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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Let's just say that Tattooist!Jaejoongie has this exact expression in my head and is staring rather forlornly out at me. He's been doing it for over a week now and I guess resistance is futile if even Yakuza!Yunho can't resist this little kitten OTL

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Omg omg ;~; I've been dying to read this fic since forever T~T thank you so much for unlocking it!!!!! I've been reading it non-stop since yesterday and got stuck on 13 and I can only say you are AWESOME! I've been thinking about tattoos ideas for my bjd and now I'm inspired!!! I hope I can do a tattoo like the ones yunho have (not the one eyed snake of course xP)

the first kitten is just love!! Yes, its exactly how we all feel without your fics!
So glad you opened Tattoist, I have wanted so much to read it again. Innocent Jae can make one's heart feel so warm..

PS. can you please tell why parts 13b and 13c are still locked?

You are lovely. thank you so much!!

I can totally see Jaejoong making that face and it's fucking SCARY because dammit I know I would do anything he tells me to if he ever pulls that face on me oh god...

Anyway, thanks for unlocking this :D

Gonna re-read it now!! Miss kittenjoongie :3
Thank u,Nikki *hugs*

the smut part is still locked :C
but it's still amazing anyway

Seriously need to start reading The Tattooist anytime soon.
It's really one among all your wonderful fic which I don't read yet.

That makes me really happy... I love this story so much that I was dying inside to reread it... Thank you for unlocking it!

NOOOOooo! I was reading it and I got blocked at chapter 13 B... I will go cry in my covers.

the kittens!! it's too cuteeeee XD I miss the story a lot.... :)