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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love and War [drabble]
Some of you asked for HoMin from my anon and so she obliged ;-) I picked the title. I'd written a Homin drabble for her but it turned into...abit of a mini saga as usual ugh so I stopped and instead, I gave her the title of my drabble for her very own.

See? We can all get along ;-)

This really is a drabble and i've cuntpasted it exactly as she gave it to me.


the fight was over as soon as it had begun.

like a matchstick in the wind; it sparked and then it blew out.

from under hooded lids, changmin looked up into the eyes of the other. a look of recognition, apology and acceptance.

then the roar of the crowd below them broke the bubble they were in and changmin turned back to the audience, a smile plastered widely on his face, feeling like a weight had been lifted from his chest. beside him, yunho smirked as he spun on his feet, moving seamlessly through the choreography.

it was always the case when they fought just before a performance. fury and frustration intertwining, dancing. and then like fireworks in the night, dissipating when their energies combined, their mutual understanding and bond shining through instead.

their hands gripping tightly at the end as they bowed in thanks and appreciation for their fans and their staff. And through the grasp, an admission of their flaws and weaknesses, a reciprocal acknowledgement of their relationship and a reaffirmation of their partnership.

a water bottle and a towel handed to him at the end. fingers brushing the other as yunho accepted them, the final piece of the peace-offering by his headstrong partner. changmin did not say a word, he did not have to. yunho nodded, the corner of his mouth turned up in a slight smile. changmin felt his cheeks colour and tried to shrug off his own.

no words needed.

AN: So, is she TVXQ stan enough for you? ;-)

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it was actually changmin who said it ^^ thank you.

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