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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Back Seat [drabble]
So this whole thing started on LINE. I was texting my friend and told her I wanted to put her on my back seat lol! She doesn't like the song and I agreed with her but told her that I can't think of the song without thinking about Jaejoong doing his cute little wiggle in the live version. I'm sure there's a gif somewhere but i'm just gonna link the video.

It's at 0:33 and i've seen a fancam of him doing it taken from the front and it's so damn cute I can't. Even from the side like this you can see that I have no idea what he was trying to do. YES OPPA WE KNOW YOU CAN SWIVEL YOUR HIPS BUT HALLO CUTIE PIE.

Anyway, long story short, she said "Haha. Yunho will put him in the backseat." And just started laughing like hell because this girl is a duo fan. TVXQ only fan. Whatever you wanna call her, stan, acgae etc, she is probably those labels people throw around so easily especially lately. We can't even talk in public on Twitter because all hell might break loose cos fandom takes labels waaaaaay too seriously. This week i've been called jaeharem even. So can you imagine? A known TVXQ only fan talking to an alleged jaeharem? LOL! Anyway...

And so this happened...Collapse )

What a good relationship you two sharing with each other, even DBSK seperated all the fans must be in good terms and understanding, make fun with these 5 dorks without any bad feelings

Trust me, not all fans are like this and i'm not even a great example. This girl i'm friends with is a much better person than I am because I don't actually have a lot of patience for fandom which is why I stick to my out of the way corner and mind my own business.

part two please *on my knees*

This not the drabble for you!
I would like to know what happens on the rear seat!

TVXQ was of his 5 member always. If there are two people only, it HoMin, if three people it JYJ.

Don't even start with this alright? I don't have any patience for anyone who refers to the current TVXQ as "HoMin". Homin is a pairing. It's a couple name. Do NOT presume to change their name and ignore the hard work of almost four years to keep the TVXQ name alive. It is utterly disrespectful considering how hard they've worked. TVXQ is TVXQ. Whether as a memory of five or the current reality of two.

So don't start. Not with me and certainly not on my journal.

I have to admit I'm one of those people who put labels on others in some occasion... occasions like some fans bashing any of the two sides, LOL. so yeah... but seriously though, no matter what people call the others at the end we're all fans of them and are supporting them... maybe in not the same way but yeah... anyway I like your friend ^^ I like it when TVXQ only or JYJ only fans are not putting so much hate on the other 'side'... we can all just live in peace if we let go of our hate. LOL. please send our thanks to your friend... it was really fun reading this... LOL I think Yunho is growling some more doing some 'action' on the backseat xD


Part two. Now what happened in the backseat.

Ok ok getting pervy minded. Lol

awww... XD possesive Jung.. tsk, would Jj got eaten in the backseat?? why I am so excited? duh! LOL part 2 pleaseeee.. hehe

Looool, I would so love a part two as well- Homin or Yunjae, I'm down for both. uwu Please tell your friend thank you!

Want part 2...hahahahhaa...

Part two, part two! Please? OTL

lol i don't like cliffhanger xD. but anyway thanks to your friend for writing this... i'm a tvxq only fan too xD i don't ship yunjae anymore, but i can't stop reading yunjae fic out of habit.. like 5years of habitation i can't let it out of my system easily. . idk most of my homin shipper friends of mine are having the same problem as mine xD.

and this drabble somehow makes me proud to be one of tvxq stans.. i know some of us re annoying when it come to labelling. but majority tvxq stans are easy to be friended with, as long as you can understand and respect their choice, they will respect yours too :3

this is something i always say too. we can agree to disagree, just don't force me to your side. ^^ but for obv reasons, i relate to homin a lot more. all my yj feels come from nikki. haha.

that smirk he make before order his Joongie go to back seat is a crime!!!! and your friend really surprises me! she's TVXQ only fan but doesn't mind talk about YoonJae

Hahahaha.. Funny me, I was expecting a long drabble but then it was an actual drabble and I notice it was your friend's drabble. Damn, I really a part two!!!

Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha!


ok~ LOL. yunho did put jaejoong in his backseat~XDDDDDD

your friend wrote this well~^^ i enjoyed reading this and i'm actually imagining what comes after~LOL

you are right on one thing... the fandom does take labels too seriously, but there are some who don't...^^