think I'll be ok since your fics prob already became part of my memories :))
I've read your fics as much as I've read Harry Potter and that's something..
Just gonna wait here then until you(if ever)decide to unlock your fics :D

Thanks for your post.
Take your time and decide what will be the best =)I guess I won't stop checking your page once a day as I always do. But at least now I know what's going on :P

Back Seat is not that bad~ I like Junsu the most, he looks like he's in form. Well, one can't compare Back Seat to good old THSK videos. But I'm just glad, that they performed together again =)

I've submitted a request to join the comm. hopr can br accepted soon...
I haven't found the lyric of BS but seriously Kim Jaejoong should be locked up in a room or something..that guy is bad for my sanity and for the love of anything Holly...Jung you better do something to that tease oh my god!!! and Sweat pv by THSK too...Shim that brat how can he be sexy??? who let him be that sexy oh dear lord...

I really hope that you will consider releasing all the SB drabbles with the main into the book....I really love that fic of yours....maybe because it's so close to my heart....
Hope you can reconsider releasing the SB verse and Baby Joongie AU verse too...

Thank you for informing us about what happened.
I enjoyed reading the fics from the sleeping beauty universe as well as your other fics and would like to join thejungs community

Ahh...this makes sense, thanks for the clarification and sorry for being one of those inbox people. :) thejungs it is to get my fix for now, though I admit I do have your fics on AO3 marked. This is probably a good thing, as I will actually focus more on packing up my entire house to move next weekend. (Hmmm...or so I will keep telling myself as I reach for the phone for a break. Lol) Ok maybe I will watch Back Seat again to drool over that hip action instead. :p