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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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So i've done the thing...

...where I told my husband to change my LJ password and now there's nothing I can do about it...

Please appreciate how much I trust him by literally giving over complete control.


Someday I hope I find someone I can trust and love as much as you do your husband =) Your relationship is something to be looked up to ^^ Youve been wronged a lot on here yet you keep coming back for your readers, thats very admirable. I'm mostly a silent reader, I apologize for that but please know that we really appreciate you sharing your work =) I'm glad we have you in this fandom lol

I think i'm just a really huge masochist. Bigger than YunJae combined and we both know both of them can take a hell of a lot of pain ;;

Well, don't be a stranger ;-)

Honestly, I love the relationship you have with your husband. Whenever you mention him here or on twitter, it's really cute reading you talking about him. I can see how much you love him. I'm thankful that you did this, even tho you twitche XD
We got all the stories back ;) thank you very much

I almost killed him yesterday OTL Love or not you don't leave your wife and two kids in the car in summer AND LOCK THEM IN IT!!!!!!!! Ok, granted he thought he was only going to be 10mins and not 40mins but still ;;

You're welcome :-)

I admire your trust and man do I envy it maybe one day I'll find someone I can have such a bond with).
I hope you don't get cranky from lack of LJ (I must admit I would)!

Edited at 2014-08-11 06:38 pm (UTC)

I'm permanently logged in. The password thing is so that I don't go and lock all my posts again lol cos I can't do it without knowing my password and only he knows it so he has to think it's a justifiable reason and really, he doesn't think many things justify flouncing so i'm shit outta luck.

That's a really beautiful thing you did. Hurray for you Nikki! :)

I love hearing stories about you both, you guys are really lovely together :)

A lot of people IRL don't get our relationship though OTL Hehehe oh well.

Short cos I'm in a rush, sry :)

1. kitten's so cute!
2. You guys' relationship is cute too!
3. Will this be like SB!Jae where what he wants he gets? Does your husband cave easily to you?
4. Wishing I could see the stories/muses(?) you have in your head, but nvm I'll patiently wait and stalk your LJ :P
5. Thanks so much for releasing ice, had a craving for it suddenly <3

Edited at 2014-08-11 07:15 pm (UTC)

Re: Short cos I'm in a rush, sry :)

1. IKR!!!
2. Thank you!
3. No, he doesn't cave easily if he thinks i'm being illogical. In fact, he won't cave at all and tell me to stop being a silly goose and move on OTL
4. Wow you'd be so confused if you could see in my head ;;
5. Does it have anything to do with Jaejoong at the JYJinSeoul concert? :P

Lots of admiration for you and the relationship you have with your husband. owo (It's always lovely to read stories about you both when you mention them, haha.) Also thank you for continuing to share your works on LJ for the rest of us. Seriously, you're a lovely, lovely person, Nikki. ^^

Lol we have our moments :P You're welcome!

Aww<3 my husband knows all my passwords too, but you guys are so sweet!

Lol the difference is, he changed the password to my LJ account and I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS which means I can't freak out and leave or whatever cos you need your password to do that ;;

Wow. I just so love ur relationship with your hubby. Even if your twitching....hihihi. Please treasure each other what you guys have is rare. And thanks again for sharing.

Still twitching tbh ;; And you're welcome!

I want one too like yours! Where is my knight? Maybe the last one I kicked? T___T

LOL! You'll know him when you see him. Hopefully :3

Awww... should i say goodbye then? :(
You'll come back right?

Thank you for you and your husband ^_^
Agree with other, it always nice to read whenever you mention of your husband or even your familly like your mom n dad. The love feel it in those story. And its good and inspiring.
Yeayyy for unlocking all your fics ❤️❤️

Your husband is like your own personal fail safe system.

I think its sweet that he bothers to do such a thing for you especially since it's your leisure activity and not his.

For a moment I wanted to bawl thinking that this means you're not going to use your lj ever again but hey, after attempting to click at the tags at the side, i realized the fics are UNLOCKED?!
I really love the relationship between you and your husband btw.
Wish I can find someone like that too :)

Hah! If I tried that with my husband, when I need to get access he would totally have forgotten it and is be screwed.

Hey gives you a game to play! How well do you know your husband that you can guess the password!!

K don't play that if it's going to lock you out hah :)

Sounds like something my hubby would do just to shut me up. Lol. Have a drink or a bubble bath...eh...erotic dream about Yunho instead? ;) Fighting!