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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Sick 2.0
Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: Sick 2.0
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17...and WARNING this is a HEAVILY mpreg universe...
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: Jung Yunho returns home to find his entire family sick, and yet, there is a light in the overcast skies over the Jung household, for the true heart of the family will always shine for him no matter the ailments.

AN1: You need to read Sick first to get the whole background, but this can actually stand alone if you’re not a fan ;-) PLEASE HEED THE WARNING. Don’t say I didn’t warn you… BECAUSE I DID.

AN2: Un-betaed and this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE - PM me if you cannot get access because it's in the comm.


The last time you waited for me like this, I’m pretty sure you were wearing less clothes...Collapse )

I so love sb jaejoong just because he is such a wonderful naughty beautiful person

All sorts of goodies in Sick 2. Minnieball (well he's getting there) sucking on a nipple, nose tip, bit of chin etc etc etc ... so adorably gorgeous.

The twins!!!! Image of Yunho ... Yoochun's grease and Changmin's smarts n snark ... lethal combo.

Jung Jaejoong ... you're a goddess.

Speaking of twins or somewhat..... I still remember that totally adorable SB Nikki-Drabble or so you have. What is the Great Jung Yunho going to do when he's trapped in the bathroom while two adorable babies haunt him outside the door. Giggling and wiggling their butts about as they reach their tiny hands under the door looking for their papa. It was so cute! I already imagined what it looks like and I laughed too. Such a cute sight~~~~

But now I couldn't see breastfeed Jae as innocent one anymore...
Make it come true...

When i read about the twins, two things happened. First I started to fangirl all over the place and got soooo excited is not even funny. And second this thought came to mind "Holy fuck, the family picture of the Jungs must be a sight to behold..."

Edited at 2014-09-12 01:54 am (UTC)

Aww, Changminnie is so cute!!<3 And the mental picture of that adorable baby giggling and playing with a topless daddy Jung, next to that sleeping beauty, wow. You know, I think the little details are even more realistic now that you have your own baby<3 like the milk LOL hubby doesn't mind helping with that at all right? ;D Also, this line "playing the gorgeous beauty like the Steinway in his private music room" ohoho the Jung plays pretty passionately xD better than Junsu's "stroke you like an arpeggio" hahaha!

You included the Yunho twins! xD ah I love them! Yunjae and Jaeyun haha, I have to admit I was confused for a minute or two. I was like wait, is Nikki sleep-typing? high on meds? but then it made sense LOL ;D I LOVE THEM! There can never be too many Yunhos in this world.<3


OMG Jaeyun and Yunjae. i thought i was kinda lost in some AU but then it was written in italic so i continued reading and then oh....OH! it's a dreeeaaaaaaaaaaaam~ mwahahahahahaha. dgkjldhsfhgfdkjsdghskjfhdfh

that picture tho :"">>

seeeee? idek my feels are in chronological order. HAHAHAHHAHAA. omg

omg the twins.
I swear that picture has been haunting me since I first saw it and omg ;;
Why is it not real life!!!!!!!
Maybe cause the world won't be able to handle two Jung Yunho look alike.
HAHA thanks for this like always!

when I saw you in the top journals (again!) today, i got really excited. lol. I knew we are in for a treat. You've been giving us bits and pieces through your friend's drabbles and now it's you.

aaah! I'm all giddy inside while reading this. I love how you described changmin all gurgly, happy and fluffy after seeing his dad. awww...minnie-ball is really so precious.

just like the others, i got confused with the twins. hahaha! didn't realize it was a dream sequence until i read on. jaejoong's gonna have his hands full with but wth! they are so handsome.

milk 3.0? yes! yes! please. :D

Baby Changmin and his daddy are so adorable together. Sweet family.

Yunho and Jaejoong need and love for each other is so beautiful, when they make love is never just another sex scene in this fic, is an expression of their love and adoration and it's beautiful and exciting to read.

Hoping for a continuation of this and that Jaejoong's dream becomes reality, twins looking like Yunho is pure perfection. haha ^_^

Thank you.

Edited at 2014-09-10 08:16 pm (UTC)

Ok, so. I don't know where to start, as always. Nikki you make me speechless every damn time! I saw your update right before going to bed and I am SO GLAD I didn't go to sleep yet. Instant mood maker. Okay, first of: THAT PICTURE! T___T I felt all warm, happy and tingly because I imagined that this picture is "real", you know? Real as in SB Universe real. WTH am I talking, I'm sleep deprived and depressed, sorry. You made my night, you do that all the time but I guess I never told you, HOW much your created little world saves my day all the time. Second: THE DREAM I WAS LIKE WHAT THE FUUUUUCK YUNJAE JAEYUN WAT?! DID I MISS SOMETHING! XDDD Oh my god, you almost made me pee my pants in fright and anticipation (yes I AM weird xD) That idea is so so lovely (and droolworthy because, please, yunho twins, ermahgeeeeeeerd!) But I wouldn't survive another episode of Mama Jae suffering while giving birth again, not to speak of Yunho. I guess he'd die a little inside if his wife got pregnant after the miracle baby and their lovely baby girls. So I don't know what to say about another pregnancy. And lastly: IDEK if I have to say something about it, really. You and your talend and creativity saved my days repeatedly, you can't even imagine. Ever since discovering your little liar of YunJae goodness I had so many beautiful dreams, let it be daydreams or at night. Sometimes when reading and dreaming of it it feels so real, and IDK. The thought makes me almost tear up. Tear up because of your dedication towards YunJae and never letting anyone get in your way, always giving US the fix that we need (I sure as hell need it, couldn't live w/o it anymore and that thought worries me a little) OK, I gotta stop ranting, don't want to scare you, just want to let you know that, if you'd ever stop having this passion for YunJae.. well. IDK what I would do. I love you for that, Nikki. Thank you SO MUCH! ♥ (Long ass comment, never commented this much, and sorry not sorry for my english, since it's not my first language :P) YOU GO GIRL!

Edited at 2014-09-10 08:55 pm (UTC)

Finally the second part i have been waiting since i read Sick :)) , this was cute and family like at first but then Yunho became naughty and began taking from Changmin's milk supply :D and wow Jaejoong is so sensitive here >.<

awwww minnie ball is shooo cute ^^ also yay for yunjae Jaeyun twins aigoo that pic made me squeal ;)

thanks for writing and sharing ;) hope to see these gorgeous twins again ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥·♡♥·♡♥♡·♥♡♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

Welcome for the new twins.. Can't wait to read Jaeyun and Yunjae adventure and how the Jung house will become with their action..
And this fic really amazing, can't believe its end untill i read your A/N.. Sick 3.0 always welcome though ^_^

so you decided to use that twin pic that I sent you afterall...haha...whoever made it is awesome! I already have a hard time handling one Jung, I think I'd die if there were 2 =P

hoping that you'll be able to make a oneshot involving the identical Jung twins in the future...I'm sure JJ's dream will become a reality!..looking forward to part 3 of "Sick" as well ^^