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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Good grief OTL
Ok so apparently there's more...


And really, I can honestly only laugh because IDEK what the point of this is. Spam for traffic? The internet is a bloody weird place.

They touched Heaven and one of my favourite LITI chapters... The one where some of you were screaming along with all the fangirls in the fic. IDEK. This is so weird :-/ I guess no matter how much I see, i'll still be baffled by humanity.

Sleeping Beauty got mangled...Collapse )

Seriously? Mangled is a good word. I am so angry right now. To me, defiled is one that's works too. I couldn't tell you the point either. I need to install a punching bag or something! Get real you lazy b*stards. I just can't. There should be consequences for this kind of thievery. UGH!

I'm speechless.. what...the....hell?!!!! O-O I'm so sorry this keeps happening to you and what kind of name is magicpills for a website???? D=

Ummmm just going to say that maybe the 3 amigos gave that person a sample of the plant that made Minnie dumb. Just wow it's like they tried to do a spin on shakespeare but throw in alot of Ebinox, with a side of your story and a sprinkle of Acid or there pill of choice because no one that wasn't on some major drugs could follow that and understand it.

wat....like.. DAFUQ? this is so unfair! We should all report it somehow but I couldnt find de button either :( (sorry for mistakes, english is not my language)

What the heck is that magicpills site? It looks like one of those crazy online pharmacies.
Why, why, why would anyone pretend that they wrote something when they didn't. See ... If you can't write, just enjoy reading like I do.
I suppose they had to completely mangle the story in order to make it seem like "original" work.
I don't know how many times things like this has happened to you. It makes me sad because I know you write for yourself and, eventually, you'll probably end up giving up sharing your work with the public completely.

Ah, I didn't see this post. This happened when I was in Seoul. I'm sorry that some stupid and immoral idiots plagiarise and mangled your beautiful fics T_______________T

Nikki, I totally respect yopu and your strength in dealings with such idiots.

I never paid much attention to plagiarism but now that I read fics, and have encountered so many great authors like you, and started to write too, this really gets me up in flames.
It's really annoying that there's so little that can be done.