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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Sick 2.0
Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: Sick 2.0
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17...and WARNING this is a HEAVILY mpreg universe...
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: Jung Yunho returns home to find his entire family sick, and yet, there is a light in the overcast skies over the Jung household, for the true heart of the family will always shine for him no matter the ailments.

AN1: You need to read Sick first to get the whole background, but this can actually stand alone if you’re not a fan ;-) PLEASE HEED THE WARNING. Don’t say I didn’t warn you… BECAUSE I DID.

AN2: Un-betaed and this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE - PM me if you cannot get access because it's in the comm.


Yunho pushes the door to the master suite quietly, noting the slight creak of the hinges and making a mental note to oil them in the morning. However, the menial thought vanishes in a puff of loud seemingly cheerful gurgles coming from the bed.

The lights in the room are on low, and he can see his wife lying in the very middle of their large bed. The custom-made padded railings are up on both sides but his view up the foot of the bed is unimpeded.

He can see Jaejoong laying unmoving on his back, and a little swaddled infant next to him who appears to be trying his best to free himself from the blankets. The room is a smidgen warmer than the rest of the house, and Yunho finally finishes unbuttoning his shirt as he approaches the bed quietly.

His shirt is left draped over the bench at the foot of the bed, closely followed by his undershirt, the smile he is wearing in the dim light is bright indeed as he gets his first real glimpse of the occupants of the bed.

Another happy gurgle, blankets moving under the kicks from the infant.

Yunho’s eyes are on his son, knowing if he glances over at his wife, all will be lost. He can see the man in his peripheral vision, but he does not allow himself to focus on Jaejoong, keeping his eyes on the not-quite-so-chubby-anymore little baby waving his fists in the air and still trying determinedly to kick the blanket off himself.

He lowers the railing on the side of the bed and climbs in, stretching out next to the baby who sees him immediately.


The infant makes a chortling noise, the sound so close to laughter especially coupled with the gummy grin he is wearing that Yunho can’t help but think that perhaps he is getting his son’s first laugh.

Yunho always has hope for things like this. Being away from his family is difficult and he misses a fair few milestones in the lives of his children, and he truly hopes this isn’t one of them.

He smiles, propping his elbow on the bed and cradling his head in his hand, he trails his free hand up the baby’s covered lower half. He dances his fingers up the soft little body, playing a light tune on the baby’s chest before he taps his youngest child’s nose playfully, eliciting a soft sound from the infant.

“You’re as cute as a button, and you look like your sister, Minnie-ah. Like our Yoolie.”

Changmin chortles again in response, wriggling and vibrating, seeing his father and enjoying the attention. Always fussed over, he’d been enjoying his own quiet little play time, talking to himself as his sick mama slumbers next to him. He isn’t hungry, having taken a very long and deep feed that sent him into a very restful nap. He woke up cheerful and happy, feeling better than he has in awhile.

He giggles when his daddy pulls the blankets down, feeling his father slipping his hand under his top and splaying it across his fat little belly. Practically his whole torso is covered easily by his father’s large hand, and the baby giggles again at the comforting warmth, sending a gorgeous lopsided eye smile up towards his proud daddy.

“Have you lost a bit of weight, baby? You don’t feel warm, but I do think there’s less of you than there was when I left. You’ve been worrying your mama, haven’t you?” Yunho knows his wife well as he rubs Changmin’s still rotund little belly gently.

The infant babbles a reply, enjoying his little conversation with his daddy, as his father leans down to nuzzle his face.

“You smell like milk…” Yunho whispers softly, inhaling deeply, the scent so comforting that it is as if the past week has never happened. The strength of the olfactory trigger causes the CEO’s heart to race.

He continues to nuzzle slowly, the tip of his nose ghosting across the milky white skin of his youngest child, so soft and smooth, smelling like sweet milk. The way the baby drinks, he has wondered more than once if Changmin sweats the stuff. His lips tug at a chubby cheek, and the baby squawks at the contact and Yunho kisses him soothingly.

The baby does not taste like milk, more’s the pity.

Speaking of milk, Changmin’s moist little lips return the favor as he finds the tip of his father’s nose, and he sucks on it eagerly, causing Yunho to chuckle, allowing him a few seconds of it, before he pulls back.

The baby’s face wrinkles a little, thwarted, he lets out a sharp indignant sound - not quite a cry, but close to it.

Yunho feels Jaejoong stirring, and he quickly pulls his hand free, offering a knuckle to his son who gnaws on it eagerly.

“Are you hungry?”

The baby keeps gnawing, holding his father’s knuckle to his mouth with his strong little hands, his chin slowly but surely getting damp with drool.

The Jung CEO is content to lay there, taking in the perfect features of their miracle baby. The fear he’d felt at the birth of his last three children is something he never ever wants to repeat, and laying there staring at his contented son, he now cannot imagine life without them either.

His twin boys, a true joy for the soul with cheeky little Yoochun and the sunny smiley Junsu. Together, they have the personality of their mama, and Yunho cannot ask for better sons. The older twin, while naughtier and more than likely smarter than the younger and always getting the both of them into trouble, will never ever hesitate to put himself before his younger brother. There is nothing the older has that he will not share with the younger. When they were still babies, Yoochun used to get sick a lot and Yunho has witnessed multiple occasions where not even Jaejoong can calm the oldest Jung boy when he is upset from his fever or cold.

Yet when Junsu is placed in his cot, the cries of the older brother cease almost immediately.

Fretful at first about both his sons catching the same bug, Jaejoong soon learned that his younger son has the constitution of an elephant, and that the older boy heals a lot faster with his brother around.

The twins though fraternal, behave more like identical twins. They are very attached to each other, and one is never far from the other unless absolutely necessary, and even then, one can never go long without the other.

Just like their parents.

Yunho is fully aware of his own attachment to Jaejoong, and he knows the brilliant young man he calls wife knows of it too.

They never speak of it though, and Yunho is learning to trust.

Trusting Jaejoong is a given.

It is trusting the universe that he has an issue with.

A universe that sees fit to give his beautiful wife whatever he wants, whether Yunho likes it or not. It is difficult, not even having that illusion of control in this instance. That appearance of control is something that kept him sane in his darkest moments, knowing that if he let it slip through his grasp, Sunye would have won. Control is what kept that tiny little piece of light within him to remain aflame, waiting for Jaejoong to blow on the dying embers as he slowly lost himself.

Control is what made Yunho.

However, he will not allow it to break him.

Letting go of that control has also allowed Jaejoong in. It allowed the then teenager to bring in his light, pushing away at the walls of control that Yunho had put up. Yunho had no idea what to do with the feisty blond teenager determined to wreak havoc on his life from the moment Jiyool crawled into his lap almost four years ago. Control was something of a foreign concept when it came to Kim Jaejoong. A teenager who had never been controlled by anyone or anything, saw fit to turn Yunho’s life upside down.

The young man barely even has self-control, insinuating himself into Yunho’s life without even a by-your-leave.

One second, the boy was glaring at him in the middle of a creche in front of half a dozen staff.

The next thing Yunho knows, the pouty blond is making himself at home in his bedroom.

All within twenty-four hours.

How insane is that?

Then came their miracle child, Jung Changmin, currently amusing himself by now gnawing determinedly on his fist after deciding his father’s knuckle is too hard to be enjoyable for an extended period of time. His sucking is rather loud and Yunho once again dances his pianist fingers up his baby’s chubby body, making the infant wiggle and giggle. Pulling his fist from his mouth with a wet pop, Changmin waves at his daddy.

Incoherent babbling and gurgling ensues as the baby starts to kick strongly, excited at getting the attention of his father again as Yunho leans forward to nuzzle the infant again.

“Changminah,” he murmurs quietly, “you’re going to wake your mama, love.”

The baby doesn’t care though, babbling away in some foreign baby language as he tries to make a grab for his father’s nose.

Yunho ducks away, and little Changmin, thinking it is a game, laughs gleefully at his sudden movement as he waves his tiny hands.

This time the sound is unmistakeable, causing Yunho to pause, staring down in wonderment at the gorgeous baby boy.

“You’re laughing aren’t you? You sound just like your brother. Junsu started laughing before Yoochunnie.” He whispers quietly, tickling the chubby little cutie, making him gurgle and squirm. Changmin’s arms are waving madly, and he almost hits his mama a couple of times, but Jaejoong is only just out of his reach.

Still not a hundred percent sure about his son laughing, he bends down once again, nuzzling the baby before pulling back, ducking out of reach from the saliva-wet palm trying to smack his nose.

The joyous sound of a baby laughing echoes around the room, Changmin thoroughly amused by his father’s antics, his gummy smile is a beautiful sight indeed as he beams at his father.

Jaejoong stirs again, fully turning onto his side now, his forearm crossing over the baby’s legs to keep him still, making shushing noises as he pats the wriggling little baby.

Yunho’s face is a right picture, forgetting himself, he makes the mistake of looking up at his wife and his breath catches in his throat.

Jaejoong’s skin is glowing in the dim light, slightly flushed with a light sheen of sweat, yet still absolutely perfect to Yunho. Lying slightly in the shadows, the pale young man is eclipsed by his son’s fair skin. All the children have inherited their mama’s bone china skin and Jung Changmin is no exception.

The Jung CEO reaches into his pants pocket, carefully extricating his phone and taking a photo of his wife and child.

He glances down quickly to look at the photo he has taken, and he smiles, knowing that it will be his new phone background for the month.

SB Sick b

Perfection in a photo.

Due to Jaejoong’s proximity now, Changmin’s wildly waving arms hit his mama’s upper arm with almost every wiggle the baby does. Trapped under Jaejoong’s arm he isn’t able to move his lower body, but he more than makes up for it with his upper as he gurgles again at his daddy before he starts slapping insistently at his mama’s arm. He isn’t doing it for any real reason, Jaejoong simply happening to be in the way of his waving.

However, he is also starting to get hungry, making short little increasingly distressed sounds when his cries don’t bring forth his mama.

The twenty-three year old stirs again, this time mumbling sleepily as he moves.

“Minnie-ah…” he leans back, away from the infant, his eyes still shut as he pulls up his top.

Yunho watches, chewing on his own pouty bottom lip as Jaejoong’s body is exposed to his eyes. Half expecting his wife to merely lift up his shirt, his eyebrow goes up in surprise as Jaejoong groans tiredly as he wrestles with the overlarge top, taking it off completely and tossing it negligently somewhere behind him.

He turns over to face the baby once again, eyes still shut, his hand fumbling blindly to move the baby.

Changmin is practically in full voice now, for he can smell his mama, and yet, still no satisfaction.

“Mama is here, sweetie. Hush now…” Jaejoong is still half asleep, but he handles his baby expertly, and five seconds later, there is a loud sigh from the young man as Changmin latches on.

Yunho stares at his wife and child, eyes drinking in the vision before him almost as greedily as his son is sucking down his supper.

The bedroom is silent, the noisy pulls of the child slowly taper of when he realizes his mama isn’t going anywhere and his feeding frenzy calms down somewhat.

Changmin’s little hand is caressing his mama’s chest, fingers curling around the milky white skin, his sharp nails causing tiny trails of red to bloom across the porcelain perfection that is his mama. Little does he know, his own personal property has been shared by his brothers that night, but what the little one doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Though really, he’s been sharing his own personal property with his daddy practically since the week he was born.

“Hello, mama. How lovely it is to hear from you!”

Jaejoong wrinkles his nose at the overly bright greeting, narrowing his eyes as he slides into the warm leather seat of the idling car. His son is really ridiculous. How lovely to hear from him? He might as well wave a red flag from Jung Tower to declare to one and all that something is wrong.

“What happened, Jae?” he asks, turning the bluetooth on so that his husband can hear their son’s response too, as the speakers in the car crackle.

The teen exchanges looks with his brother who is shaking his head violently, expression slightly pale.

“Nothing, mama.”

“Then why didn’t Yunnie answer his phone?”

“We’re filming and he didn’t get to the phone on time,” the teenager’s low voice is rather soothing as it echoes around the confines of the vehicle his parents are in. He didn’t just get his looks from his father, both twins have his voice too.

“This is a problem, baby.” Jaejoong’s voice is solemn as he rubs his hand over his husband’s that is casually draped over his upper thigh as it always is, as the car pulls out smoothly into the brisk noon traffic. “What did your father tell you? We would only allow the two of you to take part in this drama if you promise not to miss our calls. You’re missing school for this too and the fact that Jiyool offered to keep both your noses in your books as your tutor is one of the handful of reasons we agreed to this. We don’t call often, and we even call your PD to check that you aren’t filming so there’s no excuse.”

“But mama, that’s—“

“Jung Jaeyun, this is the seventh but mama in three days, and I’m not even exaggerating. I don’t appreciate both of you changing my name to but mama. I’m really too old for this but mama business. There’s no but mama. There’s just mama, and you’re going to tell me what happened right now.”

There is a commotion on the line, the sounds are muffled to Jaejoong as he taps his fingers over the back of Yunho’s hand. He listens carefully, straining to make out as much of the conversation going on in the background.

More than a minute passes, and Jaejoong is about to relax as the car arrives at their destination when something he hears upsets him.

Yunho winces as his wife’s fingers curl, nails digging into the back of his hand and wrist as his wife’s tone becomes sharp at the revelation they have both just heard over the speakers in the car.

“You have two seconds to explain, and it better be good.”


Yunjae growls, hearing his twin covering for him when that is only half the explanation. He pulls himself free from his older brother, swallowing the gasp at the shooting pain traveling up his arm from his movement, as he tries to grab the phone from Jaeyun.

It is an odd sight as the younger twin dances out of reach in a swirl of blue robes, talking as fast as he can and hoping everything will be over soon.


Yunho is trying not to laugh. He can barely understand his son, and he can see the rueful smile playing about his wife’s mouth too that he isn’t very upset.


“How old are you, Jae?”


“You sound like you’re three. Speak slowly, and enunciate, love.”

Before his brother can reply with another garbled confession, Yunjae snatches the phone from the youngest Jung.


Yunho does laugh this time. All he heard was sword and sword.

Jaejoong cannot help but smile, as they park the car. He takes the call off speaker, watching his dancing twins as he exits the car, quickly joining his husband by his side as they walk hand in hand towards their children.

“I can see you, baby. Turn around.”

Two strapping young men turn in unison in a swirl of red and blue robes.

Jaejoong sneaks a glance at his husband as their youngest pair elbow each other to get moving.

The pride shining in Jung Yunho’s eyes at their handsome identical twins who are the veritable mirror image of him fills Jaejoong with warmth.

A warmth he remembers as he slowly awakens from slumber, tingles of awareness sending goosebumps blooming across his half naked body that is a little damp from the sweat of his breaking fever.

The memory of his dream is still strong in his mind as he struggles to waken from his deep sleep, cradling the infant suckling sleepily at his chest, his eyelids fluttering but not quite opening.


The whispered name is like a warm breeze, the sound so hushed yet the brightness it conveys, the happiness behind that simple name cannot be measured.

He feels a hand cupping the side of his cheek and he turns his face inward towards it, kissing the familiar hand, dry lips brushing across a palm he can draw from memory.

A tiny sigh escapes him - a shudder rocking his body at a touch he hasn’t felt in what might almost be too long as his pouty bottom lip is thumbed.

Changmin’s feeding stutters briefly, his mama’s body jolting his mouth from his prize for a second, but the infant is smart, and he does not fret, tiny fingers turning claw like and clasping roughly at his mama’s chest to keep his position.

His eyes stay shut, feeding contentedly once again though his sucking grows increasingly more languid.

It’s always like that with Changmin.

Panicked feeding at the start, frantic and frenzied as if worried he needs to fight for his milk.

And the security sets in when no one bothers him after each heaving gulp of sweet, sweet, milk.

Then sooner rather than later, the infant is merely latched on for the comfort of it, well gorged on milk.

Lazy sucking, almost like an afterthought as his mouth works, but milk drunkenness and sleep slowly overtake him.






Ooops, I need to suck again.


Mama moves.

No, no, I’m not done!

Suck suck suck suck suck suck see I’m not done!

I’m so sleepy…




Mama moves again.

Fingers curl in protest.

I’m still sucking here!

The spirit is willing but the body is weak, and the baby nods off.

A masculine chuckle echoes around the room at the baby’s behavior.

“Your son,” Jaejoong pouts, refusing to open his eyes as slips his tongue out, flicking it at the thumb that has been tracing the outline of his mouth intimately during the entirety of their baby’s stubborn feeding.

“Like father…” Yunho’s voice is deliciously husky, and if only his wife were to open his eyes, he’d see the devil playing in his husband’s.

“Yunho…” the admonishment is quiet but utterly half hearted as Jaejoong shifts carefully, freezing for those few seconds when Changmin is separated from his body, waiting for a protesting squawk.

The room is silent, apart from the inadvertent whine that escapes his throat when his husband’s thumb leaves his mouth.

He can feel Yunho taking the sleeping infant from his side, and he finally struggles to open his heavy eyelids when Yunho’s presence leaves the bed.


“Shhhhh…” Yunho is cradling their youngest son gently, swaying in the dim light, and Jaejoong opens his eyes just in time to see his husband pressing a gentle kiss to their son’s tiny little nose.

“Is he warm?”

Yunho glances up through his lashes, pressing another soft kiss over his son’s brow before he straightens.

“He’s fine, love. His breathing is normal and his temperature is fine.”

“Where are you taking him?”

“Back to his room.”

Jaejoong doesn’t say anything, blushing a deep red because while the words might have sounded innocent, the wealth of promise in them has his body tingling from the his hairline to the tips of his toes.

Had the covers been pushed aside, he’d be waving a greeting to his smirking husband who leaves the room quickly and quietly through the door that leads to the large attached nursery.

The young Jung Jaejoong stretches, arms raised as far over his head as he can manage, his back popping deliciously as he groans feeling the aches of his brief illness. His body still feels a little warm, not to mention clammy, and he roles over onto his belly off the damp patch on the bed from his sweat.

That strange little dream is still playing around the edges of his mind and he wonders if he should speak about it before he forgets.

“Jaeyun…Yunjae…how very egotistical,” he giggles, pressing his mouth against the part of the bed his baby has just vacated and he is filled with the heady scent of clean linens and that soft milky baby smell that seems to cling to everything.

He stretches again, doing a superman stretch on the bed, before going limp, nuzzling the baby scented sheets.

“The last time you waited for me like this, I’m pretty sure you were wearing less clothes.”

Jaejoong’s breath catches in his throat just as his foot is taken, and a deliberate finger run down the sole of his bare foot.

He tries to pull his foot away, squirming, but all he gets it’s a chuckle for his efforts, knowing full well his struggling will not get him anywhere as the hand holds firm.

“Yunho…” the name escapes his lips in a short gasp, Jaejoong trying to twist but his husband has a palm flat against his ass, keeping him to the bed as he feels his foot being lifted higher.

Jaejoong is very flexible, and Yunho kisses the arch of his wife’s pretty foot easily, before dropping it gently back down to the bed.

He moves to hook his fingers around the band of his wife’s pajama bottoms, tugging.

There is no protest from Jaejoong who squirms helpfully, his entire body the color of a fire engine, feeling the heated gaze of his husband on his bare back and god only knows where else.

“So pretty, Jae…”

Jaejoong wiggles his exposed butt, hands gripping the sheets tightly as a soft mewl escapes him. Yunho doesn’t even have to touch him and he’s already determinedly trying to dig a hole into the mattress with his erection. His body is covered in goosebumps but despite them, he feels warm.


He feels a finger trailing up the back of his foot.




A thumb caresses the gentle swell of his ass where it meets his thighs, and Jaejoong wiggles encouragingly, parting his legs ever so slightly.

The husky chuckle that follows makes his nipples tighten even further, and he feels wetness on his left side.

A soft groan echoes around the room as Jaejoong rubs his extremely heated face against the sheets.

He hasn’t had this problem in awhile because Changmin is one hungry baby. However, despite his feeding tonight, his last feed was only from one side.

And the other side has decided to remind him what happens when his body is ready to feed a very hungry baby who only gets half his meal.

Yunho is stretched out alongside his wife in a heartbeat, for the groan was more of surprise than sensual.

“What’s the matter?”

Jaejoong rubs his face into the bed again, legs moving restlessly as he shakes his head from side to side, his answer swallowed by the Egyptian cotton sheets.

Yunho frowns, unable to make out the muffled words. He strokes his hand gently up the smooth curves of his wife’s back, sweeping up and down a couple of times before moving to caress his lower back just the way Jaejoong likes it.

The younger man mewls, feeling the tenderness in Yunho’s touch and he swallows his temporary burst of embarrassment, twisting to face his husband.

The Jung tycoon’s hand doesn’t stop moving, but his teeth worry his plush lower lip as his wife’s dark doe eyes finally turn towards him. They are clouded with arousal, though there seems to be a hint of shyness in them.

However, there is nothing alarming, and his tense body relaxes the instant he sees this. Yunho bends forward to nuzzle his wife’s cute nose, eliciting a pouty little huff from the gorgeous twenty-something.

“Yunho-yah…” Jaejoong’s legs are still moving restlessly, small movements in the bed as he shifts his body towards his husband’s.

Yunho hums a response, nosing along Jaejoong’s jaw towards a delicious elfin ear, tracing the delicate curve with the very tip of his tongue.

A shudder courses through Jaejoong, his body so acutely aware of Yunho, the throb in his groin and the ache of his nipples, his entire being is just coiled, ready to go, and the young man is not above taking what he wants.

“Yunho…” Jaejoong exhales, the breathy sound caresses Yunho’s shoulder, and the man smiles, continuing to nose his way along his wife’s milky shoulder, kissing the warm skin, his lips knowing that something is not as it usually is.

“You have a fever.”

It isn’t a question, but a statement. The overly warm skin against Yunho’s lips is more obvious now. The sheen to Jaejoong’s skin telling of the sweat as his fever breaks slowly but surely. Yunho tastes it all, continuing to kiss down Jaejoong’s shoulder, nuzzling against the back of his arm.


The man in question chuckles, moving back as his wife turns over, but the husky laughter dies in his throat when his eyes see the rather wet problem.

His mouth is like a desert, and his parched tongue licks at his suddenly dry lips as his eyes dart up to see the dark invitation in his wife’s eyes.

“I need you…”

Yunho doesn’t have to be asked twice.

Hell, he didn’t even have to be asked once, already bending over even before Jaejoong had spoken.

The moan that bursts forth from Jaejoong’s mouth at the contact has to be heard to be believed. There is absolutely nothing innocent about the drawn out sound as he arches against his husband, hands grappling roughly at the man’s head to hold him tight to his body.

Each pull.

Each suck.

The shockwaves of pleasure override the relief at the easing of the pressure of being fed from, his body craving so much more than he is getting, and he moans again.


The sound echoing around the room as he throws his leg over his husband’s hip, a supply of strength he has been subconsciously reserving as he forces the man onto his back.

Yunho’s lips loses contact, head dropping back in surprise at his wife’s ferocity.

All he has time to register is the doe eyed angel wearing the most distinctly non-angelic smirk as he descends.

A soft pout presses against milk-sticky lips, and the kiss explodes.

Jaejoong is ravenous, tasting himself on his husband, his hands on either side of Yunho’s head to hold him exactly where he wants him, the heat of his body suffuses him as he licks hungrily at the older man’s mouth. Yunho gives him his tongue, and Jaejoong suckles it with a wet moan, the sound so wickedly sinful as fingers tangle in his hair as Yunho finally starts to give as good as he is getting.

One hand strokes a heavy path down the younger man’s back, cupping a pert, bare, butt cheek and squeezing hard, eliciting yet another gorgeous moan from the breathtaking beauty. Jaejoong is practically riding Yunho’s body, so frantic he is as his body streaks towards an inevitable explosion much too quickly for his mind to comprehend.

His cock is full and leaking, digging lewdly against his husband’s hard body, making a mess of the man’s singlet.

Yunho drags his hand back up Jaejoong’s body, allowing his wife to guide the tempo of their rough kisses as his hands stroke and scratch. His insatiable wife always gets carried away at their first coupling and Yunho is a very good husband. He always gives his wife what he wants.

His fingers scratch up his side, slipping between their bodies and finding a still wet nipple.

He pinches.

And swallows his wife’s scream against his mouth, the gush of warm liquid ruins his singlet even further but that is about the last thing from his mind as Jaejoong wrenches himself away, sitting upright.

Eyes so clouded with lust and need that it almost borders on pain.

Yunho makes not single move, watching in fascination as a dew drop of milk forms at the tip of Jaejoong’s rosy nipple, watching it escape, followed by another.

And another.

And another.

Till it looks like a tiny little stream, streaking a little path down the soft planes of Jung Jaejoong’s body.

“Look at what you’ve done…”

Jaejoong’s voice is hoarse. His body is just one giant nerve, every touch is magnified tenfold. It is always like this with Yunho but some times are worse than others.

Or better, depending on how you look at it.

Pleasure and pain.

Jaejoong loves it all.

Yunho reaches up, slipping his hand behind Jaejoong’s neck, he tugs the younger man down roughly, their mouths meeting again as he flips them over, pushing Jaejoong against the soft sheets of their bed, half-pinning him to the mattress. He teases his wife with a soft nip to reddened lips, deepening the kiss with long strokes of his tongue, teasing and caressing Jaejoong’s own naughty little tongue. His free hand plays a tune up his wife’s body, stroking languid fingers up and down in time with his tongue delving in and out of his wife’s mouth, but never ever for a single second going anywhere near the ache he knows his wife needs to be soothed.

He swallows Jaejoong’s increasingly frustrated cries, his touch teasing and never soothing, playing the gorgeous beauty like the Steinway in his private music room.

Another frustrated groan, Jaejoong’s fingers scratching at Yunho’s bicep hard enough for the man to take notice, chuckling as his fingers finally find their mark, tweaking the sensitive and still leaking nub, the familiar gush of warmth is matched by the twitch of his cock still trapped in his pants and leaking just as badly.

Jaejoong pulls his mouth away, chest heaving, his breath coming in soft pants.

His eyes are reproachful at being teased so, for he knows his husband can tease for hours and that really isn’t fair.

Not when he’s more than ready to be the man’s meal for the night.

“Suck!” he demands, arching his body towards his husband.

“Mmmmm…” Yunho hums as he gazes down at his wife. “I think you’re going to come too soon if I do.”

“Then make me come!” Jaejoong groans, rubbing his thigh against his husband. “Please, Yunho-yah…”

“So impatient, love. I thought you were sick?”

“Sick in need for you. Please…”

“How is it you manage to feed our children without batting an eyelid?”

Jaejoong blinks in confusion at the question, staring up at his husband who is wearing a rather amused expression.

Right now? He’s asking him this right now?

Jaejoong’s eyes are glassy and half-lidded and Yunho has no idea whether his wife even heard him.

A small hand creeps up, slipping behind his neck tugging him down so a soft mouth can press against his ear.

“When you suck, your tongue licks, and I know its you. None of the children lick. They feed.” Jaejoong starts, his voice nothing more than a husky whisper as his hand tightens to keep Yunho close to him. “You, my dear husband…you lick, flicking that talented tongue of yours even as your lips tug against my skin and I feel it straight to my cock. Imagining your mouth around my cock as you suckle from me…isn’t that such a wonderful thing, love?” he asks, pausing as he chuckles throatily, feeling his husband stiffening. “I can feel you sucking me in two places when your mouth is only on one part of my body. It only works this way…your mouth against me, drinking from me, it’s like you have a part of me forever, and I want to give you forever.” Jaejoong pauses again, a wicked sound escaping his throat as he licks the curve of his husband’s ear and revelling in the resultant shiver of his husband’s body against his. “And remember how I only taste me if it’s from your mouth. I taste so much better on you, Yunho-yah…so much better…and this is the best…”

Yunho growls as his angel breathes such sinful words against his sensitive skin, finally able to pull back to gaze down at the unrepentant beauty wearing nothing but a naughty smile, the invitation is blatant and screaming from every pore of the young man.

He presses a hard kiss on the man’s already swollen mouth before leaning over, half draping across Jaejoong’s body as his wife takes the opportunity to start nibbling on his nipple peeking from the side of his singlet, while he wrestles with the bedside drawer to find some lube.

He doesn’t bother speaking as he pulls back with the bottle in his hand, dropping it on the bed, his mouth descending as he starts to clean up his rather messy wife, kissing his way down his sticky body.

Milk mingles with sweat, to give him a taste that is uniquely Jaejoong.

Yunho’s smile is hidden against the the side of Jaejoong’s body when he feels trembling hands take his hand and smear it messily and liberally with lube.

Jaejoong’s thighs are already conveniently spread, Yunho chuckling as his thumb fondles his wife’s soft delicate balls while his mouth worships the younger man, the double attack already leaving his wife a twisting, squirming, mewling mess. His wife had the presence of mind to at least grip the sheets rather than Yunho’s head, leaving the man free access to do whatever he wants.

The scent of Jaejoong’s arousal is strong, his cock leaking freely now, and the unique taste of Jaejoong has a new additive of his precum. Yunho is ready to burst from the taste and smell alone, and he hasn’t even penetrated his wife in any way whatsoever.


The throaty whine and desperate lifting of his hips causes Jaejoong’s bobbing cock to hit Yunho’s cheek, and his mouth envelopes the sopping head just as his middle finger slips past the tight pucker, curling and scratching familiarly.

Jaejoong almost flies off the bed, his shriek only muffled by the pillow he ends up biting, his face turned away from Yunho as tears leak from his eyes as his body gives up to his need to explode.

Yunho’s mouth is filled, hot spurts of cum shooting down the back of his throat, and he doesn’t let off. His finger doesn’t move, merely curling, as if crooking to beckon someone towards him, scratching lightly at that place within Jaejoong as his wife rides out his orgasm in his mouth.

He swallows it all.

Jaejoong’s essence will forever be a part of him.

AN1: That photo up there that Yunho “took” was what inspired “Sick” to begin with and as you can see if you read that first oneshot, that photo doesn’t even appear!!!!!! Good grief… OTL

AN2: I needed to put these twins in somewhere…right now it’s still a dream…who knows what might happen in the future ;-) They were haunting me and I had to do something to get them to stop bugging me. Oh what the fuck, being bugged by these two would be...HEAVEN AND HELL. Yunjae is in red and Jaeyun in blue :P


AN3: Also, total apologies. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten how to write smut and of course after a fucking long hiatus on the smut writing, I had to come back with this… what is this? I did warn you up top there… And um, I’m pretty sated. How bout chu? Hahahaha ok ok, I’m a terrible tease. We have a few things to tidy up (ahem!) so Sick 3.0 shall happen but IDK when ok so in the meantime, take this oneshot as errrr…done? Even as I say that, my belly clenches because Yunho…fuck my life. FUCK MY LIFE.

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Lol! I was always going to finish this. It was just a matter of finding the time ;-) You're very welcome!

It's not that i didnt expect you to finish it hahaha more like i didnt expect it so soon :)

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