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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Back Seat [drabble]
So this whole thing started on LINE. I was texting my friend and told her I wanted to put her on my back seat lol! She doesn't like the song and I agreed with her but told her that I can't think of the song without thinking about Jaejoong doing his cute little wiggle in the live version. I'm sure there's a gif somewhere but i'm just gonna link the video.

It's at 0:33 and i've seen a fancam of him doing it taken from the front and it's so damn cute I can't. Even from the side like this you can see that I have no idea what he was trying to do. YES OPPA WE KNOW YOU CAN SWIVEL YOUR HIPS BUT HALLO CUTIE PIE.

Anyway, long story short, she said "Haha. Yunho will put him in the backseat." And just started laughing like hell because this girl is a duo fan. TVXQ only fan. Whatever you wanna call her, stan, acgae etc, she is probably those labels people throw around so easily especially lately. We can't even talk in public on Twitter because all hell might break loose cos fandom takes labels waaaaaay too seriously. This week i've been called jaeharem even. So can you imagine? A known TVXQ only fan talking to an alleged jaeharem? LOL! Anyway...

And so this happened...Collapse )

I really hate labels and generalizing and such too.

I, for example, as much as I love the old, five-membered DBSK, am what people would call a "JYJ stan" or "only JYJ fan" as I pretty much only follow their activities nowadays. But do you see me hating on the other side? No, right?

And why would I, a /JYJ stan/ be here at Nikki's journal reading YJ fanfiction? Maybe because I have absolutely nothing against Yunho or Changmin even though I may not follow them as much anymore and I simply enjoy reading well written stories?

So people, stop labeling others and being hateful. And maybe others will then stop being hateful too.

GAHHHHHH! ALL THE FEELS! It's so realistic that i can see it happening #delulu LOL

can you give me GIF for wiggle2 Jae???

My LJ is sucks!!!
I couldn't see any feeds from my friend page

help help help. .... part two

hahahaha ok. I watched the video more than thrice just to check whether they have the same choreo in that part. Well, YooSu sat back in that part while JJ did his wiggly hip dance. WOAH. idk if that's really the choreo or he just forgot to sit back down? teeheee


PS: heol. i have friends too who only knows and supports JYJ. they're not like the other 'fans' who bash the other groups tho. or just butthurt. allergic to OT5. mehehehehe

My goshhhhh Yunho's command was so damn sexy!!! If it were me, I would surely jump to the backseat while at the same time get myself ready for him lol ><

And I agree. There are many good HoMin fans, good JYJ fans and good OT5s. And we all can be friends despite whom we chose to support.

P.S. for me fan and stan are put into different categories. :)

Jealous and possessive Yunho is so amusing, and how his reaction to certain things seems to be so easily predictable is really useful!

I really enjoyed it, thank you very much! [heart]

Sooo cute. I love me some possesive and JAE-lous Yunho. Running off to read the other part now ^.~

Edited at 2014-09-02 08:45 am (UTC)

If I haven't read your note at the beginning, I wouldn't have guessed that this was written by a TVXQ (duo) stan :O your friend did great tho hahaha and Jae's wiggly dance got me laughing my ass off HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA he's such a cutie ♥♥♥

P.S lol at the people who thought you are a jaeharem xDD haven't they seen you spazz about Yunho? LOLOLOLOL

Reading this drabble on the day of Yunho enlistment. .I miss yunho and jaejoong already T_T. BTW, I'm also the duo TVXQ fan, but I read YunJae fanfics all the time..can't really help myself anymore XD