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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Jejuko [2/15]
Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: Thank you my awesome eonni and dongsaeng for their reading services as always. I laaaaaahhhhhv them. Forever indebted for being bias-free cheerleaders! :P

AN2: The genre/warnings and ratings will change as the story progresses. Fluff is NOT my strong point and my husband says I am the most unromantic person ever so please forgive me lol!

Yoochun hurries across the campus at a quick jog, cursing student services for the upteenth time for the fact that his dorm and Jaejoong’s are miles from each other. Ok, that may be an exaggeration but at 7am in the morning, it feels like miles. He is definitely putting in for a transfer to Jaejoong’s hall or applying for one of the off-campus apartments together with his best friend and Changmin. Running around like a crazy person this early is completely unlike Micky Yoochun, whose classes he purposefully arranged to start after lunch so that he gets to sleep in. He mutters annoyedly under his breath, puffing in distress as he realises he’s forgotten his inhaler. The gasping man slows down almost to a stop as he struggles to catch his breath.

“Hey, are you ok?”

Yoochun lifts his head, looking around and wondering what other crazy person is up this early when he catches sight of Junsu, jogging towards him in his soccer attire. Oh right, crazy people of Junsu’s calibre. The man is the captain of their varsity soccer team and so far this season, undefeated. Together with Yunho who plays goalkeeper, they rule the soccer pitch with an iron fist. Yoochun has seen them up at 6am as he staggers home from a late-night jaunt at the local jazz bar, running up and down the bleachers, shouting at their teammates. However, no one complains because Junsu and Yunho are the hardest workers and everyone knows it.

“Micky, right? Micky Yoochun?”

Yoochun gapes at the fact that Junsu knows his name but hasn’t lost it so completely that he forgets to nod.

Junsu eyes the pretty boy in front of him. With an oversized hoodie hiding his slim frame, skinny jeans, chucks, cute black-framed spectacles and a cap, Micky Yoochun can easily pass as a girl. Not even a tomboy, but rather a girl borrowing her boyfriend’s clothes. His bout of breathlessness has added colour to his pale cheeks, and as Junsu stares, the boy looks away nervously, hand on his chest, trying to regulate his breathing. The soccer captain notices this and hurriedly pulls his backpack forward, unzipping it and digging around, pleased when his hand closes around a familiar tube. He pulls out his inhaler and offers it to the still gasping boy.

Yoochun takes the proffered inhaler without a second thought, taking two quick puffs of a practiced asthmatic, his eyes shut as he mentally tries to calm his body down too.

Junsu waits, watching Yoochun’s perfectly shaped mouth with its full bottom lip and perfect upper lip. It’s not as pronounced as Yunho’s cupid bow but to Junsu, he has never seen a more inviting mouth. Lips so plush and now, slightly parted as Yoochun exhales slowly, Junsu is mesmerised.

“Th-thank you.” Yoochun stutters, his voice husky, as he hands the inhaler back to Junsu. He doesn’t wait for the other man to reply as he turns and scurries off towards his destination, colour high in his cheeks from the wind, his mild asthma attack, and a very healthy amount of happiness that Junsu knows his name. He is practically whistling as he enters the lobby of Jaejoong’s dorm, getting into a waiting elevator carriage and pressing impatiently at the number seven. Once the doors open to the right floor, he almost skips to Jaejoong’s room, rapping smartly on the pink door. Yes, pink. The dorm floor Jaejoong is on is unisex but they ran out of blue-door rooms. Yoochun has to smile at the irony.

“Jaejae! Are you in there? Wake up!” He pounds harder on the door when he receives no response.

Jaejoong sits up in his double bed staring blearily at the wall, wondering at the noise. The loud pounding on his door and yelling continue as he rubs the sleep from his eyes, chuckling to himself as he hears Yoochun shouting at someone down the hall to mind their own goddamn business. He stretches out, yawning widely, extremely grateful that his dick decides to cooperate and stay asleep, as he pads barefoot to the door to open it for his excitable best friend.

Yoochun brushes past Jaejoong in a flurry of waving limbs as he dives straight for the recently occupied bed, sitting cross-legged in the middle of it and beaming up at Jaejoong.

“What’s got you so happy at…” Jaejoong glances at the digital clock by his bed and his eyes widen as he exclaims indignantly, “7:30 in the fucking morning! Micky Yoochun! This better be good otherwise I’m going to sic Kahi on you. I’ll tell her that you told me that you like her and then watch as she chases you all over campus. Yes, it better be good, Chunnie because I am absolutely doing this.” Jaejoong ends his tirade with a resolute nod as he tugs at his pajama pants, hitching them up a little as they are in danger of falling off his butt. Flashing his best friend is not on the program this morning, and he really won’t put it past Yoochun to point and laugh. Jaejoong was a grower not a shower unlike a certain Mr. Jung… He absentmindedly tugs at his nipple piercing, lost in yet another daydream about Yunho, as he waits for Yoochun to explain his early morning arrival.

Yoochun just gapes at his friend, annoyed at having his happy bubble popped at the reminder of Kahi, a girl he had a one-night stand with, and will probably live to regret that decision for the rest of his college life. “Kim Jaejoong, I will steal all your precious Hello Kitty paraphernalia if you even try and pull a stunt like that! And for fuck’s sake, stop playing with yourself!” He smirks as Jaejoong flushes and quickly drops his hand from his nipple.

Jaejoong hitches up his pants once again, and jumps into his bed, sprawling out beside Yoochun and poking him in the side with an insistent finger. “You touch my Hello Kitty stuff and you die. But, whatever. We’re even now and I’m actually awake and alert for some reason so spill already. What’s got you so hyper this goddamn early in the morning? What happened to my lazy Chunnie? I want him back.” Jaejoong whines as he tugs at Yoochun’s hoodie, causing the younger boy to swipe at his touchy-feely hands.

“I’m happy because Junsu knows my name! But that’s not why I’m here at this crazy hour. Here!” Yoochun sticks a hand in the pocket of his hoodie and pulls out a crumpled piece of paper. He hands it over to Jaejoong and watches, waiting for a response, stretching out beside his friend.

Jaejoong knows there’s no point questioning Yoochun about Junsu yet since the man will only talk when he wants to so he takes the blood red piece of paper and smoothes it out, squinting at the ridiculous font. He can make out a stripper pole on the side and his brow furrows as he reads.


Jaejoong blinks at the piece of paper, reading it over a few times to make sure he Isn’t seeing things and is actually reading it correctly. He looks up at Yoochun’s expectant face. “Do I want to know why you’re excited about this? Is there something you’re not telling me? Are you planning on becoming a stripper?” The look Yoochun gives him is mildly exasperated.

“It’s for you! You should totally join,” comes the very unexpected answer.

Jaejoong stares at him with a mixture of shock, horror and a healthy amount of disbelief. He leans over and places a hand on Yoochun’s forehead, frowning when he finds him cool to the touch. He peers into his eyes, checking his pupils to see if they are dilated, yelping when Yoochun headbutts him.

“Owww! What the fuck did you do that for?” Jaejoong complains as he rubs he forehead, pouting cutely at Yoochun who just rolls his eyes and punches him lightly.

“You were being all weird and creepy and staring into my eyes,” he defended, wrinkling his nose at Jaejoong. “Plus, I need to get some soccer practice in where I can,” he ends with a cute smirk.

“Since when do you play soccer?”

“Since today when I saw Junsu looking amazing in his soccer uniform. Imagine seeing that practically every day? Close up…” Yoochun stares dreamily off into space, smirking slightly because he’s not really serious.

Jaejoong punches him hard in the shoulder, resulting in an impromptu pillow fight between the two boys. Not quite the pillow fights you sometimes see on the Playboy channel but a rather determined pummeling, ending in two rather red-faced and breathless males, both panting at the early morning exertion, sweating lightly.

“We really need to get laid. This is the last time I’m getting sweaty this fucking early in the morning, and not get any pleasure out of it.”

Jaejoong huffs, ignoring Yoochun’s comment, and resuming where they left off before their morning “exercise”. “You’re crazy. Are you sure you’re not high because you don’t have a fever. Have you finally gone off the deep end? I knew you shouldn’t have gone on that deep sea diving trip. Have you ingested too much sea water? I think you should stick to music because your dalliance with the ocean has obviously done a number to your head. It’s a GENTLEMEN’S club and that means they want to look at chicks. Not boys who look like chicks.”

Yoochun scoffs and shrugs. “Remember what we talked about the other day? About Switch? You’re a good dancer, you should totally do it! It’ll give you more confidence if nothing else.” He pauses. “Well, more confidence in public,” he amends, pursing his lips at his scowling friend.

“Are you serious? I mean, I know you’re nuts but this is just that teeny tiny little step to crossing the line straight into the loony bin,” Jaejoong sits up and hugs his knees as he glares at his supposed best friend. He hasn’t even seriously considered Switch since they last spoke about it so this has come straight out of left field where he’s concerned.

Yoochun sits up as well, poking at Jaejoong’s puffed out cheeks with a stray feather he finds on the bed, as his friend makes faces at nothing in particular. “I am not crazy. What better way to practice getting Yunho then getting a roomful of men panting after you?” Seeing Jaejoong’s incredulous expression, he continues. “And the best part? No one will know it’s you. You’ll be a girl. Think about it! You’ll be able to be yourself. Your real self. The Jaejoong I know and love instead of the Jaejoong everyone sees. Only you’d be a girl.”

Jaejoong mulls over his friend’s words, as he chews on his bottom lip, staring at his feet. Yoochun has a point. He feels judged sometimes, being openly gay and more beautiful than pretty much all the girls on campus, and this inhibits his interactions with others. He keeps to himself more often than not, especially since his nickname started making the rounds and getting popular around campus. There isn’t a day where he doesn’t hear someone whispering “Snow White” under their breath as they walk past him, and his cold mask serves him well in these instances. No one truly bothers him though and for this, Jaejoong is glad. He looks up from his musings, catching Yoochun’s expectant gaze and his mouth quirks into a rueful smile.

“Seems like you’ve put some thought into this huh?”

Yoochun simply nods, and waits.

“Alright, I’ll do it.” Jaejoong hugs his knees as tightly to his chest as he can, feeling a shiver run through him as he makes his decision.

“You won’t regret this!”

“Famous last words,” Jaejoong warns direly, but smiles as his friend starts to enthusiastically explain his plans to him, and he cuts him off. “First, tell me about Junsu, and then we can talk about details.”

Yoochun is more than happy to comply.

AN: I’m such a ridiculous author tbh :P Even if it’s AU, I’m still trying to worm YunJae stuff in there OTL Did you spot it? LMAO!

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XD this is so darn cute bb

LOL! Thank you :PPP Glad you like it!

Hahaha :P Hope you come back and tell me what you think hehehe.

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LOL! Glad you like the Junsu bits :PPP I couldn't resist. He probably thinks the boy was in a hurry hahaha... I dunno but hey, Micky is fully on his radar now *cough* I'm super happy people are finding this cute because I don't really do cute very well tbh lol. Guess my fluff isn't failing so badly (yet!).

jae gonna go to strip club later??

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and jaejoong is going to try Switch in the next chappie.. oh god! hope he doesn't get into any sticky situations.!

Don't want it to be angsty :P I'm really glad you like it hehe. JunChun is growing on me more and more and more I have to admit.... I know it's not popular but eh... :P

As for Joongie... lol we'll see :P Thank you for commenting!

Why you no update more?
No but seriously, every time I read stories that concern both sides liking the other already, all I can do is facepalm myself and say, "I DUN UNDUHSTAND YOU TWO" I don't...these two (YunJae) are just a fail...they're probably THE MOST blind couple in the history of lame/cheesy/classical/romantic/gaggish/sexy couples = =" YooSu on the other hand though...I'm still leaning on Chun being top, but if you're aiming for the opposite, I will power through that xD


Lol! I'm adapting this from an already written fic. That chapter was originally half the size! So yeah, lol! You're getting a lot :P The whole 20 chapters is the same length as Slept So Long + oneshot so chapters are gonna be short :P

It's always YooSu tbh. I have never read JunChun so I think it's a nice change even if it's not popular ;-) I'm not one for being popular anyway heh. I've seen some epic blindness and tbh, YunJae's blindness here is totally nothing compared to the blindness of some other fics lol. Like you, I want to face palm and flip tables and do bodily harm to my husband just cos he looks like Yunho hahahahahaha! The frustration is epic :P

Hehehe and you don't have to read it if you don't like the pairing :-) No shame in that! I've stopped reading fics because it said YunJae and the first 10 chapters were JaeChun and THERE WAS NO WARNING so yeah... :P Writing, writing!

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*cough* THANKS FOR THAT MENTAL IMAGE! Hahaha, one of my baby sisters labelled today the official Yunho Crotch Appreciation Day cos I was spazzing... OH MAN. Ok moving along...

I hope I don't disappoint you then hehe. I love Chunnehhhhh ;-)

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He's an emotional grease ball hidden under a huge forehead, pretty features and a ridiculously kissable mouth :P Micky and his schemes...gonna get them into trouble sooner or later lol!

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hi... new reader here...

Awwwwww hello new reader!!! *waves* Thanks for giving my fic a chance ;-) Glad you think it's cute hehehe.

i like this so much! it's very interesting.
and its a gender-bender fic - one of my favorite next to incest fics. :3

i always imagine Jj being girl so i really can't wait to read the next part.

and Chunnie is so cute! no doubt Su notice him.

and i so so agree! Soulmates really do look like girls. if you watch TVXQ's Unforgettable Love. Damn! you'd definitely notice how pretty the two is. ❤❤❤

I'm a hypocrite lol! I actually really don't like gender-bender fics but I like a challenge so hopefully this works out for me :P Same with my other two fics hahaha. I don't like reading PWP but somehow I ended up writing two OTL...

I can't actually imagine Jae as a girl........... He is somewhat feminine but mostly around Yunho lol. Otherwise he's all man to me so this is gonna be hard :O

Chunneh is adorbs. I love him :P So hilarious cos he's actually #5 on my bias list hahaha but man, his mouth should turn anyone his way tbh... Soulmates are gorgeous. SO VERY PRETTEH!

Thanks for taking the time to comment ;-)

XDD at Yoochun, you shouldnt just dashing away from JunSu like that XDD, well but why did JunSu had the inhaler too? :D

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LOL! Why can't Junsu have an inhaler? :P Asthma is relatively common these days ;-) Mmmmm Micky isn't really prepared for a full-blown conversation with Junsu :P Plus he was a man on a mission so he had to runnnnnn XD!

Overprotective Yun *cough*

Thanks for commenting :P

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Lots of YunJae to be had, don't worry lol. Glad you like my Chunneh :PPP

Moreee D: DDDDDDD:.
o-o, i wonder if there's a side effect to the pill. D:

Oooooooooh ;-) Now i'm wondering if you've read the original lol! I think i'm gonna do more of a rewrite than I ever anticipated OTL

So yes, there'll definitely be more ;-)