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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Yunho's Back Seat [drabble]
Lol I couldn't think of another title but y'all know what this is :P

You have to read Back Seat [drabble] first to get context. I would suggest taking the time to read the comments and enjoy the videos and gifs there too hah!


My friend provided the photo of course. This is the view in Yunho's back seat *AHEM*

Jaejoong pouts at the command from his boyfriend, although he is secretly grinning inside. Yunho sits back, arms folded, staring him down. 'Now. Or don't you understand that either?' Jaejoong widens his eyes in a defiant gesture, smirking. 'No. You're overreacting.' Yunho growls, 'You're asking for it.'

He suddenly leans forward and pushes Jaejoong into the back, the wideness of the jeep allowing for Jaejoong's already-slim body to fall through the gap in between the two front seats. Jaejoong yelps as he falls into a heap at the back. Grumbling, he climbs onto the backseat and sits with one foot on the seat and the other on the floor. The tightness in his jeans already evident.

Yunho barely glances at the inviting spread in front of him and narrows his eyes. He shrugs off his leather jacket and unwinds his red scarf slowly. Jaejoong watches his every move, desire building up inside of him. He licks his lips and makes a clucking sound. It attracts Yunho's attention and he slowly climbs over the gap to the back.

'So tell me. Why do you let him do it?' Yunho mutters as he faces Jaejoong.

'Friends can't post pictures of me anymore?'

'You know he has a soft spot for you.' He is almost on top of Jaejoong now, eyes locked, arms crossed.

'So? He knows he doesn't have a chance.' Jaejoong is slouching low on the backseat, almost in a lying-down position. He exhales, heart pounding in his chest as his lover looks down at him.

'Why not?'

'He isn't you, idiot.'

With a growl, Yunho slams his mouth down onto Jaejoong's, drawing blood as his teeth catches on his bottom lip. Jaejoong yelps in surprise, but it is quickly drowned out as Yunho's tongue chases its opening. Yunho grabs Jaejoong's tank top and strips him of it in a second.

'You know what that does to me.' He sneers, mouthing Jaejoong's neckline, looking for a choice spot to mark. Jaejoong's hands are busy fiddling with Yunho's belt buckle, eyes closed in pleasure and desire.

'You're being silly.' His hands find its prize and Jaejoong almost weeps as Yunho similarly frees his cock.

'Fuck.' Yunho grabs Jaejoong's legs and pulls him so he is now lying flat down underneath him.

He shoves his fingers into Jaejoong's mouth while his other hand works busily on the man's shaft. Jaejoong almost forgets to suck as his mind is torn apart from the rings of pleasure coming from his crotch.

Yunho pulls his fingers out of Jaejoong's mouth and licks them slowly in front of him. Jaejoong groans at the sight but it soon changes into a gasp as Yunho shoves both fingers up his hole, scissoring.

'Fuck! Fuck you!' Jaejoong is breathless, both with pain and desire.

'You like it, baby.' Yunho reaches up to engulf Jaejoong's mouth in another heart-stopping kiss, pumping himself a few times. Then he looks down, smirks again, catches Jaejoong's half-lidded eyes and shoves himself deep into Jaejoong.

Jaejoong finds the wind is knocked out of him but the whirlpool of emotions and sensations he is feeling now is like no other.

He lets out another shout as Yunho thrusts, his cock rubbing against the firm torso of his lover. He is almost close to climax. Jaejoong grabs Yunho's arms and tilts his head, baring his neck.

'Baby...I.. Argh..'

Yunho understands his invitation, he leans down and grabs a mouthful of flesh and bites. He sucks and licks, ensuring a healthy-coloured bruise will be promptly appearing.

'Mine.' Yunho says, thrusting as he nears his own climax. He grabs Jaejoong's cock and pumps it hard. Jaejoong feels like he is going to implode.

'Yours.' Jaejoong agrees, panting, as he comes.

Yunho comes soon after, filling Jaejoong up with his release. He holds himself up for a bit, before turning on his side and sliding Jaejoong on top of him.

'You make me so mad sometimes.'

Jaejoong smiles and turns his head to look at him over his shoulder.

'I know. But you love it.'

AN: And there you have it. A YunJae fic written by a TVXQ only (duo) fan :P She did better than me seeing as I haven't written smut in too fucking long OTL

aigoo :) I was hoping for second part &I am happy to see this ;) thank you .

ps: smut was cute (^^)

Your friend is good.


A present for you:

A present for your friend:

yessss!!! thank youuuuu *smooches*

Okay wow that was...hot. And to think your friend is a TV2XQ only fan!
Thank you to you and your friend!

/wheezing/ Nope. Nothing PG there.

Dayum son, the only thing I can say after this in the most coherent way possible is "hothothothothot"

hello, you're a ff writer too right? i've read some of yours and i'm a fan! so thank you. my first attempt at yj smut. lol.


it's ok. fluff is looooooooove ♥

She's done a great job indeed!

The smut was hawtttt, although it's just a drabble. ><

I'm waiting for her next drabble or one shot? LoL

Wow she's good. Tell her thank you

Ur frnd is good.. :)..jealous yunho is the best..:D:D

Wow you're friend should write yunjae more often damn :Q

First drabble was HOT, this continuation is super damn HOT. ADSRTXHTGRSE!!!!

I really enjoyed her (most definitely first and hopefully not the last) YunJae writting ^^ So so good! Short but really HOT.

Please extend my thanks to her!
Thanks to you both~ ^^

ask nikki to keep inspiring me~

Hot and sexy
Thank you for your friend 😘

Haha ahh how I really needed this today! Everytime rl gets super stressed for me, something from your account always appears on my feed. Thank God for you and your friends! :)

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