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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: I Love You, Too...
Title: Drabble: I Love You, Too...
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
Genre: Non-AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: They have not changed. It is fandom that has changed.

AN: Random bits and pieces… There’s no real point to them except to show the obvious. I was also kinda cranky while writing this and needed the fluff to allay my irritation with the SME debacle but IDK if I succeeded in actually making it fluffy OTL Oh well, at least I tried.

Jaejoong exits the bedroom, shutting the door firmly behind him, only to be met by two people he’d rather not see.

“I think I left my jacket here…” Heechul starts with a smirk as he takes a step towards the door, only to be predictably blocked by a frowning Kim Jaejoong.

“You didn’t.”

“I just want to check,” Heechul takes another step forward, but Jaejoong is pressed against the door, arms out, trying to fill the wide doorway with his rather small frame. Amazingly, he does a rather good job of appearing larger than life as his frown morphs into a deep scowl as he glares at his longtime friend.

“Go away, hyung.”

“But why? Weren’t we supposed to go for supper? Gunhee is hungry,” Heechul nods towards his companion who is wearing a shit-eating grin as he nods in tandem.

“Then go and eat. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Why?” Gunhee asks, cocking his head as his smirk widens. His hands are deep in his pocket and with his cap, he looks a lot younger in the dim light.

You know why,” Heechul replies in English, causing his friend to burst out laughing.

“Shut up!” Jaejoong hisses, but it’s too late as the door is yanked from behind him, and he stumbles backwards with a squawk.

He is caught by sure hands, clamped across his slim shoulders, and there is no mistaking the anger in the man’s voice, despite the firm yet gentle way he is holding the owner of the apartment.

“Hyung, I give you one very short minute to vacate this place. Just one. I haven’t slept, I haven’t eaten. I haven’t even showered, and I smell like the hospital. If Yunho hyung wakes up, I will kill you.”

“I think your snarling probably woke him.” Heechul smirks as his gaze drops to Jaejoong’s whose expression is hilariously torn between annoyance and happiness. “And how did you manage to snag him too?”

Changmin lowers his head, blatantly kissing Jaejoong’s ear, flashing eyes never leaving Heechul’s whose expression morphs very quickly from amusement to shock he cannot hide.

“I never left.”


”We’re running, running, running without notion.”

Yunho groans, pulling the covers up higher over his head, inadvertently tugging it off his bedmate who kicks out in protest, foot connecting with the tired leader’s shin, but it doesn’t pain him. He wakes up enough to swing his arm around the slimmer man, hauling the sleepy singer against his side and burying his face in the back of his fragrant hair as he buries them both under the voluminous duvet.

”We’re fighting, fighting, fighting without reason.”

The voices get louder, practically on top of the sated couple who are trying to go back to sleep, having only managed to snatch an hour after a rather long and pleasurable reunion the night before.

”In this life, and far across the ocean—”

Jaejoong bolts upright, growling as he cuts off the singing. A placating hand against Yunho’s bare side, he rubs apologetically as he glares at three unrepentant faces through sleep encrusted eyes.

“My song, my rules. Go sing it somewhere else, preferably the next district.”

“So cranky, hyung?” Yoochun smirks as he leans against Changmin with Junsu leaning against him. “I thought you’d be all smiles this lovely sunny morning,” he sends a meaningful glance towards the topless body next to the irritated lead singer.

Instead of replying, Jaejoong merely grunts, lying back down and resolutely turning his back on his three annoying dongsaengs.

Junsu, surprisingly, catches on first as he looks around the room.

Clothes everywhere.

A half open suitcase.

Dirty bowls on the floor by the dresser.

And a couple of empty soju bottles knocked over by the rubbish bin.

The room looks like a hurricane hit it, and he knows his Jaejoong hyung. The man would never allow this type of mess to last for very long.

“I don’t think they’ve slept long,” he grins, jumping onto the bed, this time dislodging the leader of TVXQ who leans up on his elbows, staring at the main vocalist through slitted eyes.

“Do you have a death wish, Su-ah?” he asks as Jaejoong moves, crawling atop him, pushing him down on his back as he half drapes himself over him.

“Go away,” the oldest man in the room grumbles like a petulant child. “Otherwise I’ll never cook for any of you again.”

Unfazed by the empty threat, Junsu merely smiles as he stretches out on the other side of the taller man, humming Doushite. His body is very lightly pressed against his leader’s side, and the warmth emanating from the older man is extremely comforting to the musical artiste who closes his eyes with a happy smile.

“It’s nine in the morning…” Changmin marvels out loud as he stares at his hyungs through narrowed eyes. “Seriously?”

“It’s been a couple of weeks,” Yoochun adds, shrugging as he pushes away from Changmin to sit at the foot of the bed, massaging a leg or two from over the covers.

Jaejoong huffs irritatedly, lifting his head from Yunho’s chest, he twists to eye the maknae balefully. “Either shut up and get in the bed or keep singing and take these two with you and get out.”

“Modu da bye bye sarangdo.”

This time it is Yunho who lifts his head, eyeing his smirking maknae. “I don’t recall it being JYJC somehow.”

Junsu turns then, burrowing against the leader’s bicep as he murmurs. “We can swap. They can be JYC.”

Yoochun sees Changmin’s face blanch in that split second, for not even Junsu can get away with playfully threatening Changmin’s spot with Yunho. He heads off the imminent fight by yelling out as loudly as he can manage, startling everyone.

“Puppy pile!”

The effect is immediate, the two oldest groaning in pain as they are suddenly squashed by three bodies from above.

No matter how long it’s been and how far they’ve come and gone, they are distracted easily by the ghost of a shared past that their bodies are more than happy to re-enact thanks to muscle memory.

By the time their brains catch up with their bodies, Changmin is being kissed by Jaejoong, reassured by Yunho, soothed by Yoochun and Junsu is right next to him, whispering his apologies.

“Pabo-yah,” Changmin mutters against Junsu’s hair even as he hugs the smaller man.

“I love you, too…”

AN: Lol… this was just super random ramblings in between work. And really, Creation should’ve been the title track. It sounds so damn DBSK I get chills when I listen to it. I’m not even talking about the lyrics. I’m talking about the song as a package.

This is beautiful. I can almost see this happening in real life. Nikki, this is perfect!

I wish it were fluffier though. I think i've forgotten how to write fluff lol. This was kinda bittersweet... What i'd give to see Heechul's face though :P

I really love them being together..specially yoosumin..

Yes, I miss them a lot ;;

This was really heart-warming. Thank you.
And I agree. Creation is perfection. It should have been a single! I can only imagine how amazing it will sound live.

I can actually mentally hear/imagine five voices singing Creation. It makes me so...warm.

Heartbreakingly beautiful. *sigh* Thanks Nic...

I totally agree about Creation btw, I just can't stop listening to it.

You're welcome and yep, that song has more than 10x the plays of any other song from the album hahaha. You'd think after replaying it that much, that i'd be immune, but nooooooooo. I still get damn chills when they start running running running ;;

Wow... It's just so..heartwarming I guess? I can't describe properly.. Just like I said in my comment before, It's always bittersweet to see DB5K being together once again. But for this case, it's more heartwarming than bittersweet. Cause even though they're being separated for years, the bond is still there, and the feeling between them is just as strong (if not stronger) as before. I think you succeeded in making this a fluff ^^ Thanks Nicki..

I'm glad you found it heartwarming. I felt bittersweet though cos I really don't know what's going on. I can only hope :3

Joins puppy pile! I can hear Changmin singing that line, I am left wanting more. Thank you!

I can hear it too. It's so weird but I can totally see/hear him singing it OTL

oh my gawd so much feels!!!!!! sobs ssooobbssss i miss your writing more now

thank you for sharing this, we were need this and your summary made me sad, you are right, they didn't change, we did ... :(

I saw the summary on tumblr somewhere and it struck me as being totally true. And yes, it's really really really sad.

Perfect. I love how all his Hyung's care so much for Changmin. Yoosumin are just really adorable! DB5K ;) forever ♡

It's impossible to escape the fact that all four doted on Changmin in their own way... I'd like to think they still do though tbh I think Yunho overcompensates 99% of the time but hey, it's all good. The leader has to take care of the maknae.

This was so wonderful! A lovely way to start my morning. I have to agree that Creation is one of the best, but I never thought of it being a DB5K song before... I could totally see that now. Thank you for the lovely visual! I think I need to go replay that song a million times more.

And I love the Heenim and Gunhee appearance <3 Of course Heechul would be the one to find them XD

Lol! They're pretty good, especially Changmin at flying under the radar hah! I'd like to think that Heechul actually has a reasonable part in getting both sides back together tbh... I didn't address it here but I think he has some part to play IRL.

being the YunJae bias that I'am I actually thought the I Love you too came from either YunJae! HAHAHAHAHA
but this is good... we all need some DB5K loving <3
I would give anything to see a cranky Jaejoong but I want Yunho around so that he can take Boojae's crankiness with just a kiss xD and damn I miss that puppy pile... aaahhh these adorable ahjussis is making my heart melt again... <3
and LOL! GunHeenim couple even did a cameo... xD
Ahhh Nicki, welcome back again! hehehe :3 I miss your fic updates <3

Hahaha i'm sorry, I think it was an accidental misdirection lol. We know YunJae love each other. It's the other three that require a little more convincing, and MinSu in particular so... There you go.

The damn nostalgia..
Thanks for this, Nikki!
One day we'll see a puppy pile again and we'll cry rivers


Awwwww this is so sweet. It's bittersweet for me and I agree about creation. Thank you Nikki.

Ahhh..so sweet...:):)...hope they will be together soon..^^

Thank you and I can only hope they'll show us some day.

Aaa wwww cute. I haven't heard the whole album yet. I better start listening to creation then.