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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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A cold by any other name... [drabble]
Oh ho ho ho my TVXQ stan friend has taken this one step further :P See if you can figure out what I mean ;-) Enjoy this drabble from her.

It would be funny if that photo wasn't who we think it is... OTL

Jaejoong sneezes once, twice. And winces as his tender nose, rubbed raw from countless blowings, runs again. He eyes the staff that are walking ahead of him in the airport. Yoochun is half-asleep, walking on auto-pilot beside him and Junsu is staring into the distance. They are off to Vietnam for their next concert but Jaejoong feels like something is amiss.

He glances down at his phone - no new notification - as expected. They had both not gotten much sleep after a hurried meet-up in the early hours of the morning. In fact, his boyfriend would probably be late for his own early morning flight if their youngest, sick of always being kept waiting at the airport, had not decided to take matters into his own hands and picked him up directly from their meeting place.

‘I could have dropped him off.’

‘No, hyung. You have a flight too. Besides, I don’t need to explain to the managers why Yunho hyung is at my place when they come by later.’

Jaejoong had nodded knowingly at that - it was ridiculous the lengths Yunho and him went to to avoid being caught out. A few times already, Yunho had been late to the airport not because he had woken up late but rather, because he was not home when his pick-up came. He had to sneak in to his own house from the back in a rush, keeping the driver at the door, ringing and calling his phone like mad, and then apologising in frenzy and blaming himself for sleeping in.


‘Were you late today?’

‘No, Changdola got me dressed and ready in time. He nags worse than you.’

‘I don’t nag.’

‘That’s why I’m always late if I’m with you.’

‘… watch your words.’

‘Don’t worry, coast is clear.’

‘Have a safe flight, baby.’

‘Call you later.’

Jaejoong shuts his phone as the car stops at the airport and prepares himself for the walk to the customs. 10 years but he still isn’t completely at ease with the frenzy that awaits at their every arrival at any airport in the world. He misses the solid presence at his side; the hand on the small of his back; the steady and comforting touch of his leader.

Another sneeze. Yoochun looks at him and shakes his head.

‘Hyung, you need to sleep more.’


In Japan, Yunho talks about his runny nose onstage, and Changmin watches him in concern.

Backstage, he drops an effervescent Vitamin C tablet into a bottle of water and hands it to Yunho.

‘Hyung, no late calls tonight. You’re flying back early tomorrow. You need your rest.’

Yunho looks up at him.

‘Hyung. I’m serious.’

‘Okay, Changminah. I’m alright. Don’t worry.’

Changmin shakes his head as he fishes out his phone.



‘Yunho yah. You’re supposed to be sleeping.’

‘I just wanted to say goodnight.’

‘Changmin will kill me. He texted me to say you’re sick and needed to rest.’

‘I just have a small cold. I need to hear your voice before I sleep.’

‘A cold? Oh shit.’


Jaejoong looks at the pile of wadded-up tissues next to him on his hotel bed stand and recalls the early-morning meet-up that he had with his boyfriend.

‘Sorry, baby. I think I passed you my cold.’

AN: Did y'all see her escalation? :P
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hahaha i like your friend :) okay actually i didnt notice anything (i mean the escalation etc hahaha) i'm just that unobservant but yea :) i like it, a lot lmao cause im a homin shipper ^^ and a duo/trio fan :)

Oh this is so sweet ! She did really good job writing such a lovely Drabble)

Ahh those little drabbles are love ♡
My favorite part has to be this tho 'if their youngest' *dreamy look*
Thanks for the drabble ^^

Nicely written. Yes, I noticed her escalation as well.

Nicely written. Yes, I noticed her escalation as well.

She's on a roll ... hohoho ...

I miss Yunho "protecting" Jae at the airport.

ah such a sweet drabble . Your friend is a first nice stan I encounterd in fandom . nicki's friend stay awesome and thank u nicki for sharing .

there are plenty of us nice stans, it's just that it is difficult for us to come out in the open :) thank you.

this.. damn Niki.. you must starts to introduces your friend to us.. i want to kiss her and hug her.. she's really good at this. oh and that picture was when JJ caught driving in drunk right?

I hope that they really do talk and text and meet up. And pass around colds? And not just Jaejoong and Yunho. All of them.

Love the drabble ^_^. Please thank your friend for me. She's good at these.

And I hope you feel better.

LOL she is really getting into this. Next stop YunJae full on smut.

that's a rather very good escalation !!!

It's a prequel of I'm sorry baby...and what's with the picture?? I'm so clueless I'm sorry..

Ooh, is this a prequel to your "I'm sorry, baby" drabble? xD I seriously don't know any other stans as open minded as she is. Is she a former OT5? Closet OT5? LOL we're all super curious about her now.^^ Anyway, she's awesome! She even incorporated Yunho-yah and Changmin being all naggy always taking care of his hyung.<3 Plus the bit about Jaejoong missing Yunho at the airport, aww... it's perfect. All of it. I hope she reads the comments! xD

Hello. I was a fan pre-split but I have chosen to support the current TVXQ = Yunho & Changmin. All credit for my YJ-inspired drabbles go to Nikki and her daily flailing and spamming. Like she says, this fandom is too easily divided unfortunately. Friendships like ours have to be hidden - not because we're scared or anything - but because it makes fandom life difficult for us if it's public. And what is the point of being ostracised by the veery fandom we -WANT- to be in? I'm glad she - and my other ot5 / jyj friends - agree with me on this. Thank you for reading.

Say thanks to her...
This is sweet.

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