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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Revenge [drabble]
What have I done?!?!?!!!

I have created a monster... :P


Grumbling to himself, Jaejoong shuts off his laptop and plunks down onto his chair. Yoochun eyes him knowingly. "What did those two get up to?

Jaejoong glances up st him, pouting. "Not those two. Just him."

"Haha, hyung? What did he do now? Danced too close to the dancers again?"

"No... This!" Jaejoong flicks the Twitter application on his phone, searches for something, and shoves it in Yoochun's face.

"Whoa. What? Hyung's at the airport. Okay..." Yoochun is confused. Yunho looks like he always has - so what has gotten the older man all riled up?

"The comments!! People are going on about wanting to devour him up whole and about how hot he is. And the man just sticks out his tongue 90% of the time, playing to the camera. Attention-seeker." Jaejoong stares at the phone's screen again, murmuring to himself. Yoochun shakes his head.

Jaejoong gets up, walks to the hotel closet and starts rummaging through his clothes.

"What are you doing?"

"Revenge," answers Jaejoong.

The next day,

Jaejoong smirks as camera flashes go off in his face. He even raises his phone up to catch a picture of the crowd of fans photographing them. Then he clicks send.

On touchdown at Incheon, Jaejoong switches on his phone and notices a message had come in while he was in the air.

"I end filming tonight at 1am. Fetch me at our usual place. We need to have words, baby. 😏"

Revenge, is sweet indeed.

AN: I think you can tell from the length that this wasn't written by me :P I think my card-carrying duo stan friend needed an outlet :P She wrote this for me cos she was inspired by me and said I could share it so here I am :P

Bonus: Oh baby...smirky Kim Jaejoong ;-)

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are we gonna have full blast back seat action next?
omfg Nicki please tell your friend she is AWESOME!!!
and man Yunho is damn HOT ok... the man doesn't even know how we're all salivating for him and fuck Kim Jaejoong smirking was like his official statement of "sorry bitch, that hottie is mine."
Ugh~ I cannot with these two... I'm so done with YunJae~~~
/cries in the corner coz.... sexually frustrated/ LMAOOOOOOOO
please send my love to your friend Ms Nicki~~~ <3

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO full blast back seat, front seat, all seats. How about on the warm bonnet huh? :P

Fuck Yunho man. He broke my brain. AND LOOK AT JAEJOONG'S FUCKING SMIRK.

Yeah, i'm done with YunJae too. I hope my friend keeps writing cos I don't have time and she makes me fucking smile every single time. I hope she knows how much she is loved ;-)


I dunno who her bias is but will this do?
//to show my love for her...... and for you as well// *runs*

my bias is exactly the only and only leadershii of my heart and my fandom ^^

OHMAYGAWD HAI NICKI ANON!!! *waves crazily*
YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for the drabbles it was all so cute and adorable I really did enjoyed it ^^
And to show my gratitude and love for you since I know who your bias is.....

it didn''t show up TT but thank you~~ honestly, all credit to my muse -> points to beeswaxing ^^

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