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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Let's just say that Tattooist!Jaejoongie has this exact expression in my head and is staring rather forlornly out at me. He's been doing it for over a week now and I guess resistance is futile if even Yakuza!Yunho can't resist this little kitten OTL


Oh god look at him!!!!!!!!!!! How can anyone resist him? Bloody hell...

Ok so The Tattooist is alive and well. Click on the link and you'll be directed to the tag.

I'm still cooing over Jaejoong...and Yunho is a happy chappy with his gorgeous little kitten :3


Oh Nik you always deliver right when I need it! Moving day is today, house is in pieces waiting to be loaded and kids are packed off to their grandparents. Spending the tonight without hubby as he follows tomorrow with the truck. I have time for this!!! :)

You're killing me with the cute kitty overload!

Oh em!!! Thank you thank you!! I really love the tattoist!yunjae..... I guess i have a thing for kittens and tattoos.... Waaahhh... Thank u very much. I am having a bad bad month yeah as in month. So many problems and fucked up things happening right now. And this fic or rather mostly of your fics are my hiding place from reality..... Thank you!!


Darn...I'm a sucker to such cute looks....why torture me knowing I can't get my hands on it....why...why..why.

awww Nik! thank you so much! will be re read it again after my bath lol

gyaaaaa JaeJae flawless! his skin looks so smooth! aigoo and what with this YunHo's kitten smily face.. so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thank you so much for making The Tattooist for public again ^^
The cat is so cute, no one can resist that kind of look, especially if it's Jaejoong with that kind of look. And the last gif is X3

AWWWW... it's like I wanna be in love. So cuteeee~~
*Off to wonderland

Thank you... I really want to re-read this. Thank you

Thanks for this Nicki! One of these days I'm going to make a time to re-read all of the chapters.. Now back to work... ^^

Thnku so much for this...tattooist is my favorite fic...i always wanted to reread it...sooo...thnku thnku thnku...
Aaaaandd...thnks again for adding me...:D:D:D:D

FYI - I think 13 b & c are still locked. Getting Access Denied page.

PS. Thank for unlocking Tattooist. I really miss kitty Jae :)

It such a good decision, nikki...
If u still hide your fic from the world, then no one know you are the real writer behind this awesome fic.
I hope you'll think to unlock the rest of your fic.
Thank you beautiful nikki

love uuuuuuuuuuu bb
thanks so much for unlocking this !!!

TATTOOIST JJ is like a beautifull hell , seriously that jailbait makes are life so edfgjkdfghjfghjk exactly that !!!!!

Those are some adorable kittens! Almost as adorable as Yunho's kitten hahaha

I can just imagine Jaejoong's kitten looking like that and him cuddling it and both of them pouting all dewy eyed at Yunho who melts in the face of all that cuteness XD

*Making weird dance all around* I'm going to read my kitten Jaejoong again

cooing at dear jj pics ;;; second of all thank u for unlocking your tt fic I guess its the time to re read everything again ;-)

thanks nicki ♥♡