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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Back Seat [drabble]
So this whole thing started on LINE. I was texting my friend and told her I wanted to put her on my back seat lol! She doesn't like the song and I agreed with her but told her that I can't think of the song without thinking about Jaejoong doing his cute little wiggle in the live version. I'm sure there's a gif somewhere but i'm just gonna link the video.

It's at 0:33 and i've seen a fancam of him doing it taken from the front and it's so damn cute I can't. Even from the side like this you can see that I have no idea what he was trying to do. YES OPPA WE KNOW YOU CAN SWIVEL YOUR HIPS BUT HALLO CUTIE PIE.

Anyway, long story short, she said "Haha. Yunho will put him in the backseat." And just started laughing like hell because this girl is a duo fan. TVXQ only fan. Whatever you wanna call her, stan, acgae etc, she is probably those labels people throw around so easily especially lately. We can't even talk in public on Twitter because all hell might break loose cos fandom takes labels waaaaaay too seriously. This week i've been called jaeharem even. So can you imagine? A known TVXQ only fan talking to an alleged jaeharem? LOL! Anyway...

She started writing a drabble. On LINE. To me... I copied it and pasted it here and even asked her for a photo to go with it and she gave me this because it's how Yunho looks in the drabble :P


Seokchon posts yet another selca with him on twitter, along with another overly-gushing caption. He grins as he locks his phone and stuffs it into his jeans pocket. Jaejoong rolls his eyes and shakes his head affectionately at his good friend.

He loves Seokchon but such posts always gets speculation up and buzzing about the nature of their relationship. Especially -him-.

He pours Seokchon another drink and leans back nursing his own. Waiting for the call he knows will come soon. 3..2..1..

And it comes. He smirks as he answers. Listens as the party on the other reels off a flurry of questions and then ends his monologue with a 'i'm coming to get you now.'

Jaejoong gets up, brushes off his pants and says his goodbyes to the group. Seokchon eyes him knowingly. 'Was it him?' Jaejoong nods. 'Your fault.' Seokchon waves him off 'You'll thank me for it later, anyway.'

Just as Jaejoong makes it to the entrance of the club from the back, escorted by bouncers. A Mercedes jeep drives up to the kerb. Curious eyes from the line outside the club watch as Jaejoong takes a quick glance around to make sure no one is in peeking distance. He opens the door and hops in.

The man beside him growls in greeting and speeds off to the Han River park. Jaejoong can't help giggling. 'What's so funny?' The other asks as he stops the car and turns to look at Jaejoong. 'Haha, you. Your reaction is funny.'

Yunho stops and stares at Jaejoong for a second. Then he smirks and says 'let me teach you what funny is. Go to the backseat. Now.'

AN: I want a part two damn it hahahaha!!!!!!!!!


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Oh, I could drown you in videos. There's so many. But if you're searching I'm sure you'll have no trouble staying awake and catching on fire.
Me... I need to hand in the towel and go to sleep.

Good night and sweet dreams ^^
Thank you for starting the fire XD

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