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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Good grief OTL
Ok so apparently there's more...


And really, I can honestly only laugh because IDEK what the point of this is. Spam for traffic? The internet is a bloody weird place.

They touched Heaven and one of my favourite LITI chapters... The one where some of you were screaming along with all the fangirls in the fic. IDEK. This is so weird :-/ I guess no matter how much I see, i'll still be baffled by humanity.

Sleeping Beauty got mangled...Collapse )

I'm so sorry that these kind of things keep happening to you. Nevertheless,just know that you are my favorite author, no one can replace you and your amazing works. Just keep going and fighting!

WTF is wrong with them? They seem to a have sone guts. Can we report them nicki? How to report them? If i know how,i will bash their admin inbox for you. Damn those people that make me lose my reading heaven from you!!!!!

Is there any place to report them?
Or anything? @__@
Cuz those pages are completely insane.
And the person who did it must be out of his mind.

WTF.. The fic was horribly copy-pasted. There are loads of typos and weird font there. OMG This is a real crime, they managed to butchered? mangled? a personal favorite drabble of mine (Heaven) to be some piece of junk that I can't even bear to read further. Everything was re-written so..so..horrible. Is there anyone who can bear to read that though? I doubt anyone would be sane enough to read em without being confused. Is there any way we can voice our protest for this? This has got to be stopped!

Low people are low people *sigh*
Sorry for this happened again to u,Niki..
And because of those low people, we, your reader of ur amazing fics, got the impact. T.T
Someday karma will fuck them up. Amien..

wtf????what is actually magicpills?

i mean....they copied words by words n then claimed that that was their works?

glad u still stand strong nikki..
we all here with u :)

That really horrible. I can't even read properly with so much error. I don't really see the point that web even exist.

Sure the internet is a crazy place but we still need you here.
Love you and cheer up Nikki.

That site is super weird! Like your fics basically pop up between all these medicine advertisement or whatever!!

The whole thing is giving me creepy feels, god knows how you're feeling and honestly may god help your sanity cuz if I were you I wouldn't know what to do!

Not even sure what this site is for.... Unless the person is just copying random stuff off the web n passing it off as their own... By making the spelling and vocabulary wrong!?

And it's not just yours, there are quite a few others too :(
Why do ppl do such things that don't make sense?


srsly people why are you doing this?! :|

i cannot even... orz

Sorry this has been happening to you, but I did a little investigation on that website. I don't know if you know, but the whole website is full of plagiarized articles. They even recently included a recent chapter of thetaintedblade's fic:
http:// www. magicpillsonline. com/2014/ 08/fic-kiss-and-dont-tell-part-eleven.html
http:// thetaintedblade.livejournal. com/263145.html
EDIT: remove spaces (my comment was posted as spam >_<)
Certain words are highlighted such as "skin", "hair", and "care" and others are underlined such as "baby" and "mouth", all generally related to health care. Either the website's owner or manager is justifying their plagiarism by pointing out certain words and replacing ones with synonyms or it could be a computer for all we know that is searching for the right words and then changing the others so it may not seem plagiarized.
I don't really know much about this nor do I know if you already knew this and/or really care but I just wanted to share what I found.

Again, sorry that this has been happening to you and that such appalling people exist.

Edited at 2014-08-06 05:38 am (UTC)

I don't know why you're still here but I clearly want to express how glad I am that you are. Your fics are like old friends you get to have a pleasant afternoon with(drabbles), or if things are really crazy run off to Vegas with (reading all of SB in a 48 hour period)! Your "hobby" (I think amazing talent) brings joy to so many readers and your willingness to share it with people you don't know is proof of a generous heart. I wish losers out there would quit trying to make you heartsick. In the meantime I will laugh with you at these pathetic people since it is always better to laugh than cry. Fighting!

I am not one to make to many comments but in this case, I will.

I have enjoyed your writing immensely and would regret the day that I am not able to have such pleasurable reading. Your love in the ice series has been my favourite and it is really upsetting for me as a reader and not the owner to see someone else doing such to your hard work. If I am so annoyed I can only imagine what you are feeling. They have violated your turf without permission.

Can you copyright your work?

wth?!..it's sad how people like them don't have anything better to do than steal other peoples' work :(