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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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A cold by any other name... [drabble]
Oh ho ho ho my TVXQ stan friend has taken this one step further :P See if you can figure out what I mean ;-) Enjoy this drabble from her.

It would be funny if that photo wasn't who we think it is... OTL

...would be just as snotty tbh :PCollapse )
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What will we get next? Smut? Neh, that's too much to hope for. Maybe a YunJae's sweet kiss? LoL

I can feel that your lovely stan friend does actually enjoy writing YunJae. Hahaha

Hehe cute drabble

Thanks for writing, anon

Escalation... hmmm... what I noticed was her drabble became more fluffier~ and I loved it just like the others :) Thank you Nikki for inspiring her! And thank you nickianon for continuing writing YJ, really appreciate it^^