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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: Sick
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R - for content...this is a HEAVILY mpreg universe and this is mildly graphic...
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: One sick child, even two is bad enough. However, two is a luxury that Jung Jaejoong can only dream about, but never wish for.

AN1: Writing Sleeping Beauty is becoming an occupational hazard… This was supposed to be a drabble and now it’s a monster of almost 7,000 words. All mistakes are mine of course cos I squeezed this in so many pockets of time at work it’s not even funny.

AN2: Un-betaed and this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE - PM me if you cannot get access because it's in the comm.

SB Sick

“Mama,” a tiny little voice whimpers and Jaejoong turns his head, swallowing his fatigue and wince at the pain in his head as he tries to see the body belonging to that voice.

He can only move so far though as his youngest is trying to feed and to dislodge him, would mean chaos all round and he does not want to risk that at all. Not when all five of his children are sick and his husband is halfway across the world.

“Mama,” another voice echoes the first, identical down to the slight tremor on the second syllable, but Jaejoong knows his children like the back of his hand, and he knows it belongs to another child.

Instead of trying to look over his shoulder at the body calling him, he turns to gaze down at the fretful baby plastered to his chest. Changmin is only three months old and the first to succumb to the cold that his father had caught a week ago, and passed on unknowingly to his wife before he left for Dubai. Jaejoong’s mild cold stayed somewhat mild, but it manifested as ear infections and a sinus infection in the three older children. Changmin’s is the mildest of the lot, with only a bit of a fever, the same as Junsu, but even then, Jaejoong does not take any chances. The family doctor visits every day to check up on the sick Jungs, and his sisters and cousins have all taken turns to come visit, armed to the gills with masks and bottles of hand sanitizer as they help out with errands, household chores, and keeping the sick and bored children entertained as Jaejoong tries to manage the craziness somehow. They also come bearing food for the sickly household; ginseng chicken soup and yuzu tea for Jaejoong, and ginseng porridge for the girls and twins. Changmin is much too young for anything like that, though Jaejoong sometimes dips his finger in warm honeyed water and lets his son suck on his fingertip when he is too exhausted to keep allowing the boy to feed from him.

Any energy that goes into Jaejoong, leaves his body through his son, but he doesn’t begrudge the child this at all. In fact, he is almost falling sicker from worry that his body will run it’s natural course and stop producing the nutrition the infant so desperately needs. Changmin, a normally hungry baby, merely latches on during his illness, not drinking much at all. Jaejoong’s sisters tell him that he is doing it more for comfort than anything else, but it is worrying to the twenty-three year old Honour student when a weigh in that morning showed that his round little bundle of joy has lost half a kilo in a week. Jaejoong had burst into tears at the numbers, and not even the doctor could convince him that it is ok, for the child had been just a smidgen too round to begin with. He’s been attending summer school, leaving his children in the care of his family, and somehow he feels responsible for everything.

It is completely irrational of course, for everyone was fit as a fiddle and the only sick one had been Yunho, but Jaejoong takes everything personally when it comes to his children, and he flatly refuses to blame his husband for anything.

To such an extent that he had forbidden anyone and everyone from calling Yunho, who is in the middle of signing a deal related to some gas pipeline or other and not due back for another couple of days, to tell the man of the woes in the Jung household. His family knows better than to go against the wishes of their baby brother, for despite his congenial personality, he means business when it comes to his husband. The Kims believe Yunho spoils Jaejoong too much, and that Jaejoong protects Yunho too much, but the result is a happy household so who are they to query their methods of achieving that state of nirvana their own households lack most of the time?

The children have all been sick before of course. Jiyool and her ear infections are practically a bi-annual ritual, plus Yoochun and his sinus infections. The ear infection in JJ is new to her, but the younger daughter, remains quiet in her illness and it is only the big fat tears rolling down her pale cheeks, and constant tugging of her ears that tell of her pain. Junsu might as well be well if not for the hacking cough he cannot seem to shake, however that too has somewhat died off in the last couple of days.

Or so he thought.

“Mama,” the voice comes again. The second voice, and there is an urgent note to it this time that shakes Jaejoong from his brief reverie. His throbbing head appears to be getting worse, but he is not keen on painkillers because of Changmin. He cradles the three month old close, lifting the baby as he turns on his back, a practiced move to be sure as the infant’s pouty mouth doesn’t dislodge at all from his lazy halfhearted sucking.

The first thing he sees is a forlorn looking twin, hair sticking up every which way as he rubs his reddened nose. His eyes are clear though, no haze of pain or illness within them, only left with the irritated nose as he squints at his mama in the dim light.

“Mama…” the urgent note is still there as the toddler struggles to try and communicate his distress.

“What, sweetheart?” Jaejoong manages to croak out, vaguely aware of the pain in his throat, but not paying any mind to it as he tries to focus on his 20 month old son. “What’s wrong, Chunnie?”

“Susu…” the toddler trails off before he crawls forward, half clambering over his mama’s abdomen to tug at his arm. “Susu…mama…Susu.”

Jaejoong makes sure Changmin is sprawled comfortably over his chest before he allows his oldest son to tug his hand free. He turns his head just as his hand meets the intended object, and Jaejoong’s gasp is loud, as Yoochun starts to sniffle.

Junsu is lying on his side, staring sleepily at his mama, a tired smile on his adorably cherubic face when he finally gets his mama’s attention.

“Mama…” he whispers, eyes drooping, but that smile he is so known for is still there, happy to see his mama’s beautiful face before sleep pulls him away from the man temporarily.

Jaejoong glances down at the infant on his chest, the baby’s lazy sucks are more out of reflex than anything, and he makes a decision, turning over gently to lay the three month old on the bed. He pulls away slowly, taking Changmin’s little fist and putting it against the infant’s searching mouth.

Wet lips connect with the fist, and the baby continues to suck, not really noticing anything different, more asleep than awake.

Jaejoong counts to three, before he turns back to his older son.

The smile is gone, the younger twin’s features are relaxed, restful even, eyes closed as his body moves with his slightly labored breathing.

He turns over, slipping his hand under Junsu’s loose teeshirt, and his son’s eyes open instantly, though the toddler is clearly struggling with the effort. The love within them makes Jaejoong’s eyes water.


“I know, baby…” Jaejoong whispers, blinking away tears at the heat emanating from the tiny little body. Yoochun’s fever broke the day before, but Junsu had been fine the whole time. However, the twins come as a package deal, and the fever is now in the younger.

His oldest son echoes his twin again. “Mama?”

Jaejoong glances over and he can see the little furrow in Yoochun’s normally smooth brow. Their older son is a worrier and his twin is always his immediate worry. He watches as Yoochun crawls closer, the boy’s eyes are on his chest though, and the reason why is in the toddler’s next word.


Jaejoong cocks his head, looking towards Junsu briefly, seeing that he is drowsing.

The toddler is hugging his mama’s hand to his warm body like a blanket, for he is feeling the chill because of his fever. His mama feels overly warm to him, and the heat is comforting as he dreams about the climbing gym his father has installed in the back yard.

Satisfied that his baby is alright, he returns his attention to his oldest son.

“You want milk?”

Yoochun purses his mouth, the cupid bow so like his daddy’s, complete with the mole by the left corner of this upper lip that Jaejoong feels a momentary pang, missing his husband for the umpteenth time that day. He has been unable to get Yunho on the phone all day and while not worried, he wants nothing more than to hear his husband’s reassuring voice as he chats about the sights he has seen in a foreign city, and the lucrative deal that will give him a foothold in the Middle East.

The toddler shakes his head. “No, Susu.”

“Suie wants milk?”

Yoochun leans forward, patting his mama’s chest. “Milk for Suie.”

“Milk, mama.”

Jaejoong’s eyes turn towards the hushed voice, finding Junsu’s brilliant tear drop eyes gazing at him hopefully.

Not one to deny any of his children, especially when ill like this, Jaejoong remembers his own mother’s words.

”The children just want to be comforted. They’re not well, and need more love than usual so give them what they need. As they take from you, you will gain your strength from them. It may not be physical strength for I cannot deny it will be tiring, but emotionally, you will be full. I’ve been in your shoes, Joongie, and it was difficult, but they will be ok, and so will you.”

Jaejoong moves towards his younger twin, Yoochun scooting along with his mama’s movements, eyes darting back and forth between his twin and his mama.

Junsu’s eyes don’t leave his mama’s face, and when he realizes he is actually getting what he asked for, he too starts to wriggle closer. His body feels heavy, and his movements are sluggish, but the more active twin has a deep reservoir, and has no trouble at all closing the gap.

The surprise he’d received from his mama on the day Changmin was born thanks to his naughty older twin is long forgotten, as he latches on. This time, his older brother has given him a treat instead of a trick.

By the time Jaejoong is in a comfortable position, Junsu is already drinking thirstily. Stronger than his baby brother, the tugs of his mouth send a welcome shiver through Jaejoong’s body as he feels his milk flowing better than it has in days. All his worries about running out evaporate in that instance, for all it needed was a hungry child.

Yoochun watches the goings on silently, one hand on his brother’s knee, the other, caressing his mama’s bare side up and down. The furrow in his brow is gone, but with every large gulp his seemingly starving twin makes, he inches closer.

Jaejoong notices, and he stares at the toddler for a few seconds, before speaking. “Yoochunnie, do you want milk too?”

He nods solemnly, but he vocalizes a tiny worry that has started to form in his mind. “Changminnie?”

“He’s sleeping, love.”

“Minnie milk?”

Jaejoong finds his first smile that evening. “Yes, it’s your brother’s milk, but sharing is caring, and the younger he learns that, the better.” He glances down at Junsu, unsurprised to meet a wide-eyed gaze, as Junsu pulls off, milk trickling down his chin as he grins toothily, his ills forgotten briefly. The warmth and sweetness of his mama’s milk has done more than any western medication can for the resilient toddler.


Jaejoong chuckles at the exuberant exclamation, pleased to find his feverish child has enough energy even for that. He pulls back slightly, only to get an alarmed Junsu scrambling to latch on once again.

“Junsu,yah…” Jaejoong murmurs fondly as he strokes the back of his finger on a smooth apple cheek. “Yoochunnie is hungry too.”

Junsu pulls off instantly, his teeth getting in the way, but Jaejoong hides his wince.

“Chunnie milk?”

“Suie milk,” comes the quiet response, the older brother feeling bad for spoiling his twin’s feed, but a look at his mama’s smile warms him and he knows it will all work out somehow.

Jaejoong sits up, coaxing Junsu into an upright position as well, as he scoots backwards, his back against the head of the bed. A quick glance over at Changmin reveals the infant to be deep asleep, snoring lightly, saliva coated fist resting against his chubby cheek, and so Jaejoong turns his attention back to his twins.

Yoochun figures it out first, clambering to astride his mama’s right thigh, before leaning forward to latch on, wriggling his body to get into a comfortable position before he starts to feed. Junsu follows soon after, taking his brother’s lead, and soon, all that can be heard in the quiet bedroom is the sound of two hungry toddlers feeding.

Jaejoong allows himself to sink back against the padded headboard, his eyes drifting closed as he holds his sons to his body. Junsu’s is definitely fighting a fever, and Yoochun is thankfully still cool to the touch. He rubs their backs gently, gaining a considerable measure of comfort from feeling like he is the one sustaining his sick children. The way they feed, he knows that Changmin will have no problem later for even his halfhearted sucking will draw nutrient into his tiny little body, for his milk is flowing fast.

He has no idea how long he sits there, but a soft whisper wakes him.


Jaejoong opens his eyes and glances down into the hazy milk drunk eyes of the younger twin. He lifts his hand from the back of the child, fingering away the hair clinging to the damp forehead of the feverish toddler. He smiles at the angelic face, and the returning smile he gets from the ill boy gladdens his soul.

“Yes, love?”

“Love you.”

The sting in his eyes starts up again, but Jaejoong smiles through the threatening tears as he bends his head to kiss the top of his son’s head.

“I love you, too.”

“Me too. Me too love mama.” Yoochun mumbles sleepily against his mama’s chest, cheek resting by the damp nipple as he reaches out to his younger brother. “Love Susu.”

Junsu lets out a husky happy sound, unique to the child, a cross between a muted laugh and pleased grunt as he returns to feeding, closing his eyes as he links hands with his brother.

Yoochun’s eyes flutter shut, not at all bothered that he does not get words of love back from his twin. The hand holding his tightly is answer enough.

Jaejoong bends his head to kiss his oldest son’s head, before sinking back once again against the backrest, and closing his eyes.

“I love you, too, Chunnie-yah.”


Jaejoong cracks open his eyelids to find the smiling countenance of his oldest sister and his two oldest cousins. Their entire family including his brother in law are on duty that night, sleeping over in the guest rooms and the children’s rooms, to help him. He’d protested considerably at first, but Jihyo is probably the only noona who treats him like their mother does. She indulges him, but she also puts her foot down where necessary, and he isn’t able to sway her.

“Let Chaerin and Jessica take the twins back to their room. I don’t think they’ll wake till morning.”

Jaejoong’s arms tighten around his slumbering twins. He can feel the stickiness down his chest from their sleepy vertical feeding, but he also knows it is for the best. He’d wanted nothing more than to have all five of his sick children in bed with him. Had Yunho been there, it would be alright, but with just him, he cannot be on both sides of the bed to make sure the children don’t climb out or worse, fall out. So every night, it is only little Changmin that is left with his mama.

Wanting to delay the inevitable, Jaejoong croaks out a query that has his cousins exchanging glances with their mother at the roughness of his voice. “Where are my girls?”

“Waiting with Krystal. Jiyoolie wants to read you a bedtime story, and JJ wants to tell you that her ear is much better.”

“They didn’t fret when I didn’t come down for dinner?”

“They spent all afternoon with you, and they know you’re tired. Jiyool is a very sensible little girl, Joongie. You did very well with her.”

Jaejoong’s smile is like Junsu’s, lighting up the room at the compliment.

He allows Chaerin and Jessica to take the twins from him, taking the warm flannel his sister hands him to clean himself up, before pulling on Yunho’s discarded teeshirt and asking for his daughters to be sent in.

Jiyool and JJ come running in hand in hand the second they are allowed, having been waiting anxiously just outside the door to the master suite.

Jaejoong feels that pang of longing again for his husband as he takes in his oldest daughter’s features. Krystal helps both of them climb into the bed, reminding them that she will be back in fifteen minutes to bathe them and put them to bed.

“Can’t you bathe us, mama?” JJ asks quietly, tugging at her ear, more out of habit than pain now.

“He can bathe us when daddy gets back. Minnie is still sick.”

JJ glances over at the snoring infant, brow furrowing not unlike Yoochun’s earlier. She leans over to sniff at the sleeping infant, rubbing her nose along his cheek before drawing back and climbing into her mama’s lap.

“He sounds like a cat.”

“A cat?”

“A purring cat,” Jiyool nods, agreeing with her younger sister. “He looks like a kitten but he sounds like a big fat happy cat.”

“He’s a big fat happy baby.” JJ declares in no uncertain terms, staring at her youngest brother. She feels like he’s practically as big as the twins and he’s only a baby!

Jaejoong smothers a giggle, or tries to anyway, but the lush sound escapes his lips, making his daughters giggle in turn.

Soon, the girls and their mama settle in as Jiyool reads from her book to her attentive audience.

The story of Sleeping Beauty is told in hushed tones, with the occasional disagreement between the older and younger girl as to how the story should go. Jaejoong waves Krystal off once, asking for another fifteen minutes with his daughters as they argue about the power of a kiss.

“Can a kiss really be magical like that?”

“Don’t talk about kisses when your daddy gets back.”

“Why? He kisses you all the time,” Jiyool remarks, making JJ wrinkle her nose, a trait she has definitely inherited from her mama for it is identical to his quirk.

Jaejoong laughs, kissing Jiyool on the forehead. “What about my kiss? Is it good?”

Jiyool thinks for a second.

And then two.

And three.

Jaejoong catches the smile tugging at his oldest daughter’s mouth and he growls playfully at her. “You’re a brat, Jung Jiyool.”

“Takes one to know one, mama,” the almost five year old replies sassily.

“Does that mean I’m a brat too?” JJ questions, the furrow in her brow has deepened. “I don’t want to be a brat!”

Jaejoong hugs his younger daughter, nuzzling her cheek, laughing against her cool skin as her exclamation wakes her brother.

“Yah, Jung Jaeyoung, you are a brat! You woke Minnie.”

“My name is JJ!”

“Jaeyoung!” Jiyool counters loudly, figuring since Minnie is awake anyway, she might as well go the whole hog.

And that is how Jihyo and Krystal find the Jungs.

Two bickering little girls, a squawking infant, and a pale Jung Jaejoong who is surprisingly laughing at the whole thing.

Krystal and the girls leave after they’ve all exchanged “magic kisses” including one each with their irate baby brother.

“Kisses aren’t magic because Changminnie is still noisy. He didn’t magically stop crying when I wanted my kiss to make him stop crying,” JJ practically bellows in indignation as they exit the room, causing Jaejoong to burst into giggles once again.

“Yah, Joongie…I think you have a fever.” Jihyo murmurs as she places her hand against her brother’s forehead. “It’s not high, but you’re definitely warmer than you were this afternoon.”

“I have a headache,” Jaejoong agrees, his almost hysterical giggles at an end as he scoots down the bed, gently moving his crying infant into position, before lifting up his teeshirt.

Just as he suspected, Changmin feeds easily, the ease of the flow thanks to his older brothers.

He does not notice his sister leaving the room, nor does he notice her turning the temperature up in the master suite.

All he can see is his infant son, staring up at him through wet eyes as he feeds properly for the first time in days.

Both Jaejoong and Changmin fall back to sleep within ten minutes.

Yunho parks his car in the driveway, the entrance to the garage blocked by three cars he recognizes as belonging to his eldest noona’s family.

Tae’s black Bentley.

Jihyo’s white Mercedes.

And Chaerin’s red Porsche.

He wonders if Jaejoong is having some sort of dinner party, not putting it past his social butterfly wife since it is a Friday night. He smiles at the thought, enjoying the fact that he’ll be able to surprise everyone by returning home earlier than the midnight Sunday flight that was the original plan.

However upon his entry, the foyer of the house is silent, the main chandelier in the entrance on low, the dim light just enough for him to make out a mess of shoes and random things that belong to three minxes he calls niece.

A sleepover then?

Still mulling over his messy hallway and wondering briefly if this is what he has to look forward to when Jiyool and JJ grow up, he continues on towards the back of the house in search of his wife. He isn’t concerned about the lack of children’s voices for it is almost midnight and all five should be asleep.

He is greeted by a homely sight in his kitchen.

The whistling of the kettle and the comforting smell of warming food.

“You’re back early,” a voice observes.

Yunho bows in greeting, before straightening and shaking hands with the amused husband of his sister-in-law.

“I think this is going to be a case of what Joongie wants, Joongie gets again, Tae,” his wife retorts, ignoring her husband’s eye roll as she takes the kettle off the stove. “Jung, do you want a hot chocolate?”

He shakes his head, draping his jacket over the back of a bar stool, face perfectly blank as he addresses Song Jihyo.

“Noona, why are you here? Where is Jaejoong?”

The lawyer makes a clicking sound with her tongue, ignoring her brother-in-law for a few seconds as she heaps a couple of spoonfuls with an expensive organic cocoa mix.

Yunho is patient. He knows nothing bad has occurred otherwise there will be a lot more chaos in his household rather than his calm in-laws. He pushes up his sleeves as he waits, tugging the already loosened tie from around his neck and unbuttoning another two buttons.


Yunho freezes in the act of unbuttoning, the pause so slight that it’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it type thing. Tae and Jihyo, being the lawyers they are, notice the tiny inconsistency for they both happen to be looking at the man, but they say nothing.

A tall girl with flowing blonde hair crashes into the Jung patriarch, and while he barely even staggers, his arms remain by his side as he considers the exuberant greeting from the beautiful girl.

“Did Joongie oppa call you? He told us not to call you and then he goes and calls you himself. Aish, the kids are all getting better too. If he’d wanted to call you for help he should’ve done it on Tuesday not today. JJ’s is still a little deaf at times, but Jiyool is completely well. The twins are ok too.” She doesn’t pause, leaning against the kitchen counter and turning to look at her mother. “Speaking of ok, I checked Junsu’s temperature and it’s already broken. I guess what they say about milk is right. Yoochunnie was so cute, mum, he kept mumbling about milk in his sleep. I don’t think Changminnie is going to be too impressed if his hyungs decide they want more of his milk. Lord knows that baby squawks if Jaejoongie oppa is out of his sight for even a second. He’s even worse than Jiyool when she was a baby. Do you remember her constant bellowing for mama mama mama all the time for weeks after the wedding disaster?”

“The children are sick?” Yunho ignores her last question, but he clenches his hands briefly at the unwanted memory.

Krystal leaves her uncle’s side, going round the counter to pick up a waiting mug of hot chocolate from her silent mother.

“Yep,” she replies cheerfully. “Well, not anymore, but mostly yes this past week.”

“All of them?”

She lifts her mug up, sipping daintily and watching her uncle over the rim. She’s not the most observant girl in the world, but Jung Yunho has the type of presence that forces you to pay attention. She is finally noting that he is very still.

Inhumanly still.

Krystal lowers her mug, pursing her lips thoughtfully as she eyes her uncle.

“You didn’t know?”

An imperceptible shake of the head.

“They’re all fine, Yunho.” Tae finally speaks, sending his blabbermouth daughter a dirty look. Typically, she replies by sticking out her tongue and shrugging as if saying how would I have known? How would anyone have known indeed? He is truly starting to really subscribe to his wife’s family’s fanciful notion of Jung Jaejoong’s weird “power”.

“Please excuse me.”

The three remaining Songs stare after the broad retreating back of the tall men. His steps are purposeful, and hurried without being obvious about it. There is control in his reaction, and Jihyo sighs at it.

“He really didn’t know?” Krystal asks just as her older sisters emerge from a side door that leads to the indoor pool where they’d been swimming laps.

“Who didn’t know what?” Jessica asks, sticking her towel in her ear and trying to get the water out.

“Yunho oppa is back.”

“Oh!” Jessica smiles, a measure of relief in her pretty features. “Joongie oppa is so bad. Threatening all of us and then he goes and calls his husband anyway.”

Chaerin shakes her head, more perceptive than her younger sisters, eyes moving back and forth between her parents.

“He didn’t know.”

“Who didn’t know what?” Jessica echoes her earlier question.

“Yunho oppa didn’t know that his household was sick.”

“Then why is he back so early?” Jessica asks, moving her towel from one ear to the next, a tiny mar in her forehead.

“What Joongie wants, Joongie gets,” four voices intone.

Jessica scoffs, finally dropping her towel and hopping up onto a bar stool and reaching over for a mug of hot chocolate. “I need to find myself a genie. Mum, dad, don’t let me marry anyone who isn’t half of the genie Yunho oppa is.”

“You gotta rub him the right way,” the oldest girl sings her comment slyly.


Yunho takes the stairs two at a time, heading to the girls’ bedroom first.

The princess night light is on within it, casting fairy shadows around the room as he kneels in the gap between his daughters’ beds.

He places his hand on Jiyool’s forehead first, finding her skin cool and dry. However, his touch is a little heavy, and his daughter wakes just as he removes his hand.

“Daddy?” she mumbles groggily.

“Here, sweetheart. How are you feeling?”

“Why are you back so early?”

“My work finished early and I missed all of you.”

“Mama said you were very busy. It’s ok daddy. It was only for a few days,” the oldest girl reassures her father, patting his hand as her eyelids droop. “Did you win the contract?”

“Has mama been talking to you about my work?”

The young girl shrugs, “I asked, and he answered. You know he always answers my questions.”

Yunho hums in response, knowing his wife has some answering to do himself. “You haven’t answered mine, baby girl. How are you feeling?”

Jiyool pouts in the semi darkness, bringing her father’s large hand up to her chest and snuggling it like she would a pillow. “I’m fine. Just the sore ear. JJ had it worse. You should kiss her better and fix it.”

“Kisses are not magic,” a rather loud whisper washes over the pair from the next bed.

Jiyool groans theatrically despite her sleepiness. “Honestly, daddy. Where did Jaeyoung come from? How can she think your kisses are not magic? Mama certainly thinks they’re magic.”

“He said that?” Yunho’s voice conveys his amusement as he reaches over to touch the forehead of his other daughter. JJ’s skin is a little clammy, but she too is cool to the touch. Like her sister, she too grabs his hand and uses it like a makeshift bolster, wrapping her tiny, slim body around it, ankles locked around his forearm.

“Mama said not to talk to you about kisses.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know. Ask mama.”

“Are your kisses really magical, daddy?” JJ asks, tugging at her father’s arm.

Jiyool is slumbering, leaning closer towards sleep once again as she mumbles, “Tell her daddy. Prove it. I know you can. Mama believes in you.”

“What Jaejoong wants, Jaejoong gets…” Yunho utters under his breath as his oldest daughter presses dry kisses to his fingertips before relinquishing her hold.

Yunho leans forward, kissing her brow and whispering good night to his oldest princess before turning his attention back to the petulant pixie pouting at him. A pout so like her mama’s, it practically glows in the dark.

He stands, lifting JJ into his arms, smiling at her muffled squeal as he takes her place in her bed.

“Now, what is this about magical kisses?”

“Sleeping Beauty.”

“The prince woke the princess?”

The three year old nods, nuzzling against her father’s shoulder, fingers picking at his buttons, undoing one absentmindedly. “Can kisses really do that?”

Instead of answering, Yunho asks his tiny little daughter a question of his own. “How are you feeling right now?”

“Tired…sleepy…ear hurts.” Even her voice conveys her discomfort.

Yunho kisses her forehead gently and slowly, pressing his mouth against her damp skin, rubbing his lips back and forth across her hairline purposefully.

“How do you feel now?” His question is a warm whisper ghosting across her skin.

JJ is ticklish when it comes to her hairline, and she is already smiling when her father asks his question for the tingles warm her to her toes. “Good. I feel good.”

“Magic kisses?”

JJ nods, closing her eyes, the smile still playing about her mouth. “Magic kisses.”

It is a good twenty minutes before Yunho manages to move on to the boys’ room. Distracting JJ from the pain in her ear was easier than expected, the little girl already halfway believing he is magic.

What else should a father be to his daughter?

The door to the nursery is ajar, and the reason for that is clear because two little heads are peeking out of their bedroom as Yunho approaches.

He stops, standing a few feet from the open door.

Twins eyeball their father, their eyes getting wider and wider.

Yunho gets down on his haunches with a smile, opening his arms, and two little blurs in blue and white dash out of their bedroom with giggles that will warm anyone’s cold heart.

Junsu reaches first, a blue lightning bolt that belies his illness as he throws himself into his father’s waiting arms.

Yoochun is there a scant second later, knocking his father off his feet, Yunho taking care to cushion their fall as he topples backwards with a laugh, allowing his twins to lay on top of him.

CEO Jung Yunho lying on his back in the middle of the floor of an open play area, with two squirming toddlers scrambling to stay on him. It is a sight for sore eyes indeed.

“You two don’t look very sick,” he remarks before kissing his sons in greeting. “And you can’t be that ill if you managed to climb out of your cots again. Your mama is going to put a roof over it soon.”

Yoochun draws back, pointing at his brother. “Susu hot.”

Yunho lifts his hand, not unlike the way his wife did a few hours earlier, slipping it under the back of Junsu’s pajamas. The younger twin’s skin is cool to the touch though, no sign of the fever.

“He’s not hot anymore.”

Yoochun frowns, reaching out, smacking his little palm right in the middle of Junsu’s forehead causing the toddler to squawk and stare at his brother in disbelief.

“No hitting, Chunnie.”

“Not hitting.” Yoochun replies seriously as he pats his brother’s forehead, before breaking into a bright smile. “Not hot.”

“Not hot.” Junsu echoes. The twins are starting to talk more now, though Yoochun is the more articulate of the two. Nowhere near his oldest sister in terms of chattiness at a similar age, but he can communicate. Junsu mimics, understanding more than he speaks.


“Brrrrrrrrr,” Junsu immediately replies, grinning as he makes the sound and wiggling happily when his father chuckles at his efforts, and so he does it again.

Not wanting to be left out, Yoochun too joins in, and for a few seconds, you’d think there was a little broken motorboat in the room.

Yunho sits up, not even grunting at the exertion as he holds his sons in his arms, continuing the movement to gain his feet, heading towards the attached nursery from the outer door.

“Sleep?” Yoochun asks, when he realizes where they’re heading. “Mama sleep?” He twists in his father’s arms, pointing towards the door to the master suite. “Sleep mama.”

“Yes, mama is more than likely asleep. You can sleep with us tomorrow ok?”

Yoochun shakes his head immediately. “Now!”


Tears fill the older twin’s eyes as he wriggles in his father’s arms. “Mama…milk…mama…”

Yunho catches sight of the bottles sitting in the warmer in the nursery, and he detours to pick them up, juggling bottles and twins, one squirming and the other quiet, as he heads towards the little cots. The boys are not big enough for their own beds yet, and so they share the spacious nursery with their baby brother. Lately, they’ve been channelling spiderman and climbing out of their cots. Boys being boys, they have it down to an art form, though Yunho remembers a certain almond eyed little girl, and another with bright doe eyes shining with innocence when she is caught, who used to do the same. Perhaps it isn’t a boy thing. Perhaps it’s a Jung thing.

He tries to drop Yoochun into his cot, but the toddler clings mightily to him with the strength of a determined child.


“Chunnie-yah…” Yunho glances over at Junsu who is silently watching his brother. “Suie?”

“Mine,” Susu replies simply, reaching out to pat his brother, getting his attention. “Mine, Chunnie. Mine.”

“Mama,” Yoochun replies stubbornly through his tears. “Sleep mama.”

Junsu shakes his head as his father draws alongside his bed. He practically nose dives into the luxurious cot, Yunho catching him just in time to control his descent.

The more easygoing twin reaches out immediately, plucking his bottle that is almost slipping from his father’s grasp thanks to Yoochun’s antics, and lays back, sucking down his milk as he stares up at his brother.

“No, Susu, no!” Yoochun starts to kick out but Junsu doesn’t move, continuing to stare at his older brother.

Yunho observes the twins’ dynamic, having seen it a few times before. Junsu is singleminded, as is Yoochun, but while the older twin is noisier about what he wants, the younger simply does it. This time, Junsu clearly wants to sleep in his cot, completely against the wishes of his older brother. What is interesting though, is that given a choice, Yoochun will always choose Junsu, so there is no longer a choice for the oldest Jung boy.

“Mama!” Yoochun tries again, probably hoping to convince his twin, and Yunho fervently hopes the monitor is with his in-laws and not in his bedroom because if Jaejoong is asleep, this racket is bound to wake him.

Junsu plucks the teat from his mouth, shaking his head resolutely. “No. Mine.”

Yoochun stares down at his brother for a few beats, and Yunho is unsurprised when the older twin finally wilts, all the fight leaving his body as he leans against his father like a deadweight.

“Chunnie? Junsu’s cot?”

“Ok, daddy,” Yoochun agrees with such a sigh that could probably knock over Seoul Tower.

Yoochun and Jiyool definitely have the same melodramatic gene. Unfortunately, since the only biological parent they share is him, Yunho refuses to look too closely into their behavior.

The Jung magnate leans over, dropping Yoochun lightly into the cot, and the toddler immediately lies down next to his brother, sharing the same pillow. He reaches out silently, asking for his milk bottle, before he pops it into his mouth and turns his back on his twin.

“Good grief…” Yunho mutters under his breath. “It’s not the end of the world Yoochun-ah. You’ll sleep with mama tomorrow ok?” He says a little louder as he bends over to rub the sweaty heads of his twins.

He can see the furrow in Junsu’s brow as he pokes his brother’s back.




Yoochun squeezes his eyes shut, sucking on his milk loudly.

Junsu pulls the teat from his mouth again, eyes cloudy, “Chunnie…” he whispers sadly.

Yunho watches as Yoochun opens his eyes, pulling his bottle from his mouth, he sighs again before turning over and stuffing the teat of his bottle into his twin’s mouth.

“Sleep.” And with that note of finality, Yoochun closes his eyes once again.

Junsu takes a tentative suck, before he smiles a toothy grin around the nipple. He takes his own bottle and pokes his brother’s mouth with it.

Two pokes, and Yoochun finally relents, opening his mouth but not his eyes.

Yunho knows he has been forgotten as Junsu’s eyes drift close too. The boys are fraternal twins but sometimes, they might as well be identical from how close they are. He keeps watch, counting their breaths and watching the rise and fall of their chests as their breathing evens out.

Neither manage to finish their bottles before they are sound asleep, facing each other as they always are, breathing in each other’s air.

Yunho takes the bottles and leaves the nursery quietly through the master bedroom entrance.

Four children down, one more to go.

AN: I actually started tearing up when I started writing the part with Junsu and Jaejoong ugh… My little sunshine ;; Also, I know some people read my oneshots/drabbles without any background (IDK why) and if you’re one of them, errrr… this is A VERY HEAVILY MPREG UNIVERSE. The warning is a little late if you’re already down here and missed the warning up top haha but yeah. I feel like I should’ve warned for somewhat graphic content but this is Sleeping Beauty, and y’all know what it’s like. Hell, I think some of you are still going to be asking me for “Milk 2.0”… I hope y’all realize this drabble hasn’t ended :P But that’s another story… ;-)

AN2: I want a magic kiss from Yunho T________________T

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This universe is like my outlet for giving them what they cannot have IRL. Jaejoong IRL is the type that you really want to give him the world...IDK how to explain it but I get that feeling from him a lot so since I can't do anything IRL, i'll just give him Jung Yunho who will gladly give him the world and more here T____T

Hahahaha omg not his cousins, his kids' cousins. IDE want to imagine a bigger Kim family than I already have omg OTL

Aaa..my bad.. I guess I got to excited in reading it and read it the wrong way.. The Kims is indeed one huge family.. I really can't imagine what it must be like to be part of their Sunday lunch gathering..Lol..

No, no! I'm sure it was me not you lol. I wrote this too fast i'm sure and didn't clarify. I know what it's like at their lunches and it is utter chaos. UTTER CHAOS but the feeling of family and the ties that bind is very strong too. I was an outsider they "adopted" and it was awesome and crazy at the same time. Imagine 10 children aged 8 and below in one room. You have me sitting halfway up the stairs, slightly catatonic from the noise lol. The others kids were older, but the younger ones are the noisiest.

LOL I can only imagine that..not sure whether I would survive well had I been invited..haha.. And the fact that the family only grow larger and larger, especially when the Jung kids had all have their own babies and maybe their cousins too..whoaa.. I suddenly feels for Yunho, how overwhelmed he must have been when he first join the Kim's Sunday lunch..
Even so, I like how you portray the Kims, how they came from well off family, and yet managed to keep the strong family bond between them, even after generations.. Now you got me wishing for this verse to happen to them IRL.. After all they've been through..I think they deserved some piece of haven you have here, don't you think? Maybe not exactly like this verse (coz no matter how much we'd like this to happen, we know this will never happen IRL), but in some way they can have a bit of privacy and tike for themselves here and there..simple stuff that they might not have on daily basis..
OK enough with the rambling..:P I think you've got the idea...haha..

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